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Intertwined by Ravensdaughter
Chapter 2 : Letters Between Friends
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Rachel woke up startled. She walked over to the window to find an owl, which looked vaguely familiar, with a letter.
She opened the letter.

Dear Rachel,
Can we meet at the store at 12 o'clock today? I haven't seen you in ages and it would be nice to talk.

Rachel hurridly scribbled back an answer.

Yeah- I'd love to catch up.

She got dressed and went down stairs to have breakfast. She proceeded to go out to look around Daigon Alley at 11 o'clock before meeting up with Fred.

It was a miserable day the rain was pouring down. Fred opened the shop door.
"Fred!” shouted George from the flat upstairs.
"Yes George!” he hollered back upstairs.
"I'm going away on business this morning till 3 o'clock" said George.
“Shame,” he replied in a calm manner-so as not to arrose his brother's suspicion, "Rachel's coming over. I thought you were going to stay and talk with us."
“She is?” asked George peeping back behind the 'Authourised Access Only' door at looking at his brother.
"Yes," replied Fred with his best 'I thought you knew' face.
"Well tell her I said 'Hi' ok," he requested as he prepared to apparate.
"Sure will."
And with that George popped out of sight.
Fred went to the shelves to rearrange the sweets when he heard a tinkling of the shop bell and he turned around.

Rachel stood in the entrance to Weasley Wizard Wheezes and lifted up her dripping hood off her head to see Fred grining hapliy from ear to ear back at her.
"How are you?" he asked.
"I'm good." she replied cheerily, "How are you? And where is George, for that matter?"
"I'm good. So is George, he's gone off for business and left me in charge. He says hello by the way," answering her questions.
They talked more than they had talked before about school, family, friends, exams the joke shop as Fred gave her a guided tour as there were no other customers. Eventually Rachel had to go and Fred watched her from the window as she dashed back to the pub.

Rachel took one last look around her room in the Leaky Cauldron on Sptember 1st. Out of habit, she took the letter out of her jean pocket a read in again before she set off to Kings Cross Station.

I was really nice to see you- George says that he was unhappy he din't get to see you and that I have to tell him when we're seeing you next. 
I'll keep in touch,

Meanwhile Fred was reading Rachel's answer.

I'm glad I saw you too- Tell George I said hi and that I hope I see him soon.
I'll write to you soon.

The shop was closed so he went to see Rachel before she went to back Hogwarts. He saw her pass through the gateway and waited a few seconds before he crossed throught the carrier after her.
He stood behind a brick arch and watched the Express chugg slowly around the corner and become more distant.
He left after everyone else and went back to the shop.

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Intertwined: Letters Between Friends


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