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Trilogy of Errors Part 2: Lies, Fabrication, and Defenistration by CrabPerson
Chapter 5 : A Deluxe Condo in the Sky
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Chapter 5
A Deluxe Condo In the Sky

Over the following moth, things had never been better for Harry. His first book was published and it made over one million galleons. The reason this is so non-descriptive is because I don't feel like explaining everything. If it was a movie there would be a Gettin' Rich montage. Simply put, Harry was straight pimpin'. I know it may be bad writing to do things this fast, but receiving over millions of dollars in a little less than a month went very fast to Harry. The first thing he did was help get Potzer out of his house.

He did this by getting himself a wonderfully "swank" condo. To no surprise, His book was the biggest thing since Lockheart's stories. And the best part was, he was credited as anonymous so Ginny never found out. But unfortunately Harry's attitude changed. But now, a month later his second book has just been released. Now, he's scheduled for a book-signing, after millions of fans demanded it. But, Harry needs to break the news to Ginny. Hopefully, she won't kill him.

Harry strolled into the very popular coffee-shop. He was supposed too meet Ginny their. He told her he had something important to tell her. He found the table she was sitting at and sat down after taking off his new (expensive) leather jacket.
"Harry, I thought you would be able to save your parent's money." She said.
"Well that's what I wanted to tell you..."
"Harry.. What's going on?"
"You see.... A month ago I was broke..."
"That's why was drunk that entire day... But see, there was an offer to give 4000 Galleons to publish a book that could make millions..."
"Long story short.... Perry Hapablap is basically my autobiography........"
".............. That explains............. Everything...... You never seeing me on weekdays... Your new apartment..."
"Yes.. A condo......."
"Are you ok?" Harry asked. He thought he had it in the bag.
"......... No."
"No, Harry!! Why do you think I don't like you giving me gifts every time I see you?! You're not at all like the Harry-"
"You fell in love with?" Harry was about to drive down a road that led to a field of rabid pigmes, I think that analogy would apply here.

"What was so great about regular Harry? Nothing!! I was practically a drunk!! I was in a musical hell!! I haven't been in one ever since publishing these books!! I had people living with me like Hermione and Potzer!!"
"Living with you?" Ginny asked trying not to cry.
"Well I don't see why you're any type of jealous!! I stuck with you since after having sex with her and didn't leave! It's not like I would cheat on you!!"
"....... What is that supposed to mean?"
"Well......" Harry slowly realized what he had said.
"Ok then.... If you like her so much.... Go lie to her!! I hope you live a happy life with her in you CONDO in swinger's towers!!" She said as she left crying.
".......... Oh boy..." Harry sat down rubbing his forehead.
"What have I done?"
"Ya fucked yerself' pretty bad..." the guy behind the counter said. Harry glared at him. "I was just observing..."
"Oh that is so old!"
"Go to hell single man!" The guy said going into the back. Harry left his coat, then left the shop.

Miles away, outside of the Leaky Cauldron, Hermione had been taking a walk and somehow met up with Potzer.

"It's fine. I'm sure he's just thinking about hot sex with a french nudist." Potzer said.
"..... You're not helping at all."
"Well, I'm sorry! Geez!"
"Don't yell at me.... I'm already self conscious enough I don't need to think unkind or negative."
"Why would you be self conscious?"
"Look at me.." she said defeated.
".... I can't give a full judging. I can't touch." she gave him a disgusted look.
"So, on other's judgement who HAVE felt: How is your ass?" Potzer asked casually.
"Shut the hell up!" she said with a surprised look.
"Firm.. Like mutton.." Harry said catching up with them.
"Oh shut up..." she said trying to be offended, but was definitely a bit proud.
"It was a compliment, Granger" He said walking along with them.
"........... Mutton?" she asked looking down. Harry nodded putting his hands in his pockets.
"What up, author dawg?" Potzer greeted Harry.
"Just broke up with Ginny..." He said.
"Again? Geez, am I invited to the wedding in june and the divorce application signing in july?" Potzer asked.

"Where's Ron?" Harry asked.
"Oh, he's at home.... Said he needs to think about something." she informed him looking up.
"Trouble with daddy." Potzer said.
"Shut up!" Hermione defended herself.
"that doesn't sound like 'I don't call him daddy when we're shagging', deviant!" Potzer yelled. "So when do you got that book signing?" Hermione said annoyed.
"Two days..."
"So where is this book-signing?" Potzer asked.
"It's at the new bookstore in Hogsmeade."
"Yeah, the book appealed to kids...." Harry sighed.
"Stupid kids!" Potzer yelled.
"Well that should be fun.... Are you gonna visit the teachers?" Hermione asked.
"Definitely.... It'll be great too see everyone again." Harry was reluctantly optimistic when he said this.

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