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Birthday? Hmm...Sounds Like Fun by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 2 : Waking Up...Later
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Disclaimer: You know what I own and what I don't, which is most of it.
A/N: I don't think the chapter is one of my best, but I also don't think you'll be too disappointed so please read it anyways.

-------------Six Hours Later-------------

Harry woke up again. He instantly knew he wasn’t with his mother any more. He looked around and realized Sirius – or ‘Paddy’ – was holding him, carrying him around the kitchen.

“Oh good, he’s awake. Now we can at least make noise and feed him,” said Jasmine, who was also in the kitchen along with Remus and James.

Sirius looked down at the baby he was holding. “Happy birfday, from all of us, Harwy. How’s my favorite wittle godson today?” he asked in a baby voice.

“Yeah, let’s give him a ‘birfday’ breakfast,” Jasmine told Sirius. “Seesh, you need to learn to talk.”

“Well, at least he can understand me!” Sirius defended himself.

“Sirius, the kid is one and he still talks better than you.”

“Okay, alright, Tips, you gonna feed him or not?” James interfered.

“Yeah, only if you’re too chicken.”

“I am not chicken! It’s just…dangerous. I don’t want hair full of mush!”

“Oh, please, your hair is mush.”

“Well, still, Jas, you really are the only person I know who’d ask for a challenge like this,” Remus said as James, looking extremely insulted, handed Jasmine baby food and a spoon.

Jasmine laughed as Sirius put Harry in his highchair and got him a bib. Jasmine sat down next to Harry and got a spoonful of food.

“Wait, Jasy,” Sirius told her, “he doesn’t like that kind, remember?” He sat down across from her.

She looked around at Remus and James who were nodding in agreement. “You know, he is right,” James said.

‘No he’s not,’ Harry thought. ‘It’s just fun to watch.’

Jasmine sighed, “You guys are the real babies. He loves this stuff, you just need to convince him it’s good.”


“Watch.” Jasmine picked up the spoon with Harry watching her every move. “Get ready, get ready,” she said, “whoop!” And she stuck the spoon into Sirius’s mouth.

Sirius made a repulsive face and Harry laughed. ‘I love this!’ he thought.

“Harry’s watching you,” Jasmine taunted, “he wants to know if the food is yummy yummy.”

Sirius nodded, glaring at his cousin while James and Remus cracked up from across the room.

“I think you’d better swallow then,” she said in a teasing voice.

Sirius forced a smile and, very painfully, swallowed before glaring at Jasmine again and running for the bathroom.

Jasmine laughed with Harry as she fed him a spoonful food, which he loved.

‘Yum, yum, yummy. I love this stuff, and I get to see a show!’

Lily came downstairs. “Hey, Jas, did you accidentally feed Sirius again?”

James and Remus tried to stifle their laughs as Jasmine replied, “Uh, yeah, accidentally, that’s right.”

“Just be a bit more careful, okay? I mean, it’s one thing for us to go hungry because of you two, but Harry – at least make sure the baby eats. Though I will admit, it is rather funny.”

‘I do eat. I eat fine.’ Harry looked around at the laughing grown-ups. “Mummy. Burpy.”

“Okay, Harry. Let’s go.” Lily picked up Harry and carried him into the living room for an after-meal burp.

‘I love this,’ Harry thought as Lily began patting his back. ‘This feels good!’ “BURP!”

“My you have large lungs,” Lily told her smiling baby. “Oh, I can’t believe it. It’s your birthday already. Such a big day, one year old! Happy Birthday, Harry!” She placed a kiss on his forehead and put him in his playpen. “Mummy has to eat breakfast now, alright?”

Harry immediately crawled to his favorite teddy bear. It was missing an eye and an arm was half ripped off, but Harry did that so he wouldn’t let anyone mess it up after he had fixed it. He began chewing on the ear, which was already chewed up. That had to go next: the other ear was fine, and Blotchy – the bear – only needed one.

‘Birthday,’ Harry thought, ‘what’s a “birthday”? Hmm. I don’t know. It sounds kinda like…new? Maybe? …No, it sounds like…fun!’

A/N: Jasmine is Harry's godmother and Sirius' cousin.

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