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The Day Albus Dumbledore Went Psycho by confusedyellowstallion
Chapter 1 : The Day Albus Dumbledore Went Psycho
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DISCLAIMER: No matter how many lovely dreams I have had about it, I do NOT own Harry Potter. Damn JK.

This is just a one-shot, it's not going to be continued, but I have more stories that I'm going to put up, someday. Also, if anyone wants to review, I don't mind flames.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione venture into an undiscovered room to find their headmaster doing the unthinkable.

Harry and Ron sat in the Gryffindor common room playing wizard's chess. Ron was winning, obviously. But suddenly Ron felt a feeling. This feeling was one he felt many times. Many many times.

"I'm hungry" Ron whined to Harry for the 5th time that day.

"I know, you said that about a thousand times... Come on, let's get some food..."

Harry and Ron were walking towards the Great Hall when they found an open door. Not remembering a classroom being at the particular spot, they went in. They came to find an empty classroom with only a door at the end.

"A door!" Ron exclaimed, "We came in here for a door! I could've been eating right now!"

"Ron," Harry said exhaustedly, "there's obviously something BEHIND the door!"

"Oh... Right."

The two walked towards the mysterious door to find it was locked.

"Wish Hermione was here." Ron muttered. So the two set off to find Hermione. She was found in the library, obviously, and got annoyed to find Harry and Ron there.

"Hermione," Harry said, "We need your help. You see, there's this weird room by the Great Hall and it was locked and we were hoping, since you're the smart one and everything, that you would open it..." Hermione stared at Harry as if he was mental.

"You STILL don't know how to open a locked door?" The two baboons shook their heads. They led Hermione to the mysterious room where Hermione tapped on the door with her wand and said "Alohamora".

"Alohamora, that's it.." said Ron. Hermione shushed him and pointed to the open door.

"Right." Ron whispered, his face turning red with embarrassment.

The trio stepped into the room. The entire room was filled with socks. Left socks, right socks, socks with poofs, purple socks, socks with Barney. Whatever sock you've ever imagined was in that room.

"Who would lock a room filled with socks?" Ron asked. The three soon found the answer. They had seen the unthinkable.

In the center of the biggest pile of socks was none other than Albus Dumbledore, throwing them around and cheering. Over the course of three hours, Harry, Ron, and Hermione watched in amazement as the psychotic old man had sock races, played hide-and-seek with the socks, truth or dare with the socks, and Getting Into Trouble.

The time had come, Albus had went crazy.

The three were about to leave when Albus had spotted them.

"SOCK FIGHT!" Albus had screamed, and with that he began bombarding the socks at the three. After their third sock fight lose, the three left, noticing that Albus would never recognize they had left, he loved his socks too much.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione each agreed never to speak of the day that they saw Albus go crazy, but they occasionally revisited that strange room by the Great Hall to see their crazy headmaster, and his new pairs of socks.

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The Day Albus Dumbledore Went Psycho: The Day Albus Dumbledore Went Psycho


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