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Lost by jesi lily
Chapter 1 : Pretty Loser Lily
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“James - freaking - Potter! Put him down you arse!” Screamed a tall girl with a notably toned body, dark red hair and emerald green eyes.

“Lookie here boys and girls, the freak show has arrived!” An equally tall boy with chocolate brown eyes and unruly black hair laughed.

“Ewwwww, loser Lily has come to save her slimy boyfriend!” Peter Pettigrew, a short boy with mousy hair and blue eyes, chuckled.

“Admittedly, she is looking fine this year, but we don’t play with shit!” Sirius Black let out his famous bark like laugh, eyeing a disgusted Lily up and down, alright he was pretty hot himself, dark brown hair the was long and floppy a great body from playing quidditch not to mention his alluring grey eyes, but he was a womanizer and Lily Evans would have nothing to do with him (not anymore at least), unlike every other girl in the school.

“I’m mud Black; get it right if you’re going to insult me.” Lily hissed, her eyes were blazing with fire, yes James had pissed Lily right off and Sirius was not helping matters.

“James you bloody arse-wipe, put Snape down!” Lily screeched at a now laughing James. Severus Snape was a Slytherin that James liked to torment, much like he tormented Lily, he had black greasy hair and black eyes, everything about Snape shouted dark magic, but Lily would never allow some one to be bullied endlessly, even if the whole school hated her.

“Fuck off mudblood!” Bellowed Snape, everyone went silent. Even if you didn’t like muggle born Lily, no one ever called her a mudblood. Lily looked hurt, she and Snape were friends, he was the only friend she had ever had. But she soon recovered.

“Well if that is what you think of me Snape save your self, five years Snape, we are in our fifth year and now you turn on me?” Lily said loudly. She turned around and started to walk off, every one even James watching her retreat. Then suddenly she turned to face the still upside down Snape, who was starting to turn purple. “Pull your robe up Snape; we don’t need to see your dirty underwear with the skid marks on.” She hissed, and then walked off into the castle.

Lily made her way to the Gryffindor tower, she gave the password to the fat lady and walked into the common room, it was empty ‘Most likely all watching James and his groupies” Lily guessed. She climbed up the stairs to the fifth year girl’s dormitories. As she walked in she turned to look at the mirror.

Her hair was flying around like mad. Her eyes had lost their fire and now just sparkled like they always did.

Lily turned to look at her face she wasn’t ugly; no one would ever try and use her looks against her because everyone knew she was pretty. Her lips were full and a soft shade of pink. Yep ‘Pretty Loser Lily’.

Lily went to her wardrobe to change from her school clothes; she went to Hogwarts like a boarding school only the taught magic. She ended up picking her favorite grey three-quarter length jeans, her black fitted shirt with sleeves that came to the elbow, she wore a green tank top on top of the shirt and of course her black converse trainers. She looked alright, nothing special.

Then going to her bed side table she picked up a make up bad and walked over to the mirror again. She lined her eyes with thick black eyeliner (this made her eye look stunning) and grey eye shadow, then she placed a little clear lip-gloss to her lips. That was the Lily Evans makeover complete.

Picking up her skate board from under her bed on her way out, Lily made her way to the lake.

Although Lily was classed as a loser, as mentioned before, she was a stunning loser, so she got quite a few looks (aimed mainly at her chest where she had developed over the summer) from the male population of the school.

She ignored these looks and carried on walking to the lake. After a while she got bored of walking so she placed her skate board on the floor and hoped on, skating down the hallways was always fun.

She glided past students, nearing the stairs leading from the entrance hall to the grounds she turned the corner, her pace getting faster, she would make it down the stairs, she always did. At the top of the stair, she was gone, just about to touch down.

When James stumbled in front of her, no time to yell she just landed on him.

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Lost: Pretty Loser Lily


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