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Do they Love? by hermharry
Chapter 1 : Do they Love?
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Harry Potter sat ion his bed In Number 4 Privet drive the day after school was over. He stared out of his window and saw his white snowy owl come flying to his room. He opened the window and took the letter from his bird. He opened the letter and read…

Dear Harry,

Ron is having family over for most of the summer so I am afraid you will not be able to go there this year I have already asked Dumbledore and my parents if you could stay at my house for the summer and they both said that would be ok. Could you please send Hedwig back with a response for me? Thank you Harry! I can’t wait to hopefully see you!


Yes! Harry thought! I get to go stay with my best friends! (and the person who I have had a crush on since the beginning of last year)! I will write her back right now!

Dear Hermione,

I would love to come stay at your house. Sorry if it is a bother to you and your family. When will you pick me up? Owl me.

With love,

Perfect. Thought Harry, this will be the best summer ever.

The next day:

Harry woke up at 7:00 in the morning and went downstairs to make breakfast for his Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley.
“Oh, boy,” Uncle Vernon said to Harry “an owl was banging on the window with a letter from some girl Harmony or something and she said she would get you at 9:00 this morning so go get ready, the sooner you leave the better!”
“Yes Uncle Vernon!” Harry replied, he was so excited he couldn’t wait to see her!
He packed his bags and got his trunk from the cupboard under the stairs and waited outside for Hermione.
She arrived shortly before nine o’ clock and Harry got into the muggle car as quickly as he could and Mr. Granger drove away from the muggle house he didn’t call home.
“Hello, I guess your Harry, I’m Liz Granger and this is my husband Fred (A/N: I have no Idea what there real names are!).” Mrs. Granger told Harry.
“Yes my name is Harry, It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Granger, Hermione has told me so much about you!” Harry replied.
“Hello Harry even though it has only been a week I have still missed you!” Hermione said with a bright smile that Harry blushed from.
“I have missed you too Hermione.” Harry said giving her a hug, now it was her turn to blush. Hermione’s parents started talking so that Harry and Hermione could talk to eachother privately.
“Harry, I’m so excited that you could come, I can’t wait until you get to our house!” Hermione who now had long, straight brown hair said.
“Hermione how did you do that to your hair, you look so nice and it has only been a week, how could it get so long!” Harry said trying to complement her.
“Thank you Harry, I just used a growing and straightening spell!” Hermione said, obviously happy about what Harry said.

In about and hour the arrived at Hermione’s house. It was a beautiful mansion that had a big pool in the backyard, a pool house, several guest houses and a lot of gardens. The main house itself looked as if it had ten bedrooms.
“Harry, we already have a two bedroom guest house ready for you,” Mrs. Granger explained “You and Hermione may stay there if you like so you can catch up, we are off to work now, and Hermione will show you where you are staying! They dropped the kids off at the house and started driving away. “Have fun!” They called!

Ten minutes later:

“Care for some tea Mr. Potter or Ms. Granger?” He and Hermione were in the guest house when a maid came up to them.
“Thanks Taylor, that would be great.” Hermione replied.

“So, Harry, what do you want to do?” Hermione asked.

Harry stared at her long pretty hair and her sweet smile and her chocolate eyes and her small delicate ears and the looked at her little thin body and her small hands and thought, what am I thinking she is my best friend! But she is beautiful. I wonder what she would say if I asked her out, urg what would Ron say. Who cares he is my best friend, he would understand besides he doesn’t have a crush on her anymore, he likes Lavender Brown, ok Harry just ask her, don’t sound like an idiot. “Say Hermione, why don’t we go for a walk.

Hermione looked at Harry’s million dollar smile and his emerald green eyes and his strong muscles that could hurt you if you were bad but protect and love you if you were good, stop thinking like this Hermione, she thought, he is your best friend. I wonder if he likes me too! I think I have a giant crush here. Oh no what will Ron say, oh yea he likes Lavender Brown now so he wouldn’t mind if Harry and I went out. Say something Hermione, anything.
“Ok, a walk sounds nice.” Hermione finally said.

Hermione and Harry walked through the gardens talking about school and summers at Rons house and all the laughs and cries they had over the last five years. Harry finally stopped walking when they got to the lake and looked out at the beautiful sunset.

“Hermione.” He said taking both of her hands in his.

“What is it Harry?” She asked looking into his eyes.

“I think I am in love with you!” He said in a wisper looking at the expression on her face.

“I am in love with you too.” Hermione said.

Harry closed his eyes and kissed her square on the lips, a kiss she accepted. It seems like it lasted forever, the love between both of them grew stronger (A/N: Iw I know a lot of fluff but action will come in time don’t worry).

“I love you Hermione.” Harry said once the kiss broke.

“I love you too.” Hermione said.

Somewhere in England, very secluded:

“MWHAHAHA” A voice from someone only too evil rang out.

“What is it master?” Wormtail asked the dark wizard.

“They are finally together, completely in love now I will be able to kill the boy.” Voldemort answered his crappy servent.

“How do you plan on doing that master, you have tried a billion times.” Wormtail stupidly responded.

“Shut-up you idiot! I will have to call Minnie-me!” Voldemort shouted in disgust. “Minnie-me, where are you, Minnie –me get over here right now!”

Suddenly a Minnie version of Voldemort popped out of the vent (A/N: Sorry I just saw the new Austin Powers).

“Yes master.” Said a squeaky Minnie-Voldemort.

“Never mind I cant stand your stupid voice anymore.” Voldemort thrashed out his wand and in an instant killed poor Minnie-Voldemort. “You useless servant Wormtail, this could happened to you too!” He said to a shaking Wormtail
“Yes master.” Wormtail replied.
A/N: this is my first real fanfic so please be nice, I know its bad but I hope you like it so far!

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