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Carrying Torches by belle ame
Chapter 1 : Carrying Torches
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of JK Rowling's characters, just the plot!

A/N: Okay, so I was not happy at all with the original version of this
story, so I rewrote it. Even the plot has changed (if you could consider it
a plot). I am rather happy with it this time, so I hope you are too. enjoy
and please leave a review! i loooove reviews!

Carrying Torches

"Evans? Is that you?" James asked. He knew it was her; he only wanted to
hear her voice.

"What do you want, Potter?"

"What are you doing out here? It's a bit cold out, isn't it?"

"Sometimes I just like to sit outside for awhile by myself. Is that okay
with you?" snapped Lily.

"Whoa, sorry. No need to bite my head off," said James, feeling a little
wary. "Would you like some company?"

Lily sighed. "No, just go back inside and leave me alone."

James was relieved to find that her voice no longer held a tone of spite. He
hesitated, took a breath, and, with a tentative glance at Lily, sat down at
the opposite end of the bench. She seemed not to care, so he slid a
little bit closer. She still seemed not to notice, but he didn't dare
get any closer than that, for fear of releasing a side of Lily he did not
wish to witness. So James watched Lily as they sat in silence. She was
upset, he knew, and for once her anger was not directed at him. This made
him feel more at ease around her. Tonight he would not trip over his words,
or feel the need to show her just how amazingly gifted he was. This was
probably because she wouldn't even care. She would be too busy thinking
about what had happened that morning.

"Well?" he heard Lily speak.

"Well.what?" James asked.

Lily looked at him. "Didn't you come out here to poke fun at me for making
myself look like in idiot? I thought you and your friends liked publicly
demoting people." James noticed that lily looked almost on the verge of
tears, and decided to try and cheer her up.

He laughed. "Hey, we only like humiliating Snivellus and those other
pathetic Slytherin waste heaps, who, last time I checked, don't own enough
brains or decency to be called 'people' anyway," he stated. "Besides, you're
not an idiot, and I would never poke fun at you."

Lily sniffed. "If I'm not an idiot, then why am I sitting here outside, all
alone on a bench?"

He couldn't help but feel rather amused, but had to suppress a smile when he
saw the tears forming behind Lily's eyes. Apparently he had taken a wrong
approach to make her feel better. He'd try again.

"Lily, listen. I know you and what's-his-name had loads of fun together
while you two were dating. I mean, I guess if I took it from a girl's point
of view I can tell why you liked him in the first place. I mean, just
look at him, all tall and muscular, and being a pretty damn good
keeper if I do say so myself. And the way he combs his hair, so it reflects
the sunlight in little swirls, and that little thing he does with his nose
when he concentrates, and-"

Lily shot James a look of confusion and horror. James stopped when he
noticed her staring, and started.

"I- uh, I mean if you like that sort of thing, you know, for a girl, and,"

It was Lily's turn to laugh. Which she did, quite hard. So hard, in fact,
that James began to question her sanity. He was contemplating whether or not
he should take her to the hospital wing when she finally calmed down. Wiping
her eyes on the sleeve of her robe she said, "Oh James, thanks for making me
feel better."

James was really confused at how he managed to do that, but he replied, "No

"You sounded just like the other girls in my room, when they talk about
Robert. Especially when you were going on about his hair." She chuckled
softly. "That made me realize what a fool I was for liking him anyway. I
mean, he's one of those people who only care about looks. I mean, on our
first date.."

I wonder what Padfoot's doing up in the common room, thought James to
himself. He must be pretty bored with only Peter and Remus to keep him
company. I mean, Remus is pretty good at keeping a conversation, but the
evenings are usually his 'reading time' or whatever the hell he calls it.
And Peter is okay most of the time, but all he really likes to do is play
chess and laugh at my awesome jokes..

".But I told him, 'No Robert, I do not think cheese is a good
substitute for kneazle tail hairs,' but he put it into his cauldron anyways!
Professor Slughorn got rather annoyed and made Robert clean up the mess, but
of course he didn't punish me because I think he knew it really wasn't
my fault even though we were working at the same cauldron, don't you
think, James?"

James was caught off guard, but he figured Lily wasn't expecting a reply
because she continued.

"But he really is a nice guy, you know. And when he broke up with me this
morning, I was so upset! I don't know why, but it was like I would never be
happy again." She sighed, "I am so nave."

James paused to see if she really was finished, and when she didn't
continue, he spoke.

"You're not nave, Lily. Honestly, you shouldn't put yourself down like this
all the time. We all make mistakes. And that Robert bloke is a jerk. Awesome
quidditch player, but still a jerk. You deserve better."

Lily sighed. "You're right. I guess he was a bit of a jerk. And his hair
isn't all that great." James smiled at her, and she smiled back.
"Thanks again James, for making me feel better."

"Anytime, Lily," replied James. Lily leaned in and kissed James on the
cheek, making his face burn slightly red. For some reason, neither of them
could stop smiling.

"Lily, would you go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?" As soon as he said it,
he realized that it might not be such a good idea. She's probably not
ready for this. James you idiot!

But contrary to James' expectations, Lily's smile grew wider. "I would love
too," she said. She stood, straightened her robes, and held her hand out to
James. He stared at it for a few moments, not sure about what happened, but
finally took the offered hand. Lily led the way towards the lake, where they
spent the rest of the night talking about things that had absolutely
nothing to do with ex-boyfriends.

A/N: How did you like it? Did you hate it? I hope not, but whatever you
feel, please let me know! And I would love to know how I can improve!

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