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Complicated Hexagon by Jessi_Rose
Chapter 8 : Hogsmeade Dates Part I
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"You-" James started but was cut off by Lily.

"What the hell is your problem Black?" Lily yelled. Sirius turned back to look at Lily, who immediately slapped him across the face. "What makes you think that I would EVER want to kiss YOU? You are so out of line," she hissed to him. She took a short look at James and Hermione, but her eyes rested on Remus. He looked disgusted at the sight of Sirius and Lily; she didn't blame him. She walked past Sirius and slipped through the small gap between James and Hermione, bumping shoulders hard with the former. When she reached Remus she whispered, "It wasn't what it looked like."

Remus grimaced and put his hand on hers. "I know. You look way too pissed for that to have been fun." She chuckled at him as he led her from the library. He gave a look back to Sirius, a look that clearly said You didn't know, so don't worry.

"They...They're dating?" Asked James. "Not just you....but Moony as well?" James was staring at Sirius, his hatred long forgotten. Now he was stunned that both of his friends had ever thought of dating Evans.

"Prongs, I..." Sirius threw a hand through his hair, thinking of the right words. What he just did to his best friend was horrible, and he felt bad. James was obviously still in love with Lily, and it was foolish of Sirius to go to such drastic measures to piss him off. "I told you that she wasn't my type...I was just...I was peeved. You know how I get," Sirius let a small smile form on his lips.

"I know, Padfoot. You're a git. I don't like you any less,” James laughed. Hermione looked between the two boys, letting a breath go that she didn't realize she was holding. It was amazing to see that these two were such good friends that they could let something like this slide. Ron and Harry would be at each other's throats. Hermione smiled widely at the two who were now ringing hands and laughing about Peter snogging Bertha.

"If you'll excuse me," Hermione said politely as she turned to leave.

"Mione, wait. I...Erm....There's a Hogsmeade trip tomorrow. Would you like to go with me?" James looked to Hermione hopefully, not faltering a bit when she huffed under her breath.

"I don't think that's...."

"Just as friends," James added in hastily. "Nothing more."

"Okay, I'll go just as friends. So who else are we going to go with?" Hermione asked smartly. James turned quick and looked back to Sirius.

"Sorry, mate, I've got a date," he said with a saddened tone. In truth, he was thinking about asking Hermione. He had seen the sign yesterday, and was going to ask Hermione - that was the cause of James and his fight.

"Oh," Hermione breathed. "Well, then, looks like it will be just you and I James." James' expression brightened considerably. "Well, I'm off to bed. I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Night, Mione,” James said happily.

"See ya," Sirius said glumly.


As Remus was walking Lily back to the Head Dorms, he started thinking about asking her on a date to the Hogsmeade weekend. He had seen the post for it yesterday, but held off asking her because he wasn't sure of her feelings. Now, after that escapade with Sirius, he was sure that she had some non-platonic feelings toward him. He was just about to turn and ask Lily to go to Hogsmeade, when she stopped by his side.

"What's wrong, Lil?" Shocked by her sudden stop.

She was looking at him, as though seeing him for the first time. "Will you go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?" She asked him, forgetting all conventional thought.

He looked at her with a curious expression before he answered her. "You enjoy mystifying people don't you?"

"How exactly have I mystified you Remus?" She said sweetly, batting her long eyelashes.

"I was just about to ask you to go with me," he said smiling. "But, I see you beat me to it. Of course I'll go with you."

"Great," Lily said, as she continued walking again. When they reached the Head dorms Lily turned to Remus and gave him a swift kiss on the cheek. "See you tomorrow."

"Is noon good?"

"Perfect, love," she waved a hand at him before the door closed on her. She sighed and smiled to herself as she walked to her room, undisturbed by Hermione's crying form on the sofa.


"Shayla, Oy! Shayla!" Sirius yelled through the corridor to a blond girl wearing Hufflepuff house robes. Sirius ruffled his hair, trying to get it behind his ears, but as he made his last quickening pace toward her, it flew back in his face. "Do you have a date for Hogsmeade tomorrow?"

Shayla's milky white skin reddened slightly at being addressed by Sirius Black. She looked to the ground, examining her white sneakers. When she brought her striking blue eyes back up to Sirius, she bit her lip nervously and smiled. "Not yet," she said coyly.

"Do you want to go with me?" He smiled at her shyness. He found it cute, the way her cheeks blushed, and the way she bit her lip. He could just imagine getting her into bed. While images of shagging Shayla danced in his head, he nearly missed her quiet answer.

"Yes," she whispered happily. "Do you want to meet outside of my common room? Around nine?" She was beginning to get more excited. Sirius Black had just asked her to Hogsmeade. Sure, he had a thing for ladies, but this was different. He was so good at making you feel comfortable and sexy.

Sirius was a little taken back by her sudden eagerness, but replied in his cool, silky voice, "We’ll meet in the Great Hall after breakfast,” he half ordered.” She nodded vigorously in agreement. “It's a date." He put his hand to her slim waist and brought his lips down to hers. "Cheers," he whispered as he turned to leave.

Shayla watched Sirius walk away. She put a hand to her mouth and whispered, "Cheers."


Hermione got back to the Head common rooms, and felt tears prickling her eyes. This was getting out of control. Remus and Lily weren't supposed to be together, Sirius was depressed because of James and Hermione going to Hogsmeade. She still didn't understand why he had said he had a date, when he was just trying to talk James into stepping aside for him. James was supposed to be in love with Lily, and now he was falling in love with her. It was all so confusing and mind bending, it seemed that the only way to relieve it was to cry. She sat down on the sofa and let small sobs escape her throat. I really wish Ginny was here. She would know what to do.

Just as Hermione thought of her best friend, Lily came gliding in the door. She passed Hermione with no regard for her sobbing. It looked as though she was in a trance, the way she moved was just so dreamily. Hermione knew just to let her go, knowing that she couldn't confess her secrets anyways. It wouldn't do any good to try and talk about it; she would only have to dance around the subject. Hermione brought her blue sleeve up to her eyes and dabbed away the tears. Getting worked up over it wouldn't solve anything. Hopefully she could get things set straight before she had to leave - whenever that was.

"Mione, are you okay?" Came the distinct voice of James. "Are you crying?"

"Oh, um...No," she whispered. She knew that he could tell she was lying, but she wasn't ready to confess her fears and worries to anyone. "I...Erm...I was just missing home and I remembered Harry and Ron and Ginny. It's nothing. I'm just emotional."

"Do you want to talk about it," he asked her, concerned. She hadn't cried this whole time she was here. He didn't want her getting home sick. He was secretly hoping that she would decide to just stay in this time.

How can I get him to stop asking? Aha! "No, James really. It's just PMS. You know...Girl problems," she smiled despite herself.

"Oh," James blushed. "Well, I...Erm..." He ran a hand through his hair to give it the sweeping look. "I think... Erm... Lily has some extra...Erm... you know."

Hermione laughed. "Okay, I'll ask her." James sure did look cute when he got embarrassed, she thought before she kicked herself mentally. "I'm off to bed. Thanks for your concern James. I'll see you tomorrow for Hogsmeade."

"Night, Mione," he said as he grabbed her hand. He wanted to catch her before she went walking away. He pulled her to him. "Just a hug. You friends."

Hermione rolled her eyes. No wonder Lily gave in. He is so pathetically cute. Hermione wrapped her arms around James' shoulders as he wrapped his around her waist. He picked her from the ground and swung her in a circle. "Sleep well, love," he whispered as he set her down. He quickly stole a kiss on her cheek before letting her walk away to her room.

"Tomorrow I will show you just how much you want to be with me, Hermione. I swear it," he said under his breath before going up the stairs after Hermione.

A/N – Okay! For all of you faithful readers (and hopefully reviews *wink, wink*) Here is an inside look at Chapter 9 – Hogsmeade Dates Part II

~*~ It was almost like Madam Puddifoots. It looked as though it was also made for lovers. There was slow music playing and people slow dancing on the floor. The really magical thing about it, though, was the floor. It was like a mist, and the dancing couples seemed to be floating above the mist. Hermione looked around and saw a jukebox and a small juice bar. This place was definitely for couples, which made Hermione slightly nervous. ~*~

~*~“Is she crazy? She could completely change his future,” Lily added angrily. She was searching Remus for answers, as if he had them. ~*~

~*~ Sirius grunted against her neck and continued leading trails of kisses from her ear to her collarbone. His hand was sliding up her shirt, just as it had in his daydreams. “Sirius!” ~*~

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Complicated Hexagon: Hogsmeade Dates Part I


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