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He Chose You by ron_hearts_hermione
Chapter 1 : He Chose You
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A/N: Hey guys, sorry I haven't written a story in like... forever, but I was busy with yucky schoolwork, and I was completely out of ideas. But this one just popped into my head about two weeks ago, and I waited to start writing it, until the site told me I could, so basically, I waited to start... When I could have started at any time... -_-... Well, enjoy, and just know; I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Review pretty please :]

He Chose You. By Ron_Hearts_Hermione

“Students; quiet please.” Dumbledore stood up from the teachers’ table and asked. “I have an announcement to make.”

Once everyone was quiet, he continued.

“There will be another ball this-” He was interrupted by the excited whispers of giggling girls, and the loud groans of most of the boys. He held up his hand.

“As I was saying, there will be another ball. However, this time all Hogwarts students are welcome, and encouraged to attend. If you choose not to go, that is your decision, however I strongly suggest going, for you might be frustrated with yourself when you find out about what you missed.” He threw a meaningful look over at Ron and Harry.

“Dress robes are required, no exceptions, you will not be let in. Professor McGonagall and I do have extras, so if anyone is in need, please see us. You are not required to have a date, but I do urge you to have one. This ball will take place tomorrow night at 8:00. Good night.” As he finished speaking, giggling girls rushed out of the Great Hall to prepare their outfits. Some boys were excited, mainly because they knew they had someone to go with. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley however, weren’t so very excited, remembering the Yule Ball in fourth year not going so well.

“I don’t even have good dress robes. I guess Mum knew there was gonna be something special this year, cuz she gave me Percy’s old ones… You can imagine, Percy’s old ones…” Harry snickered at this.

“Yes, I definitely can. Any way, I think you and me are gonna be spending the entire evening in the common room playing wizard chess, while one of us stares into space thinking about how lovely Hermione Granger is-“ He was pretending to stare off into space while Ron slapped him behind his head.

“Oi! Shut up, you! She could have heard that.”

“Yeah, if she could hear like a dog…”

Ron gave an exasperated sigh. Then suddenly, his shoulders perked up.

“What if this is a signal! What if it’s a message from God that I really should ask Hermione out. Maybe he’s telling me I really won’t get turned down miserably!” Ron was looking very triumphant by this time.

“Right, Ron. Ok.” But in his mind, Harry was thinking maybe Hermione and Ron would actually figure it out this time…

Nah… He thought


“Hermione, come on! This could finally be your chance with my stupid, oblivious brother! What have you got to lose?”

“Try; a friendship not worth losing over anything, his respect, and the love of my life?” She looked over at Ginny who was sitting at the edge of Hermione’s bed. Ginny sighed dramatically.

“Hermione! You’re being so unrealistic! Do you really think you guys would stop being friends just because you ask him out and he turns you down?”

“Hmmm… Yes! Ginny, I’m not trying it, and that’s final.”

“Fine…” Ginny got up and strolled out the door. Hermione lay back on her bed, the position she was in before Ginny sat on her butt. She thought about what could have happened at the ball. Ron looking incredibly handsome in his dress robes, and taking her arm. Handing her a white rose and telling her she looked beautiful. Then they would walk down to the Great Hall doors and when the doors opened, all eyes were on them. They walked through the crowd to take their place in the center of the dance floor. Everyone was smiling at them while they waltzed so romantically across the floor. Harry was beaming, with Ginny on his arm. Pavarti and Lavender had tears in their eyes, and the entire student population of Hogwarts was clapping. For Ron and Hermione were finally together!

Hermione finally snapped out of her day dream and sighed.

“Like that’s ever gonna happen…”


“Ron...? Ron...! RON!” Ron turned around to a running, grinning Lavender.

“Hey sweetie, didn’t hear me?” Ron looked down at the floor.


“So any way, what color are your dress robes? I have a couple ones that I can choose from, so we are definitely going to look good together!” She smiled at him and he tried to force a smile back, but it came out as much more of a grimace. Lavender didn’t seem to notice though.

“So, what color?”

“Oh, um, navy.”

“Great! I have a white dress that would look so good with it!” She grinned at him.

“I just cannot wait!”

“Me neither…” He got a smile that looked like a smile on his face this time, trying to make it seem like everything was alright. But it wasn’t… Oh no, it wasn’t alright at all…


Ginny walked into the seventh year girls’ dormitory only to find Hermione’s bed sealed off from all the running and squealing and giggling by a curtain. She sighed heavily and walked over to Hermione’s bed. She pulled the curtain open to find Hermione face down on her bed with her face in her pillow. Ginny walked over to Hermione and flicked her neck.

“Ow!” She lifted her head to look at Ginny. Then she gave Ginny a deadly glare and went back to breathing into the pillow.

“Hermione! Why aren’t you getting ready for showing off to my lame brother? He might be lame, but you should still try…” Hermione picked her head up from the pillow to look at Ginny.

“Ginny, there’s absolutely no point in trying… He’s going with Lavender… Obviously, he has made his choice between who he would rather even think those thoughts about…” She said the last few words in a very bitter voice.

“Hermione, come on! You can’t just give up! This is your seventh year ball. Not as important as your graduation ball, but still essential for young couples that should go out, but are in denial to go out! It helps them get together. You see where I’m coming from?”

“Ginny, I think you’re just being very delusional. The only one who harbors any sort of spark of affection is me. Just. Me.” Ginny looked unconvinced but turned around nonetheless.

“Fine. I’m going to get ready for my date with Harry. G’night…”

Hermione said a muffled goodnight into her pillow, and tried to sleep through all this madness. She didn’t succeed, and ended up thinking about the last thing she wanted to think about right then. Ronald Weasley…

She sat on her bed wondering why she had to be so stupid... I could have just asked him if he wanted to go with me... I'm sure he would have turned me down nicely... At least I would stop beating myself up for not trying at all... And Ginny would stop insisting that Ron returned my infatuation… Hermione let out an unbelieving scoff. She knew damn well that Ron could never do that. He probably wasn’t psyched about going to the ball with Lavender, but he chose her didn’t he?

She sighed aloud and turned over onto her back. She decided she would just get some sleep.


“I don’t understand, Won- Won. What are you saying?” Ron sighed.

“I’m saying that I love Hermione, and I can’t keep myself from her any longer. Sure she doesn’t love me back, but I at least have to tell her…For my own sake.” Lavender looked down at the floor and tried to hold her tears in. She looked back up at him moments later, when she felt she could look into his eyes.

“Alright. I understand. I’ll just… Leave now then…” She ran through the Great Hall doors and kept on running until she looked around, and saw no one. Then, her face broke into a large smile.



Hermione still hadn’t fallen asleep. She was surprised to find tears in her eyes, and she knew it was because she wasn’t at the ball with any one. Well, mostly just a certain oblivious red- headed boy, but that wasn’t the point. She was wrapped up in her thoughts about Ron, when she heard the dormitory door open.

That’s odd… The ball can’t have ended yet… It has to only be around 9 o’clock… She thought to herself. Then she heard Lavender’s all too happy voice breaking the well deserved silence she had.

“Good evening Hermione!” She said in a sing- song voice. Hermione didn’t respond. She just assumed the same position she had been in while she had her talk with Ginny. Suffocating herself by using the pillow, her tears soaking into the white fabric. She really didn’t need this right now…

Lavender practically ripped open the curtains open, but her smile faded when she saw Hermione’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?” She asked Hermione, honest concern in her eyes.

“Nothing.” Hermione spoke to the pillow, wishing Lavender would go join Ron again, just to put Hermione out of the jealous rage she was having right now. She could have started twitching with fury… Could have…

“Hermione, I have news that’ll cheer you up, so wipe up the tears!” Hermione doubted anything Lavender could say would cheer her up. Make her want to throttle her- yes, but take away the pain... that was highly unlikely.

“Go to the ball.” Hermione faced Lavender.

That’s your ‘OMG, I’m gonna die’ news?” Hermione couldn’t help but mock Lavender. She was interrupting Hermione’s “self pity period”. It wasn’t cheering Hermione up in the least. Lavender make a mock- scoff (A/N: Omg… mock- scoff… tee hee :])

“Yes, because a certain someone is waiting downstairs for you!” Lavender she grinned that horrible, horrible ‘I’m kidding’ grin.

“Yes, okay Lavender, well you just go right down there and join ‘em for yourself, because I am not going to make a fool of myself.” Lavender looked at Hermione disapprovingly.

“You think I’m making fun of you, don’t you?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.” Lavender turned towards the door.

“Well then I guess poor old Ron’ll have to be downstairs… All alone… with no one… Cuz I’m staying up here… With you… not with Ron…” Hermione thought for a moment… A little less than a moment, but that’s okay, no one has to know that…

“Ron? Why aren’t you with him any way?”

“Because he admitted that he did in fact have feelings for another girl, just like I’d hoped he would admit. And now I’m up here.” Hermione’s heart began to race. Oh no, She thought He doesn’t like Lavender because he likes some other skanky girl. I guess Lavender really did want to rub it in my face…

Lavender saw the obvious panic on Hermione’s face and said the only thing she knew that would wipe that panic right off her face.

“Now, let’s get you ready for a nice long night with Ron Weasley.” Hermione’s heart stopped. For one second, then two, then three. She was struggling immensely to keep air flowing in and out of her lungs. It seemed impossible to breath.

“Wh- what?” She managed to stutter out. Lavender smiled.

“It’s you.” Hermione though for a moment, and then a very large grin, that might have indeed stretched across her entire face appeared.

“So what are we waiting for? We need to dress you, Cinderella.”


When Hermione was spun around to look in the mirror at herself. She gasped. She had never in her life seen herself as beautiful as was now.

She was dressed in Lavender’s robes, the ones she wore with Ron, and Lavender had given her light make- up and had done a charm on her hair so that it turned into soft ringlets, and Lavender had put it up in an amazing bun/ twist. Altogether, it was magnificent.

“You look amazing.” Lavender smiled at Hermione. Then suddenly Hermione found herself getting woozy. She sat down on her bed, Lavender staring at her worriedly.

“Are you alright, Hermione?” Hermione tried to decide in her head if she should tell Lavender what she was thinking about. She figured she had nothing to lose…

“Why me?” Lavender stared at her dumbfounded.

“What are you talking about, ‘why you’?”

“I mean, why would he pick me over someone like you? Beautiful, blonde, funny… Everything I’m not.”

“Hermione, there are so many things wrong in that sentence, that I can’t even imagine- You are beautiful, and you are funny. And you’re his best friend. And he loves you.” Hermione almost choked on the air. He loved her? How could Ron love her? He was too good for her.

“He’s too good for me…”

“Not according to him. According to him, he’s loved you since second year, he wishes you were kissing him right now, and I was just a toy, in order to get you.” Hermione had tears in her eyes. So he dated Lavender to make her jealous? He really did love her… Truly, he really did.

“So he loves me.”

“Yup.” Lavender smiled “He chose you.

Hermione smiled at Lavender.

“Ok, I’m going.” She took a deep breath and walked toward the dormitory door. As she walked down the steps, she was unaware of a certain blonde-haired beauty following a few feet behind her.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she ran straight into a nervous looking, pacing red-head.

“Hermione!” They said at the same time.

Ron turned a determined shade of red and Hermione had butterflies in her stomach. She then remembered why she was down there in the first place, and the feeling grew. His head went down to the floor as he started talking.

“I, uh… I came up to get you.” She smiled internally. She was going to make him say it.

“Why would you do that?” Hermione asked innocently and heard a very faint chuckle somewhere close by.

“Well… um, yes… Why… Good question, you see… um, I dumped Lavender.” He seemed to think that would just accept this answer, but oh no, she was going to make him say it.

“That’s good, Ron.” He turned a surprised face toward her as if he was shocked she didn’t understand why he dumped her. He still hadn’t seemed to notice she was in dress robes and her make-up and hair were done.

“I, I… I did it so I could… so, so that you would… erm… Maybe, I don’t know, maybe you wanna go back down there with me?” She laughed as she thought ’Close enough.’ As she laughed, Ron’s eyes widened, when he thought she was mocking him.

“Alright, Ron.” When he was about to walk away, she said the best words he had ever heard.

“Al- alright.” He smiled and then he noticed she was already dressed for a ball. She noticed his confused look.

“Let’s just say I had a certain feeling you would come.” She grinned as she touched her nose. He smiled with her as he offered his arm and they headed down to the Great Hall to end the night at the ball.

When they arrived, a fast song was just finishing, and a slow song started.

“Would you like to dance, Hermione?” He smiled, and offered his hand.

“Yes, I would.” And as he leaded her towards the dance floor, she sighed as she thought about what was happening.

When they got to a good spot, Ron took her hands, and placed them on his shoulders, and he slid his hands around her waist. As the song went on, They grew closer as Ron’s arms slid farther and farther and Hermione’s arms were around Ron’s neck, her head on his chest. She closed her eyes and sighed once more, thinking she was in heaven. They started dancing slower and slower, and they seemed to be in their own little relaxed, beautiful world.

“I love you.” Hermione sucked in a breath, and stiffened slightly but then, as she realized what had happened, she relaxed once again. It was finally happened, and even if Lavender had told her exactly how Ron would say those beautiful words, she would have never been prepared of how much her heart danced, and her throat closed up. When she finally was able to talk, her eyes filled up with tears.

“Oh, god, Ron, I love you too. I love you so much.” Ron smiled and wiped away a tear that was rolling slowly down her cheek. She put her head back on his chest, and they both sighed in contentment as they danced the night away.

So I hope you guys liked it! Just a random idea I had one day, and I thought "Geez, that's an awesome idea..." I know, so selfish... THAT'S ME!!! :]

Time to meet my new friend, Sunny. Sunny starred in Big Daddy. Isn't that awesome?
Sunny: whatever... sleeping...
Hannah: Ah, but you should be awake!!! You should be exploring the world!!! At Hooters!!! :]
Sunny: Hey, you're pretty smart, kid. Maybe I will. See ya... *snore*
*Hannah kicks Sunny to see if he's dead, but he's not, he's just drunk...*

*squee* I know this dialogue was lame, if any one has any suggestions on dialoge characters/scenarios, TELL ME!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! :] Bye Bye!!!

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He Chose You: He Chose You


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