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Harry Potter And The Mysterious Ravenclaw Girl by Herm
Chapter 1 : An Interesting Ride To Hogwarts
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An Interesting Ride To Hogwarts

Harry, Hermione, Lupin, Tonks, Moody, Sirius and The Weasley family were on platform nine and 3/4. They were all saying good bye. Behind them, there was another family. The mother was about 5"5' tall and had hazel-yellow eyes. She had black hair just below her shoulders. Her name was Rebecca Black. Her son was 6"2' tall he had kind of long black hair. He looked more like his mum than his dad as he also had hazel-yellow eyes. This boy was in his sixth year at Hogwarts. His name was Josh and he was in Gryffindor house. Along with his sister who was going into her fifth year. She was also a prefect. She was 5"4 1/2 tall. Her black hair at shoulder length and her eyes were a brown-black color like her dad's. She resembled her father very much. Her name was Melody but she was in Ravenclaw house. Her father was somewhere around London doing his "job". At least that's what she thought untill she spotted him. Melody spotted the big black dog with the family in front of her. She stared at it and then it saw her and stared back.

Harry was about to pat Sirius on the head when he didn't see him.
"Where's Snuffles?"
Everyone looked at Harry then around the platform. They couldn't find him anywhere. Then Harry spotted him.

The dog came over to where Melody was and sat in front of her staring. She bent down and hugged the dog. Tears coming down. She had missed the dog dearly. Then someone came from nowhere tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and found herself staring into emerald green eyes. She looked at his forehead and saw the lighting bolt scar. She quickly looked away from the scar and said "May I help you?"
"'s just that that's my dog"
"OhI know he's not just a dog." Harry starred wide eyed.
"Are you someone with deatheater parents?" Sirius growled at Harry. Harry looked surprised.
"Of course not. Why would I be? Besides I'm in Ravenclaw like my mum." The girl's brother Josh came up to them to find out what was going on.
"What's going on?"
"I was just hugging Snuffles then he came out of nowhere and asked me if our parents were deatheaters."
"Of we wouldn't have deatheater parents. Besides I'm in Gryffindor like my dad. Our parents knew your parents very well Harry."
"What they knew them? Who are they?"
"Melody I'm going to say bye to mum. You answer him. Besides he's YOUR friend." Josh laughed and went to his mum.
"Well that's our mum. Rebecca and that's our dad." She pointed to the dog.
"He can't be your dad. He never got married or had kids."
"Then why are our names Rebecca Black, Joshua Black and Melody Black?" Harry starred at Sirius. The dog nodded in agreement with Melody. Harry's mouth fell open. He saw Sirius go over to Josh and his mum. Melody laughed and closed his mouth with her right hand.
"Sorry it's just this is all new to me."
"It's perfectly alright. You know I know a lot about you but you don't know very much about me."
"Did you read it somewhere?"
"Yes and no. Dad wrote me letters about you and your friends. Hermione and Ron is it?"
"He told me about your adventures and that scum of a cousin of mine."
"Oh yeah. Malfoy is your cousin."
"Don't remind me. I'd like to see his face when I tell him."
"He doesn't know." Melody giggled.
"Your brother protective of you isn't he?"
"Yes very just like my dad. Like they say Like father like son."
"Yeah. You stuff about muggles?"
"Yes in fact we have to live with them for our protection."
"Really where?"
"Um what's it's name number 2 privet drive." Harry's mouth dropped again. Melody closed it and giggled again.
"Sorry it's just that I live in number 4 privet drive."
"You live with those awful muggles?! Poor you. Hey I'll visit you this summer. How's that sound?"
"I'll see later on. During the train ride. bye." She gave him a peck on the cheek and left.
"Harry come on we're going to miss the train." Harry said bye to Sirius and boarded the train.

Later during the train ride Melody decided to patrol the compartments. Melody was thinking about what had happened on the platform when she found a compartment with Cho Chang in it. She made sure no one noticed her and listened so she could at least try to get back at Cho for the little "incident" she did last year to Melody and her friend Celestina. But Cho had seen her through the window. She glared at Melody. Melody didn't know why Cho despised her for some reason or another. Melody despised her because of her annoying attitude. Cho was also a fake. She always said bad things about her and Celestina. She always did something and blamed her for it. Everyone turned to see who she had seen. Melody entered the compartment.
"What are you doing here?" Cho asked
"Why are you always sooo nosy in what I do and where I go anyway. I'm sick of it. You're not my mum."
"So what I'm a year older than you."
"So what. I'm tired of having to put up with you."
"What are you going to do about it?"
"Nothing yet. *couch slut & a crybaby cough*" Cho got really mad and she hit her. Melody wasn't going to let her get away with that. She hit her back. They continued fighting until Harry grabbed Melody and held her back. While Ron grabbed Cho and held her back.
"Let me go Harry. She deserves it." Melody tried to stand but she sprained her ankle and she sort of fell. Cho laughed at her. Melody looked at her and said.
"You have detention with filch on Thursday for starting a fight."
"You can't do that." Cho yelled trying to hit her again.
"Yes I can I'm a prefect and you caused the fight and injuries!" Cho stormed out of the compartment. Melody was angry. 'Well she's been like that since you first came to Hogwarts why would she change. Remember the fight you two got into in your first year?' said a voice in her head.
Melody got up and started limping to the door. Someone held onto her. "Melody maybe you should rest your ankle? Besides you can meet everyone else." Melody turned around and saw Harry. She tried to get on her tipy toes so she could see over his shoulder. She was a head shorter than him. She saw everyone and nodded. She let him help her to a chair.
"This is Neville Longbottom" pointing to the boy with the plant.
"You already know Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger"
"Over there is Ginny Weasley" pointing to the girl with the same flaming hair as Ron.
"And that's..." He was cut off by Melody.
"Luna Lovegood" Luna looked at her with surprise.
"You know Luna?" Ginny asked.
"Yes she's in Ravenclaw house with me why wouldn't I? Oh and I'm Melody"
Melody started playing with the heart-shaped lockets that she had on. She opened it and on one side their was her mother, father, brother and herself waving at her. On the other side was one with her and her father smiling. She closed it and opened the other it had a picture of her as a baby with another baby boy with emerald green eyes. On the other side their was Lily, James, Harry, Rebecca, Melody, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Albus Dumbledore. Lily and James were standing next to each other then Sirius, Rebecca, and Albus. Remus was sitting down holding Harry and Melody. She saw Harry trying to look at the pictures and let Harry only see the pictures. She looked up and saw that they were nearly to Hogwarts. She excused herself so she could change into her uniform. They arrived at Hogwarts shortly after that.


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Harry Potter And The Mysterious Ravenclaw Girl: An Interesting Ride To Hogwarts


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