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Outside by Erika
Chapter 1 : Outside
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A/N: This took me a long, long, long, long time to develop a songfic for this song. In my opinion, it’s one of the best songs ever written. After listening to it like a trillion times and reading the lyrics over and over again, I think I was able to get a story from it. I think I got the meaning of the song, or I at least defined my interpretation. This is my first attempt at songfics, so if it’s absolutely horrible, just tell me!!!

Disclaimer: I wish I had the talent of Ms. Rowling to be able to write amazing, compelling books with great characters and the talent of the band Staind to write awesome song after awesome song, but I don’t, so I’ll just borrow their stuff.

~And you
Bring me to my knees
All the times
That I could beg you please
In vain
All the times
That I felt insecure
For you
And I leave
My burdens at the door~

“Ginny? Are you here?” Harry Potter, a 23 year old wizard, walked in the door of the apartment in London that he shared with his long-term girlfriend, Ginny Weasley, a 22 year old witch and Harry’s best friend Ron’s sister. Harry had just gotten home from work, he was Head Auror at the Ministry of Magic. Lately, he and Ginny had not been getting along so well, but Harry had been nice and bought her flowers and had hoped to apologize. The night before he had said some horrible things.

Harry walked up the few steps up to the hallway that led to their bedroom. He thought if Ginny wasn’t home, he’d put the flowers on the bed. He reached for the door, but it was locked. He thought he had heard voices inside. Perhaps Ginny had a friend over...or was on the phone...?

~But I'm on the outside
I'm looking in
I can see through you
See your true colors
'Cause inside your ugly
You're ugly like me
I can see through you
See to the real you~

He pulled out his wand and muttered, “Alohamora” and the door opened revealing, not only Ginny, but Seamus Finnigan as well. In the bed. Harry dropped the flowers on the floor, the petals falling off the beautiful pink roses as they fell, he stood there dumbfounded. He couldn’t even bring himself to say “Ginny, how could you?”

~All the times
That I felt like this won't end
It's for you
And I taste
What I could never have
It was from you
All the times
That I've cried
My intentions
Full of pride
But I waste
More time than anyone~

“Harry!” Ginny exclaimed as she quickly covered herself with the sheet. “I wasn’t expecting you to be home yet...did you get off early, dear?”

“Finnigan, get out of my house. Now,” Harry replied cooly, although his piercing green eyes burned with rage. Needless to say, Seamus got up, grabbed his shirt and pants and left the room. After Harry heard the distinct sound of the door closing behind Seamus, he looked to Ginny.

“I can explain, Harry...just let me--”

“No, you can’t. I was going to apologize for last night, well that’s hardly necessary now, isn’t it?” Harry said not at all angry, just in a harsh, hurtful tone, that was more heartbreaking to Ginny than if he had been yelling at the top of his lungs.

~But I'm on the outside
And I'm looking in
I can see through you
See your true colors
'Cause inside you're ugly
You're ugly like me
I can see through you
See to the real you~

“I’m sorry, Harry...I was upset with you...I didn’t think that you would..” Ginny looked up at Harry, lost for words. She didn’t know how to convince Harry it was an accident, because getting another man in bed is never really an accident.

“So I guess everything isn’t my fault then, is it? I’m not the only one who screwed up. Somehow I think being late for dinner with you and your parents is a little less worse then sleeping with another person!” Harry said, now showing his anger. The basis of the fight last night had been that Harry was never home early and cared about work too much, but was sleeping with another man Ginny’s idea of making him feel guilty? If it was, it wasn’t quite working. Harry felt guilty before and now he was just plain mad.

~All the times
That I've cried
All this wasted
It's all inside
And I feel
All this pain
Stuffed it down
It's back again~

“Harry I said I was sorry...please...forgive me...” Ginny was now close to tears. Probably fake thought Harry.

“Forgive you? I come home with flowers and everything, ready to APOLOGIZE and I find you having sex with Seamus Finnigan! I was about to ask you to forgive me! Well, forgiveness is just about the last thing on my mind right now! I’ve tried to make it work, Ginny, I really have. And you know what? It’s not going to. As much as I wish I could forgive you, I can’t. I can get over our little fights, but this is bigger than that. This is it, Ginny. This is good-bye. It’s over. For real.”

Harry looked right into Ginny’s tear-filled crystal blue eyes as he said this in that cold, hurtful voice again. Ginny got up, held the sheet tightly around her and left the room. She left the house, Harry didn’t know where she was going, nor did he care. He stripped the bed and burned the sheets. With a flick of his wand, new ones appeared and he laid down on them. He didn’t have a pinch of guilt in him.

~And I lie
Here in bed
All alone
I can't mend
But I feel
Tomorrow will be OK~

Harry saw Ginny for what she really was. A liar and a cheater. The next day while Harry was at work, Ginny came and got her things. She left her key and a note. When Harry got home, he picked up the note and read it.


You could see through me.
You saw the real me.
I am sorry, I know
you’ll never take me back
and I don’t deserve you or
what we had.


Harry tore the notes into shreds and threw the shreds away. He would never have anything to do with Ginny Weasley again. He had seen her true colors and for that, he could never forgive her.

~But I'm on the outside
And I'm looking in
I can see through you
See your true colors
'Cause inside you're ugly
You're ugly like me
I can see through you
See to the real you~

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Outside: Outside


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