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Taken by busybusybeta
Chapter 2 : Switch
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A/N: Alrighty, I believe that I promised this chapter to a couple of people. Hopefully, you haven’t gotten tired of the wait, luvs After the last chapter where Draco was nothing but a pompously arrogant snob with too much of something stuck up his arse, I’m sure you’d like to see something terrible happen to him, right? Well, here goes...

He rolled over and suddenly felt himself falling. Once his body made contact with the floor painfully, Draco shot up. How had he fallen? More importantly, *what* had he fallen from? He didn’t remember going up to his room, least of all getting into bed. Oh, gods, he had the worst migraine. It was throbbing nonstop and the birds chirping outside the window were too loud to describe. He rolled over onto his back and groaned. The party last night had been — the party Oh god, what had he done? The last thing he remembered was making out with some random girl. He was done for, definitely. If Pansy got word of what happened, she was going to do something, ‘kill him’ being one of the possibilities, and ‘skin him alive’ not far below on the list. Maybe he could sneak off and buy her a present. ‘Yeah, that *always* works. I’ll just find something she doesn’t have yet.’

Draco tried to get up, but the sun streaming in through the window was too much and his head set off into another throbbing fit, like a stampede of wild bull were running him over. But *much* worse. He groaned louder, and was lucky that none of his roommates were still in bed. If he guessed correctly, they were all at breakfast or studying out on the grounds. He lay there for a few more minutes and finally decided that he was wasting time. Perhaps he could find some potions for migraines in the bathroom...

Draco eventually got enough strength to craw through the room and rummage through his trunk for some clothes. He crept through the common room, which was blessedly empty. They probably would have greeted him with shouts and cheers, something his head could not take at that moment. He left through the portrait hole and limped through the dungeons to the baths. Draco dug through the cabinet under the sink and found a potion, gulping it down desperately. Having cured himself of that ungodly headache, he was able to relax in the tub, mulling over the ideas if Pansy had indeed heard of his unfaithfulness the night before. He soaked for what felt like hours and then decided to get out. Draco dried himself off with a towel (but not before admiring his physique) and dressed in his robes. He quickly went back to the Slytherin commons, which were still deserted, and up to his room. He pocketed a few galleons and made sure he had his wand so that he could sneak into Hogsmeade. Draco didn’t even notice the loss of a certain photograph of a certain person from his desk.

Draco walked through the school which was strangely unoccupied for a Sunday right before classes. At every turn he hoped to bump into someone, but found an empty corridor, just as deserted as the last. He easily made it off the school grounds, and through the gate which was, oddly enough, unlocked. Any other person would have suspected foul play. But not Draco. He was too sure that it was just his Malfoy luck that got him past Filch and even the ghosts. Draco walked through the abandoned city and looked through all of the windows for something that was of just enough monetary value to give to Pansy. He didn’t even think of the fact that she hadn’t come looking for him all day, or the fact that he hadn’t seen head nor tail of any of his friends. Crabbe and Goyle hadn’t even woken him. Finally, after half an hour of browsing, Draco happened upon a little shop that he’d never seen before. ‘Strange,’ he thought. ‘I could have sworn that I’ve been through every shop worth anything in this place.’ All sorts of things glittered in the window, and that was what coaxed him to walk through the front door and take a closer look. Draco walked in to find a finely furnished jewelry store, but they didn’t only sell rings and other types of baubles. He found diamond encrusted picture frames and pearl handled mirrors. There was a bell on one of the clear glass counter tops, and Draco rang it, five times just to be irritating. He smirked as he cockily leaned on the counter and waited. After five minutes, when nobody appeared, he rang the bell ten times, this time his patience was wearing thin. He was a Malfoy for Gods sakes How *dare* they keep him waiting

“Hey Is anybody in this damn store? I’m waiting,” he shouted to nowhere in particular, because he couldn’t see the door to the back of the store. It was probably magically concealed. Finally, a door appeared in the wall and a girl hurried through it, picking a piece of lint off of her black skirt.

“I’m so sorry. I’m afraid I dozed off in the back. Hardly anybody ever comes here,” she said and smiled at Draco. Her smile faltered when he didn’t assure her it was alright and that she was forgiven. He only gave her a cold stare. ‘She looks familiar,’ he thought. ‘Must go to Hogwarts.’

“I need something shiny,” he said lazily.

“Well, you’ll need to be more specific, sir. As you can see, all we have are ‘shiny’ objects,” she answered, motioning around the room.

“I would bother to curse you for cheek, but I’m in too much of a hurry,” Draco replied coldly. Her smile completely slipped.

“Sir, please,” she said, and Draco didn’t note the edge of reprove in her voice. “Now, if you like, I can show you an array of rings and necklaces we have, or perhaps something that the receiver would *not* wear?” She switched topics to avoid an altercation. Behind her, her fingers were crossed.

“I want a...” he thought for a moment, resting a finger from his pampered hand on his aristocratic chin. “A ring,” he decided.

“Any particular gems, sir,” the girl asked.

“Emeralds, on white gold or silver,” Draco replied without thinking. If he was going to give Pansy something, it was going to be in the colors he liked. She had to match his tastes, after all.

“Alright, well, we have an assortment right over here,” she answered, leading Draco around to another case of jewelry. He looked through the glass and found several rings that would have easily toppled a regal queen with their size. He saw several rings with emeralds surrounded by diamonds, and others that intertwined the majestic green stones with diamonds, rubies, and pearls. But one ring stood out above the rest. A silver snake wrapped around itself in a knot with emeralds for the eyes and a single ruby on the back of the head held Draco’s stare.

“I want that one,” he said snootily.

“Yes, sir,” she answered, magicking the cupboard open and slipping the rack of rings out. Draco plucked the ring from its satin surroundings and examined it without an invitation. There were no cracks in the gems and the silver was flawless.

“Yes, this one,” he said, tossing it onto the glass with a careless hand. The girl quickly caught it before it made contact and sent him a scathing glare when he turned to look at his finger nails.

“Yes, sir,” she said obediently. “Would you like it wrapped?”

“Just a simple box. Green if you can find one,” Draco said absentmindedly. What on earth was he doing still in the shop? This girl was obviously slow in more than her head.

He heard her ring up the price of the band and snap the small box shut before he bothered to turn around.

“That’s 55 galleons, sir,” she said, her politeness about to snap.

“Right,” Draco said and tossed the bag of money at her and watched her count out the coins.

‘Lazy pig,’ she thought. He was *so* lucky that she didn’t just —

“Are you done yet?” Draco asked agitatedly.

“Yes, sir,” she said, brightening her face to look up at him. “Have a lovely day.”

“I’m sure.” And with that, Draco walked out the door and into Hogsmeade. He quickly walked through the streets and back up to the gates of the school. He didn’t even miss the significant weight of money in his pocket. He’d just letter home for more. Turning the corner, the strangest thing happened to him. Suddenly, the bright sky darkened with dark grey tumultuous clouds, and he stopped to look up. ‘Odd,’ he thought, ‘Since when did I care about the weather?’ Draco asked himself. But he couldn’t move, transfixed by the sky, and large fat drops began falling on him and he was shocked out of his reverie. He walked even faster up the path and past the large sloping lawns of Hogwarts before practically running through the double doors.

Then he heard loud sounds from his right. Turning, he realized that it was students, thus his first real human interaction for the day. ‘That idiotic girl didn’t count.’ He checked his watch and found it to be half past noon, exactly. Funny he hadn’t noticed the sound from the great hall during his exit. ‘It’s been a crazy day,’ he decided. He almost considered going to lunch but thought against it, seeing that he still hadn’t seen his friends. If something was the matter, they would have wanted to avoid him for as long as possible in order to prolong his Malfoy power before it came crashing down for a few minutes. So he ran in the opposite direction, towards the dungeons.

He ran up to his room and quickly deposited his money bag so that Pansy wouldn’t suspect a thing, and ran back down. This time however, he failed to perceive the loss of much more than a photograph in his haste. Draco ran around the school, checking the library, classrooms, and even the hospital wing. When he was on the verge of admitting defeat, he looked out the window to see a lone figure with straight black hair outside in the pounding rain. ‘Of course,’ he remembered and mentally slapped himself in the face. He didn’t really because it would have left a pink mark on his unblemished cheek. He hurried back *out* the doors and around the castle to where he had seen her. He finally caught a glimpse of her and hid behind a tree when he heard her murmuring to herself. She sighed in contentment and Draco smiled. So she wasn’t angry after all. And hopefully he could keep it that way.

“Nobody could possibly know how much I love the rain,” she said softly.

“I might,” Draco said stepping out from behind the tree. She turned and gasped, hand over her heart.

“Look, Pansy, I’m terribly sorry,” he said falsely.

“Pardon?” She asked uncertainly.

“You know, for taking you for granted and all,” Draco continued. It was all a rehearsed speech and Pansy had heard it as often she had changed her nail polish.

“I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about,” she answered, giving him a look that spoke wonders of what she thought of his mental state.

“I’ve been a terrible boyfriend,” Draco said, not really paying attention to Pansy’s befuddled expression. So, he plowed on with his speech.

“I’m sorry. Do I know you?” Pansy finally asked, taking a closer look at Draco to see if it would jog her memory. Draco’s head snapped up and gave her a strange look.

“Pans. It’s me. Draco? Your boyfriend?” Draco elaborated, trying to see if she was messing with him. ‘What is up with her?’ At the word boyfriend, she stepped back and looked at him with even wider eyes. After a couple of silent minutes, she finally answered him.

“I’m so sorry. But you must be mistaken. I *am* Pansy, and I *do* have a boyfriend. However, you’re not him.” And with that, she brushed by him and quickly ran to the castle, all thoughts of the pounding rain having vanished. Draco stood dumbfounded. That didn’t just happen, did it? His girlfriend of four years just walked away from him, claiming that not only was he not her boyfriend, but that she didn’t even know him. Something was wrong.

A/N: Alright! Well, lemme know how this chapter is! Please?

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