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I Thought You Were Dead by Lostmyheart
Chapter 1 : I thought I lost you
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Hi everyone. This is my first Fanfiction. It's very short, sorry. But I have to tell you this, if you find any kinds of wrong grammar or something like that, please tell me. Because English isn't the language I normally speak. I'm from Greenland, and therefor I speak Danish and Greenlandic. Please review. Remember this is my first Fanfiction, so don't be harsh on me. BTW, beautiful chapter picture by soFETCH!
- Aviaja

“Leave me alone! How many times, do I have to say that?!” Hermione yelled at him, she was furious, how dare he to kidnap her and then try to make things good again?
The dark figure moved closer, his face could barely be seen, but she knew who he was. She knew him better than no one else, or she thought she did.

The darkness had surrounded them, making them both feel helpless and alone in the great forest he had taken her to. Kidnapped her in her sleep, putting a bag over her head, and with a hand covering her mouth he escaped from her room, with her under his strong arms, he ran to the forest nearby.
Knocked her down, and for hours she was lying unconsciously under a huge tree. When she began to wake up, he hides himself behind some bushes, therefore hide in the darkness so she couldn’t recognize him. It scared him that she knew exactly who he was, immediately. She knew him too well, and somehow recognized him by his movements, the way he breathed, how he stand up in front of her in the shadows, wanting to hide his identity from her.

“Please Hermione, you have to understand...”

“Understand what exactly? You suddenly disappeared three years ago, leaving me behind. I felt disgustingly alone! I felt miserable, I felt abandoned, did you even think about what I would feel like when you left? Three years! For almost two years I cried myself to sleep, because of you. I thought you were dead, taken away from me in the middle of the night! Woke up the next morning with an open window and the sign of death above our roof! I thought you were DEAD. How do you want me to understand, that you joined Voldemort?!” She screamed with her hands running through her thick brown hair, and tears streaming down her cheeks.
He startled by the mention of his lords name and a feeling of weakness rushed through his body.

He starred at her, how could he forget how beautifully she looked when she was angry?
His heart dropped down to the lowest point of heartbreaks.
He looked another way, trying not to look her in the eyes, which was almost dangerous when she was mad.

“And still after three years, you’re afraid to look me in the eyes” She said with pure hate in her voice. It crushed his heart with a wide gash, when he heard her voices tone.
She must have felt a lot worse than this; he will never forgive himself for putting her in so much pain.

“No matter what I say you’ll never understand me” His voice could almost not be heard.
“Just try to tell me, but I can’t promise you that I’ll understand” She hissed.
He sighed, closed his eyes and filled his lungs with the fresh air mixed with the scent of trees and wet grass. He sat down on a huge rock twice his size, opened his eyes and looked straight into Hermione’s brown eyes twisted in thoughts that ran through her mind.

“Remember when Ginny became Death eater?” He started. Hermione slowly nodded.
“I never suspected her to join You-Know-Who, I mean, she’s my little sister! The little girl, that once was in love with Harry Potter. It’s a rapid turn, and that scared me a lot.”

Hermione stood still, waiting for him to continue his story.
Yes, Ginny suddenly became Death eater at the age of seventeen; no one knew how she got Voldemort to trust her in his decision about her joining him.
Ginny became one of his most trusted Death eater, she was the best of them all, even better than Lucius Malfoy. Ginny were so important to Voldemort, that she almost spend all her time with her Lord. Or that’s what they all were told, when Harry and Hermione captured one of Voldemort’s men. He died the next day, hanged himself in his cell in Azkaban.

“But I still loved her, she’s my little sister. The only girl my parents got. The fight we fought at Hogwarts three and a half years ago, that was about that time I collapsed” His voice trembled and he stopped talking.

Hermione’s mind flashed back to the memory of Ginny’s death.
The greatest fight they ever had been in. Over hundred wizards and witches fought each other, near Hogwarts. Hermione tried to remember exactly where it was, but all she remembered was the moon, the high grass, spells all over the air, screams filling every ones heart with fear and panic.
Then one scream, that was very different from the rest of the screams, it was heartbreaking to hear, most because you recognized the voice. Every one went silence. All eyes were on the meadow. On the top of the highest hill, there was Harry and Ginny. Ginny’s dead body on the ground, blood streaming from her gigantic wound on her left chest. Harry had killed her in defence.

The Death eaters panicked, and disappeared with a PUFF. The war weren’t that close to Hogwarts.

Harry starred at the dead body in front of his feet, he bended and closed her eyes that showed nothing but terrifying fear. Tears left the corner of his eyes.
Hermione ran up to him and pulled him into a tight hug. He did it. He killed Ginny, and ended their mission from Dumbledore, to either take Ginny or kill her. No matter how hard it would be, they all knew it had to be done. Or many innocent wizards and witches would be killed, murdered by the cruel Voldemort and his companion Ginny Weasley.

Hermione looked patiently at his wet face, he had cried. She wanted to go over and hug him, kiss him, and tell him that everything was going to be okay. But that wasn’t true, everything was falling apart, he was alive when she thought she had lost him forever. Again she felt hate running in her veins. She made a fist and calmed herself down with thoughts.

“Suddenly I felt this urge to kill Harry, I felt like I was betrayed, I really wanted to knock him down and get my revenge. I thought it maybe just was something I felt for a while; I didn’t do anything in whole six months. Then I couldn’t do it any longer, I had to kill him. It felt right, and since Ginny’s death I’ve hated Harry more than anything in the world. And I also felt that joining Voldemort was the best option to do at that time.” He finished, and sniffed a little.

Hermione was stunned, she had never thought of that perspective. How could she have overseen that? She must have forgotten that Ron was her older brother, and he still loved her even though she had changed sides.

“I’m sorry” was all she could say.
I should have been more understanding when Ginny died, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Her thoughts grew deeper and deeper.

“You can just leave if you want to Hermione. I guess it’s too late to make things like they once were. And I can’t escape You-Know-Who, even if I wanted to” He told her, with a disgusting calmness in his voice.

“You mean you still want to kill Harry?” Hermione whispered. She hoped he would shake his head as a no. But what he did was the opposite of no. He nodded.
And an awkward silence appeared between them.
He still wanted her best friend dead. And his earlier best friend. It scared Hermione. He was dangerous, he was a Death eater. He was no longer the wonderful boyfriend she married to five years ago. He was not the Ron she knew. He was a monster. Her inside screamed at her, yelling at her to run away. Would he hurt her if she turned around now and ran away?
Would he even think about all the good times they once had together? He was her first. He was her best friend, like Harry. Like Ginny. Did he forget all those things when he joined Voldemort?

Hermione took a few steps back. He was a Death eater, he had probably killed a lot of innocent people, muggles or not.

“I can’t kill you if that’s what you’re thinking about” His voice suddenly felt cold and raw. She gave him a questioned look, and he noticed it.

“Hermione, even after I joined Him, I would never stop thinking about you. Every day I missed you, every night I wished you were lying next to me. But this feeling, this feeling of the need to kill Harry, it grew bigger and bigger. And at the end it was bigger than the need of you. Hermione, I have to do it, I don’t like this feeling inside me, and it has to get out. He was my best friend in the whole world, and he killed my little sister. And I just can’t accept that. Not even if she were a Death eater! I know she must have killed hundreds of wizards, but she was my little sister!” He almost yelled the last sentences.

Hermione startled, and stumbled over a few stones behind her, making her fall backwards and land on her back with a painful bump. Ron just stood there, right in front of her legs, starring at her with an expressionless face.

Her breathing became shallow and her heart pumped blood faster and faster.

Ron had changes a lot over the three years. He had become thinner, stronger, and sometimes Hermione saw a glisten of red colour from his eyes. He were pale as white paper, he were almost glowing in the dark. Even his once bright red hair, were now a pale looking red colour.

Ron looked up to the sky, and down on Hermione again.
“I have to go now. I wished things were different, I wish as much as you that everything didn’t end up like this. But I had to do it, you’ll never understand. I just… I just had to see you one last time…” He whispered. And another tear escaped his eye.

He helped her getting up. Without any words he turned around and started to walk away.
Hermione broke down. Her only one was a Death eater.

When darkness almost surrounded him she called after him.
“Ron!” She ran towards him, he turned around confused.

She finally reached him and gave him a hug, a warm loving hug.
Ron melted, and hugged her tighter. He could her Hermione sniff.
“Don’t cry ‘Mione” he whispered in her ear. And she stopped.

Hermione looked at him, they stopped hugging.
She leaned forward and gave him her last kiss. Their last kiss they’d ever share together.
His hands found their way to her hips, and pulled her tighter to his body.
Their tongues played their last game, their last love game.

He began to rub her lower back slowly; it gave her a rush of lust.
Their kiss went deeper and more passionate; Hermione’s hands massaged his neck and hair.

They went for a while like that, till Ron suddenly stopped the kiss.
“We have to stop before it leads to something else” He said with a low voice.
Hermione stepped back and nodded.

Ron turned around walked away. Before disappearing he stopped and turned around, looking straight into Hermione’s eyes filled with water. He bit his lower lip, thinking about what he had missed for all these years. He walked further into the forest, deep into the heart of the night.

Hermione leaned up against a tree, gliding down to the ground. Crying, she had just lost her true love. Her one and only, and that was Ron.

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I Thought You Were Dead: I thought I lost you


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