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Trilogy of Errors Part 2: Lies, Fabrication, and Defenistration by CrabPerson
Chapter 7 : The HapHazard House
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Chapter 7
The HapHazard House

Harry needed to leave Hogwarts early, so he didn't finish his meal. The new bookstore in Hogsmeade was quite an attraction. The store was named "The HapHazard House". It all had a very, random cartoon like look too it. Harry had a desk near the entrance set up. He requested to sign each book by hand with his own quill rather than the purple one the sweaty owner provided. Among everyone there was just Potzer, Ron and Hermione. But, only three of them would pose for a picture as "The Trio". Harry sat at his desk as Ron and Hermione stood behind him. He felt Ron tighten his grip on his shoulder as the man took the picture. Then, suddenly the doors creaked open and students poured in.

Unfortunately for him, Harry had never given out John Hancocks..... that sounded cleaner in my head... But, He rather enjoyed meeting all the students that enjoyed his book, and almost annoyingly, they had no trouble telling Harry. Eventually Potzer joined his quite popular chum, Harry. He had two cups of coffee, one was for himself and he gave the other to Harry.
"Who are you?" asked one of the students. He was at least 12 years old, and had really puffy cheeks. His blonde hair covered over his ears and his green eyes.
"I'm not appearing in the books because I didn't blow Harry." Potzer told him in an utterly flat tone.
"......" The kid was shocked as he left.
"Why do you have to scare everyone I like?" Harry asked.
"You're talkin' to the man who got you a Latte, here." Potzer said as he sat down.
"What do you have?" Harry asked, looking at Potzer cup.
"Oh it's empty. Never mind me.... " Potzer said, taking a drink from Harry's coffee.
"...'I didn't blow Harry'.... Ron didn't blow me, I'm sure you know that." Harry told him.
"Yeah yeah yeah......" Potzer said. The two sat there for a second before Potzer thought about what Harry had said.

"Wait if Ron didn't then what about-"
"Someone here, shut up.." Harry said, as another student stepped up.
"Well get signing...." Potzer said getting up. For maybe an hour Harry signed more books. Soon Hermione showed up next to Harry.
"How's it going?" She seemed to be rubbing her stomach.
"I think I have carpel tunnel.." Harry told her.
"Well, I haven't been doing so well.... Ugh.. I need to go see Ronald.." she lurched. She rubbed her stomach some more.
"Must be that coffee..." Harry sighed, fearing for his own bowels. Two hours later, the store seemed almost empty. Harry lay back in his chair.

Now, Ron and Hermione were talking over by a huge shelf of books.... Oddly enough one of them "The Joy of Sex". But, still, Harry knew perfectly well what was to happen next. He leaned in on the desk, wanting to get a closer look. He watched Ron get down on his knees. It was really wonderful. It would be more wonderful if Ron had the money for a ring. As soon as Ron began speaking, Hermione looked sick. It would be romantic... if she weren't sick.

Suddenly she vomited on the ground and fell to one knee. Harry's stomach flipped once again. Everyone rushed over. Potzer looked down at her and stood back up. He held his head in his hands with his elbows out, obviously trying to think. Suddenly something snapped in his head and he began talking to Ron who was leaning down with Hermione. Potzer got up and ran over to Harry.
"We're going to St.Mungo's... I gotta friend who'll help us for free.. Come on!!" Potzer said looking serious. Harry shot up.
"Ok... Wait, who?" He asked.
"............. Edmund Stroud..." Lightning struck and thunder rumbled. They were going to see Potzer's good friend from the Bermuda Triangle.

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