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Games of Romance by tomfeltonisdeadsexy
Chapter 1 : Games of Romance
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Games Of Romance


Setting: Alternative Seventh year at Hogwarts


Disclaimer: No, I do not own the Harry Potter Series, but I do look a lot like Hermione Granger.



Just one kiss on my lips,

Was all it took to seal the future.



“Oh come on, Hermione, I thought you would be all for the idea! You said yourself that you needed a break from studying!” Ginny smiled knowingly at her best friend who slammed down her book in surprise.


“Getting out of studying is one thing, but playing a bunch of silly games is completely another!” Hermione grunted indignantly, looking at the redhead sitting across from her in the Gryffindor common room.


“Hey now, Twister, Truth or Dare, and Seven Minutes in Heaven aren’t just some silly games! They are informational and a good way to get to know people, if you know what I mean.” Ginny grinned playfully as she listed her favorite muggle games.


“Oh yes, because you know that tangling yourself up between a million bodies, exposing people’s deepest secrets while telling them to do stuff they normally wouldn’t, and snogging with people you don’t even like is the best way to get to know people!” Hermione sneered sarcastically, ticking off the bad traits on her fingers.


“Yes, it is!” Ginny agreed, laughing, but with the look on Hermione’s face added, “Please Hermione. Just for me?” Ginny pouted and batted her eyelashes. “If you do this, I won’t nag on you for a whole month about…well…everything.”


            Hermione raised her eyebrows in hope, thinking hard about this. Ginny not talking to me about boys and not trying to set me up at every chance she has? Not complaining about how I never do my hair? No complaining when I make her study with me? How very appealing, but then there’s that whole party games thing which is completely offsetting. Which one to choose?


“Okay, fine. I’ll go, but only because I love you, and remember, no talking to me about boyfriends and all that mumbo jumbo,” Hermione grumbled, a look of disgust on her face. Ginny, however, looked positively ecstatic.


“Thank you! Thank you! Oh, I owe you so much!” Ginny grinned widely, jumping up and down, finding her grip on Hermione’s arm.


“Just settle down. Who’s all going to this thing anyway?” Hermione pulled her limb out of Ginny’s grip before she wrenched it out of socket.


“Quite a few people I think, but I can’t be sure. I passed around a note during lunch telling people about it. I know that Harry, Ron, Luna, Parvati, Padma, Lavender, Seamus, Neville, and a few others might be coming, but it’s hard to say how many read the note.”


“Oh, so now I see why you want to go so bad…Harry.” Hermione winked and nudged her friend, while Ginny just grinned and turned scarlet.


“Just because a certain Mr. Potter will be going doesn’t mean that is the only reason why I am,” Ginny scolded teasingly.


“Well, of course not.” Hermione paused sarcastically and then continued on to prove her point. “The other reason is that you are hoping that Mr. Potter is your closet partner for a certain game that involves kissing, am I right?” Hermione grinned, guessing the exact truth.


“Oh hush up!” Ginny blushed even more furiously, but then her eyes lit up as she glanced at the clock on the wall. It was nearing six. “Oh! We have to go get ready; we only have thirty minutes!”


“But Ginny you look great, and I’m already ready.”


“Ha-ha-ha. Nice joke. Great is definitely not good enough, and this time I am going to get you ready for once. We are going to knock their socks off!” Ginny squealed, dragging Hermione off the couch and up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory before Hermione could protest.


            As soon as Hermione entered Ginny’s dorm, she was suffocated with the amount of clothes being thrown at her from all angles. She just had enough time to snatch her hand out, grabbing a shoe that had been flying at her, before it hit her face.


“Hm, no, not that. No, that wouldn’t work with your body type. No, not those either!” Ginny muttered to herself as she ransacked her wardrobe. “Ugh. Why aren’t any of my clothes good enough?!” She stopped for a moment in frustration, her hands on her hips, but then slowly a smile flickered onto her face. She quickly ran over to her trunk and scooped out a rather large, white box.


“Take this and put on the clothes inside of it. Mum just sent them to me, and I haven’t worn them yet. They will be fabulous on you.”


            Hermione looked at the box nervously, wondering what could be inside, but she decided that she could trust Ginny’s choice. She turned and headed for the bathroom. Once she was inside, she quickly locked the door and stripped herself of her shirt, socks, and jeans. She looked at the box on the counter, contemplating if it was worth all the trouble, but then decided to give in. What was wrong with dressing up a little? She slid her fingers along the opening and lifted the lid.


            Inside she found a deep purple halter-top with a golden sash that tied around the back, just below her bust line, and two identical strings to tie around her neck. It fit snugly around her torso, but flared out when it reached her waist, accentuating her hips. The next garment she pulled out was denim skirt, a little short for her taste, but to her satisfaction, there were a pair of black leggings to go underneath. After slipping into both of them, she reached into the package to find one more thing, a pair of purple lace-up high heels to match the top. As she wrapped the strings up her legs, she realized with shock how wonderful she felt in these clothes. They made her feel bold, daring, and feminine, giving her a sense of confidence she had never felt before. Maybe she’d let Ginny lend her clothes more often.


            Hermione stuffed all her old clothes in the box and stepped out from the bathroom. Instantly, she heard a squeal of delight from the other side of the room as Ginny came rushing up to her.


“Oh my gosh, Hermione! You look absolutely divine in that outfit; it was like it was made for you! You just look so--wow--splendid!” Ginny declared happily. Hermione blushed from all the attention.


“Thanks Gin, but I owe it all to you!” she hugged her friend. “And look at you! You look ravishing as well!”


            Ginny was wearing an ocean blue strapless top with lace hemmed on the edges. She also had a pair of tight, faded blue jeans with a thick silver belt resting on her hips. For shoes, she had put on a pair of strappy silver high-heels. Her hair was down in soft curls.


“Thanks, so are you ready for what’s coming next?” Ginny asked eagerly.


“Yeah, I’m ready to head out if you are!” Hermione agreed, moving towards the door.


“What?! No, not that kind of ready, silly goose!” Ginny rolled her eyes. “I mean, are you ready to get your hair and make-up done?”


“Oh.” Hermione’s face became anxious, as she forced herself to sit down on the stool Ginny conjured out of thin air. “Okay, I guess there is no need for holding back, right?” She grinned nervously, unsure of the statement she just made, gripping the stool very tightly.


“Too right you are!”


            Ginny pulled out her wand and muttered a few words that Hermione failed to hear, but instantly her head felt oddly lightweight. Something had changed, but she couldn’t figure it out what it was until she saw a strand of her hair that had fallen across her shoulder. It was straight and shiny, a very noticeable difference from her normal style. A loud gasp emitted from her mouth.


“Ginny! What did you do?! Let me see a mirror!” Hermione panicked, trying to get up from the stool, but Ginny’s hands held her firmly in place.

“Deep breath, settle down. And no, I’m not going to let you see a mirror until we are done. Trust me, you look absolutely wonderful,” Ginny soothed and then searched through her vanity drawer and pulled out a make-up bag.


“Ginny, I’ve never even worn make-up before.”


“All the better to start wearing it now then!” Ginny grinned. “But don’t worry, we won’t be putting too much on.


            Fifteen minutes later, after lining her eyes with a brown eyeliner, applying hazelnut eye shadow, brushing a white, shimmery powder over her eyelids, putting on mascara, and adding a touch of peach lipstick, Hermione no longer looked unimpressive. Her graceful features now stuck out, leaving a more mature look to grace her face. Ginny then gave her black chandelier earrings and an enchanted black rose bud to tuck into her hair.


“Wow, Hermione. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this. Harry will only be looking at you.” Ginny laughed. “But seriously, you are the most exquisite girl I have ever seen!”


“Oh, come on, it can’t be that great,” Hermione elaborated doubtfully. “I can’t be-”, but the words stuck in her throat, for she had turned around and was now facing the mirror. She blinked twice with wide eyes, her hands dropped to her sides hanging limply, and her mouth fell open, giving her a dumbfounded look. She simply couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Ginny hadn’t been lying.


            She couldn’t help the smile the crept slowly upon her face. Never once had she fathomed the fact that she could look so beautiful. Hermione couldn’t resist the urge as she ran her fingers through her hair, feeling the now silky, straight, chestnut tresses, pushing her bangs to the side. Her stomach felt as if it were a balloon, slowly expanding in her happiness. Launching off the stool, she smothered Ginny in a hug.


“Oh Ginny! Thank you! Oh, thank you! You are the best ever! Oh my god! This is wonderful! How can I ever repay you?!” Hermione squealed, excitedly bouncing up and down.


“It’s absolutely no problem at all, but now it’s time to really go knock their socks off!”


            Hermione and Ginny made their way out of the Gryffindor Common room and up the next flight of stairs, talking and giggling about Ginny’s love life and Hermione’s non-existent one. Hermione couldn’t stop smiling the entire time, feeling truly confident as she strutted slightly. When they reached the seventh floor, they walked to the middle of the hallway and stopped.


“Okay, what we need is a place where our friends came for a party,” Ginny recited to Hermione. They began to walk back and forth over a little section of wall, thinking that same thought over and over again.


After the third time of pacing, they turned around and found a door where a blank section of wall had been. Ginny reached out for the handle and pushed it open with Hermione following behind her. They were greeted with the sound of chatting and laughing, and heads turned towards the door to see who was entering the Room of Requirement.


“Hey Ginny, hey H-” Ron’s voice cut out at the sight of his best friend standing before him. A tall, brunette girl was standing behind his sister. Is that Hermione, the bookworm Hermione that I’ve known since I was eleven? He could believe his eyes. She must have grown nervous from his stare because the very Hermione-ish lip biting gave her away.


“Bloody hell, you look incredible!” Ron chorused, grinning lopsidedly at her. Harry, wanting to see what the commotion was all about, joined Ron’s side, and his mouth almost hit the floor.


“Hermione, you look beautiful!” Harry applauded warmly and then quickly added, “And Ginny, you are, as always, gorgeous!” He turned his main attention to the redhead and felt his heart leap slightly in his chest. Even though they weren’t dating due to her safety, he still loved her with all of his being.


“Good job, Ginny! It’s about time you dolled up that teacher’s pet of ours!” Parvati joked kindly, and her sister, Padma, nodded with a smile.


            The talk about Hermione’s new looks continued on with Luna, Lavender, Seamus, and Neville as they joined in on the compliments, but suddenly the chatter was drowned out by a suction noise, and a door appeared with a ‘pop’ in the room.


“I thought everyone was here already,” declared Neville, looking to the door with wonder.


“I guess not,” acknowledged Lavender, starring intently at the door, which was now opening.


            And to everyone’s surprise, none other than Draco Malfoy stepped into the room.


            As he came in the room, another Slytherin stepped in too, Blaise Zambini. At first, Hermione was glad to see the shocked looks on Neville and Ron’s faces that mimicked her own. Why would Draco, of all people, be here? Did he come to cause trouble? How had he known their location? But then she was doublely surprised to see that the Patil twins, Luna, Lavender, Ginny, and Harry were all looking up intently, as if they were expecting him, happy even, that he was here.


“What are you doing here, Ferret?” Ron growled, advancing forward.


“I believe your friends invited me here, Weasel,” Draco smirked coolly. Ron’s glare grew deeper as he turned around to find an answer to this unexpected guest. His gaze settled on Harry for questioning, his ears turning red to match his hair. Harry shuffled his feet, no doubt trying to figure out what he was going to say.


“Well, I thought since Draco came back this year and confessed everything about how he didn’t want to be apart of Voldemort’s plans, I thought that I should start being civil to him,” Harry explained, looking guilty. “You know that he’s been cleared of all charges. And if I can put the past behind me, so can you.”


            Ron mumbled something incomprehensible and obviously vile, as was the look he flashed the Slytherin blonde. Clearly, he wasn’t as forgiving as Harry; then again, he hadn’t been the one there to witness Draco’s redemption. The blonde smirked at his triumph, shut the door behind him, and then faced the rest of the group, taking on a more polite stance.


“Everyone, this is Blaise,” he proceeded to introduce the tall, brooding boy next to him. “Blaise, this is Harry and Ron, as you already know. There are the Patil twins, Padma and Parvati. Lavender Brown is that girl. That’s Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, and Seamus Finnegan. You know Ginny Weasley from Quidditch, and there is H-” His voice cracked when he saw a pair of intense and intriguing deep brown eyes starring back at him. And with a second look, he realized those eyes sure had a body to go with them. Looking her up and down, he gulped. He absolutely hated to admit it, but somehow Hermione Granger had turned herself beautiful.



Just one look from your eyes,

Was like a certain kind of torture.



            Wanting to take it all in, he started with her long, slender legs and worked his way up her body that seemed to have grown curves overnight. He then came to the conclusion that it was simply the lack of her bulky robes that made her body seem both more petite and womanly than usual. Her face was a work of art with her full lips, her eyes partially covered by her swept bangs, accentuated by her make-up, and that hair of hers was looking delectably silky and soft as it flowed down in layers.


“Hello? Malfoy?” Hermione challenged with a smile twitching on her lips. Why is he looking at me like that? Has the charm of my new looks worked on him too? She almost laughed aloud at the thought.


            Draco snapped out of his daze at her words. How can I think that my enemy of six years is so bloody gorgeous?! I cannot allow her new appearance to cloud my judgment. I can’t let her think that she’s affected me so much.


“Blaise this is Her-…Granger.” His voice turned slightly cold, and he realized too late that he was trying too hard to hide his attraction.


“Hi,” breathed Hermione, though she found herself not looking at Blaise, but rather at Draco. He was still gazing back at her too. She felt herself captivated under his stare and began to blush; it was almost as if she was smitten by him! Quickly, she mentally slapped herself. What am I thinking?! This is my worst enemy! He has tormented me and called me names for years! Maybe I’m just appreciative because he’s finally acting as though I’m more than just muggleborn trash.



Once upon a time,

There was a boy,

There was a girl.



            But I can’t let him get to me. I can’t let him get under my skin, even if his platinum blonde hair, irresistible blue-eyes, tall stature, and sly smirked are all so attractive. I’ve ignored those traits long enough, and I can continue to do so. But she wondered why, of all reasons, she was now taking the time appreciate his beauty. She quickly shook her head of her nonsense.


            Ginny sensed the tension in the room and cleared her throat loudly. Everybody looked up, breaking the awkward stares between the Slytherin and Gryffindor, although the blonde couldn’t help but to sneak another glance or two at his rival.


“Are you guys ready to play Twister?” Ginny asked excitedly. A round of “yeah” came from around the room, and out of nowhere, one large Twister mat appeared.


“I’ll be the spinner,” Luna volunteered, picking up the small board, starring at it in wonder.


“Alright. So everyone grab a spot. You guys all know how to play, right?” Ginny asked curiously. They all nodded their heads.


            Hermione took the bottom corner of the mat next to Lavender, and Draco took the place on her other side, shaking his head slightly at her, just enough so she would notice. She flashed him a questioning look.


“Ooh, daring Granger. Wearing a skirt during Twister? Ready to show your knickers off to the room?” Draco speculated slyly, looking down at her legs.


“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Hermione retorted back sassily. “Sorry to damper your spirits though, but sadly, you’ve neglected to notice that I’m wearing leggings.”


“That’s too bad,” Draco said as he leaned in close and whispered it in her ear, giving her a wink. He turned back to the mat just in time to place his left foot on blue and left hand on red.


            Hermione’s mind was running a mile a minute. Why in hell did he just say that? Why did he get so close to me? And why, of all things, did I just get goose bumps? She shook her head trying to rid the thought that entered her brain, which would answer her last question. She had gotten goose bumps…because she had liked it.


            Draco was just as confused about his behavior. Why am I being so brash? And to Granger of all people! I don’t even understand what made me want to do that. Sure, she’s attractive, but six years of hating each other should overrule that instantly. I need to stop being so irrational and stupid. Ugh, there’s no way I could ever like Granger! That’s is preposterous! He moved his right foot to yellow and then his other foot over to red.


            Ten minutes later, Hermione found herself in a very compromising position. Draco, who was still right along side of her, lying low against the mat, was blocking most of the dots. Hermione was scrunched up next to him, one of her legs in-between his. She felt most embarrassed, but he hadn’t made a comment since the one at the beginning. She was starting to think that his brazen attitude had all been a façade and he was now reverting back to his normal self.


“Right hand yellow,” cooed Luna, starring off into the distance.


            Draco moved easily to his left, but Hermione found difficulty. The only vacant yellow dot was on the left of Draco, but yet she was on his right. Of course. Just my luck. Why is it always me?


            Draco noticed her hesitation and found the source of her reluctance. A smirk found its way to his lips, and he realized what would happen next was inevitable. She was going to have to, in a sense, straddle him. He looked up at her with a triumphant grin. He knew she wouldn’t sacrifice her pride for a stupid game. He knew that she would give up and lose.


“Oh, Granger, I’m sorry you have to lose so soon. I guess I win then,” Draco smirked.


            Hermione, who had indeed been all about quitting at this point, quickly recollected her options. For some reason, she felt the need to prove Draco wrong and at the same time impress him. She stocked it up to being stubborn and hating to lose, so she smirked a rather evil smirk and shifted her weight.


            Draco could not comprehend what was happening as he felt her right leg swing over his hips, brushing his bare skin that had been revealed by his scrunched up shirt, and her right arm snaked across his chest. Hermione Granger was not going to hold back. She, unbelievably, had taken up the challenge and was now holding herself above him. He quickly tried to think of uninteresting things to take his mind of off the pictures forming in his brain.


“I didn’t think you had it in you, Granger.” Malfoy grinned slyly. Hermione rolled her eyes as she starred down at Draco’s polo and jeans, wondering when he had started wearing muggle clothes. She hated to admit that he looked rather nice in them, but she also knew that she had more pressing matters on her hands. She was never going to live this down. Ever.


            Their bodies were touching in almost every aspect, Hermione on top with her legs intertwined in his and their faces just a breath apart. She could feel his heart beating against hers, both in rapid pace. What bothered Hermione the most though was that Draco’s face was right beneath hers, enabling her to look at nothing else.


            She began to notice the curve of his smirk, how straight his pearly white teeth were, the slight pink tinge in his cheeks, and the wispy blonde locks falling into his eyes. And oh, his eyes! They were the most beautiful color Hermione had ever seen. She had always thought them to be gray and harsh, always filled with coldness, but in truth they were the most magnificent blue, like the ocean, with specks of shimmering silver dotted here and there. If she were honesty wish herself, she could have been content with looking into them for hours.


“Granger, I know I’m good looking, but that doesn’t mean you have to stare at me all day.”


            Hermione snapped out of her daze and blushed furiously. Uh, how long was I looking at him? And why was I? Why am I suddenly so taken with his presence? Her frustration took over. This boy has been cruel to me the whole time I’ve attended Hogwarts, and now I’m letting myself have such fanciful notions about him? And who is he to be so cocky and sly about this whole thing? The anger mounted up inside of her as she leaned down and whispered silkily in his ear.


“You know how people stare at the people who have been in accidents, finding horror that it’s so terrible, but all together thankful that it’s not you? Well, that is you in a nut shell,” she hissed icily. The game wasn’t worth it anymore. Hermione decided that it was better to forfeit than to face Draco’s snide comments, but when she went to stand up, he heel got stuck on Draco’s pant leg, and she fell forward in slow motion.


            Draco looked up, watching Hermione’s face grow close to his as she stumbled. He flattened himself out on the mat as her body collided with his, his hands bracing her arms to keep her weight off him. Draco was fairly surprised though that her body was as light as a feather, and he tried as hard as he could not to think about the fact that her curves fit rather well with the alignment of his own body as they pressed into him. What distracted him the most though was that there was an odd sensation on his neck. Something moist and warm was pressed up against it. He looked down and realized with shock that Hermione’s lips were touching his throat.



Just one touch from your hands,

Was all it took to make me falter.



            Hermione quickly lifted her face off of him, looking like a ripened cherry. My lips just accidentally kissed Draco’s neck. Oh my god. This is a complete catastrophe; this couldn’t be worse. Merlin, oh Merlin.


“Granger! I know women can’t resist me, but you kissing me? That is one thing I would never expect!” Draco joked with laughter written across his face. He knew full well that she was furious with him, so he added, “but you know, it wasn’t that bad.” He winked. “Remind me to return the favor someday.”


            Draco winced as Hermione shot him a glare. He knew that she was both mad at him and herself with the way her eyebrows scrunched together, forming her typical anger lines on her forehead. Not wanted to give her any more reasons to grow in fury, he kept his mouth shut. Hermione, on the other hand, had a million thoughts were running through her mind. Why am I allowing myself to be harassed by Malfoy’s words? I never let them get to me before! And now I don’t even have the power to stand up to him. What’s wrong with me?! Why I am acting like he intimidates me? And Draco! What did he mean that he would have to return the favor? Is he planning on kissing me?! Of course not. That would just be ridiculous!


“Okay, everyone! Since Hermione forfeited the game, we will carry on to the next one…Truth or Dare!” Ginny declared, trying to cover up another awkward moment. Everyone lifted themselves off the mat, and in a flash, the game disappeared and a circle of chairs, pillows, and other things to sit on took its place.


            As they all went to get seated, Hermione spotted Draco pulling Ginny across the room and began talking in hushed voices in a secluded corner. She watched curiously as Draco glanced at her then looked away quickly, and Ginny’s smile grew wider with each passing second. This time Ginny looked at Hermione, and the next moment swiftly directed her stare elsewhere. Hermione began to wonder what they were talking about, but was unable to find out because a second later the two came back to join the group, Draco now lounging in a comfy chair across the circle from her.


“Alright, Lavender, you get to ask the first person,” Ginny decided as she sat down.


“Okay, let’s see here…Blaise, truth or dare?” Lavender asked, motioning for his answer.


            And the game continued on for a hilarious and drama-filled hour. Truths were asked about from anything like “Who gave you your first kiss?” which Padma admitted was Oliver Wood. Then “What was your most embarrassing moment?” and Luna told some stir-crazy story that no one understood. They even came to find that Harry still liked Ginny a lot and that he never had wanted to break up with her, and that Blaise never wanted anything to do with Slytherins or the dark side.


            And the dares were quite varied too. Ron had to serenade to Luna. Seamus ate as many earwax flavored Bertie Bott’s as he could in a minute, and Ginny had to get her diary and read her latest entry, which basically professed her love for Harry.


            Finally, only two people had yet to be chosen, Draco and Hermione. It was Ginny’s turn to ask. She turned and faced the blonde boy with a mischievous grin on her face. Draco, as if reading her mind, sensed trouble. He looked at her, pleading with his eyes, for her not to say anything stupid.


“So, Draco, truth or dare?” Ginny asked ominously, her eyebrows raised.


            Draco considered his options, and thought it might be safer to choose a truth, so he did.


“Fine then. Draco, do you, or do you not, think Hermione is beautiful, and please do elaborate on your opinion,” Ginny smirked, her eyes starring into Draco’s, eagerly awaiting the answer.


            Draco’s breath caught in his throat. Damn, that Weasley! What am I suppose to say to that question?! The truth was that he thought Hermione was incredibly beautiful. But he could never say that out loud. He hated to do it, but he was going to have to lie.


“No, I find no attraction to Hermione at all. She’s a stupid, ugly bookworm with not a pretty bone in her body,” Draco sneered harshly, lying hurtfully through his teeth, all the while feeling impeccably guilty.


            Hermione was completely taken back. It’s one thing to be mean to me, but to call me ugly straight to my face? What a prick. But what happened to earlier? He sure acted like he had admired my new looks. She felt the raw pain of rejection run through her body. I’m not that bad looking, am I? She felt her eyes begin to water, and she dropped her gaze from Draco unable to look him in the eyes.


“Draco Malfoy! You are one of the worst liars I have ever met!” scolded Ginny, glaring hatefully at him. “Tell the girl the truth!”


            Hermione looked up, quickly sucking in what could have been tears. Draco was lying? How the hell does Ginny know that? She was surprised at the relief she felt flooding through her, a spark of hope rising in her chest.


“Okay, fine,” Draco complied, starring at his feet. “I think Hermione is an incredibly gorgeous girl, and I have yet to find another person in school who can match her beautiful smile,” Draco admitted, looking anywhere but at her face. He didn’t care to see her reaction. Either she would think he was simply humoring her, or she would be outraged at his blatant compliment. An audible gasp was heard from the audience, but none was louder than the one that issued from Hermione.



Forbidden Love,

Are we supposed to be together?

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love.



“Well, well, well, that’s a different story entirely then, isn’t it?” Ginny grinned manically, while turning her attention away from him. “Okay Parvati, you haven’t asked anyone yet.”


            Draco risked a glance upward, hoping on all hope that Hermione had focused her attention somewhere else. Unfortunately, he didn’t get his wish. She was starring at him with a mixture of awe and disbelief, and a shadow of a smile was present on her lips. The connection when they locked eyes was eerie; he was so captured by her expression that he couldn’t look away. Maybe he hadn’t said the wrong thing after all. Finally, a voice broke through his trance as well as Hermione’s.


“Hermione, truth or dare?” Parvati questioned, her grin matching that of Ginny’s.


            Hermione carefully thought over the question. She couldn’t choose a truth because with her luck Ginny and Parvati had formulated some sort of plan that concerned her and Draco. So she would just have to choose a dare.


“Um, dare I guess?” Parvati smirked almost evilly. Hermione gulped. What have I gotten myself into?


“Okay Hermione, I dare you to seduce Draco, and no kiddy stuff; it has to be the real deal.”


            Hermione paled as all the blood rushed out of her face. She looked absolutely terrified. This can’t be happening! Slowly, she flicked her eyes over to Draco and saw that he had turned as white as a ghost also. How am I supposed to get the guts to do this? Why is everyone plotting against me? And most of all, how the hell am I suppose to seduce him? What do you do to seduce a guy anyway? This is Draco-fucking-Malfoy. I’m going to be nothing compared to all the other girls he’s shacked up with.



We seal the destiny forever,

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love.



“Come on, Hermione, we don’t have all day!” Ginny exclaimed exasperatedly, hiding her glee at how well her plan was working.


            The brunette shot a glare at Ginny, but she knew there was no way she could back out no matter how much she begged, so she got up from her chair, and she began to walk over to Draco. She starred into his eyes for help, but also searching for his objection to all of this. Surely, he has something to say against my dare? Speak up already! But he said nothing; all he could do was stare dumbfoundedly at her. She took a deep breath and slowed her pace down to a saunter, swinging her hips slightly. All she would have to do is play along with the whole thing for a couple minutes, and then it would be over. Easier said than done. Oh Merlin. What do I do next?!


            Draco blinked rapidly, trying to refocus, but all he could see were two honey brown eyes coming closer and closer until a moment later they were inches from his. She was standing right in front of him with her hands on her hips, her curves jutting out a little more, her eyebrows raised while a small smirk played across her features. Bloody hell. This can’t be happening. But whatever she’s got planned it’s working so far. Who knew Granger could actually be sexy? But that’s when he noticed that her hands were shaking and instantly felt remorse for her. The poor girl was scared of him. He couldn’t imagine how insecure she felt in the moment since she probably had no prior experience. And it obviously didn’t help that she hated him and thought him to be nothing more than a pain in her side.


            Hermione was surprised that she was still upright; her head felt as light as a balloon, hardly believing that this was taking place. Next thing she knew, she had swung one of her legs over his lap and put her hand on his shoulder, pulling herself up against his chest, feeling rather awkward and silly. She then slipped her other leg over his lap, fully straddling him for the second time that night. Thinking positive, she told herself that she was halfway done and continued on her mission. She slinked her other arm around his neck and began trailing her fingers down his spine and running them through his hair, thoroughly surprised at how silky his blonde locks felt. She winked at him and flashed a seductive smile, knowing that she had to be doing something right at the amount of goosebumps on his skin.



Just one smile on your face,

Was all it took to change my fortune.



            Draco was shocked at how forward she was being, confidence flowing through her with ease. Her fingers caressing his hair sent shivers down his back, and her body, fusing with his, was, to his surprise, a rather good fit. Dare he say it, it almost felt right having Hermione this close to him; she knew exactly how to make him feel alive. It was a moment before he realized that she had stopped moving, and he could see hesitation in her eyes. He read it clearly on her face: she was at a loss of what to do next. Helping her out, he moved his hands to her lower back, giving her the signal that she was doing fine. He still couldn’t fathom as to why he was enjoying this experience more than he thought he would have.


            She felt butterflies erupt in her stomach at his touch, and she was embarrassed as her body reacted to it, molding herself into his hands. Only a few more seconds, she told herself. She slipped her hand over to his school tie and began to loosen it, all the while pulling Draco closer. Hermione then bent her head down and whispered in his ear.


“Merlin, I want you,” she breathed sensually, and for a moment, she almost felt as if she meant it.



Just one word from your mouth,

Was all I needed to be certain.



            Then she closed in for the kill. She swept her face towards his again, almost as if she were about to kiss him tenderly, but rather brushed his nose softly, then leaned in so they were touching foreheads, all the while starring into those deep blue orbs of his.


            Draco gulped air as if he had never tasted something so delicious. Damn, how in the hell does she make me lose my mind like this? Granger should not be able to affect me this much. Her voice was rich with sultriness, and it had turned husky, making him involuntarily push his body against hers, thus making the heated moment even more sexual. And then when her face brushed his, he had never felt such desire to kiss someone as he did then. He mentally slapped himself at this thought; he couldn’t let himself get carried away.


            Sighing with relief, Hermione realized that she had finished her job and slid off his lap. She could hear heavy breathing and was completely taken aback that it was coming from the two of them. A round of applause could now be heard coming from everyone in the room, although Ron and Harry didn’t seem all that enthusiastic with the performance. Hermione turned scarlet as she heard a few hoots and hollers. She felt a clap on her back as both of the Patil twins told her she did very well, smirking rather manically. As she sat down on her hard, cold chair, a realization hit her like a ton of bricks. She missed the warmth and softness of his body surrounding hers. She missed the feeling of his hair, she missed his hands touching her, she missed the feeling of being wanted, and most of all, she missed those eyes of his. As hard as it was to believe that she was attracted to Draco Malfoy, she had to accept the fact that, at least for one night, she was fraternizing with the enemy and enjoying it.


“Well done, Hermione. What a great way to finish up our game!” Ginny winked at her. “Now, it’s time for the final activity of the night…seven minutes in heaven!” A round of gleeful oohs was heard around the room, and in the middle of the circle of chairs, a bottle appeared.


“Hermione, can I talk to you for a moment?” Ginny whispered to her friend as everyone got situated.


            Hermione nodded feverently, and they both snuck away from the group, unnoticed for the moment. Before Ginny could begin to speak though, Hermione seized the silence and cut her off.


“Okay missy, I know this is all too much to be a coincidence; you had something to do with this whole Malfoy thing, so spill,” Hermione detected, while tapping her foot with impatience. Ginny grinned guiltily.


“I guess you caught me. Well, there isn’t enough time to tell you, but yes, I am trying to hook you up with the guy,” Ginny paused at the sight of an exasperated Hermione. “I know, I know, I promised I would quit for a week, and I know Draco seems like the most horrible guy for me to choose, but you have to trust me.”


            Ginny was about to say more, but she was cut off by Harry yelling, “Come on you two! We’re starting!” Ginny held up her index finger to signal that they needed more time.


“I talked to him; he told me everything. He’s actually really nice, we’ve underestimated him all these ye-”


“Come on you guys!” Lavender yelled impatiently. This time Ginny gave into the restlessness.


“Just trust him, okay?” Ginny said breathlessly and departed to the circle, leaving a very confused Hermione behind.


            There was an empty silence in her head as she realized the extent of the plan. Draco and me? Together? That’s preposterous! We are enemies! We hate each other! Well, maybe we don’t hate each other so much anymore, especially after tonight…but still! We have no attraction to each other rather than physical nor do we share any common ground! But a moment later she realized she was wrong about that. She was attracted to many things about him: his sly humor, his intellect, his confidence, and the chemistry they shared so far that evening. And yes, they also were very similar. Hard working, head strong, smart, independent, stubborn, all fit them to a tee. Slowly, Hermione realized the fact that Ginny had seen all along. Draco and her, in certain terms, were a great match, setting aside their past. But there’s one flaw in Ginny’s plan, thought Hermione, Draco will never agree to it.


            Hermione took a deep breath and walked back to the circle, a little shaky about what she had just discovered. It was almost as if a switch had been thrown because she now noticed what she hadn’t before. Everything from the gleam in Ginny’s eyes of accomplishment of the plan, to the identical grins of support from the Patil twins, to the whispering and pointing at her and Draco from Lavender, to the amused smirk on Draco’s face. It’s like everyone is in on the secret. Well, except for Draco of course, because then he surely wouldn’t be smiling like he is. She sat down in her chair, feeling self-conscious and waited for the game to begin.


“I pretty much can assume that all of us know how Seven Minutes in Heaven is played,” Ginny laughed, while shifty grins appeared on everyone’s faces. “There is a slight difference though when magic is added. The bottle will not need to be spun, for it will do it automatically, but the trick is that it will be able to tell who is the most compatible with each other. Then, whomever the bottle chooses, will go off into their own little room, and we’ve rounded off the time, so couples will be able to do what they want for ten minutes,” Ginny explained. “Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, six doorways have been created for the couples.”


            At the end of Ginny’s words, the lights dimmed and the bottle began spinning on its own. Everyone waited in tense excitement as the bottle sped up then slowed down until it landed on Harry. The raven-haired boy smiled embarrassedly and grew nervous as the bottle chose his partner. He blushed scarlet as it stopped on Ginny, and even he wasn’t able to conceal his grin. Ginny let out a nervous squeal as teasing oohs chorused through out the room. Harry stood up, walked over to his partner, and smiled even brighter as they walked through the first door together, their fingers laced. And the game continued on.


            Ron and Lavender. Luna and Neville. Seamus and Parvati. All six were paired up and walked together through the doors in the next couple of minutes. By now Hermione had realized her fate. Only her, Blaise, Padma, and Draco were left. After everything that had happened that night, everything that had been said, it was obvious who her partner was going to be. Her stomach began twisting in knots, her palms becoming clammy. It had been one thing to be physically close to him already, but it would be completely different to actually kiss the boy. She was torn over the idea, half filled of thrill, the other fright.


Then time seemed to speed up; the bottle, which a minute ago landed on Blaise, now rested at Padma’s feet. Copying the others, they got up, Blaise with his arm around her, gave Draco a wink, and disappeared through the door.



Once upon a time,

There was a boy,

There was a girl.



            An awkward silence filled the room, as Draco looked over to Hermione. He could tell that she was avoiding his glance. He almost felt bad for the girl; she obviously wanted no part of this. Draco stood up, initiating for her to follow him and walked to the remaining door. He opened it, expecting Hermione to walk in, when he saw she was still sitting down.


“Granger, you know we at least have to go in the room, right? It’s not like we have to do anything.”


            She looked up at him, half relieved and half disappointed at his words, and nodded her head. She stood up slowly and shuffled nervously through the door as he held it open. With a final click, the door closed behind him and darkness swept over. Though, as their eyes got used to the room, which was the size of a walk-in closet, they could see that candles had been placed on shelves, filling the room with the scent of vanilla and dim light. The only furniture in the room was a loveseat, a velvet rug, and a small table. Hermione couldn’t help but think it was rather cozy and romantic


“So are we just going to sit here for ten minutes or what?” Hermione asked conversationally, trying to relieve the sexual tension of the night. Her voice sounded on edge, and she knew she wasn’t good at hiding her anxiety.


            Draco knew that she was purposefully pretending like the events that night between them had been plainly innocent, like nothing had happened between them. So it was up to him to get her out of denial. It was time to have everything between them out in the open. He would just have to rile her up a bit.


“Granger, I know you want me; don’t try to hide it. You haven’t been able to resist me all night. Falling in Twister and seducing me in Truth or Dare; you’ve been a busy girl,” he bantered slyly. He watched as Hermione became offended by his words, just like he knew she would.


“Well, I wasn’t the only one being flirtatious. You said I was beautiful. Oh, and don’t forget, you want to “return the favor” from Twister!” Hermione fought back at lightning speed.


“Yeah, and you know you liked it.” He winked pompously and retorted, “So you aren’t denying it then?”


“Ugh! You are so infuriating!” she growled, upset at the fact that she had been caught red-handed. Too frustrated for words, she walked straight over to the door and went to push it open, but Draco caught her arm and pulled her forcefully back to him, spinning her into his arms.



Hearts that intertwine,

They lived in a different kind of world.



            Draco meant to say something as he looked at her, but his mind went blank, and as it did, he felt his stomach flip-flop. In this light, Hermione looked even more divine, if possible. Her eyes sparkled, her hair was pushed out of her face, and a little smile was playing its way across her lips in her confusion. He knew right then he was ready, ready to explain himself. Nervous of his stare, Hermione took a step back from him, but he matched that with one of his own. More bewildered than ever, she went to take another step, but found herself up against the wall. She looked into his eyes, pleading for an answer, but found nothing but, dare she say it, affection there.


“Just kiss me, Hermione,” he whispered, her first name rolling of his tongue for the first time.



Forbidden Love,

Are we supposed to be together?

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love.



“W-w-what?” Hermione trembled, her eyes holding a look of panic. Did he just say what I thought he said? It has to be a mistake! I need to get out of here; I have to leave. This is so wrong, isn’t it?


“I said kiss me, Hermione,” he whispered again delicately. He reached down for her hands that were hanging at her sides and intertwined them with his. Hermione felt like she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t move. Since when has he had feelings for me? This is Draco Malfoy. He shouldn’t find me appealing. And I shouldn’t likewise. But then how come I can’t willing leave? Why does holding his hand feel so comfortable, so right? And why am I imagining what it would be like to kiss him?


“You’re crazy…” Hermione breathed, unsure of herself or anything else for that matter.


“Am I?” Draco swooned, his eyebrows raised. He could feel himself leaning closer; their noses were almost touching. He could feel her quickened breath on his neck as she tensed up. He knew she was nervous, but he had to have her. Every part of his being wanted to be closer to her.


“Yeah, y-” Hermione felt her air get snatched away from her as Draco claimed her lips with his. Her first instinct was to pull away, and she started to, but then Ginny’s words resounded in her head. “Trust him!”



We seal the destiny forever,

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love.



            Maybe she was going insane, or maybe she had lost her better judgment, but she obliged his kiss, and leaned into the blonde in front of her. And she realized that it was worth it; she was immersed in the most indescribable feeling. Everything melted around her; there was no such thing as willpower. It felt like she was floating or even flying. Shivers ran down her spine as she unlocked her fingers and wrapped her arms around Draco’s neck. She threaded her hands through his hair as she had done earlier and was startled when he did the same.


            A million new emotions erupted out of her just from one kiss. There seemed to be an ache inside of her, a yearning for his touch, and she wondered if he felt the same. She felt herself smile against his lips as he placed his hands on her waist, amazed that one kiss could completely alter her thoughts about him. He felt her grin and couldn’t help but smile too. They both opened their eyes, stopping the embrace, and starred at each other in awe. Hermione turned scarlet from embarrassment, and Draco pulled her tighter into his arms, her head resting on his chest while his chin rested on top of her hair.


“Wow,” he whispered, not believing what had just happened. “Wow.” Hermione did have any better words to sum it up, so she remained quiet listening to the beat of his heart as it raced in his chest. Suddenly, she found it hard to believe they hadn’t been this close before; it felt like the most familiar thing to her. After a moment, Draco tilted her chin up with his hand and gazed deeply into her eyes.



Just one kiss,

Just one touch,

Just one look.



“Well, I guess this might be a good time to explain myself, huh?” Draco smiled, and Hermione shook her head in agreement. He felt confident as he worked out what he was going to say, somehow knowing that no matter what, they would walk out of this room completely altered.


“Okay, to make a long story short, I’ve liked you since the beginning of last year,” he said and then chuckled at the look of surprise on Hermione’s face. “Yes, that long. Now, everyone tends to think I’ve been this spoiled, arrogant kid my whole life, and I had been, but in our sixth year, I began to see things in a different light. As you know, I became a Death Eater at the start of term. While it was at first done willingly, soon my mind began to think differently about it. I was eager at first because that was the life I was brought up in; I knew nothing different. But I began to see the real picture soon enough.”


“I was assigned the task of killing Dumbledore. I couldn’t believe it when they presented the mission to me. Sure, I didn’t care for the old man, but I certainly didn’t want him dead. So even though I took up the task, all my attempts were half-assed. I didn’t actually try, and I figured that they would eventually just pass it on to someone else. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Enraged that I continually failed, my father…” Draco voice broke for a moment, and he swallowed, attempting to keep his cool. “My father ended up killing my mother as punishment.” Hermione flinched at these words and laced her hand into his for support, letting him know that she cared.


“She was a good person too, nothing at all like my father. I loved her.” He sighed. “And that’s when I started thinking differently. When I had heard of Death Eaters killing others, I never cared because I had no connection to them. But then I realized, that other people did. The people who were dying were part of a family somewhere, innocent mums and dads being stripped away from their children. It sickened me. So I began to revolt secretly; I had nothing left to lose.”


“Then came the night of the raid on the castle, and I froze in the astronomy tower, not wanting to kill Dumbledore, but also deathly afraid of what Voldemort would do to me if I did not go through with the plan. But Dumbledore offered me hope; he said he could protect me, and I was going to accept. But it was too later. Snape ended up killing Dumbledore for Merlin knows why, and with my only other option destroyed, I fled with him out of fear.”


“I finally was able to return in August, making my escape out of Voldemort’s hand, and I turned myself into the Order. I told them the exact story I’m telling you now, and they let me reinstate myself on the right side of the fight.” Hermione looked up at him with awe, proud of the man standing in front of her for putting up with so much and still coming out on top. “Potter was actually the first person that offered me a position. Somehow he looked past our old grievances; I don’t know how he did it.”


“But that’s not the point of this conversation. The truth is, sometime between now and then I got this new perspective of you. I no longer cared about blood or which side of the fight you were on. You were always there with your intelligence, confidence, sly humor, compassion for others, and one day it hit me that you were more than ordinary. It took me five years to figure out that you were the girl I was looking for this whole time. Beautiful, independent, strong, you’re everything I’ve ever wanted, Hermione. I just had to open my eyes first,” Draco gushed, bringing her into his arms once more. Hermione smiled with content, unable to think of anything to say in response. It was hard for her to believe that Draco had just confessed all that, but he had indeed, and she wasn’t afraid to admit that she had loved every moment of it.



Forbidden Love,

Are we supposed to be together?

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love.

We seal the destiny forever,

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love.



“So this year I started out fresh, Potter and I deciding to be civil with each other. He’s been looking out for me, telling people off when they call me a Death Eater and watching my back. We made this sort of truce to be civil to each other. And since Harry knew my story, so did Ginny. She heard about me turning over a new leaf, and we began to talk over the summer when we both had stayed at Grimmauld Place. So when we got back to school, she was the one I confided it, and surprisingly, we’ve become good friends. That’s how I got invited to this party. And I knew you were going to be here, so I talked to Ginny and told her about my feelings for you, and she thought it was ‘adorable’.” They both laughed as he used his fingers for quotes. “And you know the rest of the story.” Draco took a deep breath and looked into her eyes. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really like you,” he concluded, waiting for her response. She smiled enigmatically at him.


“Draco Malfoy, you are sweet, but you talk entirely too much.”


            And with that, Hermione pulled him in by his tie and kissed him. Automatically, Draco backed her up against the wall, and his hands cupped around her lower back. This kiss was different than the first; passion ignited through them, and Hermione wrapped herself tightly around him. Invigorated by their sincere emotions, their mouths moved with each other, hungry for all they could get. The blonde deepened the kiss with passion, feeling full of excitement that things had turned out the way he had wished. Kissing Hermione Granger was forbidden no more; she was the most extraordinary girl he had ever met, and she felt the same towards him. His passion poured into his movements, his heart beating wildly in joy. Time was only measured by the length they held their breath. Finally, Hermione broke the embrace, coming up for air.



Forbidden Love,

Are we supposed to be together?

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love.

We seal the destiny forever,

Forbidden love,

Forbidden love.



“You are amazing, Draco, simply amazing.” Hermione smiled against his chest as he hugged her tightly.


“I couldn’t have said it better about you,” he complimented. Then realization struck him and a smirk came to his face. “I believe I have successfully returned the favor now.” He laughed, stroking her hair.


            Hermione laughed, treasuring this moment in which she felt so loved, but then her smiled faded as she began to think. “Draco, what is everyone going to think about us?” she asked as he began to lead her to the door, their hands clasped together. He pushed open the door, hearing loud gasps coming from their sudden appearance, but his eyes were only focused on hers.


“Does it really matter?” He grinned, and they looked up, ready to face anything.



Just one kiss,

Just one touch,

Just one look,

Just one love.

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