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My Chocolate Vampire by Yuu
Chapter 1 : My Chocolate Vampire
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Beta-Read by Jessi Rose. Thanks Jessi!

Author's Notes: This was a two part fic that has been put together as a one-shot. This was my first official first person PoV written fic, meaning that yes, this was written before My Soul Searching Trip. I've never been too happy with this fic and this was more like an experiment with the first person PoV and an attempt in writing through a female's eyes, which tends to be difficult for me. Still, hope you enjoy.

A/N 2: I have no idea how it happened, but the first paragraphs of this fic were missing!!! Sorry about the inconvenience. Must have happened when I edited or something.

My Chocolate Vampire


As soon as I graduated Hogwarts I was torn between my after school options and what I really wanted to do with my life as a witch. I considered my options and one of them was to take a short course on what is studied in Muggle High School, take the exams, enter a University, and study Dentistry like my parents or anything else. Another choice was to become an Auror, just like Harry and Ron. Voldemort had already been vanquished and I wasn't sure how convenient it would be to become an Auror anyway. True, there were still Death Eaters on the loose, but I still wasn't sure. I had never really considered becoming an Auror, although Ron and Harry kept insisting on me to choose the same path as them.

Ron and I had been an item during 7th year in Hogwarts, but things didn't go right. I just couldn't be with Ron, and he quickly understood why. He saw me as superior to him in every sense except when it came to Quidditch and brooms. Yes, I am a disaster with brooms; I laugh whenever I think about it. But the thing is that, with Ron always feeling inferior to me, our relationship wouldn't work. In the end we decided to remain as friends and curiously, Harry seemed relieved about it. I think he was afraid that we would never be the friendship trio we were, ever again, if my relationship with Ron didn't work.

After carefully considering all of my options, I ended up getting into Auror school. Ron and Harry were thrilled and happy that I had decided to join them in the end. I simply laughed the matter off; just starting Auror school didn't mean I would become an Auror and be always with them. In fact, I ended up applying because I decided that I wanted to learn more attack and defensive magic, and that was the school that could provide that type of education.

It was during Auror school that I met Jeramie Faure, the most beautiful guy I had ever seen in my entire life. He was our same age, which was something that shocked me, as he had never studied in Hogwarts. Then again, there were students there from other schools, and I decided to ignore that little detail for a while.

Jeramie was simply beautiful. He had chocolaty, dark skin that reminded me of Lee Jordan, the Weasley twins' friend. Jeramie had strange traits, though. His hair was black and beautifully wavy, neatly falling on his shoulders. The way Jeramie's hair adorned his features was astounding. He also had the most beautiful bright blue eyes I had ever seen. Those eyes contrasted with his dark skin in a strange, but wonderful way. The form of his luscious lips was truly cute, too.

As embarrassing as it is, I found myself wanting to be in Auror school even more because it gave me the chance to see Jeramie. Whenever I saw him smile I felt myself almost melting. He was really good, too, with magic. Soon, he had surpassed all of the students. His movements were extremely quick and the way he dominated his wand was simply marvelous. Even Harry and Ron were surprised by Jeramie's abilities, both physical and magical. Jeramie demonstrated that he could block spells with his wand in the magical aspect, and by dodging with great agility in the physical aspect.

In the privacy of the small house I had rented, I found myself dreaming about Jeramie at night. Whenever I thought about him my heart would ache and I thought I would get sick thinking so much about that student. There was a problem, still. Jeramie had never spoken to me and I desperately wanted him to notice me. I even considered using sexy tops and open my robes so that I could show him some skin, but something advised me against doing that. I suddenly thought that I could get the opposite effect and make him avoid me thinking that I was some sort of slut. I didn't want that, so that naughty plan was soon forgotten.

I kept wondering how I could make that boy notice me, as to him it was almost like I was invisible. I tried so many times to establish myself in his range of sight during practices, but he simply overlooked me. I was getting really frustrated in my task of making him notice me. I even tried to surpass the rest of the students too. I could do it easily as I always had an ability to grasp magic with ease, but it didn't work. On the contrary, I found myself being ignored because I was so good. Instead Jeramie, instructed by our teacher, would go and help the students that were getting nowhere with their spells. I even found myself reddening when I saw Jeramie helping Ron. Now that was stupid, wasn't it; me being jealous of my ex-boyfriend just because I wanted to be noticed by the guy helping him with defensive spells!

With each day that passed I decided that my plan of being noticed by being the best was simply not working, as I found myself being ignored more and more. I decided to change the tactic and I got my opportunity when we got to the class of dodging spells physically. I was good with magic, but I wasn't that good with the physical aspects. I always fell on the floor in wrong ways that in real battle would be very inconvenient. I could get myself killed by dodging a spell incorrectly and falling to the ground in a way that I had no time to even straighten to fight again.

As usual Jeramie had started to help our teacher. He was so good that it was like he had become the teacher's assistant, even when he was just a student like the rest. Soon I got what I wanted. There he was telling me what I was doing wrong. He made me practice a lot, until I could dodge without falling, or falling correctly if I did fall. Whenever I felt his hands touching my arms and back, to simply show me how to break a fall, I thought I was going to die on the spot, but quickly tried to look normal as it would have been really embarrassing if he noticed my strange reactions to his innocent touches.

After a few days, I was as good as everyone else when it came to dodging spells physically and I even got a bonus. Jeramie asked me if I wanted to go eat something with him after school! It wasn't a real date, but it meant everything to me because it meant that he had noticed me at last.

We went to a place he knew and he ordered food for both of us. We spoke about classes, about spells, about books, and just about anything and everything. I thought he was perfect. He loved to read and study, just like me. He loved to learn about many things and had traveled to many places. I wanted to know about all the places he had visited, as I wanted to travel a lot and learn many things.

I was still wondering about where he had studied and finally decided to ask him. I suddenly asked him why he hadn't gone to Hogwarts, and he smiled in that way that made me melt before telling me: "I couldn't go to Hogwarts because of my race."

I was shocked with his answer and, trying not to get angry at that silly reply, I told him that Hogwarts accepted students of every race and that I was sure that he could have been perfectly fine in Hogwarts. I told him I had several dark skinned friends and told him about Lee Jordan, Dean Thomas, and Angelina Johnson between others. For some reason my answer made him laugh and he suddenly said: "I wasn't speaking about the colour of my skin, Hermione."

We closed the topic, and he told me about having studied in a school in Argentina, which was something that made me really curious. I even learned that he could speak Spanish perfectly amongst other languages, and I kept thinking that he was simply perfect.

When I got home I kept thinking about him. I would have wished for a kiss after out little date, but it hadn't been a real date in the first place. I started to wonder how his lips tasted and found my face growing hot at the thought. Still, something bothered me. Jeramie Faure had said that he couldn't study in Hogwarts because of his race. I started to break my head thinking about that detail, and it wouldn't go away.

I started to check in different books and even checked the copy I had obtained of Hogwarts, A History. I had obtained the book with the school's approval, of course. I found nothing about the school not taking students because of a certain race, but then I remembered Professor Lupin. Lupin had studied in Hogwarts, but under strict secrecy. My thoughts started to run really fast and I started to wonder if what Jeramie had meant was that he was a werewolf.

During the next days, I found myself observing Jeramie. Sometimes he would look at me as I stared at him and he would raise an eyebrow making me laugh. I noticed that, indeed, some days he looked paler than others, although looking pale was something difficult to notice with his skin colour. Still, the days in which he looked paler had nothing to do with the full moon. I had reached my conclusions as the full moon approached and he was perfectly fine. That bothered me, of course, because I was back at the beginning. Jeramie was obviously not a werewolf and I was able to confirm it when the days before and after the full moon he showed up as energetic as always. No, he was not the same as Lupin. That was a fact.

I got obsessed with finding out what race Jeramie belonged to as the weeks passed. On several occasions we went eating and we were kind of dating. Just being with him made me feel over the moon, but other than an exchange of kisses on our cheeks there was nothing between us yet. I desperately wanted for us to be a little more already, but I had to be patient. I didn't want to scare him away.

Classes were getting tougher and more difficult as the months passed and I was doing fine, but I was still obsessed with finding the truth about Jeramie. I started to check information on creatures with human form and that's how I got to vampires. I hadn't even considered it at first, but they seemed like the ones that would look most human and they were definitely not affected by the full moon.

Soon, I noticed that Jeramie didn't spend long periods of time under the sun. He also avoided foods with too much garlic at lunchtime in school, although he ate foods with garlic occasionally. Then I confirmed it one day. He looked really pale and it was obvious to me that he needed to feed soon as he seemed uncomfortable amongst the rest of the class, but as always he exceeded the teacher's expectations. I did something really stupid. I approached him in the middle of the class just when he was helping Ron with casting a particular shield, and before realizing what I was doing, I blurted out loud: "Is the reason why you didn't study in Hogwarts because you are a vampire?"

Jeramie was so shocked that his wand fell to the floor, bouncing twice. All of the students wore scary expressions and Ron immediately distanced himself from the beautiful dark skinned boy. Jeramie's bright blue eyes showed so much hurt that I wanted the earth to swallow me. It was obvious that he had been keeping it a secret and I wondered if he was going to be expelled because of me. I felt like the most horrible person in the world. I had just hurt the boy I had wanted to love me, and that I had loved the most. In less than a minute I had destroyed my dreams with my chocolate, handsome prince. And not only were my dreams discarded, but I had probably destroyed his dreams of becoming an Auror, too. I wanted to die on the spot and felt undeserving of him; although at the same time I was scared because I had discovered his secret. How could I undo the damage I had done? Would he ever speak to me again?

I started to cry in front of everyone and started to run. I ran out of the school and Disapparated. Apparating in front of my house, I ran into its comfort and dropped myself into the sofa, crying. He would never want to see me again. There weren't going to be any more innocent dates. We were never going to kiss. It was obvious that we simply weren't meant to be. Was I destined to be alone without a special someone? I kept crying until no more tears would come.


Okay. So I was being pathetic I guess. I was moaning about being destined to be alone when I was only nineteen years old, but I still kept crying. Almost one and a half years in Auror school and I thought I had ruined my life because I had a huge crush on a vampire. Why was I being silly? But it hurt. It hurt too much.
That night I couldn't sleep. I kept tossing and turning, but my heart had decided that it was in some sort of race. It was beating so fast I could hear each and every beat whenever I placed my head on my pillow. My heart kept roaring, no matter how many times I changed position. I figured that due to my nervous attack I had developed tachycardia, and I wondered if I would be like that every night from then on. I reached a decision as I tossed in bed. I wouldn't be making an appearance in Auror school the next day.

My next day turned into every day. Who would have thought? I led myself to misery in the solitude of my rented home, thinking that I was terribly scared of seeing the students. I did wonder what had become of Jeramie. After all, I must have ruined his life... Now I was ruining mine as payment for what I had done to him. I was never going back to that school. Why had I applied anyway? I was never interested in becoming an Auror in the first place! I should have just stuck with S.P.E.W., even if Ron and Harry made fun of me for it. Yes. I was truly pathetic, a very pathetic know-it-all.

Harry and Ron tried to visit me, but I didn't open the door. I feigned not being home and it seemed that they bought it every time. They started to come after I had been absent for three days, but I didn't want to see them. I didn't want to see anyone.

By the sixth day I simply left my house to do some grocery shopping, exactly at the time I knew Ron and Harry would come to check on me after school. I knew at what time school ended so that was easy enough. That was an advantage, because if they believed that I was ignoring them and managed to weaken my house's wards to break in; they would find out that I really wasn't there. It was better for me to not be in there; so I kept my little game. Every day, at the time school ended, I would simply leave the house for a few hours and return at nighttime. Easy enough and I was never caught. I did this for two entire weeks, by which time I was feeling ashamed of myself for skipping school. I had never done that in my whole life and now I was doing it because I had screwed up big time. I had already been absent two weeks and four days.

During those almost three weeks, I tortured myself remembering my little dates with Jeramie. I counted them. We ate together exactly seventeen times. Those dates started after he noticed me six months into school, but who cared anyway? Why did I keep torturing myself thinking about this I did not know.

One night it was pouring. It hadn't been raining when I left my house, to hide from Ron and Harry, but the weather was horrible when I returned. I ran into the house after Apparating, trying to at least keep myself from getting too wet; too lazy to start using water repelling charms when my house was just a few meters in front of me. I quickly entered and dried my wet clothes and hair before throwing myself into a couch in front of the fire.

I was warming myself when I jumped at the sound of thunder. So, the weather had become stormy too. I even wondered if Harry and Ron had actually tried visiting me. Anyway, I got up and decided to look out the window. I watched the lightning white and blue shapes that formed in the sky, and the effect that was created behind clouds when I couldn't see the actual lightning. I even started to count the seconds before the thunderous sounds. As I did this, I noticed movement under the tree that was in front of my house. I feared there was a burglar there and quickly went to fetch a powerful Muggle long range flashlight. It would be better than Lumos anyway.

Through the glass, I turned on the flashlight, but the person under the tree didn't even flinch. I focused my eyes as best as I could and I was horrified at what I was seeing. Jeramie was dripping wet under the tree. His coat and robes were completely soaked and his usually wavy hair was matted against his face, looking almost like straight hair, due to its weight that the water inflicted. His usually cheerful bright blue eyes looked full of sadness, but I couldn't really figure whether he had been crying or not because his face was streaked with rain.

Feeling very nervous and trembling all over, I put on my coat and ran outside to fetch Jeramie. I led him into my house not knowing what else I could do. He simply let me lead him without a word and I dried him with a flick of my wand and removed his coat. It looked to me that he wouldn't even bother to dry himself. I rapidly made him sit on a chair and brought him some hot tea to warm him up, although he wasn't really shivering. Made me wonder if vampires felt the cold or not.

I started to ask him whether he was all right, but he lowered his eyes. As I watched him I wondered how he had known where I lived. I had never told him, but I found out when, at last, he spoke. Harry and Ron had given him my address. Those two would pay later on, I thought to myself. But at least I had confirmed that Jeramie hadn't been stalking me. Haha!

After I had gotten him to speak I learned that he hadn't been expelled. As a matter of fact, the Auror Headmaster had been aware of Jeramie being a vampire. It made me feel very silly, but it was true that Jeramie had been hiding it from the rest of the students. He told me that at first he had to do a lot of explaining to everyone, but that after a few days everyone seemed to have forgotten, or simply ignored it. It seemed that everything had been more normal than I thought. I felt really stupid, but I still couldn't forgive myself.

Jeramie asked me to come back to school and I told him I would. Perhaps the next day was a good one to start, although I was going to have to apologise to the teachers for my prolonged absence of almost three weeks.

A while later Jeramie went silent and I was silent too. It was strange as I didn't have anything to say, but I couldn't simply throw him out of my house with the foul weather. I found myself telling him that he could spend the night and he stared at me with an incredulous look. He suddenly stood and told me that he wouldn't intrude like that and that it would be better if he left. He then apologised for being outside like he had been, and not having the guts to knock at my door.

Just when he was going to the door, and was about to pick up his coat, I stopped him. Before I knew what I was doing I pulled him unto me and kissed him; just like that. At first I was terrified of somehow being rejected, but I felt his arms wrapping around me and he was the one to deepen the kiss. I hungrily kissed more and more and he softly invaded my mouth with his tongue setting me ablaze. When we broke the kiss, I took his hand and led him to the only bedroom in my house. He let himself be guided and as we sat on my bed we continued the kiss that had started in front of the door.

My breathing started to go faster, almost out of control, but he seemed to enjoy the reaction I was having. I felt embarrassed as I felt myself moaning into the kiss, but that seemed to encourage him, as he started to remove my clothes. At the same time I started to remove his robes.

I felt myself turning red when my chest was exposed for his velvety touch, but tried with all my might to push that thought aside. He kept kissing my body, and I thought I would go mad. I already wanted to be one with him, but he was keeping things slow. I don't know how he knew I was a virgin, but he suddenly whispered that he would be gentle, and he was indeed delicate with me. Any kind of discomfort and awkwardness passed away quickly.

I couldn't believe that Jeramie was making love to me. I started to wonder if I was dreaming. Almost three weeks before I had ran away from school thinking that I would never see him again, and here he was joining as one with me. I was so into my thoughts, closing my eyes in bliss, that I didn't even analyse the question he asked: "Can I make you?"

I said 'yes'. I stupidly said 'yes'! I, Hermione Granger, didn't analyse a very important question being asked, because I was so absorbed in ‘bliss land’.

I almost screamed when I felt his fangs on my neck, but the scream came out as a gasp instead. He felt it too, but it seemed that he thought I had reacted that way simply out of surprise; finally figuring he was wrong when I started to cry. I was afraid of what I would become, of never being the same again, of becoming immortal. I was destined to not being human ever again. It was too late and Jeramie couldn't stop. If he stopped all of a sudden it would kill me, so he had to finish what he had started, savouring my blood. I sobbed silently in his arms as he finished, not only making love to me, but also making me his mate forever. I was afraid of telling him that I had misunderstood the question; but he had figured it out anyway and I could feel him crying too as he whispered in my ear: "I'm sorry." And he was truly sorry. I could perceive his regrets in his trembling voice. It was almost like all his enthusiasm and energy had suddenly been sapped from his body, instead of my blood strengthening him.

I felt horrible yet again. Once again, I had stupidly hurt the man I loved. Why did I keep hurting him like this? I had hurt him as he was obviously feeling rejected. He was probably thinking that I was a bit prejudiced after all, and that I loathed becoming a vampire. That wasn't true. I was simply shocked because I had misunderstood a question and I wasn't expecting him to bite me as we made love.

With some quick thinking I knew I had to do something fast and I told him the truth. I told him I hadn't analysed the question, but that it was okay. I didn't want him to be sorry. I suddenly saw his face hovering over mine and he smiled before kissing me again. Afterward, he fed me some of his own blood to complete my transformation, looking confident. That night I didn't sleep well; I started convulsing due to the changes occurring inside my body. He held me lovingly through the whole agonizing process. I felt my body burning from the inside as if I were feverish, my hands seemed to be growing paler and my usually pale pink fingernails grasped a darker colour. I knew that I wasn't just changing inside, but that there would be changes that would show physically. I even noticed my usually frizzy hair taking a more luscious aspect in its curls.

In the morning I woke up feeling warm in Jeramie's arms. We got up together, had breakfast, and went to school. Everyone was surprised to see me, but more surprised to see me and Jeramie together. They also stared at the fact that I looked a little different. Harry and Ron grinned at me, but I was still planning my revenge on them for giving away my address, without asking me first, even if that little slip by them meant my current happiness. I wondered how they would take the detail of me being also a vampire, although they were probably suspecting it due to my new appearance. I also wondered how my parents would take it.

I thought about what I was going to do about blood, but Jeramie told me it wouldn't be difficult to deal with. He told me we could obtain blood from animals too and it seemed that he had an arrangement with a butcher, something that sounded freaky to me. He also had an arrangement with a friend who, from time to time, provided human blood from blood banks. Of course, these were arrangements nowadays, but I wondered how it was centuries before. I guessed that was something I would have to study from books, of course.

Even though I was a vampire I was also the happiest girl alive. The students were shocked when they learned Jeramie and I were living together, but we simply laughed it off. I was truly ecstatic with my chocolate vampire, and I hoped we would live happily for many years to come.

Owari / The End

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My Chocolate Vampire: My Chocolate Vampire


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