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A promise by Belgiangirl
Chapter 1 : A promise
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A/N: The characters and names of places in this one-shot are not mine, they belong to J. K. Rowlings. And the song ĎObjects in a the rear view mirror may appear closer then they areĒ belongs to Meatloaf.

The skies were pure and the fields were green,
And the sun was brighter than itís ever been,
When I met my best friend James,
We were close as any brothers that you ever knew.

It was always summer and the future called,
We were ready for adventures and we wanted them all,
And there was so much left to dream,
And so much time to make it real.

But I can still recall the sting of all the tears when he was gone.
They said he crashed and burned
I know Iíll never learn why any man should die so young.

We were racing- we were soldiers of fortune,
We got in trouble but we sure got around,
There are times I think I see him peeling out of the dark,
I think heís right behind me now and he is gaining ground.

But it was long ago and it was far away,
Oh god, it seems so very far,
And if life is just a highway- then the soul is just a car.
And objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer then they are.

Sirius woke up, just to find himself on a hard, cold, stone floor. He remembered. He was in Azkaban for murdering his friends and he had yet another nightmare about James and Lily.

How he missed his friend.

After a few months in Azkaban he didnít have much good memories left but he could still manage a weak, grim smile when he remembered the pranks and the fun they used to have.
The nights James would be rambling about how much he loved Lily.
And how after so many years, he finally got her.

He couldnít smile properly anymore as he had lost the will and the strenght to do so.
The only thought that kept him remotely sane was the fact that he was innocent. He didnít murder them! How could they think that?
He was dead set on revenge. One day, he would get the traitor!

And when the sun descended and the night arose,
I heard my mother cursing everyone she knows,
She was dangerous and proud and powerful,
And corroded by power and envy and hate.

There were endless winters and the dreams would freeze,
No where to hide and no leaves on the trees,
And my motherís eyes were blank as she hit me again and again and again.

I know I still believe sheíd never let me leave
I had to run away alone.
So many threats and fears- so many wasted years before
My life became my own.

And though the nightmares should be over,
Now some of the terrors are still intact.
Iíll hear that ugly course and violent voice,
And then she grabs me from behind and pulls me back.

Sometimes he wished he had never been sorted into Gryffindor or ran away from home, than he would never have met James or even Peter.
But he discarded the thought as soon as possible. He wanted to remember the nights with James and Remus.

How he wished that he had told Remus about the switch now, that he hadnít suspected him to be the traitor.

After all these years of being in his presence and having fun with him, the prejudice that ran in his blood was still there. Beaten in by his father, remembered through his name.

How he hated it.

He was going to prove that they were wrong. That a name meant nothing. But he could fool no-one, he thought. If his name had been Longbottom for example, they wouldnít be so quick to blame him.
It could also be about the fact that Peter led him yet again in another trap.
The first was with the switch, the second one with the murder on those poor people.

Beautifully staged.

He should have known, but he was blinded by a fury he couldnít even begin to describe.
But he would gladly wait for the day that he could finally make a trap of his own and then lure Peter into it and kill him as he intended to do after he found their bodies.

He still remembered little Harry and the scar embedded in his forehead and his mind clouded with grief for James and Lily and all the other victims in the upcoming war,
but also with rage. Red, hot, bubbling rage for Voldemort and Peter and all the other death-eaters.

Sometimes it was so bloody hard to breathe when he thought about it all. Like a stone in his chest, a stone everywhere and he was forced to brake down.
But he wouldnít let himself go insane like all the others in this damned place, with the foul dementors. He waited for his revenge.

There was a beuaty living on the edge of town,
And she always put the top up and the hammer down,
And she thaught everything Iíll ever know
About the mystery and the muscle of love.

The stars would glimmer and the moon would glow,
Iím in the gardens with my Natalie like a Romeo
And the signs in the stars would say:
Caution! Lovers at play!

Those were the rights of spring and we did everything-
There was salvation every night.
We got our dreams reborn and our upholserty torn,
But everything we tried was right.

She used her body just like a bandage,
She used my body just like a wound,
Iíll probably never know why she had to die,
But I can see her rising up out of the corner now,
Just like an angel rising up from a tomb!

It would be even harder to breathe and stay sane when he thought about Natalie,
The woman he loved but the one he would never see again because she was taken from him right before James and Lily.
The Death-eaters killed her, they said and James, Remus and even Peter were there to console him. It was on that evening after Remus left that they switched secret-keepers.
Why didnít he see it all along? The fright that was in Peterís eyes when he, Sirius, told Peter, James and Lily about the plan.
All staged.
He should have been an actor that Peter.
Why Peter?
It should have been obvious as Peter was always the one who followed the powerful people.

His last thought before he drifted to sleep was a promise. A promise he made to James and Lily and Remus and Natalie and of course Harry. He would revenge them and get Peter here on the place he was right now.
He would wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Many years later it finally came to him, as he saw the frontpage of a newspaper the minister held in his hand.

ďHeís at Hogwarts!Ē

A/N: What do you think? Please review! I thought that the song fit perfectly, even if it is a bit long.

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