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The Bold, The Cunning, The Wise, The Caring by Padfoots Girl 32
Chapter 1 : The Bold, The Cunning, The Wise, The Caring
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The bold, The cunning, The wise, The caring

The moonlight cascaded down to land on the grounds of a magnificent castle. With its many turrets and towers an old but magical feeling vibrated off of it. A man looked down with tears in his eyes. How could everything become so blood oriented that innocent people had to lose their lives. He wiped his eyes and blinked a few times to be rid of the moistness. The man looked back down and instead of seeing the scene he had been watching he saw just his reflection. He had long hair a scruffy face and deep brown eyes and he was rather tall. He had a heart like a dragon and was as loyal as a phoenix to its owner. He was one of the ones who did not care what type of ancestry people might have he didn’t care who’s blood was purest. He stood for what he believed in not what he knew was right. He would try and save somebody else’s life before he’d save his; because of that some people thought him crazy, but to others and the majority thought he resembled the bold and brave.


Another man stood on a hill and laughed at the scene before him he loved to see what his minions put the worthless people of un-purest blood through; he liked seeing them suffer. People always thought he was evil and cunning but really he was just misunderstood or that’s at what he liked to tell people. He smiled which did nothing for his features he had short hair and dead dull eyes that only shined out of hatred. He had a clean shaven face but was gouged with thin scars he wasn’t the type of person you’d want to have dinner with. Though it wasn’t his looks that made you feel uneasy it was aura that surrounded him. It said everything but kindness and compassion. He was the type of man who would save his own ass before he try and save yours. To the people he hated he was somebody to fight against and to fear but to his supporters of him and his belief he was their hero who represented the cunning and sly.


A woman sighed and shook her head she didn’t understand how the world could come to this. Was that all the world was good for fighting yes there were those who tried to stop it but still they got hurt or worse. She hated it when a new person would join them in this world for it felt like her own children dying. She was smart and she knew this is how the world would always be but it never got easier and she knew it never would. She ran a hand through her light brown hair her blue eyes sparkled as she watched a young couple marry. The woman was rather pretty though it was more hidden beauty. She was the one everybody would come to ask advice from. To her enemies she was somebody they had to watch because of her smarts. To her friends and admires she was the person who was wisdom and wit.


Another woman sat on the steps of her house she didn’t know what the fuss was yes she was a pureblood but hey that didn’t mean she didn’t have any friends that weren’t all pure blooded . It didn’t bother her really she didn’t care as long as they were nice to her and the people she liked she was nice to. She tried to be fair to everybody and not chose aside though it was becoming harder and harder to do. Though the side she wanted to chose would put another divide in the world and her life; though she guessed that’s what Godric, meant when he said there will come a time when you will have to chose what’s right and what’s easy. She shook her head making her honey suckled colored hair fall into her green eyes she was slightly pudgy and short. To the people who looked down on her she was worthless and no need to be feared or worry about, but to the ones that admired her she was somebody who gave everybody a chance whether black, white, muggle, muggleborn, or a pureblood as long as you wanted that chance you could have it, and to those who knew her best she was what represented the caring and kind.


Somewhere they felt three people come and join them and for once there was a smile on three of the four faces as they welcomed them in.

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The Bold, The Cunning, The Wise, The Caring: The Bold, The Cunning, The Wise, The Caring


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