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Salty Raindrops by Gothic Angel
Chapter 1 : Thunder and Lightning ~ Rain and Tears
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Alex couldn’t be kept in the school on such a beautiful night, so she found herself sneaking out of the school. She loved the thrill of doing something against the rules and felt her blood rushing as she hurried across the grounds to the Forbidden Forest.
Once under the bows of the trees, Alex slowed down and relaxed, allowing herself to enjoy the wild beauty of the Forest.
As she walked silently through the Forest she suddenly heard a low whining noise. The sound was eerie being in the almost dead silent forest. She felt the goose bumps on her arms and rubbed them hopping to ease the sudden tension in her body.
She started walking towards the sound, wanting to help the creature, as it was most definitely the pitiful whining of a creature in pain. When she entered a clearing she saw the source of the whining.
“Oh, you poor thing!” she cried out as she quickly walked over to the wolf lying on the forest floor and drew her wand preparing to use any of the few healing spells she knew.
But once within reach, the wolf lunged at her. It caught the wrist of her wand hand in its mouth, pulling her down and causing her to loose hold of her wand. The wolf clawed and bit her so that within moments Alex laid on the edge between life and death.
A storm cloud then drifted over the brightly shining moon that had lured Alex outside and into the Forest only a few minutes ago.
Before Alex’s eyes, the wolf changed form; her boyfriend, Remus Lupin, stood over her.
Remus’s eyes grew wide at the sight of what lay before him. He slowly brought his hands up to his face. Then dropped down to his knees beside Alex, tears started trickling down his cheeks.
“Shhh…you didn’t mean to…” Alex gasped.
“I’m so sorry, honey – I’ll get you to the hospital wing –”
“You and I both know I won’t make it.”
“Yes, yes you will –”
“No. I won’t…”
Silence cut through the air.
Remus picked up Alex’s right hand, took a ring out of his pocket and slid it onto her ring finger. He held her hand close to his chest and bent over her. His tears mingled with her blood.
A crack of thunder boomed through the air.
Tears continued down Remus’s cheeks, as he spoke and nearly choked on his words, “I was going to ask you to marry me after graduation.”
Lightning momentarily lit the sky and Alex’s face. Her eyes were closed and if it weren’t for the pain on her face, Remus would have believed Alex to have cruelly, already left him.
But as it started to rain, he heard her voice, quiet as the life dripping from her, “I would have said yes,” she whispered with her last breath. Remus broke into choked sobs and leaned over Alex’s body, her life taken by his own hands.
A clap of thunder shook the ground and a shock of lightning lit the sky.

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