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My final thoughts by d_malfoy
Chapter 1 : My Final Thoughts
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Hermione couldn’t believe it. Everything, all of her knowledge, her work, the seven years spent at Hogwarts had all built up to this moment and now, Hermione was at a loss for words. No spell could help save her. No information from any book that she’d ever read was of any use to her now. She was going to lose everything that she loved and there was nothing that she could do about it.

Lord Voldemort stood, his wand pointed directly at Ron’s heart, the killing curse on his lips. There was no time to act, nothing she could do, even if there was time. Ron was going to die. Time itself had seemed to slow down to a near stop. She could see the spell leaving Voldemort’s wand so slow that it seemed as though it would never make contact. Flashes, all sorts of images flew through Hermione’s mind. But as Hermione came to see them, they were mostly all arguments and fights instead of smiles and laughter. If only Hermione had told him. If only Ron knew that Hermione loved him before he died. There were a thousand “if’s” running through her mind as she watched that terrible look of satisfaction spread over Lord Voldemort’s face. She couldn’t see Ron’s face, but she knew he wasn’t scared. After all, he had stepped in front of her. He had made the decision to give his own life for her. Hermione knew he wasn’t scared and that somewhere, deep inside, he loved her too.

But time didn’t stop. Hermione couldn’t bask in her happy memories forever. The terrible green flames made their way to Ron and ran through his body, taking the life from his body. Then, Ron fell down, lifeless onto the cold stone floor. But Hermione couldn’t- wouldn’t- let this happen again. She wouldn’t let other people loose the one’s they loved at the hands of this murder. She had already lost her mother and father, her friends, and now, the man she loved. Hermione raised wand and pointed it directly at Lord Voldemort’s chest. Filled with rage and fury, she uttered those fatal words that had taken the lives of so many before. He was completely caught off guard by Hermione’s strike and had no time to act. The curse struck him, coursing through his body. Voldemort’s body fell to the ground. It was over.

Hermione stood in relief lowering her wand. It was over. And there was Ron, standing in front of her, alongside her parents and several close and beloved friends. She was in a field, full of flowers, with mountains and a blue lake in the background. The sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze across her skin. But she could hear Harry, his cries from behind her. She fought to turn around and when she did, she saw her body, lying on the floor of a cold, dark room. Harry was standing over her, sobbing. He was too late.
“I love you Hermione,” he sobbed into her hair. “I love you.”
Ron walked up behind her, placing his hand on her shoulder. “Come on Hermione. It’s time to go.”
But Hermione didn’t want to turn away. She didn’t want to leave Harry all alone.
“There’s nothing more we can do Hermione. It’s too late for us.” Ron said.
“Don’t worry about him Hermione. Harry’s just like his father; he’ll make it through just fine.”
Hermione turned around and saw James Potter standing there, looking exactly Harry, except a few years older and wiser.
“It’s time to go Hermione.” Lilly Potter said, suddenly appearing by James’ side. “Don’t worry, Harry will be with us soon enough. But it will be alright Hermione. Everything will be alright.”
Hermione let go, allowing her body to drift away. Nothing bothered her anymore.

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