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Abandoned by Hermione_Lover
Chapter 3 : Here Comes the Owls
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Here Come the Owls

Two weeks into the term and the students were finding that life at Hogwarts is going to be harder than ever. The professors were insisting that the work was for their own gain into passing their N.E.W.T’s. But for Harry, there were other things plaguing his mind.

His life with Hermione at Grimmauld was great. For the first time in his life he knew what it felt like to be in a family. First, he had his parents back, even if they were stuck at the school, then, he had Hermione, his one. Now, he was going to be a father. Every morning he was amazed that he could be so lucky. He was all set on having only Hermione in his life. Then again some mornings he wished that Voldemort was there to pick him off so that he didn’t have to deal with Hermione and her mood swings. Having just Hermione berating him about his school work was enough, add hormones to that; it was enough to send anyone to the permanent spell damage ward at St. Mungo’s.

Even with all of that, Harry knew that he wanted to spend forever with her. With one week until Hermione’s birthday, Harry had the problem with setting up a plan to propose to her on the big day. He went to his parents to get their opinion. His mum suggested flowers; you can never go wrong with flowers. His dad said that music was good or even a letter to her with all of the heart-filled words that came to him mind in it. “Honesty is the best policy,” he said. Both were very good ideas, but he wanted something original. He tried to talk to Remus, but he was always busy for some reason and avoided talking to Harry. He was so desperate, he even went to Snape.

“Well, Harry,” he said thoughtfully, “I would go with music. Music is the key to the soul.” Harry thought about it. It was a great idea but there was only one small detail that they passed up…Harry didn’t play an instrument.

“Sounds good, honestly,” he said, “But I have no idea on how to do that. I can’t play an instrument and all muggle items break down around the school from the magic.” Snape sat with one arm across his chest while he traced his lips with a finger, thinking hard.

“Alright, Potter,” said Snape coming up with an idea, “I will teach you to play. I have heard you humming in the corridors once. You have a pretty good voice. Do you know her favorite song?” Harry shook his head. “That’s alright. We will start working on a song that my mother liked. She had a thing for muggle music. How about tomorrow?” Harry set up a time with the professor and left, feeling that he at least got a huge step taken care of.

September 19th

Hermione noticed that Harry was acting weird. When she awoke, she was expecting some kind of gift for her birthday. When she found none, she went into the Gryffindor common room to find that everyone was already down at breakfast. When she got to the Great Hall, she noticed that Harry was nowhere to be found. Little did she know that Harry was down in the dungeons working with Snape for his last practice. Not even he would have thought that he learned so quickly. But that is what happened when he stayed up all night and with the help of a little time turner. Anything is possible when you have those means.

Hermione was a little upset that Harry chose this day, of all days, to avoid her. Even her mind connection to Harry was blocked from him. ‘That’s alright,’ she thought to herself, ‘he better have something great for me or he will wish he had never met me.’

By dinner, she was really worried about Harry. It was not like him to just leave and she never sees him. Most times he would be right next to her making sure she was comfortable everywhere they went. She sat grumpily at the Gryffindor table and moodily stabbed a potato. Ron and Ginny both grinned at each other, thinking it was time that Harry came out or he will be sorry. Ron turned to Dumbledore and nodded. He snapped his fingers and a grand piano appeared in front of the Head Table. The students were a little confused by the sudden appearance. Hermione was so upset that she didn’t even look up as Harry walked out from the side door next to the Head Table wearing black dress robes, similar to a muggle tuxedo.

Ron tapped Hermione on the arm and pointed to the front of the hall. Hermione, thinking it was something trivial, looked up. Everyone at the Gryffindor table watched as Hermione’s mouth dropped in surprise. Harry smiled at her and walked to sit at the piano. He snapped his fingers and looked up as Hedwig flew into the hall carrying a single white rose and a letter. When the rose landed in front of Hermione, she flew off. Hermione opened the letter and it said only three words:

I love you.

[`Mione,] Harry thought over to her. [Someone told me that I should write to you all of the things that come into my mind when I think about you. But the only thing that came to me was that I love you.] He looked at the Great Hall main doors and saw his parents holding each other smiling. He then looked to Snape who nodded smiled and nodded. [This song is for you, my love, my one.] And as he started to play, Hedwig flew back into the room with another white rose and dropped it in front of Hermione. As the song progressed, all of the owls in the owlery flew in one by one and dropped a flower of a different color. Harry played a little more of the intro of the song and then started to sing.

Over time, I've building my castle of love
Just for two, though you never knew you were my reason
I've gone much too far for you now to say
That I've got to throw my castle away

Over dreams, I have picked out a perfect come true
Though you never knew it was of you I've been dreaming
The sandman has come from too far away
For you to say come back some other day

And though you don't believe that they do
They do come true
For did my dreams
Come true when I looked at you
And maybe too, if you would believe
You too might be
Overjoyed, over loved, over me

Over hearts, I have painfully turned every stone
Just to find, I had found what I've searched to discover
I've come much too far for me now to find
The love that I've sought can never be mine

And though you don't believe that they do
They do come true
For did my dreams
Come true when I looked at you
And maybe too, if you would believe
You too might be
Overjoyed, over loved, over me

And though the odds say improbable
What do they know
For in romance
All true love needs is a chance
And maybe with a chance you will find
You too like I
Overjoyed, over loved, over you, over you

When he finished, the last flower (a long-stemmed, white lily) was dropped by Fawkes. Harry stood up. [Come to me, Hermione]. She stood up from the table and walked over to Harry. He snapped his fingers and a golden rose hovered over the two of them and glowed brightly. He looked up to Dumbledore and nodded. The headmaster rose and lifted his hands and everyone watched as the lights in the Great Hall dimmed. The only light source in the room was rose and the stars. Harry bent down to one knee and spoke:

“I never thought that I would ever get to a point when I thought I had everything I ever wanted in life. Up until recently, I found out that there was something else I didn’t have. That was love. And a life without love is no life at all. I had nothing until now. Now, I have you and I refuse to live another moment without you in my life always. Hermione Jane Granger, you are the sun, the wind, and the rain that nurtures my world. You mean more to me than life itself. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Hermione sank to her knees, tears spilling out from her eyes, as she whispered yes for only Harry to hear. {You are so lucky Potter; I was really going to hurt you if you didn’t have something for me today} Harry smiled. [Hey, you are going to be a Potter soon, so you need to find something else to use when you are chastising me!] They both laughed. Harry looked into his love’s eyes and kissed her gently then hugged her. They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t notice that the lights came back on and everyone, including the Slytherins, were standing and clapping. The guys whooped and hollered while the ladies all had tears in their eyes. Harry reached into the pocket and pulled out a red ring box, he opened in and watched as Hermione gasped.

The ring had two half carat diamonds on the outside of the row, then the next two stones were deep ruby red and the center stone was a huge two carat emerald cut diamond all set in a platinum setting with ancient runes on the band. Hermione’s hand shook as she held out her hand and Harry slid his ring onto her finger. She smiled as she jumped into Harry’s arms. Harry’s parents walked to the front of the room and joined in a full Potter hug.

A/N: Can you say awwwww. Group hugs all around!!!  I am glad that you all like the story so far. The song that Harry plays is Stevie Wonder’s Overjoyed. It was the song played at my mom’s wedding. One of my personal favorites, if you ask me and I one day hope to have this song playing at my wedding as well. Hereis the picture of Hermione's ring:

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