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The Unborn Secret by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 1 : The Secret
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The day that Lily Potter died, a secret died, too. A secret not even her husband James knew. Something that would haunt her forever after her dying day.


Lily ran from the room. James could defend her and Harry; she knew he could. She heard the sound of a door being blasted off its hinges. Harry, who was in Lily’s arms, was looking up at her. She could see the fright in his tiny emerald eyes.

Lily arrived in the nursery just in time to hear another door being blasted. She knew it then. James was dead. Only Lord Voldemort would be heartless enough to kill him. Had Lily not been so worried for the saftey of her and Harry, she would have collapsed on the spot.

Lily quickly tucked Harry into his crib and drew her wand. She had to fight, for her own sake, for Harry’s sake, and for the baby’s sake...

Yet another door was blasted out of its frame, and Lily found herself standing face to face with Lord Voldemort.

His scarlet eyes, his white, rough face; it was most certainly not the face of a human. There was no possible way that the creature standing before her was human.

“No, no...” Lily trailed off, terrified and desperate as she backed away. Tears were streaming down her face. She couldn’t let this monster kill Harry.

“You need not die, my dear. All I want is the boy,” Voldemort hissed in his cold, harsh tones.

“Why? Why do you want him? He’s only a baby ” cried Lily. She had known that Voldemort wanted Harry; it was why they went into hiding. But she still couldn’t imagine why that thing wanted to kill him. Yes, her and James had been told of the 
prophecy, but it would just not click in her brain why Voldemort, powerful and feared, felt quite so threatened by the young boy.

“Stand aside. I will spare you if you give me the boy,” Voldemort told her, in a voice that belonged to a threat more than an offer of mercy. It was easy to see that he was losing his patience.

It was then that Lily was faced with the most important decision of her life. It was clear to her that she didn’t stand a chance. Nothing could save her and Harry. She had to choose.

Her decision should have been easy. Putting herself before Harry was the obvious choice, but she had something else to consider. If she did not move, she would die along with her new son or daughter.

This thought brought more tears to her face. James never knew - no, he never would know - about the baby. She had only found out that day. She had planned to tell him during dinner, but she never got a chance. Now she felt terribly guilty. Her husband, her life partner, would never know about their second unborn child.

Although she had only been silent for no more than five seconds, she could see her enemy ready to strike. Every outcome flashed through her head until it stopped at one.
Lily stood her ground. In her mind she saw herself being killed. In her mind she saw Voldemort turning his wand on Harry. Lily knew what was going to happen next, but as hard as she tried, she couldn’t wrench her mind from this one thought. In her mind, Lily saw Voldemort kill Harry.

Frantically, she sifted through her thoughts for a better possible outcome. She was magic, for goodness sake She should be able to do something.

With tears in her eyes, realized that she did not even have her wand.

“Stand aside, you silly girl.” Voldemort was obviously tired of waiting for her.

Lily did not move.

Avada Kedevra!” bellowed the powerful, evil wizard.

The last thing she saw was baby Harry and a flash of green light. One last scream escaped her lips before she floated out of her body.

Lily watched the scene around her shrink as she rose upwards. She knew that there was no going back. Once again, she saw Voldemort turn his wand on Harry, just like in her thoughts. Only this time it was real.

For the second time, she saw a flash of light, only this time, not directed at her. Had she been able to, she would have cried.

The spell hit; Lily screamed.

She watched in her terror - It soon turned to euphoria. Harry, not even a one-year-old baby, had deflected a Killing Curse, sending it back towards the white skinned creature that had cast it. 

It should not have happened, Harry should not have lived through the curse, and as incredible as it was, Lily could not quite imagine what would have done it; it was literally impossible. And then, she remembered, with such vivid clearness, an afternoon she had spent in the library towards the end of her seventh year. She had been reading up on some Ancient Magic. One phrase stood out in her brain more-so than anything else she had read in her entire life.

'Love is a magic more powerful than any magic that could come out of a wand.'

Her selfless act of love, dying for her only child, had deflected the Unforgivable curse that Voldemort had casted.

Voldemort. It seemed almost as if Voldemort was melting. His pale skin sagged off of his body at the same time as his body was becoming transparent.

Lily watched in amazement as the evil wizard, who was once known as Voldemort, became a cloud of green smoke. The cloud dispersed, and all was as it had been before.

Except that it wasn’t. James, Lily, and their baby were gone. And Harry, whom she had originally thought unscathed, bore a lightning bolt-shaped scar and on his forehead.

It hit Lily at that moment that she was dead. Harry was left alone to fend for himself. She hoped that Remus, Sirius and Peter would be able to take care of him.

Peter. She would have liked to believe that he had somehow been blackmailed into giving away their location, their secret. But she knew it wasn’t so. She could see clearly, and at the moment, she saw Peter going about business as normal. He knew that revealing her and James’s location sealed their fate, and he did not care. He truly was his animal form, nothing more than a rat and a traitor.

Lily let all her emotions free. She sobbed until there were no tears left, but even then she cried dry tears. Her Harry, her poor little baby, was alone and defenseless. Lily opened her eyes and saw beautiful grounds covered in trees and flowers - lilies.

Lily startled when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up out of her puffy, red eyes to see the face of her loving husband James.

Tears came again, and this time Lily buried her face in James’s shoulder. She was crying for Harry, for her unborn child, for herself and James, for everyone. For Peter. Voldemort was not dead. He wasn’t alive, but he was not dead - that much she knew.

Slowly the beautiful redhead’s emerald eyes dried and she looked up at James, knowing that it was time to tell him. “James, I...I was going to have a baby.”

Surprise did not take residence upon James’s face as Lily had expected it to. Instead, he gave a sad smile and said, “When I rose up to," he paused and motioned the area around them, "wherever we are now, I saw the baby. She’s a girl. We can be with her.”

Lily attempted to smile, but she couldn’t, not when she knew that Harry had such a horrible fate. He could be left to die there. “James, what about Harry?”

James smiled reassuringly at his grief-stricken wife. “Don’t worry. He’ll be fine; I know. Though nobody yet knows it, he’ll be fine. It’ll be our escape, our reassurance, our secret.”

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The Unborn Secret: The Secret


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