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The Muggle Way by Lions_Rule8065
Chapter 1 : ~*~ Chapter 1 ~*~
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A/N: This story is in replacement of my Dancing With Magic series, which; unfortunately, will not return to the site. However, this is new and is in dedication to two special friends of mine, who always read my old story and always reviewed. To Michelle, (ravenclaw_rocks1033), and Emily, (eaglesrule_ravenclaw4eva1155); you guys have been great! So, here’s my surprise… hope you enjoy!


~*~ The Muggle Way… by Lions_Rule8065 ~*~


~*~ Chapter 1 ~*~


This story is recommended to people who want to listen to a babbling teenage girl, who; like myself, wants to tell everyone how her life was turned upside down whilst on this ride with her three younger sisters.

If I could show you who I am I would, for I am writing all this down from memory on my computer, (a non-magical device run on electricity where one can write and do the impossible of searching for necessary information), but there you go.

Anyway, this babbling teenager I warned you about was me, a long time ago. I am now a twenty-year old woman working for a secret agency in the heart of London, England. But my life wasn’t that successful as it is now, for it was unbearable. But first, I think you may need to now the facts. So, I’ll start this story on a typical summer’s day; just an ordinary day to me…

A knock could be heard drumming against my ears. It was echoing at first, for I was under my bed covers. Then the yelling started.

“Come on, April! Wake up! Last day of school… then you can sleep as much as you want!” By the sounds of it, it was Kendra; my sister whom was thirty minutes younger than me.

I had three younger sisters; all different in their peculiar way, but I loved them all the same. I rose from my bed; rubbed my eyes and stretched as I pulled my curtains open. The sun was radiating through my windows and the sound of the morning blackbird woke me from my zombie state.

I dressed in my school uniform; a black skirt, even though I hated my pale legs, a shirt with collar where my black tie; complete with white stripe, tied around my neck. I placed my black jumper over my head; complete with school logo, and I looked at myself.

A mere girl of eleven-years old stared back at me. The startling blue eyes; inherited from my mother, my short red hair, all tousled and in need of a good brush. I took the comb through my hair and adorned the mop with a few black clips. I was ready.

I went downstairs and I sat beside Kenny, (Kendra), who was eating a slice of toast. She offered me one but I refused; I didn’t like to eat breakfast; in fact, I didn’t like to eat at all.

Kenny had long blonde hair; just like our mother’s used to be, (our mother‘s hair was now a dark shade of brown). She had had dark under layers put in and it suited her. It brought out her oceanic blue eyes. My eyes were boring and lifeless, whereas Kenny’s were not. Her eyes were just like our father’s; as our mother keeps on repeating… oh how much I missed my father. My father had a life of his own and we rarely see him.

I heard the thunder of my two other sisters come down the stairs and stampede into the dining room. They barged into one another; fighting for the same seat. Once one had won, they each picked up a slice of toast and added butter to them.

The one who had won the seat was the youngest of our set… Eleora. She did have mousey-blonde hair which went past her shoulders just slightly, but now she had it short and black with the distinct highlight of a faint purple. Her eyes were set and dark; but still blue, and she was humming along to the rock tune that was blasting it’s way through her ear.

My last sister; who was third in our birthing ceremony, was Madison. She had blonde, curly hair which just touched her shoulders. Her light, blue eyes reflected the sunlight through the kitchen windows and her smile reflect her thoughts about the book which she was reading.

My sisters had; or did have, blonde hair. I was the only one who had red hair, with the dark highlights which were supposed to bring out my lighter colour. It was brilliant to know that I was original from my sisters because this hair came from my father but now as I think about it, it has become a setback; for I think about him all the time, and I cry at the thoughts.

“Come on, girls! Otherwise you’ll be late,” my mother called as she entered the kitchen. She was sipping a hot cup of coffee; meaning she was under a lot of stress and I didn’t complain. I didn’t care if I was late; in fact, I didn’t care if I was there at all.

Our mother; Fiona, worked as a teacher at the local primary school, (or so I thought until I heard the truth, or saw the truth… but enough about that, I’ll tell you later), while my sisters and I were sent to a private school where it was strict and quite unpleasant. My mum had her dark brown hair set into an elegant twisted knot and her black trousers and shirt were worn in remembrance.

“Once you get home, girls,” she began, “I want you to pick up those flowers then were leaving straight away.” She pointed at the four, small bunches of carnations and chrysanthemums in the large vase which were sitting on the kitchen windowsill.

Eleora snorted with boredom; I knew why, but details are not that fascinating after all. However, I nodded at our mother and with a smile and a kiss on the cheek, she walked out of the door and walked down the driveway, she did a right turn out of our street then disappeared out of sight.

“Come on, or we will be late!” Madison pointed out, and she swung her bag over her shoulder and walked to the front door. Eleora emitted a yawn and turned up her volume on her earphones and then followed Madison.

I stared at the pile of forgotten, rather burnt toast when Kenny pulled me up from my seat; gave me a quick hug, and then we set off for school with Madison and Eleora in toe, fighting as usual.

When I entered the school gates I was stared at by the many eyes who had grown to hate me so much; I didn’t know why they hated me, maybe it was because I was smart, maybe it was because I was an easy target, or maybe it was because I was depressed all the time because of what had happened to my life.

What happened, I hear you ask. Well, it wasn’t nice at all, but I’m sure you’ll find out later but now I have to get to class.

Madison and Eleora went off in a different direction to Kenny and I, for they were in different classes to me and my other sister. However; I was glad that I still had Kenny. It was strange that I was closer to her more than my other sisters, maybe it was because she had so many secrets inside of her that kept me interested in her. I loved Madison and Eleora, but sometimes they were not into the secret-sharing business.

Kenny wasn’t confident in lessons. One time she was yelled at by one of the male teachers, (even though this was an all-girls school), he said that she was thick; making her break-down into uncontrollable sobs, which made the teacher even more annoyed and shouted at her to stop the bawling. I stood by her and yelled back at the teacher for being so out-of-order; however, this didn’t improve matters for I received my first ever detention.

But I realised that she didn’t have it that bad. I mean, I think I had it worse; but I didn’t mention it that much. The girls in my class ordered me to take their notes in classes, asked me if they could copy off my work; and if I didn’t let them, I was punished in front of everyone.

During one particular break-time, I was pushed against the wall and I was punched in the face several times, leading to a broken jaw and a bloody nose. I have also been thrown into bushes on the way home from school and have also been kicked in the stomach repeatedly. These brutal attacks came on me from older girls, who thought I had been mistreating either their younger sister or cousins.

One lesson was secure for me, but for my sisters as well. Madison and Eleora joined Kenny and I in our English class and we sit together on the same table. As we wanted to be professional writers, authors, journalists, whatever you want to call them; our teacher could tell who had copied from who.

Seen as my sisters and I were very good with descriptive text, languages and typing we had no problem with story telling; we usually got the highest grades possible in English and no one even cared of our dreams, especially mine.

I was so miserable that day that I didn’t even notice the pack of ravenous lions, (aka: older girls from our school), follow my sisters and me home. Eleora shouted at them to leave us alone, but the gang didn’t care about her complaint, all they cared about was their prey… me!

One of the girls pulled on my hair and I tripped on an upturned slab of pavement, ending up on the ground. The girl started to kick me hard in the chest and I groaned in pain.

Kenny shoved the girl away from me and she stumbled into her group of cronies, who pushed her back and she slammed into Kenny. I was being helped up by Madison when Kenny knocked into me and I went flying into Eleora.

The gang of girls laughed and a frown appeared on my forehead. I was so annoyed with them that I forget my cowardice, as if it had been left in my locker, and I punched the girl in the centre of her nose. A deafening crack echoed all around me, it was broken.

The girls around her gasped and crowded around her to see if she was all right. I; however, was being pulled away from the scene by my sisters. They told me to run but my heart was beating so fast with adrenaline that I stood stock-still, (even though adrenaline was supposed to make you all hyper and jump about, but you know).

Kenny pushed my back while Madison pulled my hand, while Eleora looked behind us to see if the gang of girls were following; fortunately, they weren’t. Eventually, I was unstuck from my position and I was able to run home.

We ran up the drive; Eleora unlocking the door for us to enter and when we did enter our home, I was pushed into the living room and where I got shoved into the armchair by the television (another necessity run by electricity where you can check what’s happening in the world, see what the weather is going to be like, and watch actors and actresses make prats out of themselves), by Madison.

“What was all that about?” Kenny jumped in as she threw her bag to one side and slipped out of her shoes and coat.

“I would keep them on if I were you… remember were going out when mum gets in,” Madison reminded her.

I was quiet; I didn’t want to answer, because going through all the explanatory system would make them freak out, making mum freak out when they told her, which would then make me freak out because I was just thinking about it! “Why were they hitting and calling you names?” Kenny repeated to me.

This so-called name calling was submitted by the attacker’s cronies; the words consisting of foul abusive language and pathetic words which were thrown my way all because I was easy to push around, and also because my brain can handle the insensitive comments.

“I don’t know,” I answered, “maybe I’m an easy target,” half of that was true, but because of what happened a year ago I was even easier to torment because I was so depressed. But I have always been picked on since from a mere age of six, and it carried on through the dramatic change that happened to all of us.

“Why don’t you hit them back?” Eleora said through the beat of her music, which was still pumping its way to her eardrum. She was really protective of everyone in our family, even though she was the youngest.

“Because I’m weak and easy to push around. I can’t help it and even if I do hit them back, I would get the blame because no one listens to me,” a lone tear slid down my rosy-red face from all the running I had endured.

“I’ll talk to them about it… most of them have sisters in our classes, April. Don’t worry about it,” Kenny said comfortingly.

This did cheer me up slightly but I knew that that would never work, for I would be punished for telling off on them. I mouthed this fact to my sisters and they all sighed.

“Well you have to do something about it,” Madison began, “I mean, we all know,” she indicated to Eleora and Kenny, “does mum know?”

I looked up at her and I shook my head; a disappointing glow shone in her sky-like eyes. “I don’t see the point in telling her,” I said eventually, “ she hardly has time to see us anyway, so I don’t think she will have enough time to go and complain to the school.”

“True.” Eleora sighed aloud again then went into the kitchen to pick up the bouquets of flowers, “But at least we have six weeks off from school, so we won’t see them until we go back,” our school had a primary school; where we were now, and a secondary school; where all the dingbats lived who always seem to have a problem with me, and a college; where the people who actually want to get a job go to.

“I just want to get away from that school; I wish mum would let us move house so then we wouldn’t have to see everyone again,” I mumbled rather to myself than to my sisters. Kenny whimpered; she had many friends at that school that she probably wouldn’t want to leave.

We sat in silence for the next ten minutes until the door opened which revealed our mother, who’s hair was all dishevelled from the days work. “Got the flowers?” she pondered at us all.

We nodded and she grabbed the keys for the car and we drove to our destination; not a very happy destination, but we were going to meet someone.

Our mother drove us through the streets of our town and because of all the traffic, it took us half an hour to get to the large black gates which towered above us all. The car went through the gates and down a long stretch of country road where; along side us, were tall trees which cast us into shadow and where gravestones of every shape, size and colour imaginable surrounded us.

Bunches of flowers were laid next to the gravestones, but some of the older ones; made of stone instead of marble, stood abandoned under the shadows and where moss and weeds began to grow around them.

We were in the graveyard where we wanted to meet this someone. The church bell rang loudly around the crematory to signal the hour. The car stopped and our mother got out of the driver’s seat. We followed her; each with a bouquet of flowers, to the black, marbled stone; shaped like an angel, which was situated under a cherry blossom tree.

Our mother took out some scissors and began to trim the grass which had grown long since the last time we had visited his grave. This bed of soil is the home of our late father. He died some weeks before we were born and mother didn’t know what to do anymore without him, this brought on her sudden change.

She cast herself out from her friends and family, she changed her whole appearance so that no one could find her, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had changed her name along with her new hairstyle.

After she had cut the grass, she let us place the bouquets of flowers down beside his name; each in turn praying for a wish that we would hope would happen. Kenny placed hers down first; closed her eyes and breathed in harshly. I could see the gentle line of sadness crawl down her cheek but it was soon wiped away when she stood up.

Eleora and Madison placed there bunches up against the sides of the gravestone then closed their eyes; heads low and murmured to the soul which was underground. They stepped back so I could take their place, and I kneeled on the fresh green pasture around the memorial and I placed the flowers up against the epitaph which had been carefully engraved into the stone.

I always wished for the same thing when I visited father’s grave; but I never expected for it to come true, until it did. I always wished for my life to change and for my sisters to go along on the ride with me, but again I always had doubts of it never happening.

The grave read:

“In Loving Memory of a Dear Husband, a Dear Son, A Dear Brother, and a Dear Soon-To-Be Father.
Not To Be Forgotten, Not To Be Lost, But To Be Remembered, For Ever And Always.
November 29th 1970 - March 3rd 1999”

But there was something else engraved upon the stone and it was written in Latin from what my mother had told me but the problem was I didn’t know what it meant. It said:

“Vos es natu maximus of quattuor, quod vos es meus ray of spes. Vultus secundum vestri sanctimonialis April quod vultus secundum vestri Matris. Vos have nunquam notus mihi tamen nunc, totus specialis ero ostendo sum. Is nuntius est vobis quod vobis unus tamen memor, ut vos mos nunquam exsisto unus. Vultus super in vos totus vicis. Diligo vos usquequaque quod pro infinitio, vestri Abbas.”

I knew it had something to do with me as it said my name; April, which I loved because I was the first born out of my sisters and me and we were born on the second of April, which was peculiar when I asked mum of why we weren’t born on the first and she said that distant relatives already shared that day. But when I asked her if those Latin words were related to me in anyway possible, she looked at me with a disapproving stare.

With one last look of the grave and with the light drops of rain coming down upon us, we got into the car and drove out of the cemetery. The water tickled down the black marble; I distinctly saw, making me cry for my father.

“I’ll get dinner started,” our mother said; in a different voice rather than her own, once we were inside our home. She bustled off to the kitchen, while my sisters and I ran up to the bedroom we shared so we could talk.

“What did you wish for?” Kenny asked all of us in turn. She always asked us this question and it was either getting really depressing for we had to retell our dream, or it became really annoying to us for we had to repeat ourselves all the time for her. And I noticed that I wasn’t the only one thinking about this.

“It’s supposed to be a wish; you know a secret, you dingbat! Otherwise it won’t come true,” Eleora pointed this out to her in a grave tone and for once, she made sense. But then again, some wishes don’t come true.

“Why won’t you guys tell me what you wished for?” Kenny flopped on to her bed in a huffy sort of way and forgetting that we were all in the room, she screamed into her pillow.

“No offence, Kenny, but do you really want to relive your deepest wish then become all depressed over something that is never going to happen?” Madison pondered to her tear-strewn face.

“No, but I am curious. All I want is to know who our father is, surely you guys want to know as well?” Kenny looked at us in turn, which made us feel really guilty for our wishes weren’t of something like treasure as hers was.

“Yes, we do,” Eleora spoke for Madison and I, “but there is not a single ounce of hope in the world that we will see our father, know who he is, or; in fact, see any of our wishes come into reality.”

Kenny went quiet but during this long and painful silence, mother called up to us so that we could help her with dinner. Kenny was about to leave when I stopped her and spun her on the spot.

“I’ll tell you what my wish was,” I said calmly; she smiled up at my face, tears of happiness welling up in her eyes. “I wished that my life would change, and that my sisters would come along on the ride with me. I want to rid my life of depression and pain, get out of my ordinary days and live an extraordinary day… but remember not all wishes come true.” I hope that that was the end of the story, but it wasn’t for my wish did come true.

Kenny hugged me then she walked down the stairs; happily may I add, to the kitchen to help with dinner. Madison gave me a hopeful smile, knowing that my words were true and that she understood. Eleora; on the other hand, shook her head in disbelief then followed Madison downstairs.

I stood still in our bedroom and gazed out of the window. Heavy, black clouds loomed overhead indicating an approaching thunderstorm. The weather kind of represented my life; always unpredictable, never knowing what’s round the corner.

But for now; apart from visiting my father’s grave, this day was just another ordinary day to me. But not just to me, but to my sisters as well…

So, here’s the beginning of my worries and the beginning of my story. Bringing back unhappy memories just out of the blue, strikes your heart like a sword to your side. So as I’m crying here; wishing that I could actually see my father, I am ignoring your will to read on.

But please read on. And as I’ve said before, this story is my past and I am writing this from the future, so be sure to have a box of tissues next to you, because things with get disturbing.

Not all memories are hard to deal with though. This story will contain some highlights of when my sisters and my life changed… and speaking of my sisters, they’re standing right behind me looking at what I have written.

“God! You’ve written a lot haven’t you?” Eleora gasped in my ear.

“Is this the story of how our life changed forever, April?” Kenny asked as she sits down beside me.

Yes, I reply, for I thought if I right down my memories I will get something’s off my chest. It’s working well so far, but I really didn’t want any distractions.

“Can we stick around and read it, please?” Eleora pondered, giving me the puppy-dog eyes.

It usually worked on me, seen as I’m easy to push around. So, when I nodded my three sisters pulled up a chair each and gathered around my computer. They read through what I had written so far and each face expression matched each word correctly, and each tear fell in exactly the right place.

As they finished, Madison turned to look at me, “I thought you were supposed to be at work?” she said. I swore loudly, but I knew my boss wouldn’t mind, he’s a nice fellow and quite handsome at that.

“It doesn’t matter, just as long as she finishes this novel; publishes it, then she’ll have no problem with the money side of things,” Eleora pointed this out to her and it made me smile. Sure it was a sarcastic note because I knew that it would never happen, but a girl can never stop dreaming, right?

“Hey! Why don’t we help you with the story? We can add in all our points and views when the big moment comes and we’ll get some of the money,” Kenny suggested, but no way was my money going into her bank account.

“The money doesn’t matter,” Madison said; wiping the smirk off Kenny and Eleora’s faces, “we’re doing this to tell everyone how four ordinary girls’ lives change to extraordinary ones!”

And there you have it, we sat down and made plans for the upcoming chapters and we were all hoping that this ordinary day which I am leading now, would turn into an extraordinary one when this book is placed upon a shelf with a price tag stuck on to it.


A/N: Hey! Who likes this story so far? I think its something different when you’re writing from one perspective to another; past to future, you know what I mean? Anyway, please leave a review with your comments.


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