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Forgotten Fate by LiquidSilver
Chapter 1 : The World of Blackness Within
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LiquidSilver ~ Okay, this is my first Harry Potter fic, I normally write Inu-Yasha, and original, ( and under Chibi Okami) but I thought that I would try my luck at this cause I finally got an idea for one. So hope you like and please review! Oh, ya, and I don’t know if this has been done before, I have never really read many hp fics, so sorry if some has done this before.

Disclaimer ~ I do this on my other fics too, but it is so depressing . . . I . . . I . . . don’t own Harry Potter! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It is not true! Let it not be true! I need Harry! Must own Harry Potter! Please? *tear* Okay, I’ll let J.K. Rowling have him for a little while . . . but not long . . .

Forgotten Fate

Chapter One ~ The world of blackness within

He was in a world of black; there was no color, no light. It seemed to stretch on forever, like a vast and endless space. He wanted to call out for someone, but his mouth wouldn’t move. His lips remained shut and unmoving. No matter how much he tried they never move. Eventually he gave up let the darkness swarm over him and wrap its cold blanket around his shoulders. A shiver would have been sent up to his spine, but he couldn’t even move enough to do such a simple and instinctive movement. He looked out into the darkness, and he wanted to let out a cry, even though he knew he couldn’t. He felt so alone; he realized he didn’t just feel alone, he was alone.

Pain shot through his head and he wanted to raise his hands to cradle his aching head in. He willed his arms to move, but they wouldn’t. They were weighed down as though they were made of a heavy metal. He felt the pain continue in a crooked line, running over the same spot again and again, it never went further than the crooked line it was creating on his forehead and it never stopped. It was slowly turning into a dull ache, but he wished it would so away all together.

He felt paralyzed and helpless. He didn’t like the feeling, no one liked feeling weak. He felt something deeper, though, some other reason why he felt weak. He couldn’t understand why. He had a feeling of not feeling weak at the moment, trapped in this world of blackness, but instead it was a feeling of powerlessness that ran through his veins. It was hidden deep inside of him, and he might have forgotten it at one point of another, but it was there and it seemed as though it had always been, if only he could think of a reason why.

He slowly realized that the world of blackness that surrounded him was not because it was the way his world was or was meant to be, it was because he had his eyes closed. As soon as he noted this he wanted more than anything to open his eyes and enter a world of light. He wanted to leave this world of emptiness that lay inside of him and go out into a new world, something less cold and more fulfilling. He was so cold, he wanted out, he wanted to escape what lie inside of him, he wanted to escape from himself.

He willed his eyes open, gently at first, but when they didn’t listen he tried harder to open them. He forced them open and after what seemed like an eternity light flooded into the world of darkness. He let out a groan and continued to open his eyes, letting light destroy the black emptiness from within him.

Everything was blurry and he couldn’t make anything out. He blinked a few times and his vision cleared. His first sight of the world was a white ceiling. He stared at it for a few seconds and then turned his head to look around. He immediately regretted the action, his pain jolting through his body once again, but this time it wasn’t in the form of a crooked line, this time it was everywhere. He hurt from his head down to his toes, all because of one simple movement to turn his head and look where he was.

He once again saw white everywhere. White walls, white floors, and white curtains dangled to the side of him. He noted that there was a bed on the other side of the room, a man wrapped in white blankets, machines attached to him. He looked down, trying to move as little as possible to keep from having the same painful feeling as before, seeing that he, too, was laying on a bed. He saw that his arm was wrapped in bandages from the elbow down and there was even a trace of bandages on his upper arm. He looked at his right arm, it was laying limply at his side, a cast plastered to it. He silently wondered what had happened to him, he could only see his arms, for his lower half was covered with the blankets, but from looking at them he could tell he really didn’t want to see his face.

Then he heard a click to his right. He turned his head, pain once again shooting through him, but he did his best to ignore it. He faced the door to watch as a plum blonde lady walked into the room. She had on a white coat and clothes, he was quickly getting sick of white, but it was better than the black that surrounded him before. She closed the door and was humming to herself. She turned to face him and looked surprised to see him staring back at her.

“Well, well, Harry, it’s about time you woke up.” She smiled warmly at him, but he didn’t return it. He wondered to who she was talking to, he didn’t know anybody named Harry, maybe it was the man in the bed next to his.

“Who’s . . . Harry?” He asked, his voice raspy and it was hard for him to move his lips to for words, as if he hadn’t talked in a long time.

“Don’t be silly, you are.” She walked up to his bed and took his arm without the cast from the bed. He let her hold all the weight since it still refused to easily rise for him, she didn’t seem to mind. “I am just going to check your pulse and some other things and then I have to replace the old bandages.”

She held his wrist with a gentleness he didn’t think was possible if it didn’t come from his own mother, He thought for moment, wondering about what the lady had said. She had said he was Harry. How could he be Harry? He didn’t know who this Harry person was. Then it hit him hard, like a hammer right between the eyes, he couldn’t think of anything else he would be called. He couldn’t remember what had happened before for him to get such injuries and be in so much pain. He couldn’t even remember what had happened before the accident. He couldn’t remember any family, friends, or anything that could be called ‘home’. He turned to the lady.

“What did you say my name was?” His voice cracking.

“Harry, you are Harry Potter, am I correct?” She asked, confused. She stopped unwrapping his arm and looked him in the eyes, her piercing green eyes boring into him. “That is what it has on your sheet, and what your friends and family called you.”

“Friends and family?” He asked his eyes wide. “Who . . .”

“Your friends, Harry, your family, too.” She looked at him worriedly. Her face had gone pale and she looked as surprised as he was. “They are waiting for you in the waiting room.”

“Who are my friends and family? I-I don’t remember anyone . . .” He said, his voice cracking.

“Harry, they are the people who care about you most, I believe they were Ron, Herminie, and your family, the Dursleys. Harry, think, you know who they are don’t you? Harry?” She asked, her hands on his shoulders.

“I don’t know them . . . I can’t, I just can’t remember anyone!” He cried out. He was afraid.

“Harry . . .”

“I don’t know who Harry is!” He yelled, he wished he was back in the world of darkness, this world made him feel alone, just like the other. The only difference in this world was it hurt him inside. A tear formed in the corner of his eyes and slid down his face, and it was only one of many.

End of Chap One

LiquidSilver ~ I hope you all liked it, it took me an hour or so! To much detail . . . Well, I g2g, be sure to review!

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