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Surviving by ducks
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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Chapter 6.

That night was the first night I had fun at Hogwarts. The girls dormitory was alive with buzzing gossip and the promise of a game of truth or dare. Ganging up on Lavender to find out who she liked, Parvati was cruel when it came to this game. The boys soon joined us on the top floor of the tower.

“Okay, well now that the boys are finally here, we can have some real fun!” Parvati giggled menacingly.

I didn’t like the sound of her tone, for I knew that her idea of ‘real fun’ involved the targeting of a vulnerable girl (most probably me) and a vulnerable guy (yet to be determined).

“Truth or Dare…..Harry?” Parvati asked with a slight tone to her voice

Harry glared at her as he thought about what would be worse, his deepest darkest secret being told in front of all the 7th year Gryffindors or being asked to do something terrible in front of all the 7th year Gryffindors. Contemplating I think he decided that he could lie his way out of truth so “Truth” he finally decided on.

“Truth? Really?…. well then….How far did you go with Ginny?” Parvati asked, keeping an eye on Ron as if he was about to pounce on her.

Harry went a deep shade of red as he struggled to find a suitable lie to cover his tracks in front of Ron.

“Well…Uh….Second” he finally revealed.

I had to actually stifle a giggle at this point. I knew the exact length they had gone, when it had happened, the details of it, the awkwardness of the aftermath. Being one of Ginny’s best friends got you this special privilege. At this moment Ginny walked in the door hearing the ruckus and sat next to Hermione.

Parvati gave her a look as if to say ‘you’re next’. But Harry who for once actually knew how the game worked got to ask the next question. He carefully avoided anyone that would ask Ginny the next question and went with his next best bet. “Hermione..Truth or Dare?”

I looked at him in horror. How could he do this to me? I didn’t want to play I just wanted to watch the others. No one ever asked me anything. But contemplating it I wondered would I pick Truth or Dare? Which one could I lie my way out of if I had to. Could I live it down if picked truth? Would the dare be that bad that I would have to leave Hogwarts forever? It is amazing what can go through your mind at this point. Truth Dare Truth Dare it all comes down to these two words and your decision between the two of them. Finally it came out “Truth”. I immediately regretted saying it and wanted to recall the words back into my mouth and think of a reason to go to bed but Parvati was having none of it. Smiling like a maniac she looked at Harry as if to mentally tell him what question she was dying to know. Finally she burst trying to keep the question in and she babbled out. “Who do you like?”. Everyone looked at me as I calmly explained that Harry got to ask me the question and hoped like hell that he wouldn’t make me answer it. He just smiled at me and told me to answer the question. Bastard I thought. I’m so going to get him back for it. “Well…Uh….I don’t really like anyone to be completely honest”. Wow I just lied my way out of it. I wasn’t going to reveal who I liked.

“Fine then, you get to ask the next person and you better make it good.” Parvati sighed

I smiled sweetly at her before turning to Harry. Time to get you back I thought with malice. “Harry, Truth or Dare?”

He looked at me in surprise. Then saw I was serious and he gulped. I mean he full on over the top gulped in front of me. “T..ruth” he stammered out. Unsure of what I was going to do .Then he changed his mind “No Dare…Dare”. Perfect I thought.

“I dare you to kiss the girl in this room that you like, and don’t say you don’t like anybody. You have to kiss the girl in this room that you like”. That was my voice, and once again as soon as the words escaped I wanted to recall them and place them in the back of my throat and swallow them so no one would ever see them again. Harry looked at me as if I had lost it. He was loathing me at this moment, I could see the hate radiate from him as he passed me to stand in the middle of the circle unsure of what he was about to do. I knew exactly who he wanted to, but he didn’t know whether he should. “Do it” I mentally urge him, “you know you can”. He turned towards Parvati who smiled sweetly up at him, he got closer and closer to her. At this point I went white “What?” I thought, “he can’t be serious, he can’t kiss Parvati”. As if he heard me he quickly turned his head away from her, inches from her mouth and let his mouth fall upon Ginny’s. Ginny shocked at first quickly melted into the kiss. Until the kiss turned into a full make out session. I coughed but nothing happened. Coughing again still no change. Finally Harry pulled back and looked around. “Well I think I better be going to bed” he declared and left the room.

“Hey! That’s not fair, he had to ask the next question!” Parvati sulked as she climbed into bed and began to read her book ‘A Girl’s Guide to getting the man of her dreams and keeping him’. Ginny who was still a little flustered from her kiss was unsure of what to do. “Hermione?’ I heard he whisper. “He is probably waiting for you outside Ginny!” I call sleepily as I snuggle into my pillow. She left and I heard the thump of someone being pushed against a wall. Smiling to myself I let my eyes close and for the first time in three weeks, I drift off to sleep.

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