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Flower of the Sunset by angelinhogwarts
Chapter 1 : A Day by the Lake
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Flower of the Sunset

Chapter 1- Day by the Lake
~ Hello Peoples!
My first Harry Potter Fan Fiction!!!! Finally, I can't wait until the next chapter! Also, remember to review after you read it, so I get some feedback on what I need to change.
Thank you for reading my story!!!
(Please note: The day by the Lake is not a chapter about that day that we learn about in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", so don't review saying, "You did it wrong!!")
Claim of Characters: I own Wendy, Rachel, Ethan, Steven and Jane!! Sadly, nothing else.. :(

Lily Evans chewed on the end of her phoenix quill. The exam was rather difficult, and James Potter's whispering at her did not really make anything easier.
"Hey! Evans! Psstt. Evans!", whispered James.
That annoying little twit, thought Lily, feeling herself getting angry. She felt this way at times when Petunia, her sister, would bother her or Steven (her brother) would play with her hair. Then again, Steven was still a baby, Potter, on the other hand, only acted like one.

Well, not exactly. Potter would do childish things like act like a dog, his hands in the air, while hopping around to grab the imaginary treat that Sirius was holding up.

James was what Lily liked to call, "a piece of baby fat", and according to James, she was a, "Lily flower". How she hated that name.
"Evans. Hey... Evans!! Are you finished with the exam?", that dumb prat just wouldn’t shut up..

Finally, Lily had had enough. She slowly turned around, her expression identical to Professor McGonagall's when she got angry. "Potter, you are disturbing me", she said icily," We are in an EXAM right now, so I would appreciate it if you would stop whispering. I need to CONCENTRATE!!!!!!!!"

At this point she had almost yelled, but remembered that she was in an O.W.L exam, and that if she was caught talking she would fail the exam.

Potter just grinned, and Lily, having a temper to match her flaming head of hair had to grip the seat very tightly to keep from screaming. She turned back to her History of Magic exam.
History of Magic
The Goblin Reunion of 1687 clearly stated that if one opponent for the daily debate (see paragraph 87, line 4, sentence 3) was absent, then the following would happen:
The normal procedure would be to go to the absentees home, and issue a warning (Italian Procedure)
2. (Russian Procedure)

3. (German Procedure)

4. (British Procedure- Wales)

5. (South American Procedure)

Oh God, thought Lily, I just read these notes today. Just before...

"Lily, the Russian Procedure is the killing!!", said that damn voice. Lily was ready to scream and stomp her feet when she stopped; Potter was right. Lily felt a strange elation spread over her. She remembered everything now!! If the Russian Procedure was killing, than the British was jail, the South American....

An hour later she exited the Great Hall, and walked directly to her best friend Jane Versace. "How did it go Lily?" Jane asked anxiously, but before Lily could answer; Jane was reciting her questions and answers as they walked outside. It was a beautiful day, the sun melted over the green hills. Lily breathed in, inhaling the sweet scent of summer.

"So I put D, but I know it should have been A, because D was the convention of wizards, 1575 and A was the debate of the hills, so I definitely have that wrong, right Lily? .... Lily?"

"Huh? What did you say Wend... erm … Jane?" said Lily, coming back to earth. Jane shook her head as if to say ‘Something is seriously wrong with this girl.’ Jane yelled to Wendy and Rachel Prewett. "Oi! Wind, Rain!"

"Wind" and "Rain" turned their heads at the sound of their nicknames. Their identical faces wearing matching grins. They stood and waited for Lily and Jane to catch up. "How did the exam go?" panted Jane. "Not bad", they answered in unison. (NOTE: Wendy and Rachel Prewett are Molly Weasley's sisters! Also, for those who don't know- Molly Weasley's maiden name was Prewett, as Joanne Kathleen Rowling tells us at her website)

"Oh no!” sighed Lily.

"Huh? What?” asked Jane. Lily pointed her finger at the Marauders. "Them, Those CREEPS.", she hissed.

James was hexing Severus "Snivellus" Snape, while Sirius had grabbed himself one of Snape's friends, Cormac Carter. "Lily... please don't make a scene", pleaded Rachel, but like Lily, she wore a look of grim determination. Lily broke loose, stomping over the grass, over to the "Creeps".

When she reached them the piece of baby fat turned and said with a laugh, "Impressed Evans?"

"That GIT!” whispered Jane. Wendy, however, was wearing a kind of love-sick smile while staring at Remus Lupin.

Lily drew her wand and James glanced down at it. "Ooohh! I am SO scared!!" James held up his hands and faked panic, running around in circles.
The crowd of students laughed and even Lily had to fight back a smile. "Put the wand down", she said coldly, "or else."

"Or else what? Going to kiss Snivellus?” grinned James.
Lily looked revolted. But then an evil smile spread across her lips. “No, but I will tell you all about my boyfriend, Jake."
At these words, James went green, and Lily said, "Oops, that slipped..." She put up her "right back at you" look.
James recovered his grin again and said. "Oh, Evans, don't make me hex you...”

"You obviously mean you better watch out because I am better at dueling than you." said Lily. At this point, the crowd was oohing and ahhing.

James stepped forward and said, "I like smart girls..."
Several minutes later, in the middle of Lily's following shouting match, Ethan Harsburg stepped up and took a picture. "ETHAN!", screamed both James and Lily. The small first year looked terrified and quickly disappeared into the castle.
"C'mon Lily" muttered Jane.

"Hey Evans, aren't you going to thank me for the exam?" James yelled.
Lily stopped dead, being hopeful that nobody found out that she cheated. To make sure that James didn't tell, she just acted fine and replied, "Thank you."

At Dinner that night, Dumbledore stood up and announced, "Due to some, ahem, difficulties, involving dueling and of course, pranking.” he looked over to the Marauders, "I have decided that the best thing would be if everyone had an assigned seat. We, that is to say the staff, have already created the seat arrangement of the Great Hall. Everyone please stand up."

To their amazement, the benches vanished, and then appeared again, the gryffindor's bench being red, the slytherin's green, and so on. Every foot of the bench had golden lettering on it. "Please find your seats!" As Lily walked along the row, she realized each bench part had a name on it. Finally she found hers. It was directly by Jane's and Wendy's. Pleased, she sat down on the velvet seats. A bark of a laugh made her look up.
With horror, she saw that sitting across from her was none other that James Potter and Sirius Black, laughing in the seat next to him. James grinned at her while Lily scowled.

~Thank you for reading the first chapter! Oh, I am so sorry for the rather short chapter, I will write more in the future! I am quite fast at typing, so make sure to check for updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
*I need a banner*

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Flower of the Sunset: A Day by the Lake


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