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To Lose It All by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 4 : November 3, 1981
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Disclaimer: I only own Jasmine.

Jasmine woke the next morning before daybreak. She found her clothes dry and changed into them out of the towel. After hiding her wand, knife, and mirror in her pocket, belt, and cloak – the knife and mirror so they wouldn’t be recognized as what they were – she went down to the lobby and checked out. As soon as the foolish owner was out of sight, Jasmine apparated to where she thought Sirius would be.


As it turned out, she found she was right when she located a large, black dog that seemed to be talking in his sleep with barks that sounded oddly like words.

She slipped her foot out of her shoe and nudged Sirius between his shoulder blades. As he woke up, he made a motion as to bite Jasmine’s foot – the thing that had disturbed his rest cycle – but Jasmine quickly drew it away before he could. After looking around for any other person, Sirius transformed back into one and grinned sheepishly at Jasmine.


“Yeah. C’mon, let’s go.”


The two cousins again split up, Sirius searching the west side of the city while Jasmine searched the east. They would meet twice, in the center and in the south center.

It was late in the day, but early in the afternoon when Jasmine started for the London center. Unknown to her, Sirius was already there.


Sirius turned a corner two blocks from where he and Jasmine were going to meet. And there he was: Pettigrew, in a street full of people.

Sirius didn’t think to wait for Jasmine or contact her, just to stop Pettigrew from taking one more breath of free air. He knew Pettigrew should go to Azkaban, but Sirius wanted to kill him, like he had killed James.

Sirius walked up to Pettigrew. “You killed them, you rat. Now I’ll kill you.”

Pettigrew turned around to face Sirius, he was crying.

‘If the traitor’s so afraid to die, he never should have become a Death Eater,’ Sirius thought.

“Lily and James, Sirius, how could you?” Pettigrew sobbed.

“What?” Sirius’s voice was barely audible. He went for his wand. He never saw Pettigrew holding his behind his back.

As soon as Sirius had his wand out, the street was blown up. Sirius saw muggles fall dead and watched in horror as Pettigrew quickly cut off his finger and transformed before he could utter a word or hex.

‘He’s going to get away with it,’ Sirius thought. ‘The rat framed me.’

Ministry officials were arriving. Muggles were running around and screaming. Sirius saw and heard none of it, not even as a trained Hit Squad began to carry him away. All Sirius did, all he could do, was laugh at the iconicity of it all.


Jasmine was nearing the predetermined meeting place when she heard a commotion going on. She decided to check it out.

She was horrified at what she saw. Bodies were everywhere, Sirius was standing in as much shock as she, Pettigrew had just faked his own death.

The ministry was arriving, and Jasmine realized why they were there: they were going to take Sirius from her, too.

“NOOO!” Jasmine pushed her way through the crowd. She had to get to Sirius. “NOOOO! HE’S INNOCENT! INNOCENT! SIRIUS!” But Sirius never heard her, he just laughed.

Jasmine cried again and began screaming even louder of Sirius’s innocence as ministry officials approached, trying to calm her down. She fought to get past them.

“Miss Black! Miss Black!” one of the said, “You must calm down!”

Jasmine took one last look at her cousin and realized ‘this is it’, the ministry was going to take her out like they said so very much wanted to, in the only way possible: they would make her appear to be crazy. And she had only helped them do it.’

“Miss Black, you will need to be sent to St. Mungo’s until we can be sure of your state of mind after experiencing this great tragedy.”

“What?! No! He’s innocent! SIRIUS! NO!”


Jasmine was locked in a solitary room, without her wand. All exits were locked, so – even though she didn’t need her wand to do magic – she would need it if she wanted to get out, or a small lock pick.

She remembered how she had hid her knife earlier that morning, and, realizing she still had it, took it out of her belt.

She walked over to a small bed with a mattress on it.

“You had better be spring,” she told it. She cut off a part of the top and saw that it was. Very carefully, yet hastily, she pulled out a spring and bent it to be straight.

After putting the knife away again, she picked to lock on the small window. She opened it and found out it was too small for even her to fit through.

“For me, but not Tips,” she said to herself, and transformed into the small, black fox.

After reclaiming her freedom, Jasmine ran to a dark, deserted ally. There, she transformed back and apparated just off the island where Azkaban was, in the sea, as close as she could get.

“Oh, CRAP!”

She wasn’t that far from shore, so she swam to it and ran inside, looking for Sirius; Jasmine knew he would be there by now.

Jasmine had been to Azkaban before, on ministry business, so the dementors let her be, assuming that was why she was there now. She heard Sirius pleading his innocence and Pettigrew’s guilt from behind a door Jasmine knew contained a room to which prisoners were first brought if they weren’t getting a trial – they still needed to be told why they were being arrested.

Jasmine burst in there to find four dementors standing guard and Bartimus Crouch Sr. leering over Sirius, who was chained to a chair.

“Let him go.” Jasmine had never used so much force in three words.

Crouch turned to face her. “Ahh, Miss Black, nice to see you out and about, I suppose.”

“Shut it, Crouch! It’s Pettigrew you need to find.”

“But he’s already been found,” Crouch said as he pointed to a small table supporting a small box. Jasmine looked in the box and saw a mutilated, bloody finger.

“That’s a finger! You…find Pettigrew!”

“Miss Black, I have yet to understand why you are here at all, or why you are soaking wet.” Crouch was losing his temper.

“Just shut up and give him a trial!”

“I don’t have time to give this scum a trial, lucky I even have time to tell him what he’s in for, as if he doesn’t know. Azkaban is under my surveillance, Miss Black, and I don’t want you here at all anymore, so if you don’t want to go back, I suggest…”

“NO! I suggest that you give Sirius a trial by the end of a week!”

“Are you threatening me, Miss Black?”

Jasmine knew this wasn’t getting her anywhere, but she also knew she had yet to settle the score. “No, Crouch, I’m not threatening you.” And with that, she was dragged out of the room. “He better get that trial! He’s innocent, I’ll prove it to you!”

Jasmine was taken outside the prison walls and given a portkey back to main London.


Sirius sighed and lowered his head, but not in defeat. He knew Jasmine would never let him down, but now he was alone. Completely and utterly alone, except for the dementors, always standing guard. Sirius looked around his small, bare cell and admitted to himself that things had never looked worse.


Jasmine got back to London and for the first time as far as she could remember, didn’t know what to do. She had no where to go, no one to turn to. She went back to her apartment to try and find comfort in…something, she didn’t quite know what.

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To Lose It All: November 3, 1981


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