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Hell and Back by LTDan
Chapter 1 : Hell and Back
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A/N: Umm...I deleted about eight fanfics. If you want them...well...never mind. Tough luck. Hehe...

Disclaimer: HEY! I actually OWN something for a change! I own Draken, and I own Dorian! But I don't own their last name...Tough break, eh?

*~LT. Dan~*

"Give me my broom," said the first boy.

The second held a smirk on his face. "No," he said maliciously, holding the broom above his head.

"I'll tell Dad," the first complained, his face screwed up as he jumped toward the broom.

"No you won't," the second said with a laugh.

"DAD!" the first yelled, clenching his fists and squeezing shut his eyes.

A man of around in his late thirties or earlier forites came running out of the house behind the two arguing boys. "Draken?" he said upon seeing the first boy screaming and the other laughing, holding his broom over the other boy's head.

The second boy dropped the broom along with his smile. The man approaching them frowned at him. The first boy, whose name was Draken, stopped yelling when the man put a hand on his shoulder.

"Dorian!" The man yelled. He looked identical to the boy called Dorian, apart from his eyes, so it was fair to suggest that this man might be their father.

Dorian slumped his shoulders. "I'm sorry and I'll never tease Draken again, right?"

Their father smiled mirthlessly at him. "Try again."

"What, then?" Dorian said, glaring slightly at his father, his voice and temper rising steadily.

"Stay away from all brooms, except the one you'll be sweeping the floor with, for the next month."

"WHAT?" Dorian said, outraged. "I've not tease him once in four--"

"He's your brother," his father said sharply, his eyes narrowed.

Dorian's already thinned lips thinned until there was no visible trace that they had ever been there. "And that makes all the difference," he said hotly, turning away from his father and brother and making his way deliberately clumsily, to his room, knocking things off counters, shelves, and wals as he went.

He stomped up the stairs and into his room without stopping to pick anything up. He slammed his door so hard behind him that this framed Prefect`s acceptance letter fell off the left wall. He locked the door behind him and flopped down on his bed.

"One day," Dorian said unevenly, his voice full of rage, "I'll do something better than make Prefect. I'll do something so wonderful that bastard will wish I'd been his favorite."

A/N: I hope you enjoyed. :) I really like this idea. Review so I can see whether you lot like it or not...rate/review!!

*~LT. Dan~*

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Hell and Back: Hell and Back


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