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Vanishing Act by blackcat05
Chapter 1 : A death (?) in the family
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Chapter 1
A death (?) in the Family

Harry Potter looked down into the crib at his year old daughter. ‘She looks so peaceful when she sleeps’ Harry thought.

In his opinion, Claudia was the most beautiful baby in the whole world, she had raven colored hair and bright green eyes, just like her father. In fact, whenever he took her places, people would stop and tell Harry how beautiful she was and how much she looked like him. Even his wife, Hermione would say that. “She’ll be so beautiful when she grows up.”

“I want her to be just like you” Harry would respond. Hermione and Claudia where his whole life, nothing mattered more to him than them, and he didn’t know what he’d do if anything ever happened to them. Little did he know that he was about to find out…


A few hours later, he was sitting in the living room with Hermione. He was watching tv, and she was reading a book. He picked up the remote and turned the tv off. “I’m going to bed, you coming?” he asked her,

She looked up from her book and smiled, “In a minute”

He walked up to her and pulled the book out of her hands, “Hey!” she yelled in protest “Give that ba-

She never finished her sentence because Harry picked her up in his arms and gave her a long, passionate, kiss. He loved these special moments with Hermione, nothing in the world could ruin this, or so he thought. Suddenly, they heard a strange noise, they broke apart and looked towards where the noise was coming from, it was the coffee table, where Claudia’s baby monitor lay. They smiled to each other as Harry put Hermione down and they went upstairs to calm their child.

When they opened the door, what they saw terrified them, and would burn in Harry’s brain for years to come. A group of death eaters, and Voldemort himself was standing over Claudia sleeping form. This was Harry’s worst fears realized. Voldemort smiled evilly at the baby and then looked up at the parents. Harry was frozen in fear, he looked at Hermione who looked like she was about to cry. Voldemort smiled evilly and put his finger to his lips “Ssshhhh” he said “You’ll wake her” Finally Harry, full of rage, pulled out his wand. “Get away from my daughter,” he said.

“Awww is widdle baby potter afwaid the bad old death eaters are gonna hurt his pweicous baby” said one of the death eaters whose voice Harry recognized as the voice of Sirius’s killer Bellatrix Lestrange. He felt fear and anger like he never had before.

“Get away from my daughter” he said again. This time louder, but Voldemort simply laughed “You’re not going to see this girl again for a very long time Potter” and with that, he laughed a cold long laugh that chilled Harry to the bone and raised his wand up to Claudia’s face and began to mutter a curse. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

Hermione ran towards them and knocked Voldemort’s wand away from Claudia and up to the ceiling just as the curse was fired. It struck the roof with a huge crash that shook the whole house. But the shaking wouldn’t stop, it got worse and worse. Harry realized the house was about to fall down. He looked to where Voldemort and the death eaters were but they had dissapparated. At first he feared they had taken Claudia until he heard her sobs from in the crib. “Hermione, grab Claudia, we’ve got to get out of here.” He yelled to his wife, he heard her stumble to the crib and grab the baby, then they ran downstairs, but before they even reached the door , a mountain of debris fell on them and Harry knew no more.


Harry awoke in a hospital two days later. The first thing he saw was his best friend Ron and his wife Luna, and Ginny and her husband Dean looking down at him. “Harry, thank god you’re alright” said Ron as he pulled him into a hug.

“Where am I?” he asked sounding slightly dazed.

“St. Mungo’s, you’ve been out for two days” Ginny answered.

“Where’s Hermione?” he asked.

“I’m right here” said a voice in the bed next to him. Harry looked over at his wife as a wave of relief swept over him knowing she was alright, but that was all too quickly replaced by a wave of fear and anxiety as he realized, his daughter, Claudia, was nowhere to be found. “Claudia,” he said. “Where’s Claudia?”

Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Dean’s faces all fell, as if they would give anything not to answer this question. “Yes, where’s my daughter?” said Hermione, who also didn’t know.

The four of them looked at each other for a moment and finally looked back at them. Ron walked over to Hermione’s bed and held her hand, while Ginny went to Harry. Dean and Luna stood silently in the back. Ginny sighed and began to speak “Well you see, some muggle called in about the explosion before we arrived so the ministry wizards who arrived at the scene thought it would be best to get you out of there before all the muggles came, they got you out of the debris then they went looking for Claudia, they searched all over the house, but all they found was this”

Out of her pocket, she pulled out a piece of clothing that Harry recognized as being part of the pajamas Claudia was wearing when they were attacked. His heart sank. “You- you mean.” He couldn’t’ say it, he just couldn’t.

“Yes” said Ron who was still holding Hermione’s hand. “I’m sorry guys, Claudia’s dead.”

Harry didn’t say anything. Hermione however burst into tears. Harry got slowly out of bed and went to embrace her. She grabbed him and held on to him tight as she grieved over the loss of her child “NO, NOT MY BABY, NOT MY BABY, NOOOOOOO”

“I know, I know” said Harry trying to sound comorting, as tears started to form in his eyes as well. His whole word was crashing down around him, his child was dead, his only child was dead, killed by Voldemort. Silently he swore that he would one day make Voldemort pay for what he did to them. He remembered what Voldemort said before killing her ‘You’re not going to see this girl again for a very long time Potter” Voldemort’s cold laugh rang in Harry’s ears as he continued to comfort his grieving wife.

Voldemort was right; Harry would not see his daughter again for a very long time. In fact, he wouldn’t see her again for sixteen years…

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