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Bravery by Box_Of_Souls
Chapter 1 : Bravery
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Warning: Like I said in the summary this is not my normal type of story (or best) it contains almost nothing but fluffyness. This story was inspired by a story called 'I still love you' which I found incredibly -no offence- cliche, girlish and sappy, But I still was completely touched and fell in love with that story. And it inspired this one.

Its hard to admit, my dear readers, that even after writing stories like "Pull Me Away" and "Dementor Tears" -and not batting an eye- I cried in the second last chapter AND no one had died.

It was a wedding.

So I dedicate this story to Kait Hobbit. Sorry about calling your story cliche (but beautifully written). Don't worry I still love you.

So after one of my longest AN's ever (that probably won't be read anyway) I will just say this ... It was less of a plot bunny- more of a dust (plot) bunny.


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Being a Gryffindor is about being brave. Being brave isn’t just about battling dragons and fighting duels. There is more to courage than just showing great nerve. Being valiant can also mean; taking the great leap of telling someone how you feel, making sacrifices for a friend, never giving up in tough times. It even takes courage to say ‘I Do’.

Anybody who heard about the wedding between Fluer Delocour and Bill Weasley would know that it was a beautiful event but it was the brave deeds performed on that fine day that really touched the heart of four young people…

Wedding bells chimed, birds chirped mimicking them in the crisp early summer morning.

The bride herself looked like an angel, dressed lavishly in yards of silk, with white roses laid upon her straight silver hair. Behind her walking were her fairy maids of honour. One with silver hair and a beaming smile and the other with shocking red hair and an absent look on her face, both dressed in glittering gold.

The groom had long red hair back in a ponytail and a fang hanging from his ear, painted silver for the occasion, he had numerous scars on his face as if he had been attacked with scissors but he was just as handsome when his face lit into truly happy smile.

He beamed to his angel bride and she beamed back.

The girl with the red hair turned her head and her brother nudged a handsome raven-haired boy.

He looked up smiling and his smile fell, both turned away and focused on the bride and groom meeting on the alter, set up in the Weasley’s garden. Despite their lack of wealth, it was a beautiful setting. Even the weather was helping.

The wedding was a gorgeous ceremony; Mrs. Weasley shed many tears saying between sobs that one of her eldest sons was finally getting married.

After the last ‘I Do’’s the crowd departed for the wedding reception.

Ron walked up to Hermione, who was watching Mrs. Weasley with a small smile one her face.

‘You’d think someone’s died wouldn’t you?’

‘Well it would be a big thing watching your child get married.’

Ron had expected Hermione to laugh but his face fell.

He took a great gulp, it was time to tell Hermione what he had finally realised. They had both agreed to join Harry but there was no telling what dangers they would face. There was no telling wether they would both live to see You-Know-Who’s defeat.

‘Hermione… Hermione can we walk?’

She turned to him startled and then smiled.

‘Sure Ron.’

He took a deep breath. Now was the time.

‘H – Hermione?’ he asked shakily.

Her breath caught in her throat. ‘Yes Ron?’

‘You…the- the sky is beautiful.’

‘I – yes it is.’

‘Like your eyes.’

She turned to him.


‘Yes Ron.’

‘Do – the lake is smooth.’

‘And sparkling, Ron.’

‘Yes, like your skin.’

Hermione subconsciously ran a hand along her arm.

Ron knelt down and placed a hand upon the grass.

‘This grass, it’s soft but untamed. Just like your hair.’

‘It – it was a beautiful wedding wasn’t it?’

‘Yes. I want my wedding to be the same or – or better. Especially with the right girl.’

He blushed abashed and she smiled.

‘And the summer blossoms Hermione, they are filling the air with such a sweet scent. They smell amazing.’

And in a lower voice he added. ‘Just like you.’

‘Ron, I don’t think you-’

‘Hermione, I’m sorry. I just have to bring myself out and say it.’

‘You- I – that – Your dress is gorgeous.’

She sighed.

He bowed his head. ‘Wait. What I mean is that well, it’s because, because you are wearing it. You make it gorgeous. You’re the gorgeous one.

‘Your beautiful Hermione.’

She smiled. ‘So are you Ron.’

‘No. I mean it. I wasn’t even looking at Fleur. I was looking at you. I know I should have said something earlier.’

He took adeep breath steadying himself and Hermione's eyes began to water.

‘I know Ron, I wasn’t looking at Bill. I was looking at you. You looked so handsome.’

‘Hermione I - I know I’ve taken a long time say this but do- do you…’

He turned and faced her taking her cheek in his hand.

She placed her hand over his and smiled.

Ron finally decided it was time to make his move. The one he had been longing to do for so long.

He kissed her.

And she kissed him back.

It was everything he had imagined, her lips were soft and smooth, unlike how he imagined other girls lips, whose were adorned with sticky sweet cosmetics.

She was beautiful and didn’t need plastics to improve her beauty.

He was kissing her. She was kissing him.

Ginny sighed a deep worn sigh.

‘Harry, please can we talk.’

‘What? Why?’

‘About well- Your decision- about us…’

‘Ginny I made my choice.’

‘I know you did, just give me a chance to talk.’

Harry nodded his head and gestured her to a marble bench near a cluster of lavender bushes.

‘Harry I know that you think your choice right but I can’t see the sense in it-’


‘No Harry listen to me, it’s just the same as Lupin and Tonks right? Wouldn’t Dumbledore have wanted us to keep loving?’

Harry hung his head at the mention of Dumbledore’s name and didn’t reply.

‘I know that you don’t want to be the one to blame for my death but Harry if you don’t defeat You-Know- V-Voldemort –then their will be no me- or you. Imagine if I died anyway and we had wasted the precious time we could have spent together trying to protect me, for no cause.

‘And don’t mind me saying Harry’ she smiled ‘But He- Voldemort has spies and its not exactly inconspicuous that you like me. He’s going to find out anyway Harry, he already knows your close with the whole Weasley family and I’m the first female Weasley in generations, he used me once before just like you said because Ron’s my brother. If he’s trying to kill off the ones you love then isn’t he going to start with us?’

‘Ginny don’t-’

‘’No Harry, you know I’m right.’

‘Ginny I can’t. I can’t let us be together until it’s over. I can’t let you come with us. What if you died?’

Ginny stood, her vibrant red hair swaying.

‘I’d be worried sick if you didn’t let me come! What if you died? How am I supposed to know your safe? Especially knowing we didn’t make the best of our last moments!’

Harry also stood up. ‘What if I defeat Voldemort? What if I defeat him and your dead? I can’t live with that!’

‘Harry even if its not official, everyone around us can see we like each other, everyone can see us eyeing each other, even if we don’t say we’re boyfriend and girlfriend, we still feel the same way.

‘I know I agreed to this but its so hard.

‘I promise I wont die Harry.’

‘You can’t come with us, Hermione, Ron and I. I won’t let you.’

‘Fine, Harry. I won’t. If it’s what you really want. But when this war’s over, I’ll be waiting for you. No matter the outcome, I’ll be waiting for you Harry.’

Harry moved as if to turn away but by some sudden urge he turned back and without any words they both came to an agreement.

Ginny flung herself forwards and buried her head in Harry’s chest.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her and laughed into her hair.

‘I don’t know why I’m agreeing to this.’

Ginny kissed him gently on the lips. ‘But I bet your glad you did.’

‘Well, Yes I guess I am. But I’m still scared for you Ginny.’

She kissed him again.

‘Don’t be.’

Harry pulled her into his arms once more.



‘Is it really that obvious that I fancy you?’

‘Yes Harry it is,’ She poked her tongue out. ‘Painfully obvious that you madly fancy me.’

Harry smiled into her lips. ‘ You got one thing wrong though.’

‘And what’s that?’

‘I don’t fancy you-

‘I love you.’

The four friends met up before the toasts and one look at each other told them all that something had changed.

Each held an air of accomplishment, a sense of achievement and contentedness.

Even if things turned out for the worst they still had this moment, this wedding to enjoy their last freedom with the ones they cared for.

Each one proud that the others had submitted to love, decided to take the risk.

‘We’ll get through this together.’

Until The End.

AN: And when you think about it isn't it the courageous hero who always gets the girl?

Its because they were brave enough to love.

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