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Secrets by no_moshing
Chapter 1 : The Train Ride.
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Xavier looked glumly around as the other students excitdly hopped onto the train. Short, tall, thin, and thick girls and boys of all sizes scurrying about to get their belongings together and getting ready to board the train. The scene was something completey new to Xavier. Previously, he attended Durmstrang, and because he had lived so close to the school he and his family always just rode their broomsticks to Durmstrang. Now, he was being forced to attend Hogwarts. Xavier glanced as afamily of red heads made a fuss as they waddled as a group toward the train. He watched a busty girl seeped out of her mother's arms and bade her goodbye. Xavier scoffed, he hated girls who were so protected by their parents. She probably has brothers...Xavier thought knowingly. As if on cue, a boy with identical red hair pulled himself away from his mother.

"Gosh, I hate it when I'm right." Xavier said to himself.

Xavier watched intently as the red headed boy stumbled into the train. The ruckus was loud enough to make a sky scraper fall. The boy started to groan in pain as his friend helped him to his feet. Xavier watched the noble brown head. Xavier remembered that only the strong survive in Durmstrang, and Xavier was definitely one of the strong. If he was that red head he would have shoved that boy off of him. That's when Xavier heard laughter. Xavier turned and saw a blonde boy followed by two huge prick looking guys. They stalked pass Xavier bearly acknowledging his presence, angering Xavier. They stood over the red head who was barely making it up on his feet. They push and prodded the boy, laughing at his puniness, further angering Xavier. A bushy hair girl came by and lifted the red head to his feet, causing the three boys to roar with laughter. The brown headed boy said some words to the leader of the three and ushered the girl and the boy into the train, leaving the three pricks outside dumfounded. Xavier walked over to the blonde boy.

"What the hell was that about?" Xavier said with an angered tone .

The blonde headed kid turned and squinted at Xavier. He snorted at Xavier, but Xavier did not flinched. The blonde smiled at Xavier and looked over at his minions.

"I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy, This isCrabbe," He motioned to the bum on his left, "And this is Goyle," again he motioned to the other bum on his right.

Xavier narrowed his eyes at him. "You did not answer my question, why the hell did you treat those people like that? If you treat other people like that I wonder how you treat yourself. Your probably one of those cutters." Xavier snarled, "One of them stuck up rich kids who thinks they can have anything with a swish of a wand."

The boy snarled at Xavier, "You're obviously not from around here, you see. A Malfoy gets what he wants. Weasel, Potter, Granger and I go way back. Don't stick your head in places they don't belong." He looked over Xavier once more. "I would watch out who you choose to be your allies and enemies."

"Whatever. I don't need this kind of crap frmo the likes of you. Don't tell me how to watch out for myself, I am very capable of doing that myself." Xavier gave the trio one last look over and made his way into the train. He could hear the chatter of people around him. Some looked at him, knowing that he was new to Hogwarts, the rest of the chatter was just a hum and murmur that rang softly in Xavier's ears. He trudged down the corridor looking for a compartment to sit in. Xavier knew the train was bound to start soon, and his only choice would be to sit in an already occupied compartment.

Xavier had reached the end of the train already. Feeling frustrated he turned around to start back up the train again. As Xavier began to turn around he was knocked over to the floor. Xavier cursed as he rubbed his head with his palm. He looked up to see the earlier busty read head he had seen earlier. Xavier studied her facial features; Rounded nose, freckles, long red hair, and innocence written all over her. She had landed ontop of Xavier. The girl lifted her face from his chest and smiled innocently. There was a sudden fit of giggling from behind the girl. It was the girl's friends. She stood up and returned to her friends who entered a nearby compartment. Xavier lifted himself from the ground and walked over to the compartment door. Inside he could hear laughter and the voice of the girl he believed to have knocked him over.

"I can't believe you had me do that! I am never taking one of your dares again Raven!" squealed a voice that Xavier assumed was that of the girl who had just ran into him. Her little outburst was followed by roaring laughter. Xavier pressed his face against the galss so he could listen to the conversation better.

"He was a mighty cute one!" said a voice.

"Raven leave Ginny alone, she only did the dare to prove you alone, that bloke looked awfully peculiar, Ginny, as your brother say you may not see date or talk to the fellow you purposely crashed into to prove Raven wrong." intervened another voice which sounded like a boy's.

Xavier blinked as he listened to where this conversation was going. So, the girl who had bumped into him, her name was Ginny. The person, or girl, who had 'dared' Ginny to bump into him, her name was Raven. And apparently, Raven liked Xavier. The Ginny's brother, who was over protective of her, was still nameless to Xavier.

The conversation died quickly and hushed tones were exchanged. Xavier pressed harder against the glass desperate to listen what was being said. Unsuspectdly the door was slid open and Xavier fell onto the compartment floor flat on his face. He heard laughter and cursed under his breath, he shouldn't have been standing that long out side of the door. Xavier pushed himself up and brushed dirt off of his robes. He studied the people in the comparment. There were so many people in the small room it look very over crowded. There was the noble brown boy, Ginny's brother, a bushy head girl, the girl who Xavier assumed was Raven, there was Ginny, then there were three other boys, a pair of twins and one other boy who looked like the girl named Raven. Eight people, eight whole people in the small room made only for six people. Xavier studied each face and turned to begin walk out of the door. Before he could finish exiting the compartment someone tugged on his robe. He turned around to see who had halted him. It was the girl Raven.

"Where you going handsome? Stay and sit with us, we don't bite." she said with a sly smile.

Xavier the studied the reactions of the people around him. Everyone looked so comfortable and friendly in the cramped room. Xavier felt like declining the offer, but the train had already started and he was not sure if he could find a room for himself. He nodded and sat inbetween Ginny and one of the twins. Raven gave a sly smile and sidewards glance toward Ginny and began to play with her hair. The brown haired boy whispered something to the red headed boy next to him who whispered something to the bushy haired girl. Xavier looked at Ginny who looked upward at him with an apologetic look. Xavier nodded and continued to study the people he was sitting with. The guy sitting next to Xavier tapped his shoulder to get his attention.

"Hello there lad, my name is Fred and this here is my twin, George." Fred gave Xavier a smile, "You'll have to excuse the rudeness of my friends, they don't know how to give a proper introduction. This, sitting here next to George is Dan, Raven's brother. Raven there is sitting next to your lover Ginny."

"Oh my gosh Fred! You are such a git!" Ginny puffed as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Ignore him, his foot is way too far up his arse."

Xavier laughed. The trio in front of them had yet to be introduced. Xavier waited patiently for Fred to continue talking. Xavier could tell that these people were the ones that Xavier could hang with. HE looked out of the window and watched scenery whirl by. Green, majestic mountains towering over a flat green valley.

"Anyway, That over there is Mr. Harry Potter himself in the flesh, Next to him is my younger brother Ron, and his girlfreind in denial Hermione." Fred choking back laughter. George began to laugh and pretty soon Dan was laughing along too. Ron's face turned beet red and Raven began to squeeze his cheeks.

"Ah my Ron has grown up so quickly!" Raven teased, causing Fred, George, and Dan to laugh even harder.

Xavier chuckled a little. and watched as Hermione slapped Ron and stalked out of the compartment. Ron looked completely surprised and followed after her. The group could hear Ron yelling, "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT? I DIDN'T TELL THEM ANYTHING!" The whole group broke into laughter. Xavier wiped away some tears and sat quietly.

Dan thought it was his turn to speak so he asked Xavier, "So, you've been sitting here for quite awhile, and I still don't believe that you haven't said a word, adn you've still haven't revealed your name. Why, if I wasn't just another one of the non-interested students of Hogwarts, I would suspect that you were an undercover auror who is going to attend Hogwarts to shag little girls." Dan paused for a second, "Or boys....whichever floats your boat."

Raven reached over and smacked Dan in the head. "Don't mind him pumpkin, he's just jealous because no girl or guy has ever asked him out on a date. And he doesn't have the balls to ask any girl out either." Raven said with a sweet smile as she seated herself across from Xavier.

Xavier cleared his throat and began to speak, "My name is Xavier De Leugenaar. I come from Durmstrang."

The three boys laughed. "What is, De Leugenaar? French for ass?" Dan said through choking laughter.

Xavier looked at him and narrowed his eyes. "It's dutch for Liar."

Dan stopped laughing and went completely silent. Fred and George wore grim expressions. Ginny was listening intently to where the conversation was going.Harry leaned over with his arms on his lap andhands intertwined.For the first time Harry spoke, "Now tell me, how does one come across with such a name such as that?" Harry asked Xavier curiously.

Xavier looked at Harry. "My family...has a history." Was all Xavier said. Silence blanketed the room as everyone was caught up in their own thoughts. A few moments later the silence was broken when Raven stood up.

"I'm going to change now...Fred, want to come with?" Raven said with a sly smile etched on her face. Fred shot straight up. "Course!" Raven walkeed out with her robed over one shoulder; Fred completely forgetting his robes.

After the happy couple left the room was left in awkward silence. Xavier did not know what to do so he decided to just sit quietly. He could feel Ginny shifting her gaze from him to Harry. He felt a slight tension in the room. Dan whispered something to George and they quietly got up and left the compartment. Leaving just Harry, Xavier, and Ginny.

"Well this is fun!" Ginny exclaimed with fake enthusiasum. She put on an expression of annoyance and put her head against the compartment door.

"We're almost there. I suggest you change into your robes now...Xavier." Harry said quietly. Xavier nodded in agreement and grabbed his robes. He began to walk out of the room and headed down the hall to the changing rooms. He passed by a compartment where he heard Hermione and Ron still arguing. Xaviershook his head and continued on his way to the changing rooms. There he met up with a sweaty Raven and hyperventalating Fred who nodded at him and started toward the compartment. Xavier walked into one of the empty changing rooms and dress himself apprioraitely.

Xavier didn't like the new uniforms he was going to have to wear. In Durmstrang everything in his wardrobe consisted of furs and thick jackets. Here in Hogwarts. Everything was light and thin. The uniform vest were made from polyester, he hated the dress shirts the were required to wear. Xavier put on the last of his out fit together and walked out of the door. In his mind, Xavier re ran the whole conversation he had had earlier in the compartment with everyone present. So much for first impressions. He rounded the corner and like the universe was a small place he ran into another girl. She bounced off of him and fell to the floor.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean too, I was just on my way to change and I...-There was no way I knew-Please forgive me." The girl said a little to quickly. She became flustered and looked downward toward the floor.

"Don't worry about it." Xavier said offering his hand out to her. "My name is Xavier De Leugenaar."

The girl took his hand and sotod up face to the ground. When she heard him introduce himself she looked him in the eye, "Did you say De Leugenaar?" She asked him.Xavier nodded. "But..but...that" She said confused.

Xavier gave her a curious look. "Yes it does, how did you know that?"

The girl looked at him with a knowing expression and made her way into a changing room. Xavier looked at the closed door puzzled. He continued to make his way toward the compartment where his 'friends' were gathered. He opened the door, everyone was back from doing their errands and sitting in their previous arrangement, Xavier sat himself between Ginny and Fred. On his face was marked the look of distance.

"What's wrong Xavier hunny? You look...weird." Raven said, who was playing with Fred's hair.

"I don't know, I ran into this girl and...." Xavier trailed off, his voice becoming quiet. Raven examined Xavier once and shrugged it off and turned her attention towards Fred.

Dan spoke. "Look, Xavier, I'm sorry about what I said earlier, it was out of order."

Xavier nodded and looked out of the window. The group became chatty and started to talk about quidditch, time flew by and eventually the train came to an abrupt halt. Two by two the group of friends filed their way out of the compartment and onto the train'splatform. Students everywhere were waiting to be lead to their carriages and boats. Xavier scanned the crowd for the girl he had ran into earlier. To no avail did he find her. Feeling defeated Xavier followed the group to two carraiges that would take him to the castle.

-End of chapter one.

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