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Playing you, Playing me. by Black sisters
Chapter 4 : potion book and dark closets...
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Draco just stared at Hermione. She was... hott!

"Man this is gonna make it a hell lot easier!" Blaise smirked. Draco nodded and thought of Hermione, naked, in bed with Draco on the top. He chuckled at the fantasy.
Hermione said something to her friends and then hurried out of the Great Hall.

"Hey, Blaise, I think I'm gonna... go and get something in my commonroom..." Draco excused himself, grabbed his bag and walked out of the Great Hall.

"Yeah! Go Draco!" Blaise shouted after him and Draco smirked. Hermione's gonna be his in no time!

He hurried to the commonroom and said the password. Hermione was in the kitchen looking for something.

"Hey, what are you looking for?" Draco wondered.
Hermione looked up at him and he thought he saw a little smirk on her lips.

"Oh, just my potions book."She smiled.
Draco looked around and spotted her book at the end of the couch.

He took it and smirked at her.

"This you mean?" He chuckled.

"Yes! Thanks for finding it..." Hermione smiled and was about to take it from him.

"Oh no, not so fast! What do I get as a reward?" Draco asked.

"Reward?!" She asked. "I knew it! You'll get nothing in reward! You'll just give me the book and we'll forget this ever happened!" She smiled and made another attempt to get it. Draco held it over his head and since he was about 6'1 and Hermione was about 5'6, it made it impossible for her to get it!

"Give me the book!" She said and pointed her wand at him.

"now, now that won't be necessary!" He said and disarmed her. "Come and get it!" He laughed.
Hermione jumped and tried to grab it over and over again.

"Oh are you too short?" Draco teased and held the book higher. "Come on, give me a kiss and you'll get the book!" He smirked.
Hermione stopped and looked at him in horror.

"Come on, I know you want to!" Draco smirked.

"I do not!" Hermione denied. Then she remembered the plan. Play him back She heard Ginny's voice inside her head.

Hermione walked up to Draco and smiled seducivly(sp?)
Draco just stood there in chock.

"So... If I kiss you.. then you'll give me my book?" She asked and licked her lips.

Draco merely nodded.
Hermione chuckled and lay her arms around his neck. Draco responed and put his arms around her waist. Hermione smiled. She must admit that he was goodlooking and probably a good kisser... She smirked and kissed him slowly but still passionatly.

He responded and the kiss lasted for at least three minutes then Hermione broke it as she felt his tounge inside her mouth.

"You said a kiss, not a snog session!" She said and grabbed her book and walked out of the commonroom, slamming the portrait. Why didn't she break sooner?!

Draco just stood there, completely amazed. Hermione Granger, probably the hottest and the smartest girl at Hogwarts, had just kissed him! And it was no small kiss! He smirked.

"She just couldn't resist me!" He smirked and grabbed his books and headed to the dungeons.

Potions went quickly and Hermione went to find Ginny. She needed to speak to someone...
She'd just kissed Draco Malfoy, The Slytherin Sexgod! She smirked at the memory. He was a good kissed!
Hermione glanced at him as she walked past him. He smirked at her and blew her a kiss. She blushed slightly and turned away. She wondered why she agreed to do this?! She was in deep thoughts as she felt a strong arm around her waist. It dragged her into a dark closet.

She shrieked slightly.

"Shut up, Hermione!" She heard a voice. Hermione reckognized the voice...

"Harry?" She asked and the hands released her. "What is it? Why did you drag me in here?" Hermione asked worried.

"Hermione! I need you! I love you!" Harry said and kissed her roughly(sp?).
She was totally suprised. Harry was kissing her! Yuck! She broke away.

"What are you doing Harry?!" She asked. "I mean, I like you too but not in that way! I love you, you're my best friend!" Hermione smiled at Harry. He looked at her with a weird look. She saw madness inside his looks.

"Harry..." She said worried. What was wrong with him?!
He smirked evilly and back her up against the cold stone wall.

"I love you, Hermione. I need you! And I always get what I want!" He snarled and kissed her again. She struggled against him but he was way to strong. His kisses were rough and hard and slimy. She cried slightly.

"Harry.. stop it!" She begged. "Please"
He didn't listen to her prayers though. He kept kissing her and his hands were under her shirt. She struggled and cried. He was about to undo his pants, she got a plan! she brought her knee to his groin and he fell down on the ground.

"I'm sorry Harry, but I can't let you do this to me!" She said and tried to get out. She searched for the exit, desperatly. She didn't find it though. She heard Harry get up and walk over to her.

"I have hidden the exit.. you know in case you would try to escape!" He laughed coldly.

"Harry! please!" She begged and he just laughed at her.

"Hermione I don't want to hurt you! but I want you so bad!" He said and conjured a bed. He tied her to the bedposts and took off all her clothes.

"I'm sure you're gonna enjoy this as much as I will!" He smirked and then Hermione passed out.

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Playing you, Playing me.: potion book and dark closets...


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