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LEGACIES: The Halo Of Life by The Dark Lord Nedved
Chapter 14 : Everything Falls Apart
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** CHAPTER 14: Everything Falls Apart**

Harry went to bed late that night, thanking his lucky stars that nothing exploded out of control; well nothing as yet anyway. His back was killing him, and that healing spell ginny used on him was fading away. He had taken off his shirt in the Gryffindor showers, looking at his back in the reflection. The four red slashes were quite visible, were still smarting like a fresh wound. Next time he’ll know better than to go easy on a Cerberus. He slept on his stomach that night, the clinking of chains and screams of frightened people haunting him as the nightmares continued.


In the Ravenclaw dorms, Kenna Malfoy could not sleep peacefully that night as well. She came to this country hoping to re-unite with her family, only to learn tonight that her real parents were murdered, and she never even knew who they were. Those moving pictures would be the closest she would ever get to having a real family, and Draco of course. But Draco did not feel like a real ‘brother’ as yet, they only just met. Why did he have to tell her that their father was a servant to the same monster who eventually killed him and her mother? She would have rather lived life in blissful ignorance if the alternative meant learning that her family was a string of murderers and dark wizards. She cried silently into her pillow, her existence was a farce now that she had lost her family for the second time. When the next morning came around, she was too depressed to do anything but stay in bed and suffer being cheated out of meeting her real parents.


That morning Harry awoke after only sleeping for a few hours. The nightmares were back and after the first time when he got up breathing heavily, sweat running down his face, he couldn’t bring himself to go back to bed. He was up and ready for class early o’clock, his map at the ready. Strangely, Rossilini was still in the Ravenclaw dorms, not moving an inch. Feeling a bit brighter, he smiled as set of for classes.

Ron waited for him to leave then followed him to class. He knew Harry wasn’t sleeping, but felt that he deserved it. Ron couldn’t believe he would be cheating on Hermione but he had to be absolutely sure and find out the truth, however, the evidence was damning to say the least.

Harry endured that day, his back stinging painfully any time he forgot himself and leant back on a chair. He was really strung out, the whole scene that went down yesterday, his lack of sleep and the repeated nightmares, and now the claw marks on his back. The healing spell wasn’t working well, and its effects lasted for a shorter duration at each incantation; resulting in the pain coming back more fearsome than ever each time it wore off. When the day was over and Rossilini still did not leave her dorm he said a silent prayer in thanks. Maybe he could get away with it!

Hermione was watching Harry very closely, what was wrong with him? She could tell he wasn’t himself, and he kept glancing inside a particular book. He talked normally and so on, but after five years she did not need occlumency to know something was disturbing him. What was he hiding?

Why won’t he open up to me?


The next two weeks passed in agonizing sluggishness, and Harry could have been put into the lead character of the game Dudley used to play; ‘Metal Gear Solid, the amount of stealth techniques he used while getting from class to class, he was sure he could be accepted into any covert operation the Order needed to do. When Kenna was in the vicinity he moved like a silent shadow, darting behind taller students and anything that could be used as cover, from Suits of Armour and Stone gargoyles to even timely stooping low to tie and imaginary loosed shoelace. Today he even resorted to disguise, he barely recognized himself when he put on the pair of ridiculously fake glasses and hat. His long hair was a dead giveaway, and many of the students peered strangely at the new kid in school. She was still on his trail trying to corner him, and his brain kept tugging him to go and talk to her. Every time he spotted her he had to look away immediately, she was like a reverse Medusa Demon, instead of completely turning his whole body to stone it seemed to harden only one area, and the closer she got the more potent the spell was.

Draco was watching some numbskull darting around students, wearing a skull cap and a really goofy pair of glasses, constantly looking over his shoulder. He smiled: another Gryffindor to give out punishment. Running inside the halls and wearing non-uniform headgear was strictly prohibited. Feeling especially evil on this gloomy Friday he stood in the middle of the hall, watching as the boy as he hustled through the crowds, rudely bouncing others as he hurried to class.

Harry was looking at the map, if he didn’t reach the next staircase before Kenna she was bound to notice him, and he couldn’t be late again. He squirmed through the crowd, making a mad dash to the stairwell. He was just about to reach his goal when a strong arm grabbed him from behind, yanking him back at the collar.

“Running in the halls, wearing hats that are not part of the uniform, hmm, let’s see, that should be worth 300 lines and a two hour detention,” a cold voice drawled from behind him. “Name and year, boy,” Draco said disdainfully, taking out his little punishment diary. Oh how he loved giving the Gryffindors detention. Made life worth liv-

“Well well, isn’t it my favourite Slytherin,” Harry snickered, turning towards him.

Draco’s head shot up from his notepad, and he froze. “…P-Potter?” he stammered. Harry grinned, and took off the hat and stupid glasses.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” Harry said, eyeing the little punishment book with scorn. “What are you planning to do with that? Book me?” he continued, daring Malfoy to even try to give him any grief.

“You better watch your mouth Potter, I’m a prefect,” Draco snarled, puffing himself up.

Harry sneered at him. “.. I’m a prefect,” Harry mocked him, looking him up and down. A few of the students saw what was going on, and stalled a bit to watch. “Very good Draco, I’m sure you want a prize now right?” Some of the younger ones laughed, and Draco reddened. He clenched his jaw, and his eyes blazed alive.

“I’m warning you-” Draco started, looming over Harry menacingly, fire burning in his pupils. Harry smiled darkly and the hall darkened, his eyes blazing electric blue.

“Just try it,” Harry dared him, stepping up into his face. The audience froze with the sudden tension in the air, as the two young heroes faced up to each other, their intense stare-down drawing the attention of everyone making their way down the hall, including one particular blonde.

Just when things were starting to get heated, someone stepped in between both of them a small hand on both of their chest, pushing them apart.

Harry barely felt the small fingers gently resting against his chest, until Draco backed off and looked down at the girl between them. Harry looked at their sexy mediator, and cursed silently.

Oh crap…

“Draco,” she warned sternly, and he calmed down. Turning to Harry, she smiled sweetly. “There you are. I thought you disappear these past weeks,” fixing his collar again. Harry used his mediocre occlumens ability to help him to block her unique seduction ability. It wasn’t working well though, and he felt his concentration slipping, his lust coming to a boil. He had to get away, and fast. Draco laughed softly as he watched the interchange between them, reading Harry like a book.

“Potter, I won’t be around to save your ass when the mudblood finds out,” he said smugly, he infamous Malfoy sneer out in full force. Harry’s eyes shot to him and his temper shot through the roof.- Draco knew?

“Who the fuck are you calling a mudblood, Malfoy?” he snarled, adding emphasis on the name to link him to his father. “Stinking family, the lot of you,” he retorted, his temper nearly bursting.

Draco lashed out first, his fist connecting solidly with Harry’s face. His head rocked to the side, but other than that he stood up quite steadily.

Harry grinned, shoving Kenna out of the way. The hallway was now charged with electricity, and the students backed away as Harry’s dangerous power flooded the room. Draco swung again, infuriated that he laughed off his punch. Harry dodged it easily, and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck. With a mighty heave Draco was sent sprawling down the hall, students jumping out of the way to avoid getting bowled over. Harry angrily strode up the hall towards him, Kenna trying her best to hold him back. His charm was taking over, and right now the bad mood he was in and that scum insulting Hermione was a good enough reason as any to kick the shit out of Draco.


At that same moment Hermione was already in class directly above the ensuing fracas, waiting for the teacher to arrive. When she felt the surge of power that could only belong to one hot headed Gryffindor student, she abruptly sat up and concentrated on the emotions running through her moody boyfriend. Couldn’t he stay out of trouble for at least the month? She shot up out of the chair, calling Ron with her.

“C’mon, we’ve got to calm down Harry, he’s doing his thing again,” she said, urgency on her face. Ron got up and ran with her down the stairs.

They reached the floor below in no time, only to see a certain blonde prefect being tossed down the hallway again like a sack of potatoes. The hall was shrouded in darkness, and the crowd was giving thema wide berth, cheering and whistling as Harry beat the crap out of his Slytherin counterpart.

Hermione yelled and began to run into the fray to stop him.

Inciendo ar Mustira!” Draco growled, trying to get back to his feet. A streaking wall of flame shot towards his opponent but Harry just laughed at the pathetic elemental spell. He waved his palm and extinguished it completely.

“C’mon, you’ve got better than that, surely,” he teased, striding royally down the hall towards Draco again. Hermione caught up to him, and physically held him back.

“Harry, listen to me, don’t let him goad you, you’re not yourself!” she screamed into his ear. Harry was half listening; half dragging her forward as he stormed down the hall.

“Let go,” he muttered, pulling her along as she desperately tried to restrain him.

“Harry, listen!” She ordered, but to no avail. Grabbing his hand, she closed her eyes, and incanted “Leglimens!

Harry felt the calming presence of her mind touching his, but panicked when she began to delve into his thoughts-

“NO!” he bellowed, and he shut her out of his mind, and disengaged the Occlumens spell, concentrating on controlling his temper. He dissolved his charm, and the sunlight returned, once filtering through the windows.

Draco watched in avid curiousity, Granger was an Occlumens? He looked at the couple, and realized what made Potter shout out loud. She was delving into his mind- and the secrets that lay there-

“Careful Potter!” Draco called out. ”Won’t want the mudblood to find out now will we?” he said sarcastically, wiping his bloody nose on the back of his hand. “Maybe I’ll just spare everyone the trouble and tell her-“

“SHUT UP!” Harry ordered, and stormed off to class. Hermione looked between Draco and Harry in puzzlement What didn’t he want me to find out? And why is Harry being so secretive? Ron also looked at Draco in shock, how could he have known what was happening between Ginny and Harry? Was someone spreading rumours?


That shaped up the rest of the day, and when Professor Dumbledore found out that Draco and Harry were fighting again he personally went to Harry’s last class and gave him detention, docking twenty points off of Gryffindor house. Draco was also given detention, but Professor Trelawny (the new Slytherin Headmaster) was such a poor disciplinarian that no one ever went. She also was very unaware on how many points to dock, and only penalized him five points from Slytherin. Draco smiled as she tried to give him her special brand of tongue lashing, claiming that bad things would happen to him if he continued on this path.

“Lady, you’re a bit late.” He snickered as he walked off. He- Draco Malfoy- going to detention? When mudbloods fly!

When Harry found out that Draco had gotten off so easily he was incensed, he was going to miss the fourth Friday afternoon Quidditch practice in a row. He missed the first two when he was up in the hospital wing, and last week they were rained out of practice, the lightning was too fierce to go out and play. Now he was stuck in detention, his blood practically boiling in his veins, and the claw slashes on his back were killing him more than ever. Damn, he needed to get something done about that. He grumbled to himself as he went about his punishment. His task was to clean out all of the cages used in animal Transfiguration; then go downstairs to clean all the chemist flasks used for Potions. That was a bit tricky, he couldn’t risk getting any on his skin. After his first hour had passed, the door creaked opened and a very smug–looking Kenna Rossilini sauntered into the room.

“What are you doing here?” he snapped, needing any way to vent his bad mood.

“I got detention,” she smiled, obviously pleased with herself. Harry froze.

“You’re kidding.”

“No.” She beamed at him, showing him a piece of paper. “Professor Diggory sent me to detention for hexing Dennis Creevy. I said I was sorry,” she said remorsefully, knowing fully well what she was doing. She wanted to be alone with him, and if a little hexing was needed, the means justified the ends.

“Dennis won’t have gotten caught off guard by the likes of you, I trained him personally,” he countered, narrowing his stare.

Kenna simply looked him in the eyes, drew her wand and muttered, “ Cutiro Simpliminous” Harry knew the basic cutting spell, even so, he was shocked to see a little paper cut appear on his finger, blood already beginning to flow.

“Well I had to use something more ...potent… to get in trouble,” She smiled secretly. “.... Draco is very good teacher…”

He was stunned, amazed that he did not respond to her magic. She had caught him completely off guard, fair and square. He inspected the cut in wonder, how the hell?

She came up right in front of him, and Harry made the mistake and looked in her face, perplexed by it all. Her eyes flashed green, and Harry felt his hormones raging inside of him. She took his hand in hers, and sucked on his index finger, her tongue lavishing against the small cut on the last digit. She licked the tip clean, sucking on the blood until it stopped bleeding. Harry was transfixed to the spot, that felt glorious, and he felt his pants strain against him.


‘No, relax, I’ll do anything you want…’

Fight it you piece of shit, YOU’RE STRONGER THAN SHE IS !

‘I am your fantasy, you cannot resist…’ the soft voice said in his head, and his mind buzzed as he tried to fight off his impulses.

Potter, this is just like the Imperious Curse-

She kissed him, and once again, he was lost. Her tongue gently probed his sealed lips, trying to find entry. Harry’s eyes were still open, he could do this, he concentrated, and the whole class went dark. Kenna’s skin tingled under the waves of power emanating from him, but instead of rejecting her magic, it amplified it to a stronger extent, just as it had done with Draco. Harry felt his lust totally overcome him, and his rationale shut down immediately, his hands groping everywhere that they could. She smiled into the kiss, she was getting better at this.

Taking his hand, she placed it on her breast, boldly telling what she wanted him to do. She felt wonderful, damn it, and images of their time in Italy and in Myrtle’s bathroom swarmed back into him, reinforcing his desire. Her tongue invaded his mouth, and she played with his tongue, sucking on it gently. His head was swimming, and Kenna hands were all over him, driving him nuts. He pulled roughly on her hair, drawing her head back as he sucked on her neck. The previous red marks on her were gone, but that was not a problem, he could easily remedy that. He bent his head low, and began leaving a trail of kisses down her chin, onto her neck and further down. He unbuttoned her blouse and sucked hard on her. She moaned, and he smiled evilly.

Damn, Potter, STOP you can fight it!

Kenna opened his shirt, and caressed his firm chest. He was lean and muscled, the definition clear in his abdominal muscles. Her nails dug into the flesh of his shoulder and chest, leaving tiny imprints on his skin. She bit him all over his torso, rubbing her hand between his legs. She fondled him through the material and Harry moaned in pleasure. Damn, he felt as if he were about to burst. Running her other hand down his back, Harry felt a searing pain course through him.

“Ah!” He screamed, the slashes along his back burning like hell. He was immediately freed from her spell, and quickly jumped off the desk. He tried to exit the doorway, but the detention spell would not allow him to leave until he was finished. He looked about in panic; he couldn’t stay alone with her. There were still many flasks still to clean, and he was not allowed to use his wand to do it. Remembering early that summer when the Solidus charm fist came into action when he teleported them all to the Dursleys, he shut his eyes and thought hard. The room glowed blue, and there was a tinkling of glass as all the dirty bottles shook for a few seconds. He opened his eyes, and all the bottles were clean.

Hey, if it could save his life, what was doing a few chores for him? He gave Kenna one last glare, and walked out of the Potions class. Kenna ran to the door to stop him, but collided into the same invisible detention shield and fell back to the ground, swearing profusely in Italian.

“Do your detention, bitch.” He smirked, and walked off, seeing Kenna run into an invisible wall was hilarious. Feeling in a better mood than he did whole week, he hurried to get his broomstick and head down to the quidditch pitch.

By the time he reached the field with his Firebolt, the team was already packing up. Ron shot him an ugly stare as he walked pass, and the other team members, excluding Fred and George, walked quietly passed him.

“What’s up?” Harry asked the twins.

“We thought we really knew you. But now….” Fred sighed, and walked off. George made to follow, but Harry grabbed him by the arm, how could he have known…?

“What are you talking about?” he asked angrily, irritated that he was too late to train with the others.

“Okay, I could understand that she always liked you, but our little sister? After all Hermione’s done…”

“What? I haven’t done anything with Ginny!” he protested.

“You don’t have to deny it, Ron said he saw both of you sneaking out of a hidden passage two weeks back, obviously finishing up on some heavy duty snogging,” George accused him.

“WE WEREN’T SNOGGING!” Harry could have laughed at the silliness of it all. “Did you ask her what we were doing?’ he smiled, this was a relief. That was a bit close.

“She did not deny that the two of you came out of a secret passage together, that was enough for us,” he said.

“She was helping me fix my robes! I got into a little run in with Fluffy, and he got me real good on the back.”

“Yeah right. That’s probably the worst excuse I have ever hea-“

“Don’t believe me? Check it out!” he turned around, and pulled the back of his shirt up high for George to see.

“Crikey! Mate, you got to go and get that checked out,” George whistled.

“Yeah but I’ll get in a lot of trouble when Pompfrey asks how I got that, we’re not supposed to be in there, remember?”

“Well Hermione could fix you up,” George said automatically. Harry gave him a look, and both he and George knew it would be even worse trouble if she found out Harry was putting himself in danger again. George contemplated for a while, then brightened when he came up with an idea. “Hey! Cho knows a lot of healing potions and stuff, she’ll sort you out.” Harry thought about it.

Right! How could I forget: Cho fixed me up before when I got burned. Why didn’t I think of that?

“Great idea! Thanks George. Good looking out.” He went into the owlery to write an in-school message to Cho.

‘Cho I need to talk to you. Meet me at the prefects lounge tonight, please.

– Harry.’

He called down a random owl from the rafters above, and a snowy white owl came swooping down. Harry could not believe his eyes! It was Hedwig! She landed on his shoulder, and affectionately nipped at his hair.

“Hey, I’ve missed you too,” he chuckled, pulling away his long hair from her beak. “Listen; deliver this to Cho, it’s urgent.” She hooted softy, and flew off into the halls. Harry made his way to his dorm, and changed his clothes. He was dead tired, but the slashes on his back were bothering so much that he couldn’t sit still. After a half an hour had passed, he received his return letter.

“Sure, I’ll meet you at 9 o’clock.” Harry looked at the clock on the wall: it said eight o’clock. Fine, another hour won’t kill him.


At five minutes to nine Cho was anxiously waiting for Harry in the prefect’s lounge. What did he want to talk to her about? At precisely nine o'clock Harry came through the wall, his face grim with pain.

“Hey,” he said, greeting her.

“Hey,’ she answered, a bit perplexed. “What’s up?”

“I need you to do me a favour,” he said softly.

“Anything,’ she replied instantly.

Harry looked at her for a second, then sighed. He hated going around in circles around Hermione, but sometimes discretion was the better part of valor. “Can you whip up a healing potion for me for dog bites…er scrapes?”

“A dog bite?” she smiled. All of this for a dog bite? “Let me see.”

Harry took off his shirt gingerly, and turned around. The huge red slashes were really ugly now; the skin discolored all over his back.

“Oh My God! How did this happen?” she shrieked, and immediately took down a potions book from the bookshelf there.

“Had a run in with a Cerberus...” he smiled embarrassedly.

“A Cerberus? How did you manage that?”

“er- I was taking a shortcut.” He replied. Cho narrowed her eyes, a shortcut? Was he avoiding someone? It clicked together, and she asked him:

“Were you avoiding Kenna Malfoy?”

“Yeah,” he replied looking at Cho in amazement.

“I know what she’s doing.”

Harry just stared. Was Cho reading his mind?

“She really likes you, you know that? Asks me questions all the time,” she explained. She flipped through the book, and found the potion. “I know she’s an enchantress, she has Ron wrapped around her little finger. Ron told me that she said I was outside of class when he knew very well I was going to meet him in the hall.” Taking out some bottles from the cupboard, she began adding ingredients to the cauldron.

There was a tense silence for about ten minutes when Harry just gazed at the bubbling cauldron. When the silence was a bit too much to bear he got the courage to say what he wanted to say. “So, you..and Ron…?” Harry ventured.

“Erm…” She dodged the question. “Lie down on the couch,” she ordered, already bringing the potion to a controlled simmer. Harry lay down on the couch, his fatigue gnawing at him. Sleep avoided him these days, and when he did sleep it was either the same nightmare in Italy or Kenna doing things to him that made his blood boil. He had to find a way to nullify the after effects of her spell. Damn, all the sneaking around was getting tiresome.

After a few minutes Cho came across to him, and knelt down on the plush carpet, holding a flask of what seemed to be a healing balm. “This is a mixture of Essence of Murlock and Nightingale’s healing balm, with a bit of moonstone to nullify the canine infection. Hold still, it’ll sting at first, but it supposed to be very soothing...”

“Okay,” he murmured. She applied it generously to his back, and yes, it stung a bit at first, but shortly afterwards Harry felt the healing effects working.

He closed his eyes, Cho’s hands and the warm salve felt like heaven. She massaged it into his back and Cho remembered with a sigh how she had blown it the previous summer. But maybe it was all for the best, she finally found someone who made her smile instead of give her heartache all the time. Ron was growing on her, and she hoped he also was taking a liking to her. She looked closely at Harry’s back, and could definitely see nail marks that were not from any animal (other than the human kind). There were little red quarter moons on his shoulders, and she definitely knew Hermione did not have long nails. Taking a closer look at his neck and the exposed area of his shoulder, she definitely recognized the red marks as love bites.

“Harry-” she began softly, and he opened his eyes

“Huh?” he said, wishing that she did not stop so soon. She rolled him over, and her eyes widened.

“Did... did Kenna do this to you?” she breathed, looking at the hickeys on his chest, one on his neck, and other various love bites on his torso. She peered closely at them, and Harry flushed, Cho had made him out. She touched his bare skin on the red areas; they were definitely love bites. They looked into each other’s eyes, Harry wanting to explain and Cho demanding an explanation.

Just at that moment Ron and Hermione walked through the wall. They both froze, the picture of Harry bareback and Cho with her fingers resting against him was something they did not expect. Hermione felt an icy shiver run down her spine. He would not dare do this to her. Ron stood there, dumbstruck.

“Cho! I thought- I thought- well I know Harry can’t be trusted, b-but I-,” he lamented, his face crestfallen.

Cho stood up immediately, “Oh don’t be so melodramatic, we weren’t doing anything. I was just helping him with his back,” she explained.

“Right, helping him with his back, really original that one,” Ron snarled. “And you! What is wrong with you, aren’t you satisfied? MUST YOU HAVE EVERYTHING ?!”

“Listen! She’s telling the truth, my back was really messed up and I-“

“Well now we could know for certain that you’re nothing but a liar -Hermione, tell us, use the Occlumens spell,” Ron said spitefully, knowing full well she would find out what has been going on behind her back “If you’re so innocent then I don’t see a problem now is there?”

Harry gulped, he was right. He sighed, he’ll go along with it, because he did not want them to think that Cho was doing anything wrong, he was the only one to blame here.

“Hermione- Look! Look at him, did you give him those marks?” he pointed, the trust in his best mate disappearing as the damning evidence was brought to the front. Hermione looked at the telltale hickeys on his chest and neck, and almost died inside. She had to know, she couldn’t let it hang in speculation. Was Harry cheating on her with Cho?

“Harry, I need to know. What do you have to say?” she begged him.

“There is nothing going on between me and Cho, I swear,” he added truthfully.


“Ginny?” Hermione asked, even more befuddled. She was feeling numb inside, but she had to know for certain. She said calmly, a slight quaver to her voice. “Harry, is it okay if I do as Ron asks?” she faltered, dreading finding out the truth.

Harry glared at Ron, but nodded. “Yes,” he said softly. She would find out, but at least Ron’s unfounded accusations on Cho and Ginny would be revealed. They were not to blame. Hermione looked deep into his eyes and she took hold of both of his hands.

Leglimens!” she whispered, and was instantly sucked into his swirling thoughts. She felt the pain of his nightmares, and the fight in the Belluci Transit station, she was looking through his eyes as he was tossed about the building, she was feeling severe stabs of pain as his shoulder shattered, his head and face bashing into the statue. His emotions jumbled about her, the nightmares, Sirius, his love for her, and even more forward unto recent events. She saw Kenna’s face distinctly before her eyes, and Harry avidly kissing her as they made out feverishly in the bathroom. She felt tears welling up in her eyes, and she saw his fight with Fluffy, and Ginny helping him out soon after with the painful cuts on his back. She felt his frustration of the past few weeks, and the fatigue that swamped him ever since he woke up, then finally his latest encounter with Kenna and now Cho applying the balm to his skin. She broke contact, and took a small step back. She was crying softly, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Harry stood still, he wished the ground could just swallow him up and die. Hermione was hurt beyond words, and her face said it all.

“Ron, ” she whispered, her voice broken. “He isn’t lying. There is nothing going on with her,” she indicated a relieved looking Cho- “neither is there anything going on with your sister.” Her eyes were red, and her breath came in uneven bursts. Ron looked at her incredulously, then back at Harry.

“But- well, what’s wrong?” he asked softly, it was unbearable to see Hermione cry again. She looked at Harry, who was too numb to say anything, her face crumpling by the second. Her lip trembled, and she could not seem to stop the flow of tears. Harry opened his mouth, but it felt like there was no breath in him to say anything, his heart rammed against his chest, he felt as if he was immobilized in that moment in time.

Taking a small step backwards, she pleaded in a heartbroken whisper:


Harry stood still, her expression causing him ten times the pain he felt during his fight in Italy. He couldn’t say a thing, his breath caught in the back of his throat. Hermione could not believe it, she loved him so much to willingly sacrifice her life for him, but he couldn’t trust her enough to come out and tell her the truth. She turned around numbly, her soft cries cutting deep into his soul. She walked out of the prefects lounge quietly, her whole presence somehow destroyed by his actions. Cho and Ron watched the interplay of emotions between them and they couldn’t help but feel it for them.

“I’m sorry,” Cho tried to console him, approaching Harry to put a reassuring arm on his shoulder. Ron stayed where he was, he felt like such the idiot for accusing Cho of cheating with Harry. But what had caused Hermione to break down and cry?

“Hey, Harry, mate, I’m so-"

“Get out.”

“Wha-?” Ron stammered. Harry wiped a tear that ran down his face, and turned away, not want them to see him cry.

“I want to be alone,” he said softly, and both Ron and Cho silently left the room.

He sat down on the couch, and unconsciously extinguished all the candles that lit the room. He sat alone in the dark, the tears running freely down his face.


Author's note: Sorry for the long wait, the site had some renovations done and had the submissions closed, but now that they seem to be finishing up so things should be picking up in pace now.Thanks for reading and don't forget to review!

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