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Surviving by ducks
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

The breeze gently blew along the trees as I wondered through them curiously. What was this place? I kept walking,. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I was more than willing to die to discover this place. It was beautiful. A true paradise of sorts, the way you imagine your fantasy place. The sun was disappearing into the distance and twilight was upon me. I wondered closer to what seemed to be drawing me near

The sound of trickling water seemed to imitate my slow decent down the stairs to the centre of this amazing place. Something, someone was waiting for me here. I see the toned body but not the face, the soft hair but not the eyes. I reached the bottom step and waited for my lover to turn around.

Quickly as though nothing but a breeze, he had walked towards me and placed his lips upon mine. I hadn’t even seen the face, known the identity of him and yet I was melting against him. I was falling deeper and deeper into this kiss, yearning for it to never end and yet desire to identify this skilled lover outweighed it all as I pulled back.


I woke with a shock, sweat pouring down my back as I struggled to make sense of it all. I had just had a dream about Malfoy, about kissing Malfoy, about liking kissing Malfoy. I shook myself out of it, despite my adamant thoughts of, ‘you know it’s never going to happen, so stop thinking about it’ I was scared of going back to sleep. Because another dream like that, and I may not be able to convince myself of that anymore.

I stayed awake the rest of the night reading. But despite all that I had hoped to achieve, my hopes that I would lose myself in the book and not think about him. I couldn’t help myself, for some reason all the answers to my arithmancy questions were Malfoy’s lips against mine. And for some reason that didn’t seem right. Eventually I went back to sleep, and as far as I know I didn’t dream about Malfoy again.

The next day bought it’s own horrors. A transfiguration test that I knew I failed from the moment I stepped in the room, it didn’t help of course when Harry and Ron were whispering to each other throughout it all. Leaving the room I felt like bursting into tears at the though of yet another blow to my confidence. Another downfall in my reign of top student.

The day didn’t get any better when my Arithmancy professor yelled at me for not doing my homework, (after being distracted for most of the night). Every class held its own challenge for the day, but by the end of it, I was too exhausted to fight for what I knew was what I deserved. By the time tea came around it took an effort to digest the delicious food that I knew must have taken hours to magically create.

And then I was back in the Gryffindor tower, doing homework surprise surprise. However when I once again tuned out of my homework, my mind automatically picked up on a word spoken from across the room “Malfoy, yeah I heard it too”. Craning I tried to pick up the conversation, but all I heard from then on was then on was the slightest murmurs of conversation but nothing that stood out as particularly directed towards Malfoy.

“For god sakes Hermione, pull yourself together, your in your final year of Hogwarts, there is war all around you and yet here you are fawning over the one guy who is a direct enemy towards all the you follow and support”

Of course my whispering rantings didn’t go unnoticed, as the third years stared at me as if I no longer had a head and a chicken replaced it. I laughed at this image and at their looks before finally concentrating on my work, I got another three pages into my assignment when once again I was flooded with the feelings of Malfoy’s lips against my own. I sighed and attempted without success to get on with my homework, another half hour later I knew it wasn’t worth the headache I could feel coming on.

I knew that sooner or later I had to do something about this dream, I had to face what was bothering me, I had to show something to myself that all it was, was a dream.

‘maybe if you kissed him, and it wasn’t up to standards then you wouldn’t have those dreams anymore’ my brain thought ever so logically. It was a sacrifice I wasn’t prepared to make.

Another night went by with tossing and turning interrupted only slightly by the snoring of Lavender next to me. At the crack of dawn the knowledge overcome me, there was no way I was getting back to sleep again. I struggled out of bed, tiptoed past the boys dormitory, pausing slightly when I heard Ron speaking about how beautiful this girl was. Opening the door I had to cover my mouth to stop giggling. He was holding a pillow as if it were a girl and talking in his sleep. Harry, was smiling at him, he was awake but he was yet to notice my presence, by the time he looked up. I was gone.

It had been ages since I had walked the corridors without the overbearing eyes of security looking down at me. Just at my own pace I wondered around looking at all I could see, the greenness of the forbidden grounds, the sky that for once wasn’t shielded by an ever greying cloud but was white that almost made up for the lack of blue skies seen from the castle.

Almost instinctively I turned towards the library. Maybe I could get a book to read while I’m here. Make the trip worthwhile. Knowing it was off limits due to lack of security, I was a bit cautious pushing open the door and stepping inside. To my surprise I saw a lantern in the corner, still on. No one was around so I extinguished the flame only to feel someone’s hand on my shoulder, I spun around and screamed before a hand clamped over my mouth. .

“Will you be quite, I am not the only one that will get in trouble if we’re caught”

“Yes well Draco, I’m not the one who has been here for most of the night am I’ I cried within a whisper. Surprised to see him here, and the fact that he touched me had me in shock. He wasn’t the shy person I had talked to at the beginning of the year, he was confident, he was almost back to his old self. And that seemed to worry me. A lot.

“What are you doing here anyway, why aren’t you back up in the Gryffindor Tower, snogging that nang boyfriend of yours?” he asked almost accusingly.

“As opposed to you, sneaking around at night and spending all your time in the library, oh yes just keeping up with your homework, a likely story, more like looking up stuff for your precious dark side” I threw back at him venomously. He had ticked me off at this point. I was ready to stalk back out when I felt his hand come against my cheek as he slapped me.

“Take that back, I have nothing to do with them anymore, I have nothing to do with them anymore after what they did…” He broke off and I could see the glistening of tears in his eyes as he struggled to hold them off.

“Did what?” I asked with wonder in my voice.

“It’s none of your business now is it Hermione” he spat back at me.

“You called me by my first name” I told him incredulously

“So did you.” He retorted.

It was true I had called him Draco, it had just slipped out. I stared up at him with wonder. What was behind all the defences, the armour he had put up? What was behind all the venomous stares he gave us whenever we walked past? What was with his face becoming closer to mine with every thought I had? Or was it me that was moving?.

Our mouths closed on one anothers, and a rush of lust went through me. It wasn’t an amazing kiss, no tongue, it only went for about 10 seconds. But it was enough for me to realise that my original thought of kissing him will get it out of my mind, was a complete and utter lie.

(A/N please please please review. i really like them whether they are bad or good. if you hate my story can you tell my why etc.. it actually does help authors to improve so please please please!!!)

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Surviving: Chapter 7


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