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Flower of the Sunset by angelinhogwarts
Chapter 2 : Let the rain fall...
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Flower of the Sunset
Angelina Riddle~
*Hey guys! Hopefully you like this chapter! I enjoyed writing it, many thanks for any reviews! Read & Review!*
Let the rain fall..

Lily clutched the cold blanket close to her. She could hear the soft pounding of the rain on the Gryffindor Tower's roof. It was no use.... she couldn't sleep. With a sigh she stood up, grabbing her robe as she went. The rain was cold, and so was the tower. Her once-warm feet silently walked down the freezing spiral stairs. Down in the Common Room, she saw that the leftovers of the Marauder’s "End of the Exams" party were thrown all over the room.

Her anger started to rise once more, but she reminded herself that she should be thankful for dumb Potter's help on the exam. She felt ashamed that she had taken his help, which was AGAINST the O.W.L. rules. If they ever find out.., I'll have to kill myself before my parents do, Lily thought. Jane would have said that was incredibly stupid, and she wouldn't kill herself anyway, she wasn't suicidal. Lily recalled the scene of telling them:

~Flashback to scene~
"YOU WHAT?", exclaimed Jane.
"SHHH! I told you, I took Potter's help. Please don't tell anyone Jane.”, pleaded Lily.
"Oh, I won't! But guess what Lily? Today you said "Thank you" to James Potter really nicely. The whole school is thinking that you love Potter 'cause no one knows about the exam. I think..."
"Yeah, you think that James Potter planned that. I, on the other hand, think a dumb prat like him is capable of something as smart as that. Oh well, that's not to worry about now, I am more concerned about my exam. What if it leeks out someday Jane?” said Lily nervously.
"It won't Lily. And even if it does, well... umm.... Sorry Lily, I have no words of comfort."
"Thanks Jane, that's real nice.” groaned Lily, "But if my parents find out that I cheated on the History of Magic O.W.L. exam, Jane, I’m dead... Do you realize that?"
"Come on Lily, they would never kill their daughter!” exclaimed Jane.
”Fine, then I will.” said Lily.
"It's a good thing you aren't suicidal, Lily!"
~End of Flashback scene~

Smiling at the thought, Lily exited the common room heading down the dark halls. She didn't really care if she got caught, she would simply pretend she had been sleep walking. Which she did, Lily reminded herself. Mrs. Evans had always liked telling that story. Apparently when Lily was 7 years old, she walked outside at three in the morning, pretending to be a dog and picked up an old newspaper with her teeth. Mrs. Evans had been already up, working on her job interviews. Mrs. Evans had a job as waitress, but at that point she had been just applying.

A door groaned. Oh shoot!, thought Lily. Mrs. Whiskers, the cat of the caretaker, Mr. Filch, trotted down the hall. Breathing heavily after the cat left, Lily made her way to the North Tower. She loved going up there, especially when it stormed outside. "OOOOOOOHHHH! " cried the ghost, Peeves.

"Shh... Peeves. Silenco!", said Lily, pointing her wand at the poltergiest. Peeves continued opening his mouth and blabbed a while before he noticed he couldn't make noise. Furious at this thought, he folded his arms and flew away. Lily grinned.

She had finally made her way to the North Tower. On the top the wooden floor was scratchy and had a thin layer of ice on top. It's amazing how cold it can get up here, Lily thought. She took out her wand and conjured up a comfortable chair with a small blanket on top. Settling herself in the warm chair, she snuggled against the soft blanket. She didn't fall asleep, but dreamed, very strange dreams.

A red headed woman headed down the hallway in some sort of house. "Hey sweetheart.", a dark haired man said softly. The girl answered with a kiss. "How's Harry?" "Fine, he went to bed after Padfoot lef..."

Suddenly, Lily opened her eyes. She heard a noise. A cloak! Quickly she sat up and looked around. No one was there. But,.. then... a swish, and Potter appeared. Lily rubbed her eyes, to make sure she wasn't sleeping. No, Potter was there, including his dumb grin. "What do you want Potter?"

James put a finger to his lips to signal she should be quiet.

"WHAT?” Lily yelled, not realizing that Filch was patrolling the corridors below her. She then head footsteps marching up to the tower. Lily looked frantically for somewhere to hide, but didn't find anything. Closing her eyes as a sign of resignation, she waited.

Filch appeared panting at the landing. "Ehh! Potter and little red riding hood!  What are you doing up here?"

"We, we, we.." stuttered Lily.

"Follow me you two!” ordered Filch.

With a heavy heart she saw that they were heading to Professor McGonagall's Office, "The Dreaded Office". They entered and saw that Professor McGonagall was already placed on her usual spot in her expensive leather chair. She lectured for quite a while, before announcing that they would be scrubbing the North Tower every night for a week. "That way you two will be tired enough before you go to bed to insure that you do not feel like wandering the castle after hours. Students are not to be out of bed after hours. IS THAT CLEAR?"

Miserably, Lily nodded. James just grinned. He could be so stupid sometimes.

*Next Chapter: Detention with a marauder*
(Hope you liked it! Please Read and Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *~Angelina~*

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