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She's the only one left by hermharry
Chapter 1 : She\'s the only one left
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She walked into the common room wearing a plain white shirt with navy blue shorts that had red stripes on the side. She was chatting away with her friends about something that I could not hear. I was sitting on a big red couch close to the fire looking blankly at the brown haired beauty that just lingered in.

My homework for the night was scattered on the coffee table in front of the couch. I looked down on the almost empty peace of parchment and sighed. I had been working on it for an hour thinking of nothing but her.

Why canít I get her out of my head? My heart throbs in pain that I canít go talk to her and my brain swells with questions of wonder. Why canít I talk to her? She has been my best friend for six years and I used to be able to talk to her like any other guy I know.

Sure I have liked her since two years ago, but then it was different. It was just a stupid little crush; we were too young for anything to get serious.

I really should be studying for my mid-year terms but I just canít concentrate. Especially not when she is in the room. I sighed heavily again, resting my head on the pillow and closing my eyes lightly. I heard a tap at the window and opened my eyes again. My eyes strung in pain from the heat of the fire which was very close to where I was sitting. I went to the window and saw a school owl with a letter.

I opened the window and let the owl in. Apparently the letter was for me as my name was on it and the owl was circling around my head. I quickly opened it and read the contents frowning.

You are a worthless piece of junk. I should just destroy you, your friends that are left, and anyone else you know. If you are stupid enough, like youíre other friends to try and duel with me to take away my life, meet me in the forest outside of your school tomorrow at midnight. If youíre not a chicken I will see you then,


I shuddered and closed the letter. The evil wizard has taken all of my friends but her. All of my family. I needed to kill him for once and for all. I gathered my books up in my hands deciding to leave my homework for another night and ran up the stairs to my dorm, where I now sleep alone as Voldemort took everyone that ever meant something to me, except for her.

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