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just another dream story.......or is it????????? by 010steph_rox_ur_sox010
Chapter 1 : Rons first dream.
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"night harry." said ron as he pulled on his to tight pjs and jumped into bed.

"night ron." harry said.

it had been a beautiful day and a more beautiful night what with the fire works fred and george had pulled off to annoy the hell out of shannon (she was the knew head girl).
Ron pulled back the curtins (that he had just fixed because he set them on fire when he sneezed and had his wand in his hand) and within moments he was asleep.

"this is familer." he murmered to himself as he walked down a corridoor that looked odly like a hogworts one.
then he saw a chair that he would never forget.

"ah, yes Mr Weasly your here for the appointment." came the sound of someones voice.

"and you would be?" he asked the person who had been hiding in the shadows.

"you can call me tom. now sit down and we shall begin this." said the guy named tom.

"and what if i dont want ot sit down? huh? what are you gonna do?" ron asked.

"oh nothing just send out the spiders. and mind you their masive." said tom.

"ok ill sit down." said ron unable to hide the fear in his voice as he sat down in the chair that he was atomaticly chained to.

"why so scared ron? if you help me to get to harry then i'll just let you go, but if you don't, be warned, if you even mention our little dreams they will come true and that would be a bit of a problem for little harry, wouldn't it? i can show you things that would happen and would happen to your friends, if thats what you want? but now we all could do with a little less of that in our life couldn't we? or, i wonder if you could live through it? well, well. we shall see in a moment won't we?"said tom with an evil look in his eye.

then something clicked in ron's mind. 'This was Tom Riddle! as in voldemort when he was a teenager!'

"just lets get this over with." said ron a trace of definate in his voice.

"fine. suit your self." said tom as he snapped his fingers.

*harry was lieing died on the ground in front of him with blood all over his face and hermione was lieing across him untouched but for the blood on her hands where she had graved harry's face. and ron was standing there with a wand in his hand while ginny was on the ground begging for mercie.

"how could you do this ron? your best friend and your wife? why did you do it? there was no affair! it was just in your mind!" she yelled at him her hands also stained with blood but her face shining with tears.

"so are you calling me a liar too?" came from his mouth but he was not saying it. voldemort had complete control of what he said and he was shocked it had come from his mouth.

"no! ron, this isn't you! why kill your friends and then kill your only sister because of something you made up in your mind! please ron look in your heart and find the real you!" she said with a pleading look in her eyes that he had never seen before.

"i've looked, he's not there anymore! bye bye my one and only sister!" he said just before she screamed got up and started to run.

"avada kadrava!" he said as the spell came out his wand and hit her square in the back.*

"AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ron screamed as he fell out of bed and got stuck in his curtins.

"whats wrong? what happened? we're not under atack again are we?" harry asked as he jumped out of bed and ran over to ron.

" im ok just a bad dream. go back to bed in fine." he said as he got back into bed and harry did to.

"that was bad." he thourght to himself. but he had a bad fealing that this was just the begining.

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