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The Blood Feud by Fallen Angel
Chapter 1 : The Trip That Changed Everything
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Disclaimer: People. I do not own J.K. Rowling. I'm just a ten-year old who wants to be her. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Chapter 1.
The Trip That Changed Everything

It was the 20th day of the summer.

Dear Diary,

After a lot of begging to mom and dad, they finally agreed to bring me to Brimhaven Palace, Sicily.

I had so much fun at Sicily. It was so beautiful, and the view was heavenly. We visited the Sikania City, home to Plato’s utopian society. Mount Etna, Europe’s greatest natural wonder, was majestic. We even went to the Brimhaven Castle, owned by King Argdougne, the most powerful wizard in Italy. He rules the whole south part of Italy. It was fantastic to see everything in view. An island full of history, a sunny land where the land meets the sea, the beautiful and scenic place was once the home of the great Archimedes, musical genius Boccaccio and even the legendary Persephone and Demeter.

The Brimhaven Castle was incredible! Built with river stones of different sizes, it is an architectural achievement. Estimated to be at least a hundred square miles at the least, it was definitely larger than Hogwarts. The castle’s construction must have taken at least fifty years for muggles to make, for its size can easily rival my own home in the magical world. A lush green garden surrounded the whole palace with lions all over the place. When I came near one, it started to purr. Thinking that these lions are tame, I started to pat it. I don’t know why, but the caretaker looked at me in horror and started to run inside. The lion was quite cute actually, but I let go. Wasn’t I supposed to do that?

Suddenly, there was a big explosion, the strength of it shaking the ground. For a while I thought it was a magic-induced explosion, yet I dismissed the thought for Sicily was a muggle city. It scared most people out of their wits. From all the panic, Mom got separated from me and dad.

One thing is NOT fantastic though. While dad was looking for mom, I saw Malfoy there. What the heck was Malfoy doing there, you may ask? When I asked him, he said that his father is the Lord Protector of King and Queen Argdougne. He lives there, the manor about a mile away from the castle. The ONLY manor near the Palace! Malfoy Manor! I thought he was lying, for his home was rumored to be in Wiltshire in the Southeast England. When I interrogated him about it, he told me that his ancestors casted a very complex charm that allows their manor to be seen at two places at once for visibility to the Ministry of Magic. What bad luck!

He smirked at me like crazy when I saw his house. But I’ve got to admit. The manor was simply breathtaking. He asked if I wanted a tour. When I was pondering at the thought, he looked at me like I was crazy. “Oh right! You are a mudblood,” emphasizing the mud. “I’m afraid I cannot bring you, let alone touch me, for you might infect me with your muggle germs.” And with that, he walked away as if he owned the world. I hate that guy!

Well, I should stop the ranting now. Goodnight.



Hermione Granger was irritated by a rapt knocking at her door. 'Dumb sun...' she thought, the sun’s rays hitting her face. 'It was 7 in the morning? What’s the big idea?'

"Hermione, please come down now. We know you are awake. Please, we have something to talk to you about." Jane Granger said sadly.

’Ok......what was that?' Hermione thought. Why was mom so sad all of a sudden?

Wanting to find out, she made herself presentable to breakfast then ran down the stairs. She saw her parents eating toast. Mom and Dad eat toast only when something's wrong....

"Ok, what’s the stitch?" Hermione asked.

"Umm... Honey, this may get you as a shock, but I’m not your real dad" Paul Granger said.


"I’m not your real dad, Hermione. But Jane is your real mom."

Now it all made sense. I was never like dad. I was a studious, eyes of hazel-brown, and have brown bushy hair. Dad likes sports, is blue-eyed and a blonde. He's tall and im short. Mom's short, but the only thing i got from her is the brown hair. Hers was straight, mine wasn’t. Her eyes are green.

"If your not my dad then, um dad, who is my real dad?"

"Marcus Argdougne."

“Marcus who?”

“King Marcus Argdougne, Hermione. You are his long lost daughter and heir to the Gryffindor throne.”


"You're a royalty."

This is not happening... my father? "I don’t believe you..."

"He is your father, Hermione. His full name is Marcus Herman Argdougne," mom confirmed.

I was in shock. Marcus Argdougne. King Argdougne. My father is a king? The king of all South Italy?

This cannot be happening.

"You guys are both lying."

"This is going to be tough, Jane, unless you show her yourself." Paul said.

"Fine then. I’m going to get it." Jane answered.

This is getting strange. Get what? Show me what?

She returned holding a box. It was colored gold & red, with it’s lid encrusted with the royal seal of the Argdougnes, a rampaging lion as a symbol.

"Touch it, Hermione."

As my fingers touched the box, it glowed. Mom owned a magic box?

She opened it and there I saw something that made me more confused of everything.

It was a crest of Gryffindor. A lion and a shield in red and gold. Mom has an emblem of the Gryffindors... Wait, that means…

"Yes Hermione, I’m a witch." Jane said.

"Why did you hide all this from me, mom?"

"So I won’t get spotted. As you might have read, Queen Maria Argdougne is the second wife of King Marcus. Her daughter Elena is her child from her previous marriage with a muggle. She is older to you by a year." Jane explained.

"No records are found as who is the first wife. The only clue to who she is this emblem."

"Why do you have the emblem in the first place, mom?"

"This Gryffindor Emblem is a locket given to the first born of the first born man of every generation. King Marcus gave this to me when i had you. He knows that he has a real child, because he gave this to me."

"But why did you go away, mom?"

"I conceived you in the time of war. My parents were also Lords of the palace. I am a descendant of the Gryffindor clan. I went to Gryffindor myself. King Marcus is a descendant of the clan of the pure Gryffindors. When I say pure, they never marry from another house. Only Gryffindors. Yet in some cases, a Slytherin. My parents were disinherited when they disagreed on one of the treaties. Being their child, I was disinherited too. We were threatened that we were going to be killed, and Marcus will lose his throne. To save his reign, and save your life, I left while I was pregnant with you. They never knew I conceived you, until yesterday."


“Yes Hermione. Apparently, his royal lion caretaker saw you touch Kilua, the most feared of all his lions. Kilua is untrained. He already killed 2 people when they touched him. The man said you even made it purr in content when you touched it. Terrified of what he saw, he ran back to the castle. The only person who was able to do that to Kilua was Marcus.”

I touched the emblem, and once more it glowed.

"The crest glows only and only if the real owner touches it. The owner is the descendant of Gryffindor."

I turned over the emblem and there i saw a mirror. But it wasnt any other mirror. Engraved in the mirror was the family tree of the Gryffindor Clan. It somehow reminded me of
the tapestry in Sirius' home.

"Gryffindors, Celestes, Argdougnes, Collados, Santiagos, Potters... Potters?"

"That’s right, Hermione. Harry is your cousin. In the bottom of the clan of the Argdougnes, you will see yourself" Jane said.

"Hermione Argdougne." She read to herself.

Oh my god. This couldn't be happening.

"But why are you telling me this all now?"

"Because your father is here."

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The Blood Feud: The Trip That Changed Everything


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