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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 13 : An Unexpected Occurance in Hogsmead (part I)
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A/N: Yay for chapter 13!!!! I like this chapter a lot - Missus Moony and I were laughing histerically when we wrote this one. It was fun. We figured that you guys would need some upliftment after that last chapter. So here you go - enjoy!!!

Chapter 13: An Unexpected Occurrence in Hogsmead (part I)

“So,” said Lily tentatively the following Saturday in the Three Broomsticks as she and Rebecca eyed Marissa, who was staring into her mug of Butterbeer. “Do you want to tell us what happened?”

Marissa had been keeping to herself the last couple of days after her bad breakup with Sirius. She had been shutting herself in her room and refused to tell Lily and Rebecca any details of the breakup for fear that she would burst into tears and show her weaker side to the girls. Since that weekend was a trip to Hogsmead, Lily and Rebecca decided that they would try to cheer up their best friend with a girls’ day out in the village.

“Guys, just drop it,” Marissa said in a hollow voice. “I don’t want to talk about Sirius, okay?”

Lily and Rebecca glanced at each other. They both knew Marissa’s reason for the breakup. It was the same reason why she couldn’t stay with any guy for too long. They knew their friend all too well. They just felt that sometime she needed to talk about it in order to get over her loss that was still plaguing her. Rebecca’s look told Lily one thing – “Just stop. She’ll tell us when she’s ready.”

Rebecca decided to deviate the conversation towards Lily to try to lift Marissa’s spirits. “Well, Lily, I’ve noticed that you’ve been particularly civil towards my dear brother lately…any reason why?”

Marissa seemed to perk up slightly at the subject, pushing her thoughts for Sirius roughly aside. “Yeah, Lily, I’ve seen those glances at him that you’ve been stealing when you think that no one’s looking. What on earth has gotten into you?” she said with a hint of mockery in her voice.

Lily looked aghast. “Wha – I-I-I don’t know what you are talking about. Me? Glancing at Potter? What a laugh!” Lily sputtered as her face started to flush.

The truth was, Lily was starting to notice James more and how much he really had changed over the past couple months. Especially after her tryout, she had been more and more engulfed with the enigma named James Potter. ‘Oh, for heaven’s sake, Lily! IT’S ONLY POTTER!!! STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM!!!’ Lily thought, or rather, yelled to herself.

“Hmm…” said Rebecca, her hand cupping her chin, pretending to be in deep thought. “It seems to me that this is pretty similar to the way you were acting before you started going out with that seventh year in our fifth year…oh, what was his name? Oh yeah, does the name Lachlan O’Flannary ring a bell?” She sneered at Lily.

“Oh, god!” exclaimed Lily, putting both hands over her eyes. “Don’t remind me of that fiasco! I don’t even want to think about it!”

Lily had dated Lachlan for only a month, but the truth was that Lachlan only went out with Lily because he felt bad for her. Lily had liked him so much that she had been gushing over him for months before they went out. After Marissa had talked to Lachlan, he asked Lily out, but he never really liked her – he just thought she was pretty. Not to mention that James had been glaring at Lachlan and jinxing him every chance he could - which thoroughly annoyed Lachlan and made the situation even worse. The breakup had been devastating for Lily, but after she got over him, she had realized how stupid she had been acting.

“Yeah, Lily,” Marissa joined in, laughing. “You are acting a lot like you did when you started to like Lachlan. Plus, you really haven't been bashing on James and saying how much you hate his guts like you usually do…which can only constitute one thing. You… like… James… Potter!!!”

Lily’s jaw dropped. “No way! Wha – How dare – I can’t believe – absurd! How could you say such a thing? That is completely not true and you know it! I can't stand Potter! In fact, I hate Potter! Always have, always will!”

“Oh, Lily,” said Rebecca slyly, resting her hand on Lily’s arm. “It’s ok. You know, I really wouldn’t mind having you as a sister in the future. You’d make a lovely addition to our family.”

Lily looked absolutely appalled. She started to sputter incomprehensibly.

Marissa was laughing hysterically, which made Rebecca smile very widely.

“Oh yeah? Well…well…” Lily was trying desperately to make a come back. “Well, how about you, Rebecca? Yeah, you and Re – ”

Rebecca quickly stood up with her arm straight up in the air and interjected, “I feel like doing some shopping! Let’s go!”

Marissa stopped laughing and looked inquiringly at her friend. “But you hate shopping!” she said, apparently confused.

“Yes,” said Rebecca grabbing both Lily and Marissa by the elbows to get them off their chairs. “But today, I’m feeling especially cheerful!”

And with that, the girls were out of the pub, Lily still sputtering.



Rebecca calmly glanced over her shoulder at her irate red-haired friend and gave her a bland look before turning back to study the collection of pictures covering the wall of the shop.

Marissa, standing next to Lily, shifted her shopping bags as she tried to hide her grin. “Honestly Lily, can’t you tell? We’re in a tattoo parlor.”

Lily gave her friend a frosty look. “I can see this is a tattoo parlor, what I don’t understand is what we’re doing here!”

“Well, obviously, I’m getting a tattoo, Lily. Why else would I be here?” Rebecca replied nonchalantly as she continued to browse through the different designs.

Lily sputtered (yet again) and waved her arms around in emphasis. “Why on earth are you getting another one? You’ve already got one on your left arm, and the one on your right is so extensive it covers you arm completely!! And besides, you promised you wouldn’t get anymore tattoos.”

Rebecca fingered one of the design parchments, looking thoughtful. “Actually, Lily, I only promised I wouldn’t get any more piercings…. I never said anything about not getting another tattoo.”

Marissa grinned at her friend's back and wrapped her arm around Lily’s shoulder, trying to placate her friend. “Oh, Lily! Don’t be such a wet rag! If Rebecca really wants another tattoo, then by all means, she should get pricked again by those bloody needles!”

Lily gave her friend an odd look and glanced at Marissa’s left hip, where under her waistband was a beautiful design of a blue fairy.

“Needles? I thought wizard tattoos were just a really complicated spell?” At Lily’s remark, Rebecca and Marissa both gave each other an odd, bemused look, before Rebecca returned to looking at the designs. Lily glanced between her two friends in confusion.

“Well, you see, love,” Marissa winced slightly from the memory, “-we didn’t get our tattoos done the wizard way. We got them done just like the muggles do.” Lily gaped at the blonde.

“The muggle way? You mean with needles and what-not?! Why on earth would you two do something like that?”

Marissa shrugged and rubbed her fingers lightly over the spot her tattoo was located. “We thought it’d be cool if we had it done the muggle way, though there’s not enough Galleons in the world to convince me to go through with it again. It bloody hurt!”

Lily stared at Rebecca’s arm, trying not to imagine how much pain she had gone through to get the ivy on her arm done. She was brought out of her thoughts by the owner approaching them.

“Have you decided which design you want, miss, or do you to look around bit more?”

Rebecca pointed towards a particular design as she turned toward the proprietor. “I’d like this design, done the muggle way, under my right eye.” While the man merely nodded and gestured for Rebecca to sit on a stool he immediately conjured, Lily and Marissa both stared in shock at their friend.

“Y-your eye?!?”

“The muggle way? Didn’t you learn your lesson the last time Rebecca?!?”

Rebecca merely smirked at her friends, cackling a bit over their horrified expressions.


“Cheer up, Padfoot!” James said jovially, slapping Sirius on the back as all the Marauders were checking out Zonko’s Joke Shop for more supplies. They were planning their first prank on the girls for their prank war and were in desperate need for some more joke items.

“Yeah, Sirius!” squeaked Peter, his arms full with dungbombs. “It’s only one girl! There are tons at Hogwarts!”

“Frankly, Sirius, I don't think I’ve ever seen you this down before after a breakup,” Remus quietly added.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into me,” Sirius said, leaning against one of the shelves. “I just can’t help thinking about her…but, please, can we start talking about something else? I’m pissed enough as it is.”

“Uh…” said James trying to think of a subject to get Sirius’ mind off of his girl troubles. “Hey! What are we going to do for this next full moon? You guys have any ideas?”

Remus paled slightly, and whispered, “Jeez, Prongs! Yell it so everyone can hear you! Keep it down if you’re going to talk about my ‘furry little problem’!”

As the boys started to discuss their next adventure in the Forbidden Forest, they started to walk out of the store and wander down the street, the cold October wind blowing in their faces.

Suddenly, they all heard some yelling behind them, and they turned to see what all the shouting was about.


“Hey, isn’t that Lily?” Sirius said, nudging James, and straining his eyes to see what was going on.


As the boys came closer, they distinctly heard Rebecca’s calm, dry voice say, “Lily, we live in a magical world – almost nothing is permanent.”

“Well, Lily’s sort of got a point, Rebecca,” interjected Marissa. “It did look like it hurt really bad.”


That’s when James saw it. Rebecca had turned to retort to Lily, and by doing so, moved some of her hair away from her face to reveal a black tattoo that was right below her eye. It started from the corner of her eye and ended about halfway down her cheek in a sort of ancient rune design.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!” James yelled at Rebecca, who didn’t flinch at James’ irate shouting whatsoever. James looked outraged, Sirius had an amused look on his face, Remus’ jaw had literally dropped, and Peter just looked excited at the prospect of fighting for entertainment.

“Oh, hello, brother,” Rebecca said indifferently.

James grabbed Rebecca’s chin roughly and turned her head so he could inspect the new artwork on her face.

“Ouch, James!” Rebecca yelped as she jerked her head away from James’ clutches. “Gerroff me! That bloody hurt!”

“Why does it hurt?” Sirius asked bemusedly.

“I did it the muggle way, you dolt! You know, with needles? In my face! It hurt!!!”

“Needles?” James’ voice cracked, looking slightly pale at the prospect. “You mean those muggle pointy thingies? REBECCA! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THEY’VE BEEN!!”

“James, stop being such a sissy!” Rebecca retorted. “It's not a big deal! This is nothing to get upset over! I’ve done it before! Stop being the overly-protective big brother!”

“Rebecca, of course it’s a big deal! You don’t look like me anymore!!!”

“James, I’m a bloody girl! I’ve never looked like you, and for good reason!” she said, fondly patting her chest. James looked at his sister dumbfounded. Rebecca gave him an exasperated glare. Sirius was now staring at Rebecca, causing Marissa to jealously glare at him. Her cheeks flushed, and she then pointedly look away. Remus was also staring, before he turned a very red color and averted his eyes, realizing that Rebecca wasn’t being exactly proper.

“Rebecca! Don’t do that in public!” Both James and Lily said at exactly the same time, causing them both to look at each other and blush slightly. James grabbed Rebecca’s hands and thrust them to her sides.

“Ooh, I just love getting under your skin,” Rebecca smirked at James.

Lily noticed an increasing tension going on between Marissa and Sirius during this spectacle and knew by the look on her face that Marissa wanted to get away…now. Lily glanced at the nearest shop and thought, ‘Perfect! The boys would never go in there!’

“Well, come on, Rebecca, it’s time to go!” said Lily as she started to push both Marissa and Rebecca towards the shop. “I really need a nice cup of tea!”

“Wait just a minute!” yelled James wagging his finger at Rebecca. “I’m not done with you!”

“Come on, Rebecca!” Lily hissed into her ear as she was pushing her.

“Woah, hold up!” Rebecca exclaimed as she looked at the shop. It was Madam Puddifoot’s. “I’m not going in there!” And she started to dig her heels into the ground while Lily pushed her. Marissa, who wanted nothing else but to get away from Sirius, marched straight into the café without looking back.

Lily tightened her grip on Rebecca’s arms and hissed, “If you’re a good friend to Marissa, you’ll get your little butt into this coffee shop now!”

“Alright, already!” and with that, Rebecca stomped into the shop, glowering, Lily following closely behind.

“Come on, guys, we have to go after them!” James said to his friends, looking uncertainly at the frilly pink shop. “I was in the middle of a lecture! I need to teach her a lesson! Give her a punishment!”

“Ha! You can go in there, Prongs, but the rest of us wouldn’t be caught dead in Madam Puddifoot’s.” Sirius barked, looking slightly moody from his less-than-friendly encounter with his ex-girlfriend.

“Yeah, James,” Remus said with a laugh. “Besides, I think it’s a punishment for Rebecca to be in there, anyways. What, with her reputation and all.”

“You guys!” James whined. “I’m not going in there by myself! That’s like, death by pinkness and lace!”

“Well, we aren’t going in at all, so you’re out of luck, mate.” Sirius replied, crossing his arms.

James let out a frustrated sigh. “Well fine! We’ll just have to wait out here till they come out then!”

The rest of the Marauders groaned and went to sit on a nearby bench while James started to stubbornly pace in front of the door to the coffee shop, like a lion stalking its prey.

A/N: Missus Moony and I think that we're a little bit lacking in the review department, so pretty, pretty please leave a review! It would absolutely make our day! Please?! Coming up in the next chapter - Part 2! Yay!

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