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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 14 : An Unexpected Occurance in Hogsmead (part II)
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A/N: We hope you guys like this chapter! We think it's hilarious!

Chapter 14: An Unexpected Occurrence in Hogsmead (part II)

“I can’t believe we are in Madam Puddifoot’s of all places!” Rebecca seethed as she sat down at a table with Marissa and Lily. She glanced out the front window to see James fuming, waiting for them to come out.

“Better here, than out there,” grumbled Marissa, reluctantly thinking of the hurtful looks that she received from Sirius just moments ago.

“Yeah,” piped in Lily. “At least they didn’t follow us in. I thought they might be chicken enough to not come in.”

“Well,” Rebecca hissed, her eye twitching in annoyance, looking slightly pale and queasy, “All I can say is if anyone I know sees me in here, you two are dead.”

About fifteen minutes later, after their tea had been brought to them, Rebecca groaned, “Jeez! I don’t think James is ever going to give up! He’s still out there!”

“Well, we’ll just have to entertain ourselves, now, won’t we?” Marissa said cheerfully as she brought out her shopping bag so she could look at her new purchases. The first item she got out was a pair of black fishnet tights. “Ooh, I can’t wait to wear these on Monday!” Marissa giggled.

“What?” exclaimed Lily. “You can’t wear those with your uniform! You have to wear your socks! They’re part of the uniform!”

“Oh, I’ll still wear my socks,” explained Marissa with a smug look on her face. “But my tights will be under them! Besides, it’s not like I’ll get in trouble for it!”

Lily didn’t argue, but she looked away with a sour face. Marissa squealed with glee at her next purchase. They were magical contacts – mood contacts to be exact. They would make her eyes change color according to her mood – exactly like a mood ring.

“I can’t even wait another moment to put these on,” said Marissa as she started to take the contacts out of the box, “So I’m going to put them in right now! Come on, I’m going to need a mirror. Let’s go to the bathroom – plus, that might throw James off!”

As Marissa scooped up her shopping bags and was about to gesture for Lily and Rebecca to follow her, she blinked in surprise. Rebecca had already shot out of her seat and was flat out running towards the restroom, obviously at her wits end with the laces and frills everywhere.

Hurrying after her, Lily and Marissa entered the restroom, while Lily glanced over her shoulder to see James glowering suspiciously at their retreating backs through the shop’s window. Shuddering, Lily quickly closed the restroom door after her.

‘As much as I don’t agree with Rebecca’s decision to get a new tattoo, I do feel sorry for her when James finally catches up with her!’

Lily was abruptly pulled from her thoughts as she crashed into her blonde friend’s back. Peering around Marissa in confusion, Lily was greeted with a sight that made her feel even more sympathetic towards Rebecca’s plight.

The gothic girl was leaning over one of the sinks, her hands gripping the porcelain edge so hard her knuckles were white. As she took a shaky glance at the mirror, Lily could see from Rebecca’s reflection that the girl was abnormally pale.

“Rebecca, are you alright? You look like your about to loose your lunch!” Marissa inquired, stepping up to her friend and rubbing her hands on the trembling girl’s back, trying to calm her. Lily quickly stepped to Rebecca’s side with Marissa, concerned. It wasn’t very often that Rebecca let anyone see any sign of weakness from her.

Rebecca mumbled something unintelligible, ducking her head so as to hide her face. Confused, Lily turned to Marissa to see if she’d been able to catch what was said. At the blond girl’s shrug, Lily tried to get another answer from her friend.

“Rebecca, I didn’t catch that. Are you alright?”

Rebecca paused a bit before answering again, though a bit louder, giving her friends a shaky smirk. “There was so much bloody pink lace I thought I was going to hurl.”

Lily and Marissa both gave Rebecca a disbelieving look before a thought suddenly struck both of them. Rebecca was still feeling a bit queasy from the pain from her new tattoo. Added to her pain was the fact that her brother was bent on lecturing her, and she was forced to escape into a shop that was the embodiment of everything she abhorred: lace, frills, and pink.

“Well, once we get back to the castle we can make a stop at the infirmary to get you some potion to make you feel just like new! Though, we might want to use a concealment charm on your face and arm so you don’t get another lecture from her about your ‘insane deforming designs,'” Marissa snickered, pulling out her contacts.

Lily and Rebecca both laughed at Marissa comments; they’d all had to listen to Madam Pomfrey chew Rebecca up one side and down the other when she happened to get injured on the Quidditch pitch last year and needed to go to the infirmary. Unfortunately, Rebecca’s cut was located on her shoulder, courtesy from a Bludger that had completely smashed her bat into her shoulder. Madam Pomfrey had seen Rebecca’s tattoo on her left bicep and had completely flipped, lecturing the gothic girl on adolescence idiocy and such until the said girl in question escaped from the infirmary after her shoulder had been healed.

“Hey, Lily,” Marissa questioned, admiring her new contacts which had currently turned her dark brown eyes blue, “can you peek out the door and see if those pricks are still waiting for us?” Lily nodded and scurried over to the door, carefully opening the door enough to glance toward the store window.

“I don’t believe it! They’re still there!!” Lily groaned, letting the door shut firmly. Turning back towards her friends, Lily noticed Marissa eyeing the small window above the sink with a thoughtful expression on her face.

Lily and Rebecca both stared at their friend as Marissa suddenly climbed on top of the sink, and slid the window open.

“Marissa Ranae Eliott! What in Merlin’s name are you doing?!”

Marissa gave Lily a mischievous grin. “I’m escaping.” And with a fiendish giggle, she proceeded to climb out the window. Grunting, Marissa managed to pull herself halfway through the window, before she noticed she was stuck.

Marissa continued twisting and trying to pull herself through the window, but her problem became obvious all too soon.


Rebecca and Lily burst out laughing at the sight of Marissa’s legs kicking wildly and hearing a stream of colorful language accompanying the ridiculous sight. Not to mention they got quite the eyeful on the account that Marissa was wearing her trademark extremely short miniskirt.

“Well don’t just stand there! Do something!”

Trying to still her laughter, Lily tried finding a place she could safely place her hands to help push Marissa through the window. “Er, Marissa… well, I’m going to have to put my hands on, well… your bum.”

Marissa sighed exasperatedly. “Don’t worry, love, I’m used to it.”

Lily quickly snatched her hands back towards her chest and gave Marissa a look of horror. “I didn’t want to know that!!!”

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake!! Just push!” Wincing, Lily attempted to shove Marissa through the window.

“Hey, Marissa,” snickered Rebecca, “looks like you’ve been eating one too many Pumpkin Pasties.”

“Oh, sod off, Rebecca, I have an hourglass figure! Boys appreciate my body!!” Marissa growled, still squirming about.

Lily sighed, turning towards the still snickering girl. Rebecca sometimes acted more like James than she knew. “Potter, you’re not helping!” Lily cried.

After a couple more minutes of getting absolutely nowhere, Lily stepped away from her thrashing friend. “That’s it! This is getting us nowhere!!” Whipping out her wand, Lily muttered a charm and started waving her wand around Marissa’s hips.

“W-what are you doing?!?” Marissa screeched, trying desperately to turn her head around so she could see what was happening, feeling something cold and wet around where the sill and her hips were.

“Applying grease, so you’ll slide right through the window.” There was a pause before Marissa started squirming about, trying to escape the gross feeling of grease on her clothes.

“Oh, gross, Lily!! I can’t believe you just did that!! Augh!”

Suddenly, with a hard push, Marissa tumbled out the window and disappeared from sight. A thud echoed through the window, causing Lily to wince and Rebecca to laugh like a maniac. Rebecca, still laughing, started advancing on her petite friend.

“Well, Lily, looks like it’s your turn!” Lily squeaked in fright and scurried on top of the sink and tumbled through the window. A second thud and a stream of curses reached Rebecca’s ears as she pulled herself to the window and positioned herself. With a smirk, she pushed off the sill, and after a few seconds of free fall, landed squarely on the two struggling figures on the ground.


As Rebecca neatly stepped off her friends, a voice echoing around the corner caused Lily and Marissa, who were crawling to their feet, to freeze in horror.

“Hey, James, do you think there are there any back doors in the store?”

Not waiting for the boys to realize their escape, the girls quickly ran down the ally and down the next street, heading towards Hogwarts. Fifteen minutes later found the three girls panting and leaning on each other as they tried catching their breath.

“I-I think we lost them,” Lily panted, glancing behind her towards Hogsmead. Lily’s attention was brought back to her friends as Rebecca started to laugh hysterically between gasping for air.

“Lily, did it ever –gasp- occur to you that you could have –snicker- simply enlarged the window so Marissa could have easily slipped out?”

Lily and Marissa both froze and slowly turned towards their gothic friend. “You thought of enlarging the window the entire time, and you didn’t say anything?!?” shrieked Lily. At Rebecca’s smirk, Marissa started advancing toward the smug girl, her eyes now an angry red.

“You’d better start running, Potter, before I decide you need to share in my wonderfully greased up state!” Cackling, Rebecca sprinted off with Lily and Marissa hot on her heels, and didn’t stop laughing until all three reached the castle.

A/N: Ok, now we beg of you - please review!!! We really really would appreciate it! We want to feel loved!!! *goes off into a corner to cry eyes out* Please?!?!

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Scream My Lungs Out: An Unexpected Occurance in Hogsmead (part II)


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