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Birthday? Hmm...Sounds Like Fun by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 1 : Waking Up
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Disclaimer: Nothing in this chapter is mine except the plot line. And the clock, just not the sport.

Baby Harry woke up in his crib and yawned. He rolled over to look out the open window; it was still dark out.

‘But not too dark, the shiny little dots way up high are still on. What did Mummy call them? Oh yeah, “stars”,’ Harry thought. ‘I wonder where Mummy is.’ Harry took a deep breath.

“WAAAAAAHHHHHH!” He paused to take another breath and listen to the sound of people getting up in four other rooms.

“WAAAHHH!” A set of feet could be heard getting closer.

“WAAHH!” The door to Harry’s room opened.

A young man walked into the room. “Alright, alright, Harry. I’m coming; we best give your parents some rest.”

‘Only Moony,’ Harry thought. ‘And why would Mummy want rest? She loves being with me, she always tells me that. Mummy doesn’t lie, not to me.’ “WAAHHH!”

Remus sighed, smiled, and picked Harry up. “What is it? Huh?”

‘You’re not my mother.’

“You’re not wet.”


“You just ate,” Remus looked at the clock hanging on the wall, “about an hour ago…when you woke up for the fifth time.”

‘Yup. How long’s an hour? Oh well, I’ll figure it out later, like when I find out how to use that clock thing.’

“What do you want? Hmm?”

“Mummy!” Harry yelled.

Remus chuckled. “I’m not your mother. You know that.”

‘I know I know that. I want my mother.’ “Mummy!”

“Oh, you mean you want your mother.”

‘Yup, you got it.’

“Lily needs some sleep; she’s already been in here three times tonight.”


“Alright, alright, I’ll go get Lily.”

‘Goodie! Mummy!’

Remus set Harry back in his crib and left to wake up Lily, a couple rooms away. Since the door was open, Harry listened form his room:

Knock. Knock.




“Harry wants you.”

“Okay, I’m coming.”

‘Goodie!’ Harry thought. He stood up as his mother came into the room with her bathrobe thrown halfheartedly on. Remus went back to bed.

“Hi Harry!” Lily sounded wide awake, but yawned afterwards.

Harry put his hands together and made a happy gurgling noise as Lily walked across the room to his crib. “Mummy!” Harry put his arms up to her and Lily picked him up.

“I’m either too young for this or too old, though I’d prefer young,” Lily told a smiling Harry, who was looking up at her. Seeing her baby so happy made Lily happy too, and she smiled at him as she sat down in a rocking chair, placing Harry in her lap.

Lily quickly fell asleep and Harry cuddled even closer to her though he knew she’d never drop him.

It was now almost two o’clock. Harry was content with his mother holding him so he didn’t squirm or make noise. Instead, he looked at the clock hanging on his wall.

His daddy had put it there. Harry didn’t know why, but his mother never liked it much, but he did. The clock had ‘QUIDDITCH’ written across the top; the second hand, instead of an arrow, had a Golden Snitch whose wings flapped with every second an it moved; the minute hand had a Quaffle on the end; the hour hand had a Bludger on it; and every hour an the hour, a broomstick would wiz around the clock face enough times to correspond with the hour. But Harry didn’t grasp the concept of this; he just liked watching the broomstick.

Harry noticed the red hand getting close to the top, so he waited until zwoop zwoop the stick went around twice before falling back asleep.

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Birthday? Hmm...Sounds Like Fun: Waking Up


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