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Moaning Myrtle by Ari
Chapter 1 : Moaning Myrtle
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*none of these characters are mine. They are all J.K Rowling’s. I wish they were mine though :pouts: Enjoy!*


Harry was finally back after a long summer at the Dursleys. This summer was particularly bad-no wait-they all were. But this summer Harry actually picked up his wand and thought about performing one of the three Unforgivable Curses, but then remembered that if he did, he would be suspended and forced to live with the Dursleye even longer.


Harry went through Platform 9 & ¾ hoping to find Ron or Hermione. Harry looked all over the Hogwarts Express until the attendant told everyone to sit down. The only empty car was in the middle next to Neville. Harry stared out the window while he tuned out to Neville’s babbling. He hoped Ron and Hermione were okay.


When the train finally arrived at Hogwarts, Harry sped off the train so quickly that he almost knocked over a group of first years who looked frightened enough already. “Sorry!” he called over his shoulder.


Harry finally caught up with Ron and Hermione at the start-of-term feast. They appeared to be in deep conversation and, as Harry noticed, they were sitting awfully close.
”Hey guys what’s up?” Harry asked. “Oh nothing” they replied as Harry plunked himself down next to them. “Where were you? I missed you on the train” He continued. “Er..well..” Ron started and then Hermione cut on “What do you mean? We were on the train! We must have just missed each other.” Harry noticed that there was a touch of doubt in her voice. They didn’t talk much as they stuffed themselves through dinner.


That night, as Harry and Ron crawled into their beds, Ron said “Harry I have to tell you something. Me and Hermione weren’t on the train.” “Oh gee... really?” Harry remarked with obvious sarcasm, though Ron didn’t seem to notice. “And…well there’s one more thing.” Ron continued “Me and Hermione we’re…well she’s my girlfriend and we’ve been going out all summer. Harry, who had been dozing off bolted upright. “Your what?!” He asked. “Going out” Ron replied. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Harry demanded. “We just thought you might be jealous” Ron admitted sheepishly. Jealous? Harry thought. Ha


The next morning their first lesson was Herbology. Harry, Ron, and Hermione all worked together deseeding olkedens. Harry noticed that Ron and Hermione didn’t talk much but they gazed into each other’s eyes. Every time Harry tried to strike up a conversation, they just mumbled and kept looking at each other. This went on for nearly every class. Harry couldn’t take it any more as he walked out of Divination (it seemed that Hermione joined again to be with Ron-though she swore it wasn’t true)


Harry walked down the halls, not stopping to talk to anyone. He wasn’t going anywhere just to where his feet were taking him. As he walked past the girl’s bathroom he heard sobbing. Harry knew it was Moaning Myrtle but he went in anyway, because he knew no one would be in there. “Myrtle?” he called “What’s wrong” Myrtle came out, and blew her nose and started to talk but then took a look at Harry and asked “What’s wrong with you?”


A/N This is just the first chapter-please any suggestions would be wonderful. Please review if you’d like me to write more! Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it.
More Soon!

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