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Amazing Adventures! by SlugBrainz
Chapter 1 : Amazing Adventures!
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Once upon a time in a village somewhere in London a young boy was born. Under the watch of his mother and father the babe grew and developed into an infant (about 4 yrs old). Unfortunatly, the infant (who was once a babe) was attacked by the dark lord. It may be hard to belive but this infant survived the attack and went on the destroy the dark lord himself. Now the question arises of how. Unlike the books belive that the sacrafice of Harry's mother saved him I have my own theory. I belive the Voldermort is Harry's real father and could not bring himself to kill harry after killing his "parents" so instead cursed himself. The only reason that the dark lord is returninng is to care for his son Harry.

Note:: The real evil is DUMladoph

"Harry did not die in Vain" A quote by Haramony from 7th book

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Amazing Adventures!: Amazing Adventures!


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