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The Bewitchment of James Potter by LunaElentari
Chapter 1 : The Bewitchment of James Potter
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The Bewitchment of James Potter


DISCLAIMER: *Luna-E bursts into tears* I wish I owned it. *dabbs at her eyes with a hanky* I really do! *sniff* but Lily, James, and all included belongs to the one, the only, the awesome, J K Rowling.


Yeess, I am The Weirdo. Anyway, about the storyÖ it starts out during (well, at the end, as youíll soon see) of Lily and James seventh yearÖ then goes mega fast-forward to five years laterÖ who they are then, what theyíll beÖ youíll have to see! Not your typical J/L story, there is an exterior plot in this, although the beginning is sad, angsty, romantic, etc, there will be humor, action, drama, and a whole lot more!


And about the characterís looks: I did them as closely to the HP books as I could.


W/o further ado:




Chapter One: The Train Station Farewell


A petite teenage girl dressed in long black robes and a thin black cloak, her face hidden in the shadows of a low-drawn hood, stood on the outdoor platform of Hogsmeade Train Station. The platform was almost empty; the only people there were waiting for a different train. This One was a special train scheduled for the passage of a single passenger.


The gray sky began to drizzle.


"Merlin, what an omen." She murmured, pulling her cloak closer around her as she shivered. I should have worn a thicker cloak, she reprimanded herself.




A long sleek black train pulled into the station. No passengers exited Ė it was a special train, and the signboard placed above it was blank.


"I guess thatís my cue to go." She said quietly. Her cheeks flushed, as she tried to lift her heavy bags. As she kept struggling, a lock of auburn hair became loose and fell across her face.

"Lily!" a male voice cried.


Lily looked up to see a tall, raven-haired boy running towards her, his robes flapping behind him. He rushed right up to her, a look of profound concern in his warm hazel eyes.


She turned her head away so that the boy couldnít see the tears forming in her eyes.


"Lily?" James asked, grabbing her arm. "Look at me."


She reluctantly looked back at him, but kept her eyes down, her face still hidden under the hood. James fingered the top of it. "May I?" he asked softly. She only nodded in response.


James gently pushed the hood off her head, revealing thick, shoulder-length auburn hair that fell in gentle waves, the dark red color contrasting with her pale ivory skin. He brushed the loose tendrils behind her ears and looked in to her eyes Ė a strikingly brilliant emerald-green.


Normally of a flawless complexion, the green eyes that were staring out at James, were bloodshot, with dark hollow circles underneath. Her face was blotchy from her tears; her whole body appeared stressed out. Over all, there was the haunting look of profound grief.


To James, Lily was the most beautiful and wonderful girl he had ever met, and it wrenched his heart out to see her so sad.


He held her close to him and hugged her slender body. "Iím really sorry about your parents, Lily." he whispered into her ears.


Lily broke down. Her lower lip trembled, and her emerald eyes became clearer and shone brighter as more tears came and over flowed. Her shoulders sagged in as if the weight of the world was upon her small frame.


"Oh James!" she managed to moan out.


He tightened his arms around her and held her. He inhaled the sweet scent of morning lilies and touched her soft hair. How tiny she always seems in my arms.


He kept whispering words of condolence. "Everything will be fine..." he said softly.


Lily recoiled as if slapped, pushing James away. "Donít you get it? Theyíre dead! Nothing is fine, nothing!"


Jamesí expression became mournful, his clear hazel eyes widened in concern. "Please Lily, Iím sorry! I just donít know what to say anymore."


"Thereís nothing to say." she said, turning away in anguish.


"Lily, I..." James began.


"What?" she snapped, then hated herself for doing so.


Jamesís voice faltered. "I... I... I donít understand why you have to leave England... canít you just do your higher education here?"


Lilyís eyes dropped. "James weíve been through this..."


"Not we havenít. Not really." He said, his eyes pleading.


"James, I just canít stay here... I need to get my life back together... but not here in Britain. I was offered a full scholarship at Beauxbatonís university, the Joan of Arc Center for Advanced Magical Learning. I canít pass this opportunity up!" she said, looking at James pleadingly, praying that heíd understand.


"But why do you have to leave now? Thereís still a week till the End of Year Feast."

Lily avoided his gaze. Please donít let him make it any harder than it is! "I-I c-canít stay h-here!" she said, biting her lower lip. "I just c-canít!"


James blinked back the tears that were threatening to form in his eyes. "Iím going to miss you so much."


"I know." She answered quietly, brushing away the tears that were sliding down her cheeks.

"No you donít. You have no idea how much." He said, his eyes narrowing.


Lily looked up at him from under sooty lashes, her eyes confused. "What do you mean?", she said, shivering as the drizzle increased.


"Damn, youíre getting wet." James said, taking off his cloak and draping it over her shoulders. "The last thing you need right now is pneumonia."


Lily struggled to remove the cloak. "Itís really sweet of you, but my train is leaving soon anyway..." her voice trailed off as James firmly placed it back on and fixed the gold fastenings. "James, I really donít need it..."


"Keep it." he said, his voice croaky.


Lily eyed the gold fastenings. "James, it must have cost a f- "


"Keep it." He repeated with more force. Why didnít I get her a suitable good-bye present? Probably cause I was hoping sheíd stay...


Lily knew it was pointless to refuse. Plus, James looks so sad... at least I could accept his cloak.


She watched as a tear rolled down his cheek. James never cries! Lily thought, her eyes widening.

James immediately raised a hand to brush the tear off, but Lily caught the hand before he could do so.

Their eyes locked.


She stared into the depths of his firelight hazel eyes, absorving their warmth.

He could not have ripped his eyes from her emerald orbs, his emotions reflected in their brilliance.


They were both crying.


"Oh James, itís not like Iím the only one leaving!" Lily said, breaking the silence.


"But Iím staying on as Dumbledoreís apprentice. And then itís on to the Auror Academy. Youíre going to France."


"Itís only for a few years." Lily began, then froze.


The word Ďyearsí hit them both like a deadweight.


Years. James thought, his head beginning to pound, his heart beginning to break at the sound of the wordís cruelty. Years without Lily. How can that happen? Iíve liked her for so longÖ this year was incredible, she liked me back! And we spent so much time together and became so close - reaching the point where we could speak without having to say a word. How can I spend years apart from the person who has my heart and owns my soul? Please donít go!


Years. It hit Lily right in the chest, knocking the breath out of her. Can I live for years alone without family and friends? Can I survive years without James? I despised him for so longÖ but then I realized that I had also been scared of caring. And nowÖ heís my support and foundationÖ And the person I secretly love more than and beyond any other being? Should I tell him the truth? Can I tell him?


The train whistled again.


Lily glanced at her watch. "Damn! Itís time."


She tried to pick up her trunk, but again, it was too heavy. Before she had a chance to levitate it, James, always the gentleman, brushed her aside. "Let me get that." He said, easily hoisting the trunk up to his shoulder and securing it into the baggage compartment. "Are you all set?" he asked, "Are you sure you have everything?"


Lily looked at him. Do I dare?


The brave Gryffindor stirred up inside her. "No, not everything." She said.


"Whatís that? What are you missing?" James said, puzzled at how calm Lily looked at forgetting something.




James heart began to pound, uncertain that he was hearing correctly, but daring to hope. "W-What?"


"IÖ I think love you, James." she said.


"Oh Lily! Please stay here, with me." He cried, his arms wrapping around her trembling figure.

Lily buried her face in his chest, her forehead resting in the way she had many times during the years. As she inhaled his familiar scent, she thought of the many times when she had been held here, the one place where, during the rare occasion that she felt vulnerable, could be safe and protected from everything in the outside world. Tears sprung from her eyes. "I canít, I canít" she repeated, mumbling into the robes.


"You can!" James said.


"How can I?" she whispered miserably. "Thereís nothing for me here."


James moved her away from the hug and held her at armís length. He traced her soft cheek with his index finger tenderly, savoring her skinís softness.


"Marry me." He whispered barely above the sound of the wind.


"What?" Lily said, her eyes widening.


James blushed, the boyish blush that was cute and so James at the same time. "S-Sorry... I mean, will you marry me?"


Lily stood frozen to the ground. It seemed like all her dreams could come true... James, James, JAMES! Say YES! her heart screamed. But Lily was Lily, and she listen to her brain, not her heart. She hung her head. "James, you donít want to marry me..." she said, dropping her eyes.


"Donít I?" James said, his eyes boring holes into Lilyís soul. "I have wanted to ever since I realized..."


"Realized what, James? Lily asked miserably.


James straightened up. He put one arm around Lilyís waist and drew her near to him. He held her chin with the tips of his finger of the other hand. "Lily."




"I love you."


Lily stood there mesmerized and totally petrified.


"Iíve loved you since we first met, you made me believe in love at first sight. I didnít think it was possible, but it is. And Merlin help me, I wonít be able to take it if you leave!" He said, his voice cracking at the end. "I didnít want to love you, and it took me years to finally realize that I didÖ I denied had denied it to myself, and when I realized it, instead of telling you, all I did was be an ass... but now I donít CARE about all that. The only thing I care about is you. I want to marry you."


Lily broke away. "James, I... I canít marry you."


James pulled back. Lily felt her soul wrench and she saw his hurt eyes fill with tears. He shivered and hunched. He breathed in slowly. "Why not?" he whispered barely audibly.


"Goodbye James." Lily whispered sadly.


In a daze, she headed toward the train. She handed her ticket to the conductor and boarded, choosing a window seat. She looked out at James, who was still standing there, his tall muscular build hunched over in deep heartbreak. She noticed that he was whispering some sort of spell or incantation.


Something white fluttered out of his hand. It soared right towards her. She quickly opened the window, and the object landed in her lap. She looked down, and saw a flower - a simple, pure white lily. The drizzle had even left Ďdewí drops on it.


She found a note pinned to the stem. She unfolded it, her hands trembling. She reread it twice before she understood.



Keep the Lily to remember that I love you and I always will. Just You.

Please donít forget me.


PS. Will we meet again?


Lily opened the window and looked back at the tall dark-haired figure. "James!" she yelled.

He straightened up and looked at her window to see her red hair flying out in the wind, her face tearstained. He hurried toward her.


"I wonít forget!" she finished in a loud, wobbly voice. She reached her hand out, and James tried to touch it, but they only brushed each other by. "Weíll see each other again, but donít come find me!"


The trains engine started up. James face contorted in a mix of anguish and sorrow. "Lily!" he yelled back.


The train began to chug forward slowly.


"Promise you wonít come find me!"


"I promise, anything! But Lily, no! Please donít leave!" He yelled, running beside the tracks, catching up to Lilyís window. "Lily!"


"James!" she yelled back, "What are you doing, youíll get run over!"


The train picked up speed.


"Lily!" James yelled, trying to keep up, but the train was going too fast. "Lily!"


He came panting to a halt. Lily looked back and the last image that she had of James was him standing on the side of the tracks, staring after her, his body getting smaller and smaller in the distance as her train moved farther and farther away.


Finally, he disappeared from her view completely as the train turned a corner.


"Lily..." James moaned quietly after the train.


He stood at the end of the station, the wind blowing so hard his robes were flapping around behind him. James bent his head over as if in prayer. Please let her be safe. Please let me see her again.


A tear rolled down his cheek. James didnít even bother to brush it off.


It was as if the sky heard him and felt his grief. The heavens opened and rain began to fall Ė a curtain of heavy gray tears.


Even though he was shivering in his robes, his warm cloak gone, and was beginning to get soaked through, he remained there at the train station. Staring at the Horizon.




James spun around to glare at the person who dared to break his concentration, having instantly recognized the voice. It was the last person he wanted to face right now.


A tall dark figure with long black hair wearing standard Hogwarts black robes and a cloak was rushing towards him.


Sirius Black.


"James, what the hell are you doing out here in the rain? Youíll catch your death!"


James ignored him, and stared back at the direction the train had disappeared from.


But Sirius wasnít about to let himself be ignored. "Dammit James! Sheís left already, and thereís nothing you can do about it. Letís go back to the castle.


Rain was dripping down Jamesís long aristocratic nose. "Leave me the hell alone Sirius." he said stubbornly, setting his jaw as he attempted to walk away from Sirius.


Sirius grabbed Jamesís shoulder. "I donít mean to be cruel! Hell, Iím your best friend, Iím just trying to be honest."


James turned to face Sirius.


Black could barely recognize his best friendís face. His velvet brown eyes were grief-racked, so hurt and so vulnerable that Sirius was at a loss for words.


"Look at me Sirius. Iím a wreck. I donít want to be without her. I need her. Canít you understand that?"


"Listen to me! I know you love her, and she loves you, I saw it! But bloody hell mate! Sheís gone."


James began storming away from him.


Again, Sirius grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back. "James, get a grip! You have to face it! Sheís gone, but you need to move on. You have to focus on this summer. Auror school, remember? The one thing youíve always wanted, special Defense Against the Dark Arts training from Dumbledore himself!"


"I donít care!" James said, pushing Sirius away. "I donít want it anymore! I donít want anything but her!"


Black grabbed James by the shoulders and shook him. "Well, you canít have her!"




James punched Sirius on the jawbone. Sirius staggered back clutching his jaw. "You can punch me all you want, but that wonít bring her back to Hogwarts!"


James faltered, his shoulders sagging. "I know that."


"Then pull it together!" Sirius said, grabbing James and shaking him again.


James raised his arms and halfheartedly pushed Sirius away. "Leave me alone, man."


"Youíre already alone enough."


James looked up at Sirius, his expression was so full of despair and anguish that Sirius cursed himself for saying it. The look of James face was burned into Siriusís soul, never to be forgotten.

"SiriusÖ I love her."


Sirius pulled James into a hug. "I know, man, I know."


"I love herÖ" James whispered again.






It was Midnight, on a cool October eve.


Special Auror James Potter woke up in a cold sweat, and bolted into a sitting position in his king-sized bed. He had just had to relive the worst day of his life in his dreams. The day Lily had left. It was a recurring nightmare.




James looked to his left. Stretched out on the bed, dressed only in her slip, was Jinah Cha Ngi.


His girlfriend.


"Sorry, did I wake you?" James asked, standing up. He bent down, picked his silk nightshirt off the floor, and began buttoning it up.


"Donít worry about it." Jinah answered softly. She yawned and stretched, her long jet black hair shimmering over the pillow. "Was it The Dream again?"


James pushed aside the feeling of annoyance which creeped over him. James had never told Jinah what was in his dream, and so, she just wrote it off as The Dream.


"Yeah. How did you know?"


Jinah sat up and gave James a fixed look. "Whenever you have it, you wake up panting and sweating, sometimes you cry out."


James bumped into the bed table. "I talk in my sleep?"


"Only one or two words." Jinah said levelly.


"Which are?"


" ĎDonít leave!í or Ďlilyí. James, what is the dream about? Why do you have nightmares about flowers?"


A slight tremor ran down his back as he tied a robe around his waist. "Oh, theyíre nothing, really." he said staring right into Jinahís eyes. One of the first things James had been trained to do was lie. And sometimes, many times, it came in handy.


"If you say so, baby. Why donít you come lie down and relax?" Jinah said, patting the bed.

James shook his head. "No, I wonít be able to sleep again. I think Iíll just go sit out on the balcony."


Jinah stood up and walked to James. "Want company?"


"No." His tone was cold and final.


"Oh, ok." Jinah said, a little let down.


James felt bad about treating her like that. Just because you had a nightmare doesnít mean I can treat her crappily.


"Hey, give me a kiss, now." He said, putting his arms around her waist. Her face brightened up, and she smiled at him.


"Oh I dunno JamesÖ a kiss? Hmm, sounds too expensive."


He tightened his grip around her waist and pulled her close to him. "Well, I think I can afford it."


He leaned in and kissed her.


"Mmm." She said, when he pulled away. "Thanks, hon."


"Anytime." James turned and opened the French doors that led out to the balcony. He breathed in the crisp night air and looked out to the sleepy country landscape.


Lily... where are you?


True to his promise to her, James hadnít followed her to France. He had been tempted to, but Sirius, Remus, and Peter had all been against it. Even though they were his closest friends, the only thing that had really kept him away was the Promise.


James regretted ever having made the damn promise.


When he had finished training at the Academy, and became a fully accredited Auror, he received an unsigned letter, but the handwriting was unmistakably recognizable.



Congratulations! Not only for graduating, but also for the High Honors. Sorry I couldnít make it for the ceremony, but things are quite busy here. Well, I probably wouldnít have gone anyway, thoughÖI donít think either of us could take it just yet.

Take care.

Please donít write back.

It had been all James could do to not immediately use the Ministryís resources to find out where she was and go to herÖ but the Promise had steadied him and kept him on This side of the English Channel.

James stared at the sickle moon. He took in a deep breath, and imagined the scent of lilies.






A/N: So what do you guys think? Should I continue? Thereís action, humor, drama, and of course angst and romance coming up! R/R por favor!!!!

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