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Harry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophesies by GRWeasley
Chapter 23 : Raging war...Bloody End
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Chapter Twenty-Three
Raging War…Bloody End

Harry’s eyes shifted from gold to glowing white, as he spun around all the windows in the room shattered.
“Flawkes! Bring Dumbledore to the hospital” Harry demeaned, the demon voice rising to the surface quickly. Flawkes cocked his head to the side; spread his wings burst into flames and reappeared on top of Dumbledore then they both exploded in flames and were gone. The Magic started to build around Harry, there was only one meaning for the wards to go down, Voldemort was close. Harry started to walk towards the office door when out of no where the whole Castle shook, knocking him to his knees.

“What as that?” Hermione asked in a squeaky voice. Ron’s eyes were darting around the room.
“Something not good” Ron said. Again the castle Shook, the sheer force threw younger students to the ground, Duncan came stumbling down the stairs as quickly as he could manage.
“We need to get out of here!” He screamed. “Something is attacking the castle”
“That’s not possible!” Hermione said wiping tears and sweat from her face, “there are wards to prote-”
“They are gone”
They all spun toward the voice and everyone froze as they saw Harry standing on the stairs, eyes glowing bright white.
“There is no protection, all of you must listen to Duncan and leave the tower” Harry voice was now completely engulfed by the demon inside. Suddenly the portrait sprang opened and a wild looking McGonagall was springing in.
“Come on Child-” She stopped mid sentence as she saw standing on the stairs. She quickly turned back to what she was doing “Come children we must leave the tower at once, no questions just leave!” She commanded them, Ron grabbed Ginny to make sure she was alright and Duncan grabbed Hermione and try to push her towards the door, but she broke loose, and moved to where Harry was standing,
“Harry!” She screamed when she reached the stairs and he wasn’t their. Duncan came up behind her, spinning her around by the shoulders.
“He’s gone Hermione, we must go now!” Duncan eyes flashed blue as he finished the sentence.
“I promised to keep you safe, and I’m going to keep my promise” He picked her up over his shoulder and carried her out of the room.
“Duncan, GOD DAMN IT, put me down!” Hermione screeched beating on his back as he ran down the hall towards the others. The castle roared again and Duncan was not as ready as before and lost his footing he faltered for a second and Hermione slipped from his grasp, she squirmed her way out so she could getting to her own feet and when she was there she sprinted away.
“HERMIONE!” Duncan yelled as Hermione turned the corner.
“Damn it! Ron” Duncan Yelled down the hallway behind him, where Ron was making his way with the other children, he turned to see that Duncan was standing there looking back and forth from his end of the to the other, and there was no Hermione.
“Shit” Ron stopped in mid stride and turned around
“Ginny, follow the rest of the Gryffindor’s” He said pushing her into the pack.
“What? Where are you going?”
“To be a fool” Ron screamed as he reached Duncan, they both sighed.
“Come on let’s go and get her”

Hermione rushed down the hallway her mind going a million miles a minute. What was happening? Where was Harry? Why are we going into hiding? As she reached the stairs to the main hall the castle groaned again shaking her to the ground. The stone wall shifted and some started to break apart. Afraid now, Hermione stood up coughing from the mortar spray in the air. Once the boom from theshake of the school faded from her ears Hermione could hear the screams from the bottom of the stairs, then as the ringing completely faded she heard her name being yelled from behind her. Brushing the dust off of her she turned around and saw Duncan and Ron coming towards her. They were screaming her name telling her not to move. She blinked twice turned around as if they didn’t exist and started back on her journey to find Harry.
“What is she doing?” Ron asked as they made their way towards her.
“Looking for Harry” Duncan said with a grave undertone. They picked up their speed and caught up with her half way down the stairs.
“Hermione! STOP!” Ron yelled again grabbing her by the shoulders. He spun her around.
“WHAT!” She screamed.
“We need to get-”
The stairs shook violently cracking the stone under their feet. Ron pushed Hermione as the stairs started to fall away, they both landed hard on the other side of the stairs as they watch the top half of the stair case crumble away.
“You guys ok?” Duncan yelled. Ron and Hermione looked up to see Duncan on the other part of the broken stairs.
“Yeah, I think so” Ron said looking at Hermione. She coughed again but shook her head yes.
“Hold on, I’m going over” Duncan yelled. He then disappeared and in a burst of speed he leapt from the stairs as the crumbled underneath him and landed nimbly next to them in a crouch.
“Fancy meeting you here” Duncan said with a smirk. He looked back up to the stairs.
“Doesn’t look like we are going back that way” Duncan said again looking back at Ron and Hermione. Duncan and Ron helped Hermione to her feet.
“How did you do that?” Ron asked.
“I’m half elf remember”
“Man, I want to be an elf”
“Doesn’t every body” Duncan said with a large smile.
“Come on Guys we have to find Harry” Hermione said in a weak voice. Duncan and Ron looked at each other for a second; they both shrugged and turned to follow her.
“Finally” She said as she started down the rest of the stairs. The closer they came to the front hall the louder the yelling and screaming got.
“What is going on?” Hermione asked. Her voice was shaking as she asked.
“I don’t know, but it can’t be good” Ron said. Then out of nowhere a stray spell sparked across the wall next to them, they turned to see where it came from and saw why the walls where shaking and where the screams were coming from. Teachers were on the defensive against a group of black robbed wizards with white masks.
“Death Eaters” Ron breathed.
“Oh God!” Hermione gasped then looked past the battle to see what Duncan was looking at. The three of them now where staring into the bright June sun afternoon. The front of the castle where the large front doors once stood was now completely destroyed. A large hole was there now with two large trolls standing there holding large trees as clubs.
“We are in a lot of trouble” Duncan whispered.

Harry Potter appeared outside on the lawn of Hogwarts to watch helpless as two trolls slammed large tree trunks into the walls of the castle.
“Hogwarts will be destroyed…tonight” A voice screamed making Harry turn. Standing a hundred yards away, his cloak blowing in the wind no white mask on, Lucius Malfoy was smiling.
“By the end of tonight all of the children will lose their useless life becuase of you…Harry Potter”.
Harry could feel the magic inside of him grow, his anger was at a level that he even believe.
“I will not let you near any of those children” Harry screamed his voice heavy with the demons. Malfoy laughed, his wand loosely in his hand.
“Yes…Yes you are most powerful, we all know” His smile suddenly vanished and his face became hard and evil.
“But you are human, and we can kill you”
Harry grabbed his wand from his pocket and pointed it at the ground ready for the battle.
“You will not leave this field alive” Harry said dangerously. Malfoy did not say anything, then a cold chill came over Harry as his Magic touched the forest. Instantly the creatures from his dream sprang to life inside the forest, hundreds of them blood thirsty waiting to be unleashed to rip him, tear at him, feed on him. Harry snapped back to see Malfoy’s wand pointed at him. Before Harry thought he snapped his hands up and a magical force shoved Malfoy to the ground. Instantly a blazing blue shield went around him.
“This ends tonight…VOLDEMORT!” Harry screamed, as he screamed a large explosion was heard behind him, Harry turned to see a large troll being flung across the ground and landing with a hard snap on the ground and filing out of the hole the Order of the Phoenix, teachers and Aurors came running out. They all stopped about 100 yards away from Harry, Harry was confused. Then he felt it and slowly turned around. There on the outskirts of the forest stood a thousand or more Death Eaters and in front of them, Voldemort.
“You are correct, this ends tonight”

“If we attack now, will have the advantage on the wizards” The knife wielding Venator Demanded.
“Yes, attack now, wizards are no match for us, we will-”
“ENOUGH!” a growling voice said from behind them. The two Ventors turned around to see Valfar standing there his katana blade stuck in the ground. His scaly hand holding the handle firmly.
“You are both ignorant youths” Valfar said pulling the sword from the ground it flashed bright white and then faded. He pointed it towards his followers, then pointed the blade towards the forest, where inside red gleaming eyes broke through the darkness, and terrible growls snapped through the wind.
“These creatures are more then enough to end the foolish wizards who believe they can control them. They will die by their own hands and we will be the ones to come in and rain hell on earth for the rest of the Wizarding world”
“Scavengers? We are now scavengers, lower then even those poor beasts to have to wait for the weak wizards to kill each other”
“You are blinded Telnar we will wait till the very powerful beings are on the battle field, I can feel them even now, and then when the time is right, this battle will end and the war with be our victory” He slammed the sword back down into ground. The other two looked at each other gripping tighter their weapons. They nodded and moved away from Valfar, he turned to the darkness of the forest.
“You are out there wizard I can feel you, The Raven haired one will be your equal to night and it will be over” A slight smile appeared on his lips.

“Hermione!” Ron screamed running up to her as the wall behind them started to crash down, after the teachers had pushed back the trolls.
“Are you ok?” Ron said as he reached her pulling her away. She coughed roughly a couple of time and gasped for air then looked at him.
“I think so…where’s Duncan?” Hermione asked still breathing heavy. Even with most of the front of the castle in ruble around them their view was blocked from what was happening on the lawn.
“Ron, Where’s Duncan?” Hermione asked again more urgently this time.
“DUNCAN!” Ron yelled. His voice echoing eerily down towards the dungeon, they stood still for a second listening to the sounds of the castle. It was quiet, too quiet, someone should be yelling outside, there should be the sound of spells being cast. Yet, there was nothing.
“I don’t like this” Hermione said in a shaky voice. Ron Turned and looked at her, then past her he saw movement from the shadows of the dungeon. Out of the shadows came a white faced devil, it magical wand pointing directly at the two teenagers.
“So there are still children in this castle…fantastic” The Death Eaters growled. Ron moved quickly in front of Hermione shielding her from at least the first cruse.
“My lord will be victorious tonight and everything here will be his” He raised his wand “Even y-” He was cut off as the red spark hit him in the side of the head slamming him into the adjacent wall. Hermione screamed and Ron pushed her farther behind her.
“Bastard” A weak voice said. Ron saw first, Duncan was barely standing in the middle of the crumbled wall.
“Oh my god Duncan!” Hermione yelled when she saw him. She moved past Ron jumping over larger stones to get to him. She reached him and noticed that he was bleeding from his hair line and his arm seemed misshapen, and he was balancing on one leg.
“Duncan…are you ok?” Hermione asked. She was crying now.
“Tip….Top” He groaned sarcastically, he faltered losing his balance. Ron was quick enough to save him from hitting the rocks.
“Got you” Ron said.
“Hey thanks” Duncan said in a spacey voice.
“We need to get him to the hospital” Hermione said in a faked controlled voice.
“How?” Ron asked shifted Duncan’s weight. They looked at the war zone that was the entrance hall. The Beautiful front door that they had entered and exited so many times was gone. The classrooms across the hall from the golden doors of the great hall were half gone. Then the thing that they needed the only know way for the three students to get anywhere in the school, the main stair case, was completely destroyed there was no way to get to the other levels of the school, there was no way to get to the hospital wing.
“No stairs” Duncan whispered fading in and out of consciousness.
“Oh no, Come on Duncan you got to stay awake” Ron said shaking Duncan, snapping him back into the reality. Hermione’s eyes went wide when she came to the realization.
“Duncan!” she grabbed his face looking into his blue and yellow eyes.
“Can I help you?”
“You can get us there”
“What?” Ron asked shifting again. She looked at Ron then back at Duncan.
“Duncan, you’ve done it before, you can do it again”
Duncan’s eyes slowly started to close. Hermione shook his head again.
‘Stay with me Duncan, please”
“Ok Miss Granger”
“Can you do it?”
“No” Duncan said with much effort. Hermione caressed his cheek.
“That stunning cruse depleted him, he’s too weak” Hermione said letting go of Duncan’s face.
“So what can we do?”
“I dunno…I’m so lost” Hermione whispered.
“ucandoit” Duncan mumbled, Hermione came back up to him.
“What Duncan, what did you say?”
“You can get us there” Duncan breathed. Hermione looked confused.
“We can Apparate” She said. Ron started to smile, and then it faded.
“We can’t do it together though, we have to do it all on our own, and Duncan is not strong enough”
“And He’s never learned” Ron finished
“Neither have I, I forgot” Hermione said heartbroken.
“Hermione…Hermione it doesn’t matter, you can bring us there”
“What? No I can’t…I don’t know how to a-”
“Not apparate…” Duncan breathed slacked more in Ron’s arms. Hermione looked confused at Ron.
“What is he talking about?” Ron asked, shifting again to compensate for Duncan.
“Yes you do…you can feel it in you”
“Hermione…” Ron said wearily. Hermione looked back into Duncan’s eyes they had reverted back to the cat eyes she had seen before. She had felt it before, the thing Duncan was talking about. When she was a prisoner in hell she felt something telling her that she had the power to escape, the power to disappear.
“Hermione…” Ron said again louder this time. She looked up at him and he was now bathed in a soft green glow.
“What is happening?” Ron asked his voice cracking. Suddenly Hermione could feel them all, the children and the teachers, she knew where they were hiding and she could get them there easily.
“Her-” Ron was cut off when a bright flash of white light blinked them out of existence.

“Ginny? Are you ok?” Seamus asked softly.
“They left me, they went out there and left me” Ginny said as the tears slid down her rosy cheeks. Seamus tired to say something, anything to console her, but she was right they had left her, and now he was here to protect her. And he would. They were now all in a secret room, it was almost like the room of requirements but it was much larger and it was on the same floor as the teacher’s quarters. All the students now sat huddled in small groups helping wounded and consoling the scared. It didn’t help matters that everyone was scared out of their minds, but the older students took it amongst themselves to protect the younger ones. Ginny and Seamus were sitting together against the back wall of the cavernous room where the rest of the Gryffindor students sat.
“I’m here” Seamus said not knowing what else to say. Ginny wiped her tears away and moved to look Seamus straight in the face.
“Thank you” She said almost forcing her voice to be heard, Ginny blinked a couple of times, and more tears started too slid down her cheek, Seamus caught them on his finger and brushed them away. Without thinking Ginny smiled and started to move closer to Seamus, and Seamus did the same. As they came closer to world around started to disappear but as their lips brushed against each other a flash of white light blinded them, pushing them back against the wall. When the flash of white dissipated three people were standing in the middle of the room, on of them was being held up by the others. When everyone realized finally realized they were there, the teachers pulled out their wands, and Ginny’s eyes focused better.
“RON!” she screamed. Seamus rubbed his eyes as Ginny was getting up.
As soon as they materialized Ron could feel the pressure of Duncan change as Hermione fell to her knees and then passed out.
“She…will…be…ok!” Duncan huffed out, and then he too collapsed on the ground. Ron moved Duncan into a better position when he got blind sided by something flaming red, behind the flaming red Seamus, Dean, Neville and a few teachers were running towards him. OnN the other side of the room, Keria’s ears could have sworn they heard Duncan’s weak voice.
“Duncan?” She said lifting her head off the ground looking to the middle of the room, she had heard the commotion but she didn’t think anything about it at first but then she could see the blonde hair on the ground.
”DUNCAN!” she screamed getting up and pushing everyone aside as she tore over to the other side. By the time she reached Duncan, Madam Pomfrey was already looking him over.
“Is he?” Keria asked.
“No, hurt but not as seriously as it looks, foolish boy”
“Mr. Weasley” Professor Flitwick said after making sure the Mackenzie boy was ok, Ron had just finished hugging Cho, when he looked down at the angry teacher.
“Yes sir?”
Ron’s eyes went wide as he listened to Professor Flitwick yell, he had never heard the little man raise his voice let alone yell, he was in serious trouble.
“I don’t want to hear it, Go away I will deal with you later” He said shooing him away. Ron walked away quickly with Cho next to him, Ginny following behind. When Ron got to the corner that the Gryffindor’s had claimed he slumped down and breathed out and then out of no where a small hand slapped him across the cheek.
“Damn you, Ron!” Ginny yelled.
“What in the hell?”
“You left me here” She said again.
“I’m sorry-” Ron was cut off again as another and slapped him on the other side of the face.
“CHO! What?”
“How dare you leave your sister and me!” Cho yelled and stalked off. Ginny right behind her.
“What? I-we…Son of a bitch” Ron huffed crossing his arms like a little kid.

Draco Malfoy sat on the floor of his common room staring out into the darkness. He didn’t believe that he needed to run away as the rest of them did. His forearm was exposed and the skull and snake were burning his skin. Tears of pain filled his eyes as he tried to fight away the feeling of Voldemort calling him. The war was upon them and here he was sitting in the basement of a building that was going to be devastated by the sickest wizard of all time. Potter was probably confronting him right now.
“Foolish Bastard” Draco cursed out loud. The walls groaned again, dust sprayed all over Draco’s platinum blonde hair. His gray eyes slid over to were his wand sat on the corner table. The wand was beautifully made of course; he was a Malfoy he got everything he ever wanted.
But now he was alone his family had disowned him and his master was now out to kill him. He grabbed his wand and shoved it under this chin, why not? Everyone else wants him dead, just do it himself, it would be so easy, he’s used the curse before, he damn well had enough hatred inside of him for it to work. His gray eyes suddenly clamped shut as a wave of pain shot through his arm.
“You fucking bastard” he growled. He removed the wand from his chin and looked down at this arm; even in the absolute darkness of the Common Room he could still see the out line of the cursed marking on his arm. Draco slowly slid the sleeve of his robe covering up the burning tattoo. He blinked once making sure all the tears that were going to be shed were here in the darkness and no where else. He placed the hood of his robe over his head so it past his face he placed his wand in his robe stood up and with his left hand he placed a white mask over his face.
“I am going to finish it tonight” Draco Malfoy said and with a crack was gone.

The wind was carrying Voldemort’s laugher right to Harry’s ears which was angering the demon inside of him.
“This is pointless young Potter…War between us will mean the death of all you love…I give you my word, die here now with honor and your family will be spared” Voldemort bellowed. Harry’s skin crawled as a quick version of all his family dying around him. He quickly glanced back at the defenders that were guarding the school. Lupin, McGonagall, Sirius, Percy, Latham, unknown Aurors, unknown Order members, and Snape; all of them standing in front of the school waiting wands at the ready. Harry’s white eyes slid back to the snake like monster. Harry said nothing but the clouds around the forest started to blacken and lightening striking trees engulfing them into flames. Two large bolts of white hot lightening scorching the ground next to Voldemort, the only recognition Voldemort gave was his red slits of eyes glanced at the little craters.
“I take that as a no” Voldemort said calmly. Voldemort raised his wand again pointing it at Harry as the thousands plus Death Eaters behind him copied.
“Then you will di-” Voldemort was cut short as a green spark shot across his vision. He growled and turned towards the spark. Harry and his Followers also turned. Standing in defiance near the entrance of the school a large group of Death Eaters was seen. Standing alone in the front his body slightly turned, his left arm extended holding a wand pointing at Voldemort.
“I hope I’m not late!” an arrogant voice yelled. Voldemort crack his knuckles around his wand and grinds his teeth.
“MALFOY!” Voldemort screams, shifting his eyes to an unknown Death Eater that is right behind him, the Death Eater lowers his head slightly shaking it back and forth. Cassius Malfoy’s echo of the laughter filter all over the battle field.
“No…Lord Voldemort, damn you, straight to hell!” Cassius mutters a curse and it fired right at Voldemort, who instantly disappeared and the green spark punched into a Death Eater killing him instantly. Seconds later sparks and curses started to sizzle through the air back and forth, the final war had begun.

Hermione’s eyes slowly opened and the world seemed to be in slow motion, her whole body seemed drained. She felt as if she was one huge bruise, then she blinked twice and the world came back to full speed and she was bombarded by screaming, crying, and the shaking of the room she was in. She tried to sit up but her muscle screamed in protest and she laid back down.
“Ron!’ she chocked out.
“She’s awake” a woman’s voice said.
“I’m coming” a strange male voice said. Hermione was confused, what was going on? Where were Ron and Duncan? Where was she? Seconds ago she was down stairs, who are all these people?
“Hi there young lady” the smooth male voice said, he showed his face. He was wearing a green robe, who was this? And why is he here? The school rocked again.
“Can you hear me?” the man said again. Hermione shook her head yes. “good”
“Where am I?” she asked.
“You are in the walls of the school, safe for the moment” The doctor said.
“In the walls?” She asked confused again. But I was just down stairs, I was- then it all clicked, everything that happened in the front room came back to her. She sat up even with the protest of her muscle.
“Duncan!” She screamed.
“Whoa…Whoa. Now calm down…” He said pushing her back down.
‘No…NO where is Duncan? Where is Ron?”
“I don’t know who-“
“It’s ok Healer, I will answer her questions.” It was Maggie who sat down next to Hermione.
“Hermione, don’t worry, Duncan and Ron are fine they are over there” Maggie said pointing over to where the Gryffindor’s where camped.
“Maggie, how did we get here?” Hermione asked weakly.
“Well….we are not quite sure” Maggie said softly, the walls shook violently and Maggie grasped on to Hermione.
“You ok?” Maggie asked. Hermione shook her head yes, but was still confused as to what was going on.
“Come on lets get you back to your friends.” Maggie said again, helping Hermione off the ground. The healer that was near them was about to protest when Maggie gave him a stern look and he backed away.
Ron was sitting by Duncan when he saw that Hermione wake up, but not only awake but walking towards him.
“Thank god” he breathed.
“For wha...” a tired groggy voice asked next to him. Ron looked down to see Duncan blinking up at him.
“Blimey your awake…Keria! Madam Pomfrey, Duncan’s awake!” Ron yelled as he sprang up to make sure they heard him. An instant later, Keria and Madam Pomfrey and one of her nurses where around Duncan fussing over him. Maggie placed Hermione in Ron’s care and went to tend to others.
“You ok?” Ron asked as the walls vibrated again.
“I think so…But Ron, how did we get here?”
“You don’t remember?” Ron asked shocked. Hermione looked away to all the other frightened children who were all bunkered down together. She looked over to see Duncan sitting up with help from Keria. Then she looks back at Ron.
“I did it, didn’t I?”
“Yes” Ron sighed “I don’t know what you did, but it saved Duncan’s life”
“Ron…” Hermione said watching the stone crumble from the walls “Do you think he is ok?” She turned and looked back at him, tears welling up in her eyes. Ron smiled.
“Yeah….He is Harry”

Harry lay on the ground dazed and smoking from the last cruse that struck him. His robe was gone and his shirt was smoldering. Curses were flying all around him. Screams and swears were filling his ears. Shaking himself he rolled over and pushed himself to his knees. The front lawn looked like a death zone, fire and wounded lay everywhere. Surprisingly the teachers and the Order were holding their own against all the Death Eaters. Yet, there were far too many for the war to stay in their favor for much longer. Shaking his head so that his vision would clear, Harry stood up finally noticing that he wasn’t holding his wand. Quickly he searched the ground around him, but it wasn’t anywhere to been seen. A fraction of a second later a feeling came over him to duck, falling to the ground in a tight roll Harry felt the heat of the curse as it buzzed by his head. When he came about and was on his knees again, he was face to face with his own wand. It was clutched in the hand have Lucius Malfoy.
“It is a fine day to die… don’t you think so Potter?” Malfoy sneered. Harry’s anger started to grow and the wind around them started to pick up speed.
“Quant” Malfoy said dryly, Malfoy started to raise the wand when a red spark slapped the wand from him. Faltering, Malfoy spun around, his real wand already trained in the direction of the cruse, a counter curse didn’t not explode from Malfoy’s wand; he just stood there pointing his wand at another Death Eater.
“YOU FOOL!” Malfoy Bellowed. “Potter is MINE! I should kill you where you stand” with out any one noticing Harry’s eyes flashed and his wand slid silently into his hand.
“Show you’re self to me!” Malfoy demanded. The Death Eater stood unmoving, wand stand pointed at Malfoy.
“You Bastard” Malfoy said moving his wand. “Avada Kedavra”
The Green spark flashed out of Malfoy’s wand, but when it reached the position of the Death Eater he or she had already disappeared. Malfoy screamed in frustration and turned his wand back on Harry. Yet, before he could manage the full swing another spark came out slapping him in the shoulder knocking him to the ground. Harry was now face to face with the new Death eater, there was something different about this one, arrogant floated all around him, he was weak in ways that Death Eater’s usually weren’t. Something else that surprised Harry, a sense of familiarly, the Death Eaters wand was pointed loosely at Harry. Harry’s wand was twitching behind his back; Malfoy stirred getting to his knees, swinging his wand toward the Death Eater. He or she disappeared again and then reappeared beside Malfoy kicking him in the hand knocking his wand to the ground. The Death Eater pointed their wand directly in Malfoy’s temple.
“It is a very good day to die…” The Death Eater spoke. Harry’s eyes widen as he heard the voice.
“I’m doing what I should have done years ago” and with those words he removed his mask.
Harry thought about moving, thought that if he stunned either Malfoy right now he could save their live, as his wand started to flung around he stopped as Malfoy spoke again.
“DRACO! How-”
Malfoy was cut off by the flash of green light that erupted from Draco’s wand. Lucius Malfoy’s body fell limply to the ground. He was dead. Draco spun his wand pointing it directly at Harry’s heart.
“YOU!” Draco screamed. Then he seemed to falter for a second as if was extremely tired.
“You finish the bloody war…” and then Draco Malfoy vanished with a loud crack, leaving behind the Death Eater mask and his wand.

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