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LEGACIES: The Halo Of Life by The Dark Lord Nedved
Chapter 16 : When Two Become One
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Back at the church, Doholov was in a quiet discussion with Godfrey Snape. They were both looking into the pensieve, and Snape had a faint curve to his lips.

“Excellent, our plan is in motion. You are sure he is totally under your control?” Doholov asked.

“Have you ever seen a wizard trip over a shoelace while wearing Dragon boots?” Snape murmured. Doholov watched him in mild curiosity: dragon boots had no lacings. Snape nodded at the images in the pensieve, and Doholov peered into the swirling mist. After a few seconds, he burst in laughter in spite of being forewarned. A portly wizard who was walking alongside reporters for the Daily Prophet suddenly stumbled and fell flat on his face, much to the surprise of the crowd of journalists walking in tight formation around him. The majestic walls of the Head Office of the United Wizards Council was the backdrop, and Doholov could clearly see photographers taking snaps of the comical scene.

“Brilliant!” Antolin Doholov laughed. “Cornelius Fudge is now ours.”


The next three weeks were the worst of Harry’s life. Every time he tried to talk to Hermione she either got up and moved from her seat or purposefully avoided him, or if they were in class together, she completely ignored him. He even managed to find a way to be her partner for Potions class but she was able to completely ignore any personal conversation and only speak to him when it was absolutely necessary to finish the assignment. After the third consecutive class of feeling like a usleless hat stand at the door, he stopped trying that tactic. His frustration was building with every passing day, and he felt as if living in the twilight zone.

To make matters worse, his first practice session with Ron’s Quidditch team was a disaster, and Ron found it much easier to tell Harry that Ginny would be Gryffindor’s seeker after that initial rubbish he demonstrated in training. It was also obvious that Ron was against him from the start, so it was never a doubt in Harry’s mind that he wouldn’t be welcomed to play. Ever since the rumour spread that he was cheating on Hermione his fellow Gryffindors, no, not only his house, but the whole school, even the teachers, were being a bit short with him. Ron had it set in his mind that Harry would not be playing for Gryffindor this year. When Ron eventually told him about it, Harry just simply nodded.

Well I guess if I could lose Hermione, nothing really mattered anymore. So all in all, Harry just went through the days automatically, class after class, hour after hour, minute by agonizing minute, just hoping to catch Hermione’s smile. He sat alone at the back of his classes, breezing through his subjects as he tried to come to terms with this new reality without Ron and Hermione as his friends.

In fact, it now dawned on him that he, the one who defeated Voldemort, had no friends whatsoever. Sometimes, he’d sometimes wonder if he ever had any friends in the beginning, or that people were only using him because he was famous. He had betrayed his best friends, yes, but what about the others?

Just going to show, being a ‘hero’ doesn’t mean much these days.

His hate at Kenna Malfoy was now complete, and every time he saw Kenna come close to him on the map, he had to cower and hide, feeling ashamed and frustrated at how weak he really was.


Cho Chang was in a another prefect meeting discussing the serious matter of hexing and jinxing between students as the first Quidditch match of the season: Gryffindor Vs Ravenclaw approached that Friday. Professor Dumbledore gave the prefects strict instructions to keep this down to an absolute nil, or points docked from the hooliganism would also be docked from the Tournament scores at the end of the match. Cho was halfway listening to Ernie McMillian and Ron argue about something trivial, while monitoring Draco Malfoy snicker alongside Parkinson at Hermione, who tried very hard not to notice their underhand whispers.

Cho knew that Harry and Hermione had broken up. But the thing was, Hermione was not entertaining any ideas from her, she believed that Cho was also part of the whole cover up, and not really listening to anything she had to say. Ernie McMillan was trying to catch Hermione’s eye recently, when ever he had a statement to make, he would, without fail, follow up with maybe a : “What do you think, Granger?” or “Isn’t that so, Hermione?” oh, and god forbid he say it again: “I’m sure Hermione thinks that way too.”

The sucking up was getting a bit annoying, and Cho could tell it was grating on Hermione’s nerves, but she had too much class to allow it to affect her. She heard from one of her Hufflepuff friends that he was going to make a move on Granger soon, fully believing of this head boy and girl match-up tradition that spanned nearly eight years back now would apply to them as they were the most obvious candidates to fill those roles next year .

In her head she knew it was none of her business, but Cho knew that right now Harry was miserable, and even though she was not showing it, Hermione also missed him badly.

She could not let this continue. There was still hope for the both of them, and she knew that only one person could save their relationship. After the meeting, she waited until nearly everyone had left, and stopped one particular individual.

“Wait, Ron, I have to talk to you.


It was the Friday of the first quidditch match of the season and Ron was walking alongside Hermione to Transfiguration. He thought long and hard about Cho had told him, and he had to admit that her idea did make some sense.

He did not know exactly what Hermione had seen when she used Occlumens on Harry, but what if Harry was telling the truth- and it wasn’t his fault?

Looking in retrospect, this was just another of those times when no one believed Harry excepting Hermione and himself. Ron thought hard. They were being a bit unforgiving on him, but Harry had a standard to uphold. He was a hero! He was above girl troubles, wasn’t he? He had to admit, the stories he came up with could be quite hard to swallow in the past, but deep down, the both of them had faith in the best friend.

Except this time.

This time, he was also guilty of abandoning his best friend when he needed him most. Ron was chiding himself for being so thick as to not make out the similarities on the circumstances… first it was the Parselmouth/ Dark Wizard thing, next it was him trying to make everyone believe he did not illegally sneak in his name for the Triwizard tournament, then in the fifth year no one believed him when he said Voldemort was back. And all of those times, Harry was telling the truth. Never before did Harry turn out to be a liar.

So why after six years of being his friend, didn’t he believe him now?

Ron made up his mind then and there. Now he knew what he had to do.

“Hermione,” he said, steeling himself for what he was about to say. “This may be a shock: I believe Harry. I think Kenna Malfoy may be controlling him.”

Hermione stopped and slowly looked up at Ron.

“You know damn well that Harry is excellent at fighting off the imperious spell, and Kenna could not possibly be an takes many years of-“

“What if she’s different? What if she’s naturally talented?” Ron countered.

“Oh come on, what other ordinarywitch do you know has abilities that potent at her age?”

Ron gave Hermione a drab look. “Weren’t you the one stopping Voldemort a few months back? Or is that just my imagination?”

Hermione paused. “No- well, I’m different, well you see, it’s not so easy, I had training and …”

“Yeah, plus you’re muggleborn- she’s a Malfoy, look at Draco- he’s freaking lethal with that fire thing he has- Listen, I er- found out a way-“

You found out, or did Cho find out?”

“Well, she did,” Ron pulled her back as she walked off. ”But listen to this. It so simple, I don’t know why you did not think of it before,” he said seriously. Hermione looked at him quizzically, what in the world was he talking about?

“Use your occlumens on Kenna to find out the truth,” he said simply.

Hermione stood stock still, her eyes widening. She looked at Ron, and saw his loyalty to Harry etched in his face. Ron actually believed in Harry. A flutter of hope sprung up inside of her, that was an excellent idea, and if Harry was telling the truth…

She smiled, and nodded at Ron. It was a risk, one way or another she would know if Harry had indeed lied to her, but on the other hand if he wasn’t, then there still may be a chance.

“All right, I’ll see what I can do,” Hermione agreed with a sigh. Risky, yes, but she wasn’t scared of the truth. Might as well go for it.


Hermione stalked Kenna just before the match while everyone was hustling to get to the quidditch pitch. She followed her inside the bathroom, watching her apply a little muggle makeup to her face. Kenna saw her in the mirror, and smiled.

“Hermione, how are you?” she asked, not even turning around. The smile was full of venom, and if Hermione could have hated her more, she would have.

“I want to talk to you,” Hermione said coldly. Kenna paused what she was doing, and turned around, a smug smile on her face.

“Is about Harry?” she asked sweetly. “He look so cute now with his short hair doesn’t he, Granger?”

Hermione said nothing as she approached the blond girl.

“I’ve always had a thing for brunettes, maybe we could share...” she added evilly, giving Hermione a once over. “I’m sure he has enough for both of us, but after going up, I do not think Harry likes old goods-” she smiled.

Leglimens!” Hermione incanted, and all of it came flooding back to her, except in Kenna’s perspective. Flashes of passion and steely determination pulsed through her, and images of Kenna turning on the skill on other boys, including Ron, honing her skills to effectively break through Harry’s resistance. She never let any of the other boys touch her; she just used them as dummies and sent them off on some stupid errand to take their minds of what had just happened. She could sense that she tried extra hard with Harry, and that she got more powerful each time she broke through. Ever since the first innocent glances and touches, the shower and hotel room in Italy: all of them leading up to the latest one in potions class.

Harry was telling the truth.

Two things happened at the same time, one- she was overjoyed that he was not lying to her, two- she couldn’t believe Kenna would do such a thing after all Harry did for her. Her anger built up from deep inside her and she clenched her fist.

“BITCH!” she screamed and without warning swung it as hard as possible towards Kenna’s dazed face. Kenna rocked back with the blow, and the mental contact was broken, her mind reeling with the sudden release at the same moment her head whipped back from the punch. She tumbled against the long bathroom counter, her body partially on top the smooth surface. Hermione was in a rage, and pounced on her, yanking hair and clothes and whatever she could, raining blows on the smaller girl. Kenna got angry very quickly and groped for her wand.

Everte Statum!” she cried, and Hermione was flung away from her in a large arc, hitting the bathroom tiles painfully. Both combatants struggled to get up, Hermione drawing her own wand, Rossilini already pointing hers at her opponent. Remembering her dueling lessons with her brother she screamed, “Stupefy!

Hermione smiled, and used the nullifying spell. “Assimiliar incante”. The stunner veered into the tip of her wand, which in turn glowed a bright red. “Incante Dissipartium,” she said, and the spell diffused in a wisp of smoke.

Kenna smiled, Draco also taught her how to combat the nullifying spell.

Reassimiliar Incante!” she screamed, and the tip of Hermione’s wand once again glowed brightly, and a red flash exploded in front of Hermione. The stunner combusted on Hermione’s wand, and Hermione was once thrown back, slamming and crashing through the doorway of one of the stalls. The door broke at the hinges and landed against the toilet, knocking the breath out of her. Gripping her back, she moaned in pain.

Ow. That smarts.

She was still too dizzy to aim, but she knew Kenna would be on her in a matter of seconds. She waved her wand in a snake-like ‘s’ and a mist appeared in the room. Kenna was running full tilt at her, and straight into the silver white mist. Suddenly the whole world was tilted upside down and Kenna froze, completely disoriented with the sudden change of reality. Panicking, she screamed in Italian.

“ < What the fuck is this ? >”

The bathroom ceiling was way below her head, and her head swam as her ears tried to readjust the balance in her ear drum. She looked in the upside down mirror; her hair was falling towards the ceiling, her Hogwarts robes falling around her torso to show her small pink underwear.

Hermione shook her head to clear the stars, and groggily got up from the wrecked door in the stall. She was also under the Inverter Charm’s effect, but knew how to combat it. She concentrated, and took one step forward. In that instant her senses returned to normal, and what she saw was a very scared Kenna Rossilini frozen to the spot, only looking up at the ceiling, her eyes darting around in panic. Hermione laughed at her, the bitch was too frightened to move.

Kenna saw her opponent get up from the broken stall, her hair and clothes also falling to the ceiling. But when she walked forward, she seemed to have taken control, and she approached walking upside down on the ceiling, somehow feeling quite at ease….

And it clicked.

She took a step forward, and the spell was nullified, and both of their wands were up and pointed in a thrice.

Expelliarmus!” both of them screamed, using the most effective defensive spell at the same time. Two wands flew up high and fell in between them, equidistant from each other. After a split second of indecision, both girls sprinted towards each other, both desperate to get their wands first. Kenna was faster, and Hermione knew that she wouldn’t make it in time. Instead of diving for her wand, she charged Kenna instead. Doing what she saw those rugby players on the box do, she crouched low and charged headfirst into her.

The impact was painful, but more so for the blonde. Hermione tackled her to the ground, and Kenna struggled in vain to lift the stronger and heavier girl off of her.

“< Get off of me! >” she screamed, her face going red with Hermione choking her. Hermione had turned madwoman, and was throttling her, shaking her neck like a rag doll.

“Bitch! This –is –what- you-get- for-even- trying- to take him! ” She screamed, knocking her head against the tiles to coincide with her words. Kenna was crying, and Hermione finally realized what she was doing to the junior student. She abruptly let go of her, and got up, her face flushed and her breath coming in hard gasps. Kenna curled up in a ball and protected her face, sobbing with pain.

Hermione backed off, a bit amazed that she really just got into a fist fight with another girl. She picked up her wand, and backed out of the bathroom.

She was about to close the door when Kenna screamed hysterically, “Harry only wants me, and I’ll prove it - Any Time I Want !” Hermione slammed the door behind her, and went to find Harry at the Quidditch pitch. That last line had sunk in though, how could Harry be released from the spell?


Harry Potter wasn’t even close to the Quidditch Pitch. When the bell rang halfway through lunch, signaling the students to go assemble on the grounds for the first match; he calmly got up and went in the opposite direction. Hermione’s rejection and the past month was the last straw. He could not take it anymore, being ostracized from his friends was even worse than being tormented at the Dudleys, even worse than being homeless and drifting from one lonely place to another. While everyone was at the Quidditch match, no one would notice him leaving. He began packing away his stuff, tears of frustration trickling down his face. He should have never brought that girl here, even if it meant not seeing Hermione sooner than he expected. Now, everything was ruined, and he would just have go alone to another place, rather than being ignored by his true love everyday.

School was meaningless without Hermione and Ron as his friends.


Hermione ran as fast as she could to the Quidditch Grounds where the match had already started. She looked up at the flying students, looking for Harry high above. She had missed a good fifteen minutes of the game, and the score now read Ravenclaw 60 : 0 Gryffindor. Squinting her eyes to identify the Gryffindor seeker high above the other swarming players, she made out the brilliant red hair, which could only mean that the seeker was no other than Ginny Weasley. She went up to the Gryffindor stands and sat down, frantically peering down the aisles to spot Harry. All the Gryffindors were unusually quiet, they had expected Harry to put on a display for them, but as far as she knew, he was nowhere around.

“Lavender! Have you seen Harry!?”” she shouted over the roar of the Ravenclaw students.

“Um- no, I thought he would have been playing. You know Harry, he can’t stay away from Quidditch, it’s all he thinks about. Strange that he’s not here…” she said, looking around to see if he would just magically pop up in the crowd. “Sorry hon, don’t know where he is,” she apologized.

Hermione frowned, as she said: knowing Harry- he would be the first to the Quidditch pitch for practice, and the last to leave. For him to not be here, far less playing for Gryffindor was not normal. She stood on top of the benches, ignoring all the indignant comments from behind her, and desperately searched for him. He was not here, she was sure of it. Concentrating hard, she tried to block out all the emotions swirling about her and tried to pick out Harry using the echoes of the month-long occlumency spell she had cast on him. Anger, joy, excitement, disappointment from the hundreds of students flooded her conscious, and she focused even harder.

Where was he?

She thought of the impossible as she sprinted back into the castle and panicked at what sprung to her mind.


Harry was sitting on his bed, the Sword of Godric Gryffindor lay on his lap. This sword gave him strength to defeat the most powerful Dark wizard of the time, yet against a curvy fifteen year old girl he had suffered more than he could have thought possible. He had lost his best friends, and now they both hated him. They were the first friends he ever had, and he would die for either of them. He had packed a small duffel bag with some of his prized possessions and a few clothes, but the idea of leaving again was tearing him apart, but staying would absolutely kill him. What he wouldn’t give for Hermione to believe in him again, what he wouldn’t give for everything to be put right-

“Harry!” Hermione shouted, bursting through the door, panic stricken all over her face.

Harry thought that she was in danger and as sprung up from the bed his eyes glowed faintly. Her magic was spiking and he could sense that something was wrong…

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?” he demanded. She ran to him and practically jumped on top of him, wrapping her arms tight around his torso.

“OH- I’m so sorry!” she cried softly into his shoulder. “ I’ve been so horrible and you were telling the truth and I thought you had left again, oh my god how could I be so foolish and not see through her tricks- ”

Harry was still in a state of chock, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, did she just say she believed him? At the moment he did not care- just seeing his girlfriend here made him so happy he pulled Hermione in a bone crushing embrace. “I thought- it- I well- what made you change your mind?”

“I went inside of her head and found out for myself- Harry I can’t say sorry enough- shit- I’ve been such a bitch I –“

Harry smiled, did Hermione just curse? Well that was a first- but what did she just say about Kenna?

“You –what? You went inside her head? You used your occlumency on her?”

“Yes! Not only that but we got in a fight and I kicked her ass and I thinks she’s gonna have a black eye- you should have seen it-“

“You- fought- with Kenna Malfoy?” he repeated, his eyes bulging at this rapid change of events.

“It was in the bathroom, I punched her in the face with my right hand, my fingers still hurt like hell, and then we dueled with our wands and I used the Inverter hex and then we both lost our wands-“

Harry broke off her hysterical babbling with a sudden kiss on the lips. He couldn’t express how happy he was that she finally believed him, but hearing that she opened up a can of whup-ass on Rossilini was absolutely brilliant. He cradled her face between his palms, and kissed her thoroughly. Hermione returned the kiss with a sort of desperate fervor; she had missed him so badly that she felt she would explode from the lack of affection from him. Soon the kiss turned into something more meaningful than just a kiss, it re-solidified the physical and emotional bond between them once again, and it felt as if the missing piece in their lives were now slotted back into the puzzle, and they were whole once again. Her temperature sky-rocketed, she could not believe she went nearly two months without kissing him. How he felt against her, how he tasted, the way he smelt, all of it, how could she have possibly imagine living without him? She held his head firmly against her lips, her hand running through his recently trimmed hair. It was growing at an alarming rate, and it was already beginning to fall down over his forehead.

Hermione gently pushed him down on the bed, and climbed on top of him, lying flush against him. Harry was in heaven, and all the pain of the past weeks disappeared. His hands were running up and down the back of her uniform, and he ached to get inside to touch her skin. Hermione felt his urgency, and tried to loosen her tie around her collar. When Harry saw what she was doing he began unbuttoning her white blouse, while Hermione fought with the knot in the tie. After Harry had opened her shirt fully and was devotedly caressing her breast, she totally forgot about the too-tight knot and closed her eyes in sensual bliss- they loved each other, and this felt so right. She arced her back to give him easier access, and moaned when he ran kisses down her throat.


He ran his palms up her sides and reached around her back to undo the bra. He had never done it before, and after a few seconds of not succeeding in getting it free, he simply held both ends in his hands and burst it apart. Hermione grinned wickedly as Harry discarded it on the floor then grabbed his hands, not wanting him to stop touching her. She kept her hands on his, making him caress her everywhere she wanted. His breathing became a bit shallow, and he ran his hands across her shoulders and down her arms, taking off her white blouse. Hermione straddled him, reveling in being fully topless in front of him. They both fumbled in taking off Harry’s robes, but after a few seconds of muffled laughter from Harry and giggles from Hermione they succeeded in peeling the close fitting tunic off and Hermione looked at Harry’s bare chest.

Seeing all the scars peppered about him her heart swelled in pity, he was too young to be like this. Dipping her head, she slowly began kissing each and every one of them. Hermione paused in her journey downwards to give him a saucy look behind long eyelashes, and wiggled herself more unto him.

“Ahh shit, Hermione, you’re driving me crazy,” he groaned, and she giggled, continuing her tantalizing journey downwards.

“Is that right? Well we just see how crazy you can go then,” she replied. She unbuttoned his pants, and slowly pulled them and his underwear down. Hermione caressed him gently, and an involuntary shiver of pleasure ran down his spine.

“Hermione-” he breathed hoarsely as she looked him deep in his eyes. Rising up on her knees over him she undid the buttons on her skirt and threw it off the bed; adding to the increasing pile of clothes that was scattered about. She was wearing little white underwear, and Harry had the sole pleasure of sliding it down her softly curved hips and slender thighs. She momentarily got off the bed and kicked them off around her ankles, and it landed on the bed head on the right of Harry’s face. Harry glanced at it, and it really dawned on him what was happening.

He had been waiting for this moment, and somehow he knew that it would be with no other than the woman in front of him. Hermione smiled a bit hesitantly and kneeled on the bed next to him. They gazed at each other, and there was no shame or unease between them, they were connected more than in the physical sense, there was mystical connection between their minds, their hearts belonged to each other, and Hermione could sense his life force ebb strongly. The connection with him was so strong that she could feel the Halo of life pulsing power in the next room, and knew that no matter what happened, part of his life belonged to her, and part of her life belonged to him. Harry raised a hand and caressed her cheek, and she closed her eyes as she pressed his palm against her face. She kissed the life line of his palm then bent low over him, kissing him thoroughly.

Draping her right leg over, she knelt above him, poised on the brink. They never broke eye contact as she slowly lowered herself. Hermione's eyes glazed over, her expression a mixture of pain and passion as she gave her body time to adjust. After a little while it eased, and her inner muscles began relaxing to accommodate him. They clasped hands, their fingers intertwining in a firm grip.

“You okay?” he murmured softly, and she smiled sweetly, kissing him again. Hermione leaned forward, and their hands pressed against the mattress on either side of Harry’s head. Slowly, she began to undulate her hips as they made love.

The only scrap of clothing either of them had on was Hermione’s Gryffindor tie, and it swayed between them as they moved in the most natural and primitive rhythm known to man. Harry was fascinated with her body, the way her breasts bounced, the sexy way Hermione’s abdominal muscles tightened with each movement of her hips, the trickle of sweat that pearled in the valley of her cleavage. Her lips were parted, and the little sounds she made in the back of her throat could drive a holy man to demonic desire. Harry leaned up and buried his face against her, absorbing her unique essence: the faint scent of her perfume, the saltiness of her sweat, the sweet taste of her skin. Her arms flexed and Harry felt her strength through her grip as she picked up the pace.

“..Oh God..!” Harry moaned, her fingers digging painfully in the back of his hands. He watched the distinct contrast between her slender pale fingers, and the badly scarred knuckles of his own hand. He closed his eyes as they rocked against each other, his heart beating strongly against his chest. Hermione’s face was pointed to the ceiling, her eyes shut closed as she held on for dear life.

“..Aahhh-aahh .." she gasped, her forearms tensing as she gripped his hands.

“Hermione- look at me,” Harry ordered her, his skin covered in a light sheen of sweat. She opened her eyes, and looked into his startling green ones.

She bit down on her lower lip and more breathed than spoke. “Mmhmm?”

“Leglimens!” he whispered, and their pleasure was doubled as they shared their pleasure with each other. Their eyes locked, and as she began to really go wild he knew he was going to burst. Shoving him back down on the bed, she locked her arms at the elbow, keeping his hands to the side. Harry felt the bed rocking underneath him, then knock against the wall behind them, creating sounds that you could not mistake for anything else but lovemaking.

Her hair fell about her face, and Harry could feel her hot breath against his lips as she leaned low over him, moaning in his ear as sensations rode up on the crest of a huge wave…..

Harry!" she screamed aloud. Harry also exploded, feeling the muscles in his lower abdomen muscles tighten in sporadic bursts.

“OH fuu-..ccck!!!..” he moaned as Hermione collapsed on top of him, her heart racing, her breath coming in pants. She kissed the pulse of his neck, and Harry ran his hand over her soft derriere. She purred like a well-fed kitten on his chest, closing her eyes and idly trailing her fingers on the faint stubble she felt on his chin. After fifteen minutes of contented silence, she felt him stir. Her eyes flashed open, and the ear pressed against his strong heartbeat picked up on the change of pace. Smiling, she walked her index and middle finger up his chest, and ‘kicked’ him in the chin.

Harry laughed softly. “What?”



“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Harry thought fast, what should he say? Just as he opened his mouth Hermione tensed, and Harry knew immediately what she was thinking. A slow smile broke across his face.

“Well?” she waited for his response, a naughty glimmer in her eye.

“Don’t have to tell me twice…” he grinned at her, and she grinned back, her chin resting on his collarbone. He kissed her on the tip of her nose, and she giggled.

“Thank you,” she whispered, and began to move once again. They weren’t holding back, and Harry scrunched his eyes at the intense pleasure. Their mental contact intensified the sensations and Harry groaned contentedly.

“Harry?” Hermione whispered; her soft breath against his ear.

“Yeah?” he answered.

“I love you.”

“Hermione?” he breathed, his voice shaky.


“I love you too.”

“I know.”


A/n : The previous time this story was posted, this chapter had the highest amount of hits out of ALL my fics- almost double the mean average of the others., I wonder why? lol

Sex sells, no matter what anyone else says...

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