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My Love the Sequal by Ginny
Chapter 1 : My Love the Sequal
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It has been 3yrs. since the night in the Astronmy Tower. Ginny and Padma were now best friends and she was a constant visitor to their house. Ron and Lavender got married and she was now pregnant with their first child. Harry was dating belive it or not Malfoy. Turnes out all thouse yrs. he was just pretending to be straight. They began to date in secret 7th year.
Ginny was on her way back from an early buissness trip. She had begun working for the the Daily Prophit right out of school. She decided to supirse Hermione. As she crept through the door she heared noises in the bed room. She opened the door and saw Cho and Hermione scrweing. Ginny's heart broke.
"Hermione how could you?!" Ginny eye's filled with tears and ran out of the flat. The only person she could turn to was Padma. She apparted to her front door. When Padma opened the door and saw Ginny she looked shocked.
"Gin? What happened?" Ginny hugged her tightly and Padm led her over to her couch. Padma sat her down and lifted her head in her hands. Giny could bairley speak.
"" Padma held her again and Ginny burried her face in Padma's shoulder.
"It's o.k take your time." Padma felt Ginny relaxe somewhat as she stroked her hair. Ginny looked up at Padma tear's gone now only her red puffy eye's could be sceen.
"She cheated on me Padma. With....with Cho!" Padma knew Ginny was going to cry again so she held her.
"I am so sorry. I can't belive her. If you want I will....." Padma trailed off and Ginny smiled at how sweet her friend was.
"No can you just hold me. I can't go back there." Padma nodded and soon Ginny fell asleep in the comfort of Padma's warm body.

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My Love the Sequal: My Love the Sequal


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