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Intertwined by Ravensdaughter
Chapter 4 : Another year.
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Rachel watched the two weeks go past faster than they ever had done at hogwarts. She was  so used to the easy first few weeks that when the pile of homework became triple it's usual amount in the first week she realised how complicated life would get.
She was in Potion class when she realised how odd the year would become.
Her table was at the front with the other three Ravenclaws- Terry, Lisa and Padma- and behing them were the Slytherins- Malfoy, Zabini, Nott and Bulstrode.

"Of course I chose this class to be here without some people," loudly droned a voice which was, unmistakabley, Malfoy who was giving disgusting looks over to the Gryffindors. 

"Honestly I didn't believe that some people got here," he said making sure Slughorn was well away comenting on Harry's much progressed work, "The people who are allowed to enter this class..." He tutted as the Slytherin table as the Slytherin table agreed.
Rachel held her temper, knowing what he meant, but, to her astonishment, Terry, who whipped his head around, talked back.

"Yeah I agree," he hissed back to Malfoy. "How did you get in here?"

"It looks like you angered someone Draco," drawled Blaise. "Although," as he saw Terry looking at Rachel, "I think he was protecting his girlfriend."
"You want to take her away from him?" asked Malfoy as the Slytherins sniggered.

"I think I will," said Blaise, staring at her head willing her to make a comment or to turn around and look at him. 
Rachel kept looking forward rather confused. That was a surprise, she thought.

Fred was anxiously pacing by the fire waiting for his answer back from Ginny. Then he heard a pop and wheeled around to see her head sprouting out of the fire place.
"What do you want?" she asked annoyedly.

"What does Rachel want for her birthday?" he asked.

What ever Ginny was expecting, it wasn't that.

"W-what?" she asked dumbstruck.

"Her birthday- what does she want?" He asked more anxiously.

"Why-?" Then she heard a creak behind Fred and left the fire. Fred looked over his shoulder and saw his twin.

"Shut it, George," said Fred.

"That's not how someone with the answer to your question wants to be treated, is it?" he replied, grinning.

When she entered the dorm she saw a letter on her bed.

Your party starts at 6 o'clock. Go to the Great Hall then in the clothes we picked out.
The Ravenclaw Girls

I'm going to be knackered by the end of the party, thought Rachel.

When Rachel came back from the party she was on a natural high. They had danced most of the night to new band, magic and muggle. It had been fantastic until her feet had started hurting.

Then she saw it on the window sill as she got into bed in new pyjammas. An owl was waiting for her. She opened the letter.

Dear Rachel,
Hope you like this. Happy birthday.
Fred and George

Rachel looked at the present. It was the Ultimate Joke kit. She laughed ans her head hit the pillow and she fell asleep imidiately.

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