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Kiss And Tell: When Tears Fall by Lions_Rule8065
Chapter 23 : Coming From The Heart
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A/N: so, here’s chapter 23. Will the potion be made in time, or will it be too late to save them? Better read and find out, enjoy!


Chapter 23: Coming From The Heart


Sweat trickled down Harry’s face as the gentle tip-tap of the rain on the windows droned into his head. He tossed and turned in his sleep and he tried to run from the nightmare he was living in, but someone was blocking his mind.

What he saw in his mind, made him want to open his eyes, but he knew he couldn’t. Whoever had planted this dream in him wanted him, Harry, to know what was happening.

~*~ His Dream ~*~

“I’ve seen the future, Harry. I know what is about to come. If you don’t believe me, then see with your mind… I give you the Sight…”

In his dream, Harry opened his eyes. He could see himself kneeling next to a limp figure; a dead figure. He couldn’t see who’s body it was, otherwise he could prevent the death; risking his own life.

Then he saw Hermione crying, looking into a person’s steely-grey eyes… Draco’s eyes. “You’ve betrayed me, Draco! How could you do this to me?!” Hermione asked through sobs.

I know you've heard these words a hundred other times before
And you've been hurt and so your heart has chose to close the door
Love broke your heart and brought you lies

“I promise you that this wasn’t my fault, I have nothing to do with this!” Draco said to her.

Look in my eyes
You'll see a love that's deep and true
Tender and strong and all for you
You can trust this love
Honest, that's the honest truth

“Rubbish!” Hermione spat. “Of course it was you... it’s always you! All the evidence points to you! I hate you!” Then she disappeared from sight.

Harry witnessed Draco falling to his knees and covering up his sobs. He could still see himself near the dead body, but he didn’t take it into account to what he saw next.

Four people emerged from the shadows. Three of which wore black, billowing cloaks and masks. They were Death Eaters and their wands were raised above Draco.

The other stayed in the shadows; wishing to not be seen by Harry, but he was the one who spoke. “See what happens when you choose the wrong side?” He whispered through the air.

Draco looked up and flinched at the wands. “I didn’t choose the wrong side! Why would you do such a thing?”

“Because I can, and I will. Now, seen as you’ve disturbed the peace, you’ll want to return to our Order?”

Order? Harry thought wildly. Whatever Order it was, it surely wasn’t the Order he knew about. “Never!” Draco shouted, but the Death Eaters shot Stunning Spells at him and he became dazed.

“Contortificus!” The shadow-man called out and a jet of red light shot out of the end of his wand and handcuffed Draco.

“You’re one of us, after all,” growled one of the masked Death Eaters.

Draco was led into the shadows by them, never to be seen again. Whatever Harry felt, he hoped it wouldn’t have been worry.

He wondered what Draco had done to deserve Hermione’s coldness and the constriction of being forced to follow the Death Eaters and the other being. He did not; however, wish for any of his friends to be hurt and for one of them to end up dead.

“I told you that something would happen, didn’t I? No one listens to me, I’ll show you what it’s really like…”

~*~ End Of His Dream ~*~

Harry’s eyes shot open and he sat bolt up-right; his face drenched in sweat. His air was taken in by deep, raspy breaths, but they were caught in his throat.

He got out of bed and went to fetch a glass of water, and as he took a sip from his goblet he saw Ron’s head appear from behind his hangings. “Are you OK? I heard you screaming in your sleep?” He asked.

Harry jumped slightly. “I’m fine, just a bad dream.” He placed his water on his bed-side table and placed his glasses over his eyes.

“Are you sure?” Ron pressed on, but when he realised he had pressed on too much by Harry’s warning signals, he said: “Come on, we have to go to Hermione’s.” He got up and went to get changed.

As he did this, Harry slowly moved his hand towards his forehead to feel his lightning bolt scar. It twinged slightly but he still kept his hand upon it. It hadn’t pierced through his skin since Voldemort had died; he shivered at the thought of his passing, so why did it hurt now? A warning, perhaps?

He looked up to find Ron staring at him with curiosity and worry. “Are you sure you’re OK?” He asked again. Harry nodded, then he also got up to change for the day ahead, but his mind was still on about the strange behaviour of his scar.


Harry; along with Ron, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Blaise and Pansy, entered Hermione and Draco’s common room.

Draco was sitting by the fire, stirring what seemed to be a see-through liquid, just like the memories contained in a Pensieve. Hermione was sitting on the couch, twirling the golden feather in between her fingers. She looked up and smiled at the visitors.

“Isn’t the potion supposed to have turned white by now?” Luna asked as she gazed into the cauldron.

“It did this morning,” Hermione answered. “But when we added the first bezoar it turned clear.” Everyone gathered around the fire.

“Once we add the second bezoar, it should take about half an hour for it to turn silver,” Draco explained.

“Then we have to wait for it to boil before we can add the feather, which will make it turn gold in about three hours. Which we then have to leave for it to simmer for another hour,” Hermione said.

“That’ll take us to about one o’ clock then,” Neville guessed as he gazed down at his watch which read half past eight.

“I’m hoping that McGonagall will let us go to St. Mungo’s this afternoon, and then we can give the teacher’s this antidote before night falls,” Hermione said hopefully. She threw Draco the second bezoar which he caught without lifting his eyes away from the cauldron, which he then dropped in.

He stirred the liquid where it fizzed and spat at him; burning his skin, and turning into different colours, eventually deciding on silver.

Hermione walked over to the grate where she dropped the golden feather, where it floated above the rising steam; the liquid changed to black, and then the feather fell gracefully into the liquid which remained dark.

Gold sparks flew about the place; Hermione’s left palm sparked in reaction and so did Draco’s. No pain seared their skin. The sparks died down and then the potion was left to do its metamorphosis, and the potion makers went for breakfast.

From the heart
I'm giving you everything, everything
From the heart
I promise you that I'll be there

They didn’t take long in the Great Hall for Ron had a slight problem with the squeaking coming from his pocket. The rat in question wanted something to eat, and when Ron slipped him some toast, he received questioning glances from McGonagall.

They walked the grounds for what seemed like only a couple of minutes when it was time to go and see if anything had changed.

As they walked into the common room, the golden light which was radiating from the cauldron was so bright, that they had to shield their eyes.

They sat by the fire and watched the golden syrup bubble and froth in reaction, while some felt sparks fly from their hearts.

I'll be there to love you
From the soul
I'm showing you all I feel, all I feel is
From the heart, from the heart

Then the bubbling subsided and the liquid settled. “How long do we have to wait now?” Neville asked.

“What time is it?” Hermione pondered.

“Twelve o’ clock,” Neville answered.

“So another hour…” Draco said and then there was silence.


As the hour rolled by, nobody thought at all. Their minds didn’t need to think, they were only focused on one thing and that was St. Mungo’s.

The potion bubbled one last time and then the brightness of the shimmering light dimmed and turned a kind of rusty gold. Hermione poured it all into the silver flask which Lupin had brought the Pure Water in.

“Come on, we have to see McGonagall and tell her we need to go,” Hermione said. She took Draco’s hand and everybody followed them to the Headmistress’s office.

When they got there, McGonagall’s face fell and broke the unexpected news. She finished on a high note of guilt and blew her nose on her handkerchief.

Hermione fell into a chair and the tears fell down her face. Draco squeezed her shoulder to let her know that he was there.

I will protect you and respect you and be all you need
And when you reach for love you'll only need to reach for me
These arms will never let you down

“I can’t take you all,” McGonagall spoke up. “So who’s coming and who’s staying?”

“I’m going,” Harry said defiantly. McGonagall looked at him sternly. She didn’t think it wise for him to be out when he was in danger, but she knew that arguing with him would only make matters worse. And; she thought, at least she was there if anything did happen.

Draco’s lip curled. “I’m coming too,” Hermione sniffed. Draco felt her security lapse here so he said that he would go too.

“Fine,” McGonagall said, even though she didn’t think that having Malfoy with her would be very good with the public. “The rest of you will keep an eye out; we’ll be back before midnight.”

The crowd departed, leaving Harry, Hermione and Draco awaiting the departure. “How’re we getting there?” Hermione asked.

“The Ministry know about this predicament so I asked for a safe Apparation point to be planted in the ward,” McGonagall explained.

Hermione’s hope rose slightly. She hadn’t Apparated since she had got her licence last year so she was keen on trying it out. But when she looked at Harry, his face had fallen and was looking quite embarrassed.

“Potter,” began McGonagall. “You’ll Side with me, whilst Malfoy will Side with Miss Granger.”

Harry snorted. Draco’s face was highlighted with a hint of pink. He hadn’t got his licence yet as he had been too young to take the test; same reason as Harry. But at least he didn’t have to go with McGonagall.

Harry took hold of McGonagall’s arm while Draco linked his fingers with Hermione’s; Harry shot him an evil look but it went unnoticed, and from a shout of luck from Dumbledore, they Disapparated to St. Mungo’s.

They're staying around
I'll walk with you through every storm
I'll keep you safe, I'll keep you warm
And you'll have no doubt
You're the one I'm living for

They Apparated just outside some double doors which lead to a ward inside. McGonagall pushed them to one side as two Healers came through the door; one holding a jar containing what looked like a human eye.

Hermione peered through the door window. She saw her Professors lying there contorted with pain and suffering even though they were all asleep at what seemed like peace.

There were two empty beds.

One had belonged to Lupin, but the other had belonged to the Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody who had passed away that morning. A tear fell from her eye. “He was old, Hermione,” McGonagall said reassuringly.

“Yes, he was older than Lupin. But he was strong, Professor. And because of Snape wasting our fucking time, this wouldn’t have happened!” Hermione yelled.

McGonagall smiled weakly, not caring about her choice of words. She opened the double doors, “Are you coming in?”

From the heart (from the heart baby)
I'm giving you everything (oh)everything (giving you everything)
From the heart (my heart)
I promise you that I'll be there (I'll be there for you)

“No! I can’t do it, I hate the pain!” She screamed with her fists clenched tightly, and then she ran from them.

Draco caught the flask which she had let go of. “I’ll see if she’s all right,” he said and ran after her. Harry glared after him, but not wanting to show his concern about Draco being the one to look after Hermione, he followed McGonagall into the ward.

I'll be there to love you
From the soul
I'm showing you all I feel, all I feel (I'm showing you)
All I feel (all I feel) is
From the heart, from the heart (from the heart)

Hermione was sitting down on the bottom step of a flight of stairs leading upwards. Draco smiled at her then sat next to her. “You dropped this,” he handed over the flask, which she took with gratitude.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled.

“For what?” He placed an arm around her shoulder, then she let her head fall.

“For running away like that. I’m so stupid; I should just get on with it. I knew that something would happen, I told you that I couldn’t go through all that pain again!” She whispered through her cries.

“I didn’t feel like going in there myself,” Draco said confidently. “And when I saw you running, I knew you were running away from the past. But the future, Hermione; make it happen. I’m proud of what you’ve done, and I love you for giving me that feeling,” he planted a kiss on her cheek.

Their palms sparked brightly.

Hermione didn’t return the compliment like she usually did, but kept on staring at her left palm. “Tell me you love me again?” She instructed.

I'll provide the love you need
Just trust my touch
Believe in me

“Erm… OK. I love you,” he said unsurely. The palms stayed as they were, no sparks ignited.

“Say it like you mean it!” She ordered.

“I love you!” He bellowed, and their palms sparked with golden light; lighting up the whole corridor. Hermione opened the flask and some of the sparks fell in, making the liquid inside glow in reaction.

I'll never make you cry
Givin' all I got with all I got inside
From the heart

She pulled Draco in and kissed him forcefully on the lips but kept her eyes open; and as she had hoped, sparks flew from their hands and into the potion.

Draco pulled away. “God! This bloody bond does take something out of you,” his face had gone paler than usual and he felt like the whole corridor was swirling in front of his eyes.

“This is the blood coming from the heart,” Hermione started to explain. “Of course it’ll make us feel weak,” she kissed him again just to prove her point. “We have to tell Harry and McGonagall.”

I'm giving you everything, everything (giving you everything)
From the heart (from my heart)
I promise you that I'll be there (I'll be there to love you, love you, ooh)
I'll be there to love you (oh)

She took Draco by the hand and they walked back to the ward where the cursed teachers lay. All the while as the walked, the flask remained open and the sparks, which were now flowing freely entered the flask as if it was attracted to the potion, like a bee to nectar.

The ward was quite dark, but as they entered, the golden sparks lit up the room and even the teachers stirred. “What is going on?” McGonagall questioned.

“We’ve figured out where this “blood” is supposed to come from,” Draco answered.

“Where might that be?”

Harry looked at them curiously; he didn’t like the sound of what he was hearing. And what he was seeing made him more disturbed; what with the holding of hands and the sparks.

Hermione held up the corresponding scarred palms. “I don’t know about blood, Miss. But whatever it is, it’s coming from the heart!”

From the soul (my soul)
I'm showing you all I feel (all I feel) all I feel (all I feel) is
From the heart (the heart) from the heart
Ooh, from the heart, from the heart...


Song: From the Heart by Another Level. Sorry about changing the song, I never did like the lyrics of my previous choice, it sounded slightly depressing for some readers. I like this better though.

A/N: So, I think you were right there Shaz, LoL! But will the Professors get better? Better leave me your thoughts on this chapter, please?


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