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Intertwined by Ravensdaughter
Chapter 1 : Letters, Owls, Book lists and Diagon Alley.
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As Rachel was relaxing on her bed thinking about before Hogwarts how easy it was when she was distracted by an owl flying through my window. Rachel sat up and looked at the tabby feathers of the small, excited animal.

"Hey there Pigwigeon. Thanks,"  she said as she gave a hoot.

It was from Hermione.
Rachel opened the parchment carefully and read what it said.

Dear Rachel,
Hope this finds you well. I'm staying at Ron Weasley's house for the summer. Just thought you'd want to know.

She wrote her letter to Hermione and gave Pig some of Crystal's owl snacks.

Thanks Hermione.
I'll see you in Diagon Alley.

Rachel attached the letter to Pigwigeon and went down stairs to have breakfast in the kitchen, to a slight surprise found another owl. Even one a day would surprise Rachel during the holidays. Then she realised...

"Oh my goodness! It's a school owl. It's my OWL Results."

"Your what?” asked her parents looking up from their breakfasts who had found owls delivering post second nature.

"My exam results!" she screeched as she ripped open the envelope.

Wizarding Levels
Grades: Outstanding (O)    Failed Grades: Poor (P)
                          Exceeding Exceptions (E)              Dreadful (D),   
                         Acceptable (A).                                  Troll(T) 
Rachel Anne Silvertone has achieved :
                                           Astronomy: A
                                           Ancient Runes: E 
                                           Arithmancy: E
                                           Care of Magical Creatures: E
                                           Charms: E
                                           Defence Against the Dark Arts: O
                                           Herbology: E
                                           History of Magic: E
                                           Potions: O
                                          Transfiguration: E 

"I PASSED!!!!" she shouted, jumping up and down in the kitchen.

"Well Done. What are you going to do with work though?" her Mum asked.

"I don't know. I'm weighing up my options at the moment," she replied as she stopped jumping, giving her honest answer.

"Okay? Pancakes?" asked her mum walking over to the cooker.

Rachel went up stairs and got dressed and sent a letter to Hermione.

Dear Hermione,
I passed all my Exams. I bet you did to! What’s happening over at the Weasley's?
See you soon

Rachel attached the letter to  to Crystal's leg and she flew out of the window. She sat gazing out of the window watching her disappear. A few days after she returned with a letter from Hermione.

Dear Rachel,
I passed everything. As for what's happening here Bill- you remember him- is marrying Fleur Delacour and she's staying over (she's so annoying).
I'll try and see you in Diagon alley

Rachel decided, through the help of her parents, that she would go to buy her school equipment herself and stay at the pub until school began, as whenever she did her parents would not want to talk with the wizards who'd ask them about muggle life or start talking about wizarding things they'd never heard of. 
Her parents waved goodbye from the front door as Rachel took her trunk round the corner and to a deserted field away from prying eyes. 
She stuck out her wand looked around before she said lumos. Suddenly there was a purple flash and there was a triple deckered bus with the words 'The Knight Bus' emblazoned with black letters on the front.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus..." droned Stan Shunpike.

"Yeah, I know Stan," she said cheerily cutting him off.

He shut his mouth quite quickly and showed her to a seat.
"Where to?" he inquired nosily.

"Diagon Alley," as she sat herself down in an unstable seat. 

"The Leaky Cauldron Ern" he said as he tapped on the glass to the little man in the driver’s seat who head of at full speed. 
They stopped so quickly Rachel was thrown out of her seat. She got up and looked at the sign. Rachel paid and went into the pub and left her stuff in the room. 

She spent an age trying to get to all of the shops- for one she needed seven new books, more potion ingredients and some new robes for school.
Out of the corner of her eye she saw the store and beamed. She jogged into the store and through the crowd spotted her friends by the bushy and flaming red hair.

"Hermione! Ginny!" said Rachel over the noise of the shop. "They really have done well haven't they," she remarked as she finally got over to them.

"Yeah," said Hermione staring at the products. Ginny caught Rachel's eye and grinned which led to the girls promptly burst out laughing and many people looking at the girls. 

"We haven't seen Rachel in a while," Fred remarked as he and George finished dinner that night.

"Not since our last day of school," his twin said as he magically cleared away the plates.

There was a small pause as Fred tried to come up with more conversation. Unfortunately, George noticed it.

"Why are you so interested in Rachel all of a sudden anyway?" asked George suspiciously.


"I can tell when there's nothing going o..."

"There's nothing. Honestly," he said, hearing his brother's ideas forming in his head as he spoke. "You always know what's happening."

"Okay,” said George lazily, knowing he was going to find out soon enough. "Oh yeah if you want to know" he tagged this on as an after thought "she's staying at the Leaky Cauldron until she has to go to school."


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